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Monday, August 19, 2019

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Mavericks

Well, this is the best test for how bad the Knicks are on the road. The Mavericks are not a good team, so if the Knicks can’t beat them, that would be very embarrassing.

Of course, the annoying thing is going to be the constant comparison between Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina, where Smith will get waaaaaay too much credit for his pointz.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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106 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Mavericks

  1. Dough Chew [IT'S A NEW DAY YES IT IS]


    If anyone’s wondering, the guy replacing Clyde tonight is Brendan Brown, a Knicks radio analyst and Hubie’s son.

  2. BigBlueAL

    If he’s Hubie Brown’s son then I totally respect his opinion, love Hubie Brown. Pretty nolstagic night for Knicks fans seeing Derek Harper and Kurt Thomas.

  3. d-mar

    Brendan Brown used to do a great job letting you know what was going on after the totally confusing Mike Crispino play by play.

  4. BigBlueAL

    With the small lineups the Mavs like to use Knicks going to really miss Beasley tonight. Down the stretch gonna have to go with KP at the 5 but w/o Beas God knows who finishes the game for the Knicks at the 3/4.

  5. Jack Bauer

    You guys are killing me from the previous thread with the inevitability of Mark Jackson becoming the next Knicks coach. Please God No. He would be an awful choice, not very good with X’s and O’s and he comes off with a know it all attitude which is annoying. It seemed to work well for the Warriors to get rid of him.

    I would take Hornacek all day over Jackson, let’s give him a longer look. The conditions so far in NY have not been ideal

  6. Brian Cronin Post author

    You guys are killing me from the previous thread with the inevitability of Mark Jackson becoming the next Knicks coach. Please God No. He would be an awful choice, not very good with X’s and O’s and he comes off with a know it all attitude which is annoying. It seemed to work well for the Warriors to get rid of him.

    I would take Hornacek all day over Jackson, let’s give him a longer look. The conditions so far in NY have not been ideal

    Mark Jackson is the Knickiest choice of coach out there, so he is going to be the guy eventually. Especially since Mills wanted to hire him a few years back. Get ready for some annoying ass press conferences after Knick losses.

  7. Jack Bauer

    Thanks for that unpleasant update Brian. I’m going to hope that doesn’t come to pass but it most likely will because ……Knicks

  8. Bruno Almeida

    He’s trying, he’s just clearly not confident enough in his handle to finish consistently. He’s played well so far, aside from the quick fouls.

    The Mavs really can’t shoot, but it’s following the Knicks road game script so far… lead in the first half, let them get closer then get blown out in the 3rd.

  9. Max

    With the contract situation under control Jack’s playing like an all Star :-)
    The sequence of misses from Kanter reminds me of Charles Smith…
    Classic road game script, let’s see how it’ll evolve in the second half (with Super Beas and Timmy this game’ll be already over).
    I’ll start to puke thinking of Mark Jackson as the next coach and yes, I officially hate Dennis Smith Jr.

  10. Bruno Almeida

    If the Knicks do hire Mark Jackson I will take a sabbatical leave away from this team, not joking, that would be the darkest timeline.

  11. Z-man

    If I recall, many KB pundits were predicting that Kurt Rambis would be our next coach because Knicks. Then Hornacek was announced. Whatever.

  12. d-mar

    Mavs honoring Derek Harper, one of my favorite Knicks from the golden era of the 90’s.

    We could use a guy like him now.

  13. Max

    Yes, coming from Dallas he was great in Game 1 of the 94 Finals and played 2 other solid years with us.
    Good memories…

  14. Knick fan not in NJ at this time

    I can’t watch the game, but I see Hernangomez got significant minutes already. Did something happen to O’Quinn? Or maybe it’s because Beasley is out?

  15. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    KP gets that assist because the pass was pretty obvious. I’m encouraged but I need to see him make that play out of a blindside double team.

  16. Dough Chew [IT'S A NEW DAY YES IT IS]

    What’s odd is that Dallas was doubling Kanter in the first quarter.

  17. BigBlueAL

    Maybe Hornacek needs to do like Woodson and run sprints to motivate his players to stop committing turnovers.

  18. Max

    @25 Jared Jeffries comparison’s a good one,
    I often ask myself why he’s on the court so much…
    Man, I hate the way they’re officiatiang this game…
    We must be up 20 by now…

  19. Max

    Horrible end of quarter,
    KP has missed shots when guarded by Barea and Harris…
    OMG it’s Baker again…

  20. BigBlueAL

    The Mavs are going way under every screen when Frank is the ballhandler, basically daring him to shoot.

  21. Max

    Frankie’ll become a good player but he must learn to shoot…
    Love the KOQ to MC backdoor plays…
    And I continue to dislike the officiating

  22. Bruno Almeida

    Lance really is the modern day Jared Jeffries. Jeffries was still more useful as a defender I think.

  23. djphan

    someone needs to tell kp that shooting over smaller players from 18 ft with a hand in his face is not a good shot..

  24. Bruno Almeida

    O’Quinn has been gigantic today! Frank’s defense has been quite amazing too to be honest.

