Knicks Morning News (2016.02.15)

  • [ – New York Knicks] Knicks Daily Links: Monday (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 05:35:17 EST)

    Knicks Daily Links: Monday

  • [New York Daily News] Carmelo Anthony aims to play out rest of Knicks’ schedule (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 06:15:14 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony didn’t skip the All-Star game and his plan is to take his knee to the limit during the regular season.

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks need PG, Wolves’ Ricky Rubio is available for trade (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 00:48:07 GMT)

    Ricky Rubio is readily available and the feeling is he could be moved prior to Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

  • [New York Newsday] Kobe Bryant honored before highest-scoring All-Star Game in history (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 00:40:15 EST)

    Kobe Bryant was showered with love on Valentine's night as the NBA had a going away party for one of its biggest stars.

  • [New York Newsday] Carmelo Anthony has new title, but he says he doesn't want new team (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 00:21:07 EST)

    Carmelo Anthony is a real power broker now.

  • [New York Times] The ‘Second Half’ of NBA Season Awaits With Playoff Intrigue (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 09:51:40 GMT)

    The All-Star Game is over, a few more days off await before play resumes and what’s commonly called the second half of the NBA season is about to begin.

  • [New York Times] A Private Dinner Among Kobe’s All-Star Highlights (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 09:12:33 GMT)

    The moment Kobe Bryant will savor most from his final All-Star weekend was one the world never saw.

  • [New York Times] Westbrook Shines Brightest of All Stars Once More (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 06:54:27 GMT)

    Russell Westbrook took a little bit of the focus away from West team mate and retiring great Kobe Bryant’s final NBA All-Star Game appearance when the Oklahoma City point guard claimed MVP honors for a second straight year on Sunday.

  • [New York Times] Paul George Punctuates Comeback With 41 in All-Star Game (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 05:48:39 GMT)

    So many of Paul George’s All-Star teammates and opponents were on the floor 18 months ago, the night his career was put in peril by a gruesome leg injury in a scrimmage with USA Basketball.

  • [New York Times] Kobe Bryant, in His Final Lap, Is Happy to Surrender the Midseason Stage (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 04:53:13 GMT)

    Bryant said before the All-Star Game, a 196-173 victory by the West, that he was relishing an opportunity to “relax and soak it in.”

  • [New York Times] Bryant’s Farewell Tour Makes Biggest Stop in All-Star Game (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 04:39:27 GMT)

    Kobe Bryant made the biggest stop of his farewell tour on Sunday as he played the last NBA All-Star Game of a remarkable career in which he established himself as arguably the best player of his generation.

  • [New York Times] Bryant Leaves an All-Star Game Winner, West Rolls 196-173 (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 04:33:34 GMT)

    Kobe Bryant exited the All-Star Game for the final time to watch Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry wrap things up with 3-pointers.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Game of the Week: Cavaliers at Thunder (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 03:42:30 GMT)

    After taking the mighty Golden State Warriors to the limit on Feb. 6, Oklahoma City will get another chance to prove it can play with the N.B.A.’s top teams in a game against Cleveland.

  • [New York Times] The Latest: Westbrook All-Star Game MVP, West Wins 196-173 (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 03:39:35 GMT)

    The Latest on Sunday’s events at the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in Toronto (all times local):

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    100 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2016.02.15)”

    1. There are tumors suggesting Derrick Rose might be traded to the Knicks.

      It is suggested the Knicks would give up Afflalo and Calderon. I would have thought if more likely we’d give up a spare big man. Any thoughts?

      That article is from a month ago. So I don’t think there are any actual current rumors involving Rose to the Knicks (it really would be the Knickiest trade ever, but I tend to believe Jackson is smart enough to avoid Knickensian moves, outside of the Mega-Max Melo deal, which I still think was forced on him).

    2. Given that that article was written over a month ago, and that that website has a history of making rumors up out of thin air, I seriously doubt that the Knicks are talking to the Bulls about Rose. Also, despite Isola’s lament that the Knicks “don’t have the assets” to acquire Rubio, I seriously doubt that Jackson is at all interested in a guy who has a career 36% field goal percentage, including a sizzling 26% on shots from 3-16 feet. If the last two years have shown anything, it is this — if the Knicks make a trade, it will come completely out of left field, and will involve player(s) who have not been linked to them in a single rumor. Anyone want to hazard a guess who it might be? My guess is that the guy who might be traded by the Knicks is Hernangomez, and it will be for a guard who none of us has even considered.

    3. There are tumors suggesting Derrick Rose might be traded to the Knicks.

      “tumors” seems like an appropriate typo.

