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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Knicks Morning News (2017.10.03)

  • [NYDN] Michael Beasley: ‘Talent-wise, I match up with [Durant], LeBron’
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 3:42:27 PM)

    If Michael Beasley is even half as good as he says he is, the Knicks will be hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy this June.

  • [NYDN] 4 key Knicks players to look out for in preseason opener vs. Nets
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 11:37:20 AM)

    The two main protagonists at MSG have moved on, leaving behind an inexperienced yet promising roster with more modest and realistic goals.

  • [NY Newsday] Frank Ntilikina may miss Knicks’ preseason opener with sore groin
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 5:47:14 PM)

    GREENBURGH, N.Y. — The Knicks are going to be a team that plays faster and is built around youth, but their youngest player may not be on the court for their first preseason game Tuesday night.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks’ Joakim Noah speaks out on gun control after Las Vegas shooting
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 4:00:32 PM)

    GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Joakim Noah, a noted gun control advocate, shared his thoughts in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

  • [NYTimes] Minnesota Lynx, a Model W.N.B.A. Franchise, Eye Another Title
    (Tuesday, October 03, 2017 1:11:53 AM)

    The Lynx play the Sparks on Wednesday night in a decisive Game 5 of the finals, hoping to win their fourth championship since 2011.

  • [NYTimes] Lynx 80, Sparks 69: Minnesota Lynx Force a Decisive Game 5 in W.N.B.A. Finals
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 5:15:35 PM)

    Sylvia Fowles scored 22 points for the Lynx, who lost a winner-take-all game to the Sparks in last year’s W.N.B.A. finals.

  • [SNY Knicks] Joakim Noah speaks about gun control in wake of Las Vegas shooting
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 3:30:36 PM)

    Knicks C Joakim Noah spoke on Monday about the need for gun control, the morning after the deadliest mass shooting in United States history took place at a country music festival on the Las Vegas strip.

  • [SNY Knicks] Frank Ntilikina questionable for Knicks’ first preseason game
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 2:45:54 PM)

    Knicks PG Frank Ntilikina may miss the team’s preseason opener due to soreness in his left groin

  • [NYPost] It’s sinking in what losing Carmelo really did for Knicks
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 6:35:18 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony said this past weekend he feels “born again.’’ So do the Knicks. While Anthony opens in Tulsa, Okla., for his new Thunder team Tuesday against the Rockets, the Melo-free, post-Phil Jackson Knicks are back on Broadway. Brandishing a slew of new faces and a roster bereft of All-Stars, the Knicks will host the…

  • [NYPost] Frank Ntilikina sets off Knicks’ early health alarms
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 10:45:35 AM)

    The swirling buzz on French rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina slowed Monday, as his Knicks debut in Tuesday’s preseason opener became jeopardized. After a fruitful training camp, the 19-year-old Ntilikina pulled up lame during practice with a sore left groin, shutting it down halfway. Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek wasn’t certain if Ntilikina was a definite…

  • [NYPost] Carmelo’s Thunder excitement is subtle dig at Knicks left behind
    (Monday, October 02, 2017 8:48:49 AM)

    Carmelo Anthony feels he’s gone from New York to the U.S. Olympic Team again. While Anthony has sustained only losing in New York the past four years, he won two Olympic gold medals as star for Team USA during his six-year, seven-month Knicks stint that ended one week ago. Over the weekend, Anthony said he…

  • 132 comments on “Knicks Morning News (2017.10.03)

    1. ptmilo

      I think if they redraft today Lonzo goes #1 on 95% of boards. All the flaws are real, especially the shot. But this guy is gonna be so good. I assumed Magic would be a horrible GM but he will start with a huge tailwind from a Ball/Kuzma draft. I also think Bryant is an NBA player so that would be three.

    2. lavor postell

      I’m still not sold on Kuzma. His shooting percentages dwarf his college production. I always felt he had good athleticism and ball handling abilities for a player his size, but I want to see the shooting sustain over a longer period in regular season games before I buy into him. Lonzo will be really good, but like any rookie PG, I think he’s going to have real struggles in halfcourt sets. In transition he might already be the best passer in the league.

