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Sunday, September 15, 2019

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Similarity Scores, Part 1

Kobe Bryant is the next Jordan. Dwight Howard is the next Alonzo Mourning. Mardy Collins is the next Jason Kidd. Comparing two players allow us to communicate lots of information with a few words. If someone says that LeBron James is like Oscar Robertson, you would imagine LeBron being strong, versatile, agile, great, etc. Or perhaps that’s how you might picture the Big O, depending on how old you are. Comparing two players is also useful when you’re evaluating players. Find a historical player similar to a youngster, and you have a good idea of how he might develop. However …continue reading

I Want To Draft Like It’s 1999

An NBA draft where the #1 overall consensus is a power forward, and a ton of guards are to be had including an intriguing foreign guard? No I’m not talking about this Thursday’s NBA draft where Blake Griffin is likely to go #1, there is a lot of depth at guard, and everyone is wondering where Rickey Rubio will land. I’m talking about the 1999 draft where Elton Brand went first, guards were taken in 7 of the next 10 picks, and Manu Ginobili quietly landed to the Spurs in the second round. Of the top 10 picks, 9 of …continue reading

2009 Game Preview/Game Thread: Knicks at Mavericks

New York lost a heartbreaker to Dallas at MSG on November 16, 2008 114-124 in overtime.  That game seemed to send the teams in different directions.  Since that game, Dallas has won 18 of 24 games.  Conversely, New York has won only 7 of 23 games.    Team                         Poss    Eff        eFG%    TO     OREB%  FT/FG New York Offense     98.1    105.6    49.5       15.7    23.6        20.9 Rank                          1         19         13           17       28           26 Dallas Defense            91.3    105.2     47.0      13.9    25.9        22.6 Rank                           16       10          4           28       11           10 New York Defense     98.1    108.9     51.8      15.1     26.9       20.1 Rank                           1         21          28         20        16          5 Dallas Offense             91.3    108.0     49.2      …continue reading

USA Basketball Game 6: USA 116 – Australia 85

The United State is now just two wins away from the Gold medal after demolishing Australia in a game that opened with a first half where just about everything went wrong for the Americans until a last second three, and they were still up nine before a three-pointer by Deron Williams put them up 12 headed into the break. Back-to-back threes to open the third quarter pretty much sealed the deal, as the US opened the third quarter on a 14-0 run to blow the game out (sadly, during the run, Andrew Bogut got hurt). Here are some interesting notes …continue reading

USA Basketball Game 4: USA 119 – Spain 82

The United States finished off the first round of games in impressive style, going undefeated and destroying Spain by thirty-seven points (their largest margin of victory yet!). Once the threes started dropping, Spain knew they were in for a long day at the office.

Knicks Sign Roberson

The Post is reporting that the Knicks have agreed in principle on a two-year deal with Anthony Roberson. (I always want to call him El Roberson, after the former Kansas State quarterback. Note: Anthony has nothing to do with El as far as I know.) What remains unclear is whether the second year of the league minimum deal will be a team option year. Since the signing puts the team one guaranteed contract over the limit other deals will be forthcoming, and this may spell the end for Marbury in NY. Certainly, one possible reading of Marbury’s interview on yesterday’s …continue reading