    4. But with a information such as this, how could those rumors not be true “Going off of that, Yibida believes that the New York Knicks could be a likely landing spot for Rose if the Bulls are willing to pull the trigger on the trade.”

    5. I apologize, I didn’t realize the article was a month old or I wouldn’t have posted it. Unfortunately, I think the Knick most likely to be traded is Derrick Williams. I think he has good market value, but the Knicks coaching staff seems to prefer Seraphin, and the Knicks overall have a lot of big men and have Hernanogomez as a potential addition next season. I’m not totally against it, if we get someone young and with potential at the guard position in return. But I don’t know who that would be.

    6. A PG who is always injuried, with a .460 TS% on a 27 USG% and a max contract until 2017?

      Where do I sign in?

      I’m sorry, but how many MVPs have the Knicks had in the last twenty years? Scoreboard: D-Rose. Sign him for the megamax with a NTC. Done. 7-seed here we come.

    7. Unless Rose is a buy-low acquisition, let him be some other team’s reclamation project. Durability and health is a skill, and Rose doesn’t really have it. (One of the next phases of advanced stats is health monitoring, after all.) I don’t trust him to stay on the court. It’s not wise to include him as an essential part of a team construct.

    8. I don’t trust him to stay on the court.

      At this point, Rose not getting on the court is a feature, not a bug. He has a really long way to go to even get back to so-so. He’s been one of the worst players in the league this year. He doesn’t defend really at all these days– my guess is never will again. He’s also terrible offensively, and even though that might improve, he’s never getting to the line 6+/36 again, which means he’ll probably never be efficient again even if he shoots a little better than 25% from 3. He’s not a good candidate to adapt his game to post injury and age realities because he is surrounded by smoke blowers and seems to have been built without a defogger. He obviously really, really wants another big contract, but I have a feeling that’s going to be entirely up to the 30th most intelligent NBA GM and not his level of motivation.

    9. It’s hard finding young point guards with potential. I took a look and found that very few of the young ones were good yet. It can’t be that none of them will develop into starting point guards. I think it’s just that it’s true that point guards need time to develop. Jerian Grant is one of the more promising ones. That said, it would be nice to have a young point guard besides him who could develop. Tyler Ennis and Raul Neto are possiblities. TJ McConnell and Trey Burke are better than them, but I think very unlikely to be available for something the Knicks could reasonably offer.

    10. What’s Minny looking to move Rubio for? He’s the best young PG I can think of who would be available because his terrible inability to shoot hides how good he is at everything else-he’s like bizzaro Calderon.

    11. What’s Minny looking to move Rubio for? He’s the best young PG I can think of who would be available because his terrible inability to shoot hides how good he is at everything else-he’s like bizzaro Calderon.

      Or the Spanish Rondo

    12. Or the Spanish Rondo

      Actually he is a terrible shooter in the opposite way than Rondo. Rubio’s main problem is that he can’t finish inside to save his life. OTOH, he shoots 80% from the free throw line (and 31% from 3).

      He would an incredible upgrade just for the defense; however, i am not sure we have anything that Minny wants.

    13. I’d like to get Rubio. But I don’t think Phil will go for him. Phil seems to want people who are scorers first. But 31% from three is much better than Rubio’s reputation, and I suspect he’s still improving

    14. The current rumor has the Knicks trying to attach Kyle O’Quinn to get teams to take Jose Calderon. I really don’t get why they don’t play O’Quinn more.

    15. We have to think outside the box in this one.

      We don’t have anything to offer to a decent and young PG.

      D-League and Europe seems like the only option.

      One guy that I would like to give a chance is Thomas Huertel.

      He’s not exactly young (26) but is very efficient (TS% around .60 this year, .40 3P%) and a good passer (10 per 36 in the Euroleague).

      He also have a NBA opt-out in his contract. Probably will not come to play for the minimum.

      But he’s french! Maybe Tubby can make us a favor in this one.

    16. A Rose, by any other name, would smell just as bad.

      And count me in the “no” column for Rubio. Don’t see what he does to even merit serious discussion. He is NOT vintage Rondo.

    17. The current rumor has the Knicks trying to attach Kyle O’Quinn to get teams to take Jose Calderon. I really don’t get why they don’t play O’Quinn more.

      You gotta think he isn’t working hard enough at practice or something. He seems pretty well liked by the team, so it’s hard to think it would be chemistry/locker room issue.