      Idk much about Bryant tbh.

    3. TheOakmanCometh

      Magic has defied my expectations for sure. He was never the most insightful analyst, so I thought he’d be a dopey GM — ignoring analytics and overvaluing qualities like “willingness to take the big shot.” But he’s been rock solid so far.

      He benched Deng and Mozgov to tank, let Swaggy P walk, brought back Ennis on a below-market deal, signed KCP to a no-risk contract, and drafted the right guy in Lonzo. The Mozgov/Lopez/Russell trade wasn’t necessarily a clear win, but given that the Lakers have a legit chance to sign 2 max stars including LeBron, clearing that cap space is worth the risk. Regardless, that trade and all his other moves show that he has a clear (and realistic) long-term plan to become a title contender, which is all you can ask of your GM.

    4. ptmilo

      I hear you on Kuzma. He was an aggressively bad shooter in college, so it’s strange. Maybe I’m being fooled by the eye test (his shot looks smooth and rhythmic, reminds me of Rashard Lewis) and a tiny sample. The 169 college 3PA doesn’t bother me so much bc even that’s a small sample as far as 3pt shooting goes but he was also a terrible FT shooter. Usually that combo is pretty definitive but he sure as hell looks the part.

    5. Owen

      I still can’t believe the Sixers took Fultz over Ball. I will be so shocked if Markelle ends up the better player.

    6. stratomatic loves this new Knicks team

      The Lakers may be a little ahead of the Knicks in terms of their rebuild, but we aren’t that far behind. We were missing 2 first round picks otherwise we’d be where the 76ers and teams like that are. Imagine this team with 2 more lottery picks.

    7. Hubert

      I’ve been gone a while… Since Stratomatic was only slightly less despondent. What triggered the mood swing?

    8. wetbandit

      It’s funny, we finally get on the program of building through youth with a dash of cheap veterans, and the fans protest. They don’t like the losing. Last thing we need is a splashy quick-fix to quell the crowd.

      Actually it’s not funny, this is the type of shit that makes Dolan do something stupid.

    9. stratomatic loves this new Knicks team

      I’ve been gone a while… Since Stratomatic was only slightly less despondent. What triggered the mood swing?


      Seriously, I didn’t like our off season signings. At first I also wasn’t too excited by the deal we did for Melo because I think we need defense. But the more I thought about it the more I think we won the Melo deal and our signings are in no way crippling. On a net basis I realized that despite not doing things the way I might have, I like this team and the position we are in.

    10. bockadoo

      DSJr with 3 points on 1-5 with 1 assist I think. He did have a couple amazing dunks in warm ups though. The French Prince will be better. Book it.

    11. Frank

      minus the Oakley thing which is of course awful, it’s hard to say that Dolan has been the problem over the last few years. He hired Phil Jackson which ended up being a bad move, but he did actually try and turn control of the team over to an actual basketball person. And then when Phil looked like he was actually trying to get fired, Dolan ate $24MM to get rid of him. Not sure how many owners would eat a sunk cost like that. And as far as we know, he didn’t actually meddle in basketball operations while Phil was here.

      I would not have brought Steve Mills back, but he DID give Mills the authority to bring in new people. Without a doubt, after the Phil firing, this has been the most normal offseason since at least 2013. The PR has been on point, and there really haven’t been any bad stories I can think of.

      It’s just weird that someone would pay the MTA so much money (and somehow get real players on it!) now when it finally seems like the team has its head on straight.

    12. er

      “DSJr with 3 points on 1-5 with 1 assist I think. He did have a couple amazing dunks in warm ups though. The French Prince will be better. Book it.”

      Haha u gonna post if he has a good game?

    13. lavor postell

      DSJr might be really good, but the elevation of him this summer because of Summer League was dumb as fuck.

    14. Brian Cronin

      minus the Oakley thing which is of course awful, it’s hard to say that Dolan has been the problem over the last few years. He hired Phil Jackson which ended up being a bad move, but he did actually try and turn control of the team over to an actual basketball person.

      He turned the team over to a famous person with no front office experience and then let him be terrible for three years. I don’t see how that’s not on Dolan.