  25. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    The Mavs just don’t have the talent to go small against the Knicks. And Wes Matthews is sorry.

  26. Max

    KP continues to suffer physical defenders,
    KOQ playing the hero… And raisin’ his trade value…

  27. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Ntilikina has to keep his ground. He can’t swarm guys like that; that’s two fouls a night he can avoid.

  28. thenoblefacehumper

    KOQ would really help some teams. The shitty thing is if we don’t get value for him his Knicks legacy will be winning us games we would’ve been far better off losing. That’s not his fault at all obviously and I’ve always liked him both as a player and person, but the front office needs to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  29. thenoblefacehumper

    There is no coherent idea that explains Hornacek’s rotations. Coaching for his job, tanking, whatever. None of it makes any sense.

  30. BigBlueAL

    How the hell in that defensive possession is Frank not in plus you have both KP and OQ in there with the Mavs playing small???? No surprise they were able to get a wide open 3pter which luckily they missed.

  31. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    This is what basketball would look like with no refs lol

  32. thenoblefacehumper

    Glass half-full: love what I saw from Frank tonight!

    Glass half-empty: being barely good enough to eke out wins against terrible teams is pretty much the worst thing to be.

  33. Z-man

    It’s almost as if the refs said “you don’t seem to agree with any of our calls so we’ll stop making any,”

  34. ClashFan

    The Knicks only shot 16 threes while Dallas shot 24, so of course the Knicks lost. Wait, what?

    This game reminded me of the call your own church BB League that I played in for a couple of years. After that, I had new appreciation for the lousy refs in the city rec league…

  35. Bruno Almeida

    The Mavericks are absolutely terrible, my god. It’s a big loss for the tank, but oh well, at least Hornacek actively tried to lose with his rotations, he’s on board it seems.

  36. ClashFan


    Tanking side, there’s no such thing as a bad road win.

    I totally agree with that statement.

  37. Knick fan not in NJ at this time

    It’s a strange box score. The Knick out rebounded the Mavs 59 to 40 and shot a higher percentage but they still only won by four points.

  38. Max

    Happy for the win (fuck tanking, I hate to lose),
    and losing to such a terrible team would have been really horrible.

    … But we really tried, blew a 13 points lead in 2 minutes and 21 seconds…

    Good game by Frank, he filled the statsheet (7 rebs 5 ass 2 blk).
    Must learn to shoot but all the other ingredients are here, he’ll be a very good player (and by the way great offensive player Dennis Smith JR went 5-14).

    KP continues to be very inefficient (9-25) but at least he got the FTs.
    KOQ was a monster (15 points 11 boards), Kanter got 18 boards, Jack started well and went downhill from there but (incredibly) scored the winning basket.

    LT: 25 minutes 1-2 shooting, 4 reb
    Baker: 13 minutes 0-0 shooting
    38 minutes playing 4 on 5 on offense.

    And now the fucking Bulls again…

  39. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    The best thing about Frank Ntilikina is he’s looking like he’ll be a plus rebounder, a great passer, and an elite defender in this league. If the shooting comes around, and it should, it’s hard not to salivate over where his ceiling could wind up. I think he’s best off ball as the off guard in a two point guard backcourt, but the plus rebounding is huge on a team where your superstar isn’t a good rebounder.

  40. kevin5318

    Frank as a secondary ball handler would add another dimension to our offense. He would look nice with Colin Sexton.

  41. geo

    was able to get a good nap in during that halftime…

    yep, the mavs sure are bad, although they’ve been playing a bit better lately…

    the knicks are pretty mediocre…not really that terrible, but, without a solid ball handler, and, lacking a true superstar to finish games…

  42. Bruno Almeida

    Smith was really, really unimpressive for a dude that was being guarded by Jarrett Jack for a good portion of the game.

  43. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Frank would also look really nice next to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (who will likely climb draft boards into the late lottery/mid first if he keeps up his excellent play) and the backcourt would be monstrous defensively from both a size perspective and a length perspective–SGA is 6’6 with a 7’0 wingspan, and really quick, making a living on getting into the paint, which is something Frank is obviously a little behind on. They complement one another.

    My Knicks draft board in order of preference (based on a hypothetical position of anywhere from 11-16):

    1a. Mikal Bridges
    1b. Troy Brown
    2. SGA
    3. Miles Bridges
    4. Dzanan Muza
    5. Bruce Brown

    Please, not Kevin Knox or Hamidou Diallo.

  44. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Idle specualation to end the night: If Luka Doncic fell victim to Euro bias and dropped to # 5, how much would you trade to get him? Assume Porzingis and Frank won’t be traded, because I don’t think they’d be on the block.

    I’d trade: this year’s first, the CHI 2nd, our 2020 first, and WHG. Is that enough?

  45. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada


    I love Brunson, but the draft board was intended for our first rounder–I don’t think Brunson will rise up into the mid lottery.

  46. djphan

    we should really only be looking at SF types and i think the SFs are just a lot better than the two’s in this draft anyway……

    jarred vanderbilt should be in the discussion also if he ever suits up….

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