    18. While I agree that he must be doing something wrong in practice, I think the bigger issue is that they have one big man too many and they’ve decided to play the shitty big man who is signed only for this season over the less shitty big man who is signed for three more seasons after this one.

    19. Remind me again what would be good about trading for D Rose?
      I like Rubio a lot better than Rose at this point, but he can’t shoot and NY has nothing to offer of value to Minnesota. He is a phenomenal passer, but not sure he’s in the mold of what Phil is looking for.

    20. nothing to offer of value to Minnesota.

      Whoa, whoa, whoa-we have one of the best shooters in NBA history who can provide the spacing Lavine, Wiggins and Towns need to go to work (only the Lakers shoot worse from downtown) and he’s also a tremendously good guy in the locker room, which is just what the T-Wolves need.

      Throw in Derrick Williams and they save 5 million next year too.

    21. I’d be fine with a Rubio trade assuming we didn’t give up important assets like picks or one of our young guys (KOQ excepting.)

      He plays good D, and is a net plus offensively despite his shooting woes, and he’s only 25. And seeing less iso-AA and more drive and kick at the end of games is worth the price of admission alone.

    22. Would rather get Cameron Payne from Thunder. Maybe Afflalo or Calderon for Payne and Waiters. His $ comes off next year. Payne is a future stud.

    23. Would rather get Cameron Payne from Thunder. Maybe Afflalo or Calderon for Payne and Waiters. His $ comes off next year. Payne is a future stud.

      The Thunder have no interest in trading Payne. He’s super important to them.

    24. You Rubio haters are nuts. Guy is really good. One of the best defensive PGs I’ve ever seen, very rare player to get a ton of steals without taking a ton of iffy risks. It’s downright amazing how much better the Wolves have been with him on the floor. We’re not talking about a fluke 1000 minutes or some spurious piggyback effect from a great teammate, but a track with deep grooves. 8000 minutes of +2.3 on teams that otherwise played 10K minutes of abysmal -7.2 without him. He’s got obvious flaws, but they’re mere flesh wounds in comparison. but we have nothing to give for him. nada.

    25. He’ll always be a back up to them though. They upgrade with Afflalo and get rid of one of the worst players in the league. Maybe we add Grant. I like Grant but I think Payne will be better. Just trying to think of a way to get a good YOUNG point guard to grow with KP. Not sure if Grant is that guy.

    26. He’ll always be a back up to them though. They upgrade with Afflalo and get rid of one of the worst players in the league. Maybe we add Grant. I like Grant but I think Payne will be better. Just trying to think of a way to get a good YOUNG point guard to grow with KP. Not sure if Grant is that guy.

      Harden was a backup for them, too. Still very important. Especially if they spend a lot of money on other players, having a good cheap player is even more important. Also, he was a lottery pick this year. Contending teams tend not to deal away good lottery players in their rookie years.

    27. I’d jump at the chance for Cam Payne but I highly highly doubt OKC is taking offers unless there’s a real tempting win-now package.

      That being said this IS the front office that traded a first rounder for Dion Waiters and signed Enes Kanter to a max contract only to play him off the bench for 20 minutes a game.

      Agree with ptmilo, give me Rubio. Hope Minnesota is dumb enough to think that Lavine is their future PG so they’re willing to part with Rubio for a little bit less than his real value.

    28. Rubio would be a huge upgrade for us. It seems unlikely but maybe we can work some kind of a three way trade. Sacramento is looking to trade McLemore and Minnesota is supposedly interested. Maybe we send Afflalo to Sacramento, McLemore and Calderon go to Minnesota and we get Rubio and salary filler from Sacramento to make it work. Probably not enough for Rubio, it just depends on how much Minnesota wants McLamore, and if the kings want Afflalo but trading for Afflalo just seems like a kings type move.

    29. I don’t think Rubio is worth anywhere near $13-14 mil per for the next 3 years. He can’t shoot and turns the ball over a lot. He gets lots of steals but that doesn’t necessarily make him a good defender.

    30. I mean Rubio sports the 2nd best AST/TO ratio in the league, plays good-to-great defense, and has very good +/- numbers offensively and defensively on a team that’s been horrible. He’s certainly worth 13m with a rising cap. Further: he’s already an offensive plus while possibly being the worst shooting starting point guard in the history of the league, so imagine if he ever managed to bump up his percentages even a little, which isn’t so crazy, given that he’s 25 and Lance Thomas managed to learn how to shoot 3’s at a 40% rate when he was 27.

      BPM and WP/48 like him very much. WS/48 has him as .100 and WS/48 is a metric that certainly underrates his value given his unique skill set.