    15. DS

      I assumed Magic would be a horrible GM

      Magic Johnson, I think, has proven himself to be a pretty sound executive. When he speaks, he does not come across as a highly nuanced thinker but he: generally understands good principles from bad ones (i.e. tanking), has the discipline to stick to those principles, and knows when/how to outsource what he does not understand to people that do. And people like him.

      Many decision makers in the NBA or elsewhere do not possess those qualities.

    16. Frank

      He turned the team over to a famous person with no front office experience and then let him be terrible for three years. I don’t see how that’s not on Dolan.

      Hiring Phil isn’t something I would have done, but it wasn’t exactly unprecedented. Pat Riley basically was the same when he started in Miami. Larry Bird also. It is true Phil was terrible but there WERE some mitigating circumstances, namely the team was already in horrible shape when he came, he DID draft KP, etc. I think 3 years is pretty much a minimum that you have to give even a bad GM just to give them a chance to accomplish any sort of vision — or else no one will ever want the job (see: NY Jets GM job).

    17. 2FOR18, understands math

      This groin injury is annoying. Every time we have a chance to see him play, some injury comes out of nowhere. I hope it’s a coincidence and not the start of a trend.

    18. 2FOR18, understands math

      Re: Dolan – He still employs Isaiah Thomas in a position of authority.
      Enough said.

    19. Bruno Almeida

      Also, for whatever is worth, Magic was very successful in his business endeavors so there’s some background on him being at least a decent decision maker in a different context. For Phil, well, I’d say there were some more red flags along the way.

    20. ClashFan

      Yeah, I’ve always felt that 3 years is a reasonable minimum for a GM, coach, manager, etc. I also think that a GM should get at least one coach/manager hire as well.

      Phil got all that here.

    21. stratomatic loves this new Knicks team

      I didn’t think Magic would be a good GM based on years of comments on Twitter and national TV. If you ask me, he’s either taking the advice of other people (which is actually commendable for a leader) or getting lucky so far.

    22. TheOakmanCometh

      THJ on criticism of his contract: “People need to move on and move forward with that. That’s in the past.”

      He does realize that he counts against the cap beyond the day that he signs the contract, right? Is Noah’s contract also “in the past?”

    23. GoNyGoNyGo

      Although Phil was a bust, I thought it was a good gamble. We soon learned that modern NBA players wanted nothing to do with the triangle offense. Did Dolan give him too much rope? Maybe, but Phil really crapped the bed badly this past season. Noah and Rose were big mistakes. Then there was the whole attitude thing where he didn’t talk to the press. Dolan’s really bad moment was with Oakley. That was unforgivable. Yeah, Dolan is the real problem. If it weren’t for irate fans, Isaiah Thomas would be the GM/HC.

    24. ClashFan

      Yeah, I don’t think that its smart for THJ to make that “in the past” comment. If he plays well, it won’t matter, but he got a sweet deal, and he has to live with that.

    25. stratomatic loves this new Knicks team

      A huge part of being an effective leader is understanding your own limitations, recognizing talent in others, surrounding yourself with talented people, and then trusting them with the responsibilities you give them. Dolan’s problem has been that he thinks he knows more than he does, he doesn’t recognize talent AT ALL, he surrounds himself with people only looking out for themselves, and then he meddles.

    26. stratomatic loves this new Knicks team

      I don’t think many players spend a lot of time thinking about the cap implications of their salary. They and their agents are trying to secure the best deal they can for themselves. He probably doesn’t really understand why some fans were upset with the salary. He probably think it’s about “fairness”.

    27. JK47

      I have relatively few complaints with Dolan since the Phil Jackson hire.

      Hiring Phil was a good gamble. It was not hard to imagine Phil as the next Pat Riley. He turned out to be nothing at all like the next Pat Riley, but it was at least reasonable to think he might be able to pull it off.

      Then he stayed out of Phil’s way and let Phil do his thing. And when shit got embarrassing and untenable with Phil, Dolan pulled the plug. Ripped off the Band-Aid. He maybe could have done it a little bit sooner, and might have possibly prevented the awful THJ contract, but he did what he had to do. Ever since Perry was hired the team has made logical and prudent decisions.

      Dolan is an enormous douche and I hate him and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he starts personally fucking the team up again, but he hasn’t been so awful the past few years. Maybe he’s learning something.

    28. geo

      Dudes this is too funny. Even the MTA is trolling the Knicks.

      Fox Sports 1 purchased the ads, which will run for four weeks, according to an MTA spokesman.

      that’s kind of weird, sounds like some beef between a couple of rich people…

      Yeah, I don’t think that its smart for THJ to make that “in the past” comment. If he plays well, it won’t matter, but he got a sweet deal, and he has to live with that.

      i’d be very willing to help share that “burden” with him…

    29. Z-man

      @31 your take is very reasonable. Most observers felt that Phil was a good gamble, if only in that he represented someone with the cache to limit Dolan’s involvement. Most here were lukewarm at worst at the time of the move. Unless anyone feels that Phil was pressured by Dolan to re-sign Melo for whatever it took (and I don’t think he was) then Phil owned every move the Knicks made during his tenure. He was on balance a lousy (but not catastrophic) POBO, and good riddance to him.

      Dolan is a world-class douche and a lousy basketball mind, but I think he is also capable of owning a winning NBA franchise, as he has owned a winning NHL franchise. Perry may be the guy to steer the ship for a while as a check to Mills’ penchant for poor negotiating. Since Perry’s been hired, I haven’t heard or seen one embarrassing thing out of the front office. We’re still getting clowned in the press, but that’s on them, at least for now.

      And now that we’re paying the minimum to a guy who is on the same talent level as LeBron or Durant, the sky’s the limit!

    30. Z-man

      Another way of looking at it: if you just awoke from a coma that you fell into in 1999, you wouldn’t be totally disgusted by the situation the Knicks are in right now, or anything that management is saying.

    31. geo

      @32 – apparently there are contrasting ads on the seats. Fans are asked to “pick a side”: NY Daily News slide show

      i saw that – but, why in the world does Fox Sports 1 care…do they broadcast Nets games or something?

      while i don’t disagree with the sentiment – a month long ad (which includes some costly graphics) stating: “Nothing will change until Dolan sells the team.” seems kind of personal…

    32. geo

      the high point of the last 25 years was the movie eddie

      thanks for the link on the slideshow Go Ny…okay, i guess they weren’t all negative statements, and, the negative comments were spread around a bit with different people……

      still, seems like a bit of a unusual marketing strategy…

      i have no idea why i find this stupid shit interesting…

      okay, it looks like the knicks weren’t the only target of the ad:

      Another car included similar messaging but instead took aim at Giants QB Eli Manning and Yankees star rookie Aaron Judge.

    33. the don nelson era

      Smells a bit like a stab at viral marketing to those markets where folks agitate themselves to NYC hate. I recognize the campaign expresses positive attitudes but not as gleefully as it does the negative. I’m not sure what local broadcast rights the advertiser even has. College, I guess?

      The Eddie zinger in particular is cringe-y and tryhard. As a fan of both, I can tell you the Knicks had a historic underdog Finals run since the movie was released.

    34. Frank

      the weirdest thing is that they used the actual likenesses of real Knicks players. Have to figure that player likenesses are controlled by the NBA, which means someone in the NBA signed off on it.

      But here we are talking about it, so I guess it worked.

    35. geo

      The NBA has announced major changes for the 2018 All-Star Game, highlighted by captain-chosen rosters instead of the traditional format of Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference.

      that’s a positive move…

      i know it’s crazy, but, can’t wait for the game tonight…is frank out for sure?

    36. DS

      “Under the revamped format, two captains will draft the 2018 All-Star teams from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves, making selections without regard for conference affiliation”

      The process for selecting the 24 All-Stars will remain the same, with 12 players from each conference earning spots. The 10 starters – two guards and three frontcourt players per conference – will continue to be chosen by a combination of fans (50 percent of the vote), current players (25 percent) and basketball media (25 percent). The NBA’s head coaches will still select the 14 reserves, voting for two guards, three frontcourt players and two players at any position in their respective conferences. Specific details about the draft will be announced at a later date.”