    31. Put another way: Russell Westbrook shoots 30% from 3 and turns it over 4.4 times per 36 minutes (Rubio’s at 2.7). Is he not worth his contract?

    32. Westbook is not my cup of tea, but he’s light years better than Rubio. This is Rubio’s best year and Westbrook’s WS48 is more than double that of Rubio.

    33. Russell Westbrook is an amazing basketball player. I’m not sure how amazing he will be after he turns 30 and I think his decline in usefulness will be extremely rapid. But he’s easily a top 7 player today. Probably only LeBron, Steph, KD, Kawhi, CP3, and AD are guys I would rather have over him right now.

    34. Westbook is not my cup of tea, but he’s light years better than Rubio. This is Rubio’s best year and Westbrook’s WS48 is more than double that of Rubio.

      I’m not disputing that Russell is better than Rubio, I’m just pointing out that TOs and shooting ability don’t make the whole player. Rubio is pretty much elite in everything but shooting and I think he’s well worth the money he’s getting especially with the rising cap. All this is likely moot though given our lack of assets.

    35. With that said, I like Rubio a lot but I’m certain we have nothing Minnesota wants. He’s been rumored to be traded here since he got drafted, but he has yet to get here. And it’s much more fun to envision scenarios where we end up with Buddy Hield anyway.

      I wish the Knicks had the stones to pull the trigger on Shump for Lowry. We’ve been hurting for a point guard for way too long. I think we were supposed to trade for Isaiah Thomas, too, but we didn’t pull the trigger. At the same time, if we have one of those two we probably never fire Fisher and we never get Porzingis.

      I’m pulling the heaviest for a 3 team deal with Boston and Houston where Houston sends Dwight to the Cs, we send Lopez, Jose, and Lance Thomas to Houston, and we get Brooklyn’s pick, David Lee, and Ty Lawson. It never happens, but we’ll have a shot at a real rebuild and get to see KP at the 5 for the remainder of the season.

    36. Instead of Rubio I think the knicks should go after Oladipo. yes, they run into the same problems of assets but I think they could work something out. I think Oladipo could run point in the triangle. He runs point for Orlando at times and in the triangle he would not be asked to do as much.

      One more thing, Can teams get compensation for Presidents/GMs like they do for coaches? If so why not trade Phil to LAL? I guess that would open the door for Dolan to come back in but if Phil Bolts a year later what will it matter?

    37. One more thing, Can teams get compensation for Presidents/GMs like they do for coaches? If so why not trade Phil to LAL? I guess that would open the door for Dolan to come back in but if Phil Bolts a year later what will it matter?

      Yes, NBA teams are allowed to receive draft pick compensation in exchange for them letting executives under contract out of said contract. So it isn’t technically a trade, it’s a deal where the team just lets the executive out of his/her deal and then the executive signs with the other team.

    38. I’d be shocked if Teague didn’t come down to the last minute. The fact that they’re still talking suggests Atlanta is considering it because they need to move him. I’ve read somewhere that he’s been a distraction somewhat. At the same time, Shroeder has clearly stated his desire to start, and followed it up with he doesn’t want to be a distraction though, which is always kind of funny itself.

      People have been mentioning how Atlanta wouldn’t want Grant back because they traded him, and that’s BS. They didn’t need Grant because they needed a Korver replacement. They had 2 starting caliber PGs. If they’re trading one, I don’t think they’d mind taking Grant back to be a backup project similar to Shroeder.

      Grant would work in their system. Hell, with some confidence, he’d work in any system given his skillset.

      We’d just have to take back a bad/irrelevant Hawk contract.

      Outside of this, I think a Sessions would work here too. Better penetrator, decent shooter, and wouldn’t cost much. He’s an UFA next year, which would mean trading a potential asset to rent him assuming we plan on being big players in free agency, but it might be worth the trade if we can make it into or barely miss the playoffs.

    39. Broussard reports Orlando traded Harris for Jennings and Ilyasova. So Jennings is probably out of the picture now.

    40. Unless they somehow find a way to trade for a high pick, little of consequence seems likely to happen before the trade deadline.
      The coach situation seems much more important. Let’s get someone really good really soon please. Kurt Rambis as the coach, even for just a few weeks, seems bad. Maybe really bad. I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

    41. Kurt Rambis will be the coach until the end of the year unless Jackson does a 180.

      Next season, it’ll probably be Blatt or Walton.

      I thought Thibs would be perfect for our team and he runs the triangle too.

    42. Put me down as a YES for Rubio (the baller, not the politician) and a NO for Rose.

      Rubio would do great here. If he doesn’t score at all, but defends like a point guard should, he’s a vast improvement over Calderon. If we need back court scoring, Jimmer’s the guy.

    43. I wonder if we can snag Rubio with:

      Taking back:

    44. I thought Thibs would be perfect for our team and he runs the triangle too.

      No – Thibs, GSW and Spurs do NOT execute the Triangle. Only evangelical Phil executes the Triangle which is why our offense is ranked 21st in the league despite having mostly offense only guys like Calderon, Afflalo, Dwill, Vujacic, Melo. This whole Jimmer jabber and all the other blather would be moot if we ran a normal modern high PnR offense. We’d have our 1 in Grant. If you don’t believe me, then review the video of the first few games of the season and the second half of the Detroit game. We blew them off the court executing almost all high PnR. Use Grant/Melo as the primary ball handlers and Lopez/KP/Melo as the dive/pop guys and are offense is significantly better. And that would mean fewer minutes for Calderon which would improve our defense. Fisher wasn’t the main problem; Phil’s the problem. There’s a reason Phil’s signing all these offense only guys: his main concern is the offense and the Triangle. It’s a real shame that Phil, at the expense of the success of the Knicks, will eventually realize it was MJ, Kobe, Shaq which made his offense work.

    45. If Orlando is just giving away talent it might be wise to go hard after Oladipo instead of Jennings. AA/Thomas for Oladipo/Watson

    46. 25% of your half-court plays using the triangle is not the Triangle offense. And the Chicago offense was never regarded as being that effective anyway so that’s a bad example to use. Fish realized that he couldn’t win using the Triangle and got booted for it. Nothing will rescue us because it’s impossible to talk facts and results with an evangelical.

    47. The Memphis Grizzlies have agreed to trade Courtney Lee to the Charlotte Hornets for PJ Hairston, Brian Roberts and two second round picks.

      The Miami Heat will acquire Roberts in the deal, sending two second round picks included in the trade to the Grizzlies as well as Chris Andersen. One of the picks will be heavily protected.

      The Grizzlies will acquire four second round picks in total.

      Lee is in the final season of his contract.

      I think this Cortney Lee deal gives people a baseline of what AA value might be. AA might even be more highly respected. AA and Lee are nearly the same kind of player even down to their age, Lee is 12 days older.

    48. Chicago, when they were winning 50+ games a year, had 50+ games where they had an effective offense, considering they had to score more than the other team too, no?

      Chicago under Fred Hoiberg, a more pace and space offense, run and gun offense, have been even worse.

      Noah and Jimmy Butler is not Shaq and Kobe. They still won a lot of games with it. The problem isn’t the Knicks’ offensive system. It’s the talent.

      It’s accurate to say one reason Fisher was removed was running too many “non-triangle” plays. But I think his grievous offense had more to do with not running a system than it had to do with a triangle system. Jackson said it as much — transformational vs transactional. To him, winning a few more games running plays that doesn’t include the whole team is pointless, because he believes you’ll win a lot more games if you can get the entire team to buy into a system, not just the triangle.

      So I disagree that it’s the triangle or any offensive system. It probably has more to do with coaching abilities and personnel.

    49. The problem isn’t the Knicks’ offensive system. It’s the talent. It’s accurate to say one reason Fisher was removed was running too many “non-triangle” plays.

      No, it’s the system not the talent. Our personnel is better used in more of a high PnR system. Fish realized this and the results were there when we executed those type of plays. The Synergy stats don’t accurately capture this because of the way they are calculated. But the eye test – Melo/Lopez, Grant/KP, Melo/KP – are obvious to everyone but Phil.

      And Chicago won because of their defense. They didn’t have to score that much to win and they only partially used the Triangle and didn’t use it at the end of games. Why didn’t Thibs use it 100% of the time if he liked it so much?

    50. You are working under the assumption that Jackson fired Fisher solely for the “non-triangle” plays.

      Jackson has endorsed having an offensive system, not necessarily the triangle. In addition, he had knowledge that Fisher planned to use more PnR this year.

      Other possible reasons you discount:
      Losing 9/10.
      Losing the team for 1, 2, and sometimes 3 quarters.
      Barnes incident.
      “Doesn’t matter if we make the playoffs” incident.
      Rondo incident.

      They have ran more PnR this year and found some success. You are looking to credit the wins with that. The majority have been triangle plays, you pin the losses on that.