      Ok, so KP’s still in.

    37. GoNyGoNyGo

      The subway ads are FOX ads. I have no further comment on that ;)
      As for the allstar game, they might as well start the game at 11pm ET since, other than LeBron, all the starters will be from the Western Conference. Agree that it’s a shitty move.

    38. DS

      @45 – Sorry, I jumped the gun. I read an article and then edited my comment. It turns out there will be 12 players from the West and 12 players from the East selected into a pool. The two captains will then select from the pool.

      Will Damian Lillard ever win?

    39. thenamestsam

      I didn’t think Magic would be a good GM based on years of comments on Twitter and national TV. If you ask me, he’s either taking the advice of other people (which is actually commendable for a leader) or getting lucky so far.

      I think the bolded is the critical point. From everything I’ve heard or read Magic is pretty much a delegator when it comes to most of the day-to-day parts of his various roles. And as you said I think that’s actually a pretty effective model. I think in general most people underestimate what portion of the job of a “President of Basketball Operations” type is purely executive. The Lakers (or the Knicks) are a pretty huge operation, and one man can’t run the whole thing if he’s getting bogged down in leadership. The job of the head guy involves leadership and then taking the work that others have done and using it to make the high level decisions.

      That’s the part it seemed to me that Phil never got. He always seemed bogged down in the day to day stuff – I always think about this article where Phil is breaking down the minutae of what each Knick needs to work on. It’s good to know your team, but if you’re thinking for more than a second about the specifics of Bargnani’s crossover you’re already into missing the forest for the trees territory. Phil obviously knew a ton about basketball but I don’t think he really had any idea how to be an executive (unsurprising given he had zero relevant experience). That’s the part Magic has and why I actually am not surprised he’s doing a fine job so far. The fact that he immediately hired someone to handle day-to-day stuff was telling. That should’ve been Phil’s first move as well.

    40. JK47

      No news about whether “Iron Man” Ntilikina is playing tonight, so I’m guessing he’s probably not playing?

    41. er

      @47 great post. I echo all you have said. One key difference between Phil and Magic is that Magic is an outgoing(personality wise) business mogul away from basketball. So I imagine he is treating this job just like one of his other businesses, and obviously there is a level of love for Jeanie and the entire Lakers organization.

    42. GoNyGoNyGo

      @46 – So the 2 captains get to choose. Let’s say it’s LeBron and Curry.
      LeBron picks Harden
      Curry picks Anthony Davis
      LeBron picks Westbrook
      Curry picks West Durant
      LeBron picks D’Andre Jordan
      Curry picks DeMarcus Cousins

      See what’s happening? 7 or 8 of the starters will be from the West. The East will fill out the bench.

    43. er

      I think the 10 starters will be voted in to start no? So no matter who you pick the same 10 must start

    44. GoNyGoNyGo

      @51 – maybe you’re right since they are calling them “starters” and “reserves”. The reserves will be picked by the coaches.

    45. Bruno Almeida

      Yeah, they’ll probably just get the two top voted guys to be captains, and they’ll get to draft their 4 teammates (out of the other 8 who must start) and then the bench.

      The NBA won’t want to mess up the all star selection too much as players have all star related bonuses in their contract for example.

    46. geo

      the weirdest thing is that they used the actual likenesses of real Knicks players. Have to figure that player likenesses are controlled by the NBA, which means someone in the NBA signed off on it.

      you called it frank:

      A source said the Knicks, whose logos and players were used in the ad, did not approve the advertising and that it would be taken down by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

      henceforth – all public disparaging knick stuff must first be approved by this site…

      FRANK’S PLAYING!!!!!!!!

      I need a hobby.

      busy evening for the dvr with the yanks playing too…

    47. 2FOR18, understands math

      Nice. Was just coming here to post that. Yay.
      Kuz, Kornet and Baker only guys not suiting up.

    48. ClashFan

      I wonder what it will be like to be the 24th and last all-star to be picked?

      I mean, they are all all stars, but still that will probably bug one’s ego a bit.

      No Kornet tonight?! DAMN you all to hell!

      :-) Sorry, went Chuck Heston there.