      If you think the Knicks have talent…I don’t know what to say to you. “Better” talent does not mean playoff talent or contention talent. If you want to pin that part on Jackson, not being able to convince FAs to come here this summer, I can get behind that. To think a system is the cause of our record rather than Seraphin or Vujacic playing minutes is laughable. Those are poor coaching decisions.

    51. Based on your logic on how antiquated the system is, and how ineffective it is, the better question to ask is “why did he use it at all???”

      Probably because it’s effective. He had a solid passing big man in Noah and Gasol, it was effective in getting them points.

    52. @adrenaline… I don’t know what it’s called, but one of the most annoying argument tactics is to attach something unproven to something we all largely accept as true. Politicians do this all the time. You give a rah-rah speech for ten minutes about how important family is (duh! we all know that!) and you end by saying, “And that’s why we can’t have same-sex marriage!” At that point, everyone’s in a froth. They love hteir families. They’ll do anything for their families. What can they do for their families? Then you deliver them a target, and their so ready emotionally to take action that they don’t care to stop and think.

      My point is Jackson’s doing the same thing here. Yes, ball movement is good. Involving the whole team is good. Is Jackson’s offense the best way to do that in today’s NBA? I don’t know. A spread pick and roll offense may often start with one ball handler, but it’s most effective with multi-skilled players who can attack closeouts and make plays on their own. It thrives with big men who can make passes on the interior. Talent and smart play matters a ton in modern NBA offenses. They just also favor driving, kicking, slashing and speed over post play and cuts.

      I think Jackson cares about ball movement, but he’s also defensive and prideful and would rather prove the effectiveness of the triangle’s specific flavor of ball-movement than see his club succeed with an alternative style, even if it’s just as pass-oriented.

    53. @max

      I think it certainly is debatable which offensive system is the best. Shouldn’t we take him at his word, rather than second guess him? He has come out and said system basketball is his goal. The triangle is but one system. He’d like for whoever he hires to have a system basketball mindset — ball movement like you said.

    54. Remember when Lebron convinced miami to trade up for shabazz napier and then left the heat and then the heat had shabazz napier

      what a time to be alive that was

    55. To think a system is the cause of our record rather than Seraphin or Vujacic playing minutes is laughable. Those are poor coaching decisions.

      Jackson fired Fisher to hire a coach whose only noticeable change in his first game was to…play Seraphim and Vujacic more minutes.

    56. Rubio would be awesome in this offense and his defense would be amazing.
      Teague…please no. We don’t need a low-percentage volume scorer.

    57. All I can do is offer a deep sigh, Brian. Deep sighs.

      Ha! That should be the official Knick fan slogan. “Deep sighs”

    58. Let’s just trade Seraphin and Afflalo and give all of their minutes to Galloway and O’Quinn. We’d improve by like 5 games.

    59. I mean, I think his failures and the lack of any reasonable second option if Walton says no are forcing him to be more open. But who doesn’t want “system basketball”? Saying, “I care about system basketball” is like saying “I care about family!”

      Everything he’s done so far has suggested a very strong focus on making the triangle work regardless of how many square pegs we started out trying to fit into triangular holes. If you’re going to try to draw conclusions from Phil’s moves, the one thing that seems obvious is that he very badly wants to make the triangle work. You see that in his decision to emphasize triangle fit over talent in both trades and FA acquisitions and in his general rush to create cap space so he could bring in those players that fit his system, again often at the expense of talent.

    60. What I don’t get is, why draft Grant then? If the Triangle was the end all/be all, why trade into the first round (the first round!!) to pick a point guard who didn’t fit the Triangle at all (like, at all)?

    61. Grant actually didn’t look like he didn’t fit in the offense. I thought he did alright in getting assists and open shots. He just couldn’t shoot when he did get open.

    62. Normally I’d hate a PG who has just for the first time broken 50% TS in a season but normally PGs aren’t rebounding better than most forwards and challenging league records for steals per minute…

    63. Teague might have just become more available to the Knicks because Splitter just had season ending surgery. If the Hawks decided they need a big to replace him the Knicks have that. But, honestly, I’d rather get Rubio. I really don’t know which one would help the team more, but I’m at the point as a fan where having a fun team to watch is just as important as having a contender (if not more important). Rubio is definitely wins the fun to watch battle.

    64. I never understood the Jerian Grant hype when we traded for him. He’s very athletic and has great size and court vision for the position, but come on. The guy has a terrible release and just looks awkward most times. I would watch his film and think “these moves will never work against NBA level defenders.” He’s been ghastly, and that sucks for us, but I never saw it in him.