    49. ClashFan

      Ntilakilla, I’d think that reading The Federalist Papers qualifies as a full-blown hobby!

    50. DS

      “Knicks starters for the preseason opener: Session, Hardaway, McDermott, O’Quinn and Porzingis. Go crazy.”

      Interesting. I like KP at the 5. Also read that each of the point guards would get a chance to start.

    51. Bruno Almeida

      I don’t want to overreact or anything but Doug McDermott reminds me of a white Kevin Durant.

    52. GoNyGoNyGo

      I ike the way this lineup looks. Just a few minutes, but they looked like they actually had chemistry. Strange.

    53. stratomatic loves this new Knicks team

      I don’t want to overreact or anything but Doug McDermott reminds me of a white Kevin Durant.

      I think that falls into the category of significant overreaction, but I like it. :-)

    54. geo

      League Pass too cheap to let us watch the pregame…


      ugh, gonna sneak out of work a few minutes early…got the nba app loaded on my ps4 – fingers crossed for it to be working…

    55. ClashFan

      No League Pass stream at all on PC for me, and I keep trying.

      Fortunately, the Roku app is streaming fine.

      I love all the passing, guys looking for one another, etc. Gonna be some turnovers and dead spots with all the new guys, though.

    56. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

      Frank really looks like a difference maker on d–no steals but he closes off lanes routinely and has managed to keep up.

    57. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

      Shoot that, Frank! But also, nice looking out for the pass.

    58. Bruno Almeida

      Smooth, confident 3 there too! He and Kanter look like they could develop something very interesting in the pick and roll.

    59. Totes McGoats Makes 18mil For 14ppg

      I don’t want to overreact or anything but Doug McDermott reminds me of a white Kevin Durant.

      Post Malone’s cousin, 3 Point Line Malone??

      Post Malone…White Iverson? Anybody? No? Ok I was a corny reach

      I can’t catch the game, how are they looking?

    60. bidiong

      The Houston/OKC game is on right next to the Knicks game at the bar I’m at. Melo is trying to show his stuff.

    61. Bruno Almeida

      Is it just me or is Melo looking super slim? Like when I glanced at the tv without paying attention I barely even recognized him.

    62. geo

      oh yeah baby, one ps4 and NBA app update (with a password reset thrown in) later and I am just in time for – halftime…

      trying not to get to locked in on the yankees game…

    63. yellowboy90

      Is it just me or is Melo looking super slim? Like when I glanced at the tv without paying attention I barely even recognized him.

      I thought the same thing. He looks as slim as he usually looks when he is not wearing those rib protectors. I wonder how slim he looks without them now because he looks very skinny.

    64. geo

      wow, michael beasley has seriously switched up his nutrition supplement and physical training program…

      clyde preaching stable rotation…thank you clyde…

    65. ClashFan

      Anyone on League Pass having problems? I’ve been a subscriber for years.

      PC gets no stream. I can get to the site, log in, view box score, etc.
      Roku app works, I’ve watched most of the game, but it has literally crashed my Roku (reboot of system) twice.
      Android tablet app crashes every time; I can’t even log in.

    66. Bruno Almeida

      Kanter and Lee have made this a game in the 4th… Kanter also appears to be ahead of Willy in the rotation so far.

      Clyde seems pissed at Horny for switching players so much, and I kinda see his point… dudes like Artis and XRM literally won’t see the court ever, why put them on with half quarter left?

    67. ClashFan

      Beasley literally defends no one at times. He just kind of floats around.

      I’m fine with looking at everyone, even late.

    68. geo

      sorry to hear that clash…

      right now my network connection speeds are 17 Mbps down/8 Mbps up…

      app hasn’t given me any trouble…

    69. geo

      i’m with clyde, let the scrutiny begin on hornacek’s rotations…

      I remember last year there was a lot of wtf are these guys doing out there together moments…

    70. ClashFan

      The undrafted guys are not looking so good.

      Let them play some now. They won’t be playing 2-3 games from now.

    71. ClashFan

      geo, we have great internet, way over 30 mbps. NBA needs to tweak its apps, esp. the Android one.