    65. I don’t think anyone was super high on Grant. We were just all thrilled that we got him for TH Jr., who played zero defense on a nightly basis. I think the general feeling was that if Grant developed into a serviceable backup PG, it would still be a heist based on who we gave up.

    66. While I agree with that, d-mar, there were also so many good players still left in the draft, taking Grant there looks a bit odd. Bobby Portis and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson were both taken soon after Grant, ya know? They wouldn’t have signed Seraphim had they drafted Portis, so that’d be a win right there, ya know?

    67. The pre-draft advanced metrics had Grant right around where he got drafted, he was listed in the late teens-early 20’s in most draft lists I read, both regular and statistically driven rankings.

    68. The pre-draft advanced metrics had Grant right around where he got drafted, he was listed in the late teens-early 20’s in most draft lists I read, both regular and statistically driven rankings.

      It’s not so much that he was a bad pick, but rather that he seemed out of place in the Triangle, and since there were other good options out there (it was a great draft) it was an odd pick.

    69. Seriously though, if we can dump Calderon and O’Quinn, I’d be all for the move. I just think that Rubio is a) overpaid and b) not the answer to the question “who would be a good starting pg for this team.?”

    70. @max,
      From some sources, first option, AHEAD of Walton, is Blatt (actually lists Blatt as the top option), and he runs Princeton.

      Your post said it all, in my opinion. Some people say they want system basketball, but then they don’t run it. I believe that one of Fisher’s termination reasons (the one where he doesn’t run enough triangle) is probably wrong. Whoever is the source probably doesn’t even understand what Jackson is saying. I think the point was Fisher went away from having a system to more just running whatever plays. He drifted from it.

      To point out a coach who didn’t believe in “system” ball, look no further than when Mike Woodson was here. That was transactional ball (if I read Jackson right), and one of the many reasons why Melo was burned to the ground. It was about trading knees for (not many) wins.

      @Al, pre-draft metrics take into account age heavily, I believe. Otherwise, I think if Grant, last year, was a freshman/soph, he’d be in the top 10?

      @massive, The hype came from the fact that we traded an absolute bust, one of the worst players in the league, for a first round pick. Even if Grant didn’t work out, it’s still a helluva trade.

    71. Agree with BC that Grant was more of a “Hey, we got something of value for THJ!” than “wow, we got a sure-fire rotation player!” I really liked Portis! But the jury is out on Grant yet, let’s see what he does in the offseason to fix that broken shot.

    72. It’s a bit weird, too, that the O’Quinn/Calderon trades that the Knicks are looking for are rotation players with expiring contracts (Zach Lowe zinged the Knicks nicely with his response to that desire, “Good luck!”).

      So, in other words, they still want to be competitive this year (why?) and they are looking to clear out as much cap room as possible for next year (again, why?). This rebuild is so oddly short term in nature.

    73. Grant’s 0.435 TS% is actually pretty impressive considering he’s shooting 28% on wide open jumpers (closest defender over 6 feet away) and 26% on jumpers overall! I mean, he can’t be that bad of a jump shooter. He was ok in college, shooting ~35% from 3 over 4 years. He still has potential. He has a pretty good free throw rate and gets more penetration than anyone on the team, even with nobody respecting his jumper. I have to think that awful of jump shooting can’t be sustained.

    74. @Brian

      Well, one of the consistent things being reported is Jackson’s ego. Maybe he thinks he can do both at the same time unlike other GMs. Maybe he feels he can be convincing enough for some of these teams to part with the targeted players because he’s Jackson.

    75. I never understood the Jerian Grant hype when we traded for him.

      You forget that Grant had an extremely mediocre run in Summer League. Hence the hype. (I wish I were kidding, but that seriously got people excited).

    76. Grant was drafted over other prospects I would guess because he was older and more “polished” and Jackson wants guys who are ready, undervaluing long term potential. As far as his triangle fit goes, he’s a bigger guard with a reputation for being unselfish, so I could see why Jackson might think he fit well.

      Here’s the full quote you referred to, adrenaline:

      The style of leadership I’ve been put in a box with is: transformational as juxtaposed to transactional. This style of leadership has more to do with the group goals and the esteem of an individual fed by the group achievements. It involves moving the organization or culture of a group towards a higher nature. Transactional management style is surely effective, but doesn’t match my personal nature.

      Jackson defines transformational leadership somewhat clearly here. He wants unselfishness. He wants guys to be focused on each other and the team and system over themselves. He wants guys to measure their value not by their own numbers but by their team’s success.

      His actual meaning here though is unclear unless you know what he means by transactional, and I’m not sure it’s just the opposite of transformational — that guys look out for themselves first. I say that because he’s talking about a management style, and his job as a manager of the team is to construct the roster.

      The way I read what he’s saying is that he’s valuing chemistry over talent. He wants not just guys who are mentally right, but also guys who fit the system and can improve one another. But even if you believe chemistry is a big factor, a team with the Knicks’ current talent level at peak transformational level still isn’t good. The Knicks need talent first, and Jackson seems uninterested in tackling that reality, perhaps believing before this season that FAs would feel the positive vibes of this best-case 40 win team and come here in spite of its gaping talent deficit, which is the same thing he hoped would happen last season…

    77. To me, transformational is more culture. Transactional is more management (at least in the world of business). One is more focused on big picture changes, whereas the other functions more like optimization, to do each little thing better.

    78. I take transformation to mean reaching self-realization through being a part of something greater than yourself—a team better than the sum of its parts.

    79. Maybe the Knicks should just go dumpster diving and try to sign Lee, Martin, and Lance if they are bought out. Of course there maybe a problem, that they don’t want to come to NY.

    80. Houston and Charlotte discussed a Dwight Howard trade. Houston is apparently trying to get a first round pick out of the deal, which means Boston is probably calling Houston to get a trade done. Charlotte would be pretty dumb to do that deal seeing that there is no way D12 actually signs in Charlotte this summer.

    81. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that Dwight stays wherever he’s traded. It’s the same story as with Melo. If it’s your last max contract, the fifth year that the home team can offer is absolutely enormous. If Dwight left Charlotte, he’d almost definitely be throwing away somewhere between $25m and $38m in lifetime earnings depending on how much he could get after a four year non-bird deal is up.

      He could ask for a player option in the final year from another team, but look at how his body is falling apart… The odds that three years down the line he’ll be able to opt out and get a new deal at anything near the max are pretty narrow.

      Add to that that while I’m sure a number of teams will be open to paying Dwight the max, I doubt any of the top teams will. He’ll be left choosing between second rate teams if he chooses to leave.

    82. Charlotte would be pretty dumb to do that deal seeing that there is no way D12 actually signs in Charlotte this summer.

      Steve Clifford was an assistant coach in Orlando and was the defensive coordinator that won Howard all of his defensive player of the year awards.

      Also, there is Michael Jordan, whom he may have some respect for.

      And there’s the money.

      And the fact that whatever city he wants to play in (is there one?) probably doesn’t really want him.

      So Charlotte may be weighing all of this.

    83. Let’s say Charlotte does this deal (which would likely be Jefferson, Zeller and a pick for Howard). Let’s also say that they re-sign Dwight, Williams and Batum, but let Lee and Lin leave (I don’t see how they can spend the money to keep them all, and Lee is superfluous once MKG returns next season).

      So their team would be Walker/Batum/MKG/Williams/Howard, with Kaminsky, Lamb, Hawes, Troy Daniels (He should be easy to keep if they want him) and presumably a new backup point guard on the bench (DJ Augustin? Someone like that). Is that team competitive for the Eastern Conference Finals next year? If not, I don’t think they should tie themselves to a player as old as Howard. It might, though. It really might. It’d be a really good defensive team with great spacing.

    84. Jackson wants guys who are ready, undervaluing long term potential

      Right – that’s exactly why he picked Porzingis lol.

      I think everyone wants to put Phil in a box — this is why he does this, this is why he does that. But truth of the matter is, he almost prides himself on NOT being put into a box.

      he picked Jerian Grant because he thought he was the best combination of size, talent, readiness, etc. Grant is changing systems, has lost his confidence in his shot, and is just struggling. He’s 800 minutes into his pro career — maybe let him at least reach 2000 minutes before we completely give up on him as a bust?

      It was really disheartening to see Rambis not give any minutes to Grant in his first game as coach. More than any player not named Porzingis, Grant’s development is central to this team going forward. If you have a solid starting PG, it completely changes this offseason’s goals.

      Back to Phil – really good podcast with Tim Bontemps from last week with Howard Beck, who knows Phil very well (covered Phil for years as the Lakers beat reporter) and is still relatively dialed in to the Knicks from his years with the NYT. Beck seems totally unconvinced that Phil is going to hire a triangle guy – that he’s more interested in a “system of basketball” and not just in “his” system of basketball, and said Phil’s favorite teams to watch in the NBA are actually SA and GSW because they espouse a lot of his egalitarian ball-movement etc. philosophy. My guess is he’ll take his swing at Luke Walton, and if he misses, will hire someone out of the blue. Not Thibs, not JVG, not Shaw.

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