      I’m puzzled why no stream on the PC. I’m using Chrome just like last year.

    72. The Glass Half Rebuilt

      If Beasley can rebound like that consistently he’ll deserve a bunch of minutes.

    73. geo

      okay…i’ve gotten a grip on myself…it’s simply the first pre-season game…

      my desire to see some of these other guys play (although dotson is gonna be an interestimg player to watch this year) is pretty negligable…

      we may not reach 35 wins, but, it should be a fun club to watch this year…

      when we aren’t getting beat by 30 points or more…

    74. ClashFan

      And now that the game is over, the Android app lets me log in!

      Pretty ragged game, but that’s to be expected. I’m all for tanking this year.

    75. d-mar

      Guys, chill out about the rotations. There’s almost an unwritten agreement between coaches that you play the scrubs at the end of these early preseason games. Nobody really cares who wins or loses.

    76. ClashFan

      Quick Grades. Just the first preseason game, so take with a grain of salt, of course.

      Team Defense: F. Lots of wide open looks, etc. Tough to tell who to blame tonight, so let’s blame everyone.

      Individual Grades: (Pts./Shots). No rookie curves here, and pretty much based just on offense since the team grade of F for defense.

      McD (9/5): B. Looked pretty good out there. 0 rebounds.
      KP (15/14): C. Looked okay. Stayed healthy!
      O’Quinn (4/5). C. Had 5 boards in 11 min.
      THJ (17/15). B. Missed 9 shots, but was 5/11 from three and had 7 boards in 24 min.
      Sessions (4/3). B+. Only played 12 minutes but had 5 assists, and was clearly working with Frankie.
      Frankie (5/7). D. Only 1/7 from the field, and 2 turnovers in 17 minutes. But, 3 assists. He’ll be fine.
      Lee (12/10). B. Had 4 steals. Led team with 26 minutes.
      Beasley (8/7). B. He had 10 rebounds, too.
      Kanter (17/8). A. Still a beast down low.
      Willy (6/5). C. Had 10 rebounds, mostly in garbage time.
      Dotson (2/3). D. Had 3 rebounds, but didn’t hit any 3’s, which he’ll need to do.
      Jack (3/5). D. Took 5 shots in 9 minutes! Really?
      XR-M (0/2). F. Sorry, but he looked real bad out there.
      Artis (5/3). C. He scored some.
      LT (0/1). D. Two turnovers in 8 minutes.
      Hayes (0/1). D. Only 5 minutes.


    77. Grocer

      I couldn’t watch the game, just now saw a couple highlights. Damn have I missed Clyde’s voice.

    78. KnickfaninNJ

      I found it odd that Ntilikina started out by doing all passing in the first half, but then in the second seemed to always try to score when he had the ball.

    79. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

      Hornacek probably told him to look for his shot more since it’s preseason

    80. Bruno Almeida


      That would definitely explain it all hahaha

      All in all, the Knicks are probably what we think they are, a deeply flawed team depending on youngsters to take major leaps to be really competitive.

      I’m happy either way, there’s real reason to be excited about the potential and all the young players have interesting skills and potential high ceilings. It’ll take a lot of growing pains but I’m excited to watch it.

    81. The Glass Half Rebuilt

      One day Frank is going to play without thinking, and that is the day the rest of the league will have fucked up. His ceiling is unbelievably high considering his potential on both ends.

    82. er

      I love how clyde thinks Kyle Oquinn’s last name is “Quinn” and Xavier Rathan-Mayes’ last name is “Mayes”

      Clyde is a jewel!

    83. Jack Bauer

      Clyde is a jewel, too bad the Knicks can’t suit him up.

      Couldn’t watch the game, sounds like a mixed review on Frank playing Point Guard. Everyone else sounded pretty meh

    84. Bruno Almeida

      Frank also played the majority of his minutes with the backups which does not help much. He did pass the eye test of “is he probably capable of playing the PG in the NBA?” which is encouraging and looked better than Jack and Sessions which, again, baby steps.

    85. #fireRambis

      same defense on this Knicks team

      switched over and Harden and co playing the Thunder bench wtf is MAD trying to go 4-0 in preseason

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