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2023-24 Game Thread – Knicks vs. Spurs (Wemby’s MSG Opener – Kind of a thing!)

The Knicks hosted highly touted NBA rookie, Victor Wembanyama, and the San Antonio Spurs, at the Garden on Wednesday, and, well, you know how players sort of need to have some adversity to really grow? Well, a nice way for the Knicks to help Wemby grow as a player is for them to kick his ass tonight. It will help him grow!

Time to get back to .500!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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New, improved RJ only gets blocked 6 times

Shitty Randle gets blocked whatever the record number of times +1 is

Wemby’s hands remind me of the alien’s hand at the end or War of the Worlds. Very freaky in slo-mo.

The NBA Countdown commentary is such a special combination of uninsightful and unentertaining. Was there really no one willing to tell Kendrick Perkins he isn’t cut out for this?

I can’t find the record for most times a player has been blocked in a single game. However, the record for most blocks is 17.

So Randle o/u should be 15. (12 from Wemby, 2 from Collins, 1 from Sochan)

RJ transition 3!

Don’t know if it’ll ever come together for Sochan on offense, but man he looks like a future DPOY if he can stay on the floor.

Knicks trying to spoil Wemby’s MSG debut by feeding Mitch to have the better C stats, lol

‘looks like they got the don’t test wemby at the rim memo’

JHart didn’t read his.

IQ has been automatic from midrange, it’s kinda nuts. I know he’s a prime regression candidate in that area, but it’s looked incredibly smooth/replicable. He really is looking like Lou Will with defense.

Turns out when the shots are falling, we can have a pretty nice offense too.

Fantastic start so far, Quickley is on fire, defense looks strong.

Oops, check that on Vassell…

IQ’s stock is soaring right now…back up the Brinks truck.

Everybody is doing exactly what you hope they would/should do. It’s really quite enjoyable. Max might have to give everyone A’s.

Although Julius deserves a half-grade drop for the half-court violation.

I like it when we play games that aren’t on back-to-backs and aren’t against contenders

Someone might want to stay on Dougie McBuckets. He’s like the only guy who can make shots on that team. 57% from three so far this year.

See, this is the lineup I was talking about, you can play Brunson / IQ / DDV / Hart / Mitch and it works, they can all play together.

The Knicks have an alarming propensity to take dumb shots when they get a big lead….

Knicks not giving a shit about playing defense the final few minutes of the 1st half was super annoying.

So when we actually make shots, Mitch doesn’t get a lot of offensive rebounds? Not sure how to feel…

At the half 5 Knicks age 25 or younger shooting ~ 60% or better from the field:

18/28 with 9 AST and 10 boards. I like it.


Grimes now 3-4, which is unfortunate as he’s taken all the shots he’s allowed.

Hahaha. Breen says RJ “is only 23 years old.”

Where have I read that before…

I love that we’re at a point where we just expect Mitch to dominate, and he’s doing it every time.

I promise I’m trying to not get too excited about RJ’s start because we know how that went before, but it’s nice to see him shooting so well.

My wife randomly invited people over so can’t watch but I am going to imagine it was a good Mitching

Really hoping Door Dash buys ads on the court for the in-season tournament that nobody can see

Who is this guy and what has he done to RJ Barrett?

Edit: looks like this was already said hahaha

I keep waiting for RJ to start bricking 3s and FTs but I’m willing to wait forever.

I guess the team Canada coaching staff must have done something really well with Barrett, because his decision making has been very good lately.

Yeah. That last play: RJ drives but then passes to IQ on the perimeter who swings it to Randle for the open three. This simply did not happen even once last year. I’m looking forward to much more of it.

Three minutes left, up by 21, starters except for Grimes still in.

Wemby is just another in a long line of Frenchmen who struggle after coming to NY, but for once it was a guy on the other team

sga has 38 on 18 fga and has not hit a 3

Trading SGA and a bunch of picks for Paul George could end up being one of the worst trades of all-time

Also, just to make the night better, The Sphere lost 100 million this quarter apparently….

“Also, just to make the night better, The Sphere lost 100 million this quarter apparently….”

That’s like 2 Phil Jacksons…

“Also, just to make the night better, The Sphere lost 100 million this quarter apparently….”

Something like this could cost Dolan his job. Can’t say I’m happy about it though.

Dolan’s job security seems pretty solid….

I am sure the numbers will improve though….

I spent 7 whole minutes trying to find these quotes so I could do a premature victory dance:

Hubert IVsays:
August 19, 2023 at 09:28
I’m buying RJ stock this season, and I’m doing it largely because the anti-RJ arguments have peaked.

Hubert IVsays:
August 19, 2023 at 19:02
If RJ ever were to make a leap it would likely be this season. I put the chances of it happening at 10% but I’m serious that I now expect that 10% to land simply bc y’all have written off the possibility of it.

I read an article about it, it ended with a quote from someone who’s worked with him: “James Dolan is the hammer and treats everyone like a nail”

I would spit in his food and then spit in his face when I told him that he was eating my spit

Fuck that piece of shit nepo baby billionaire asshole to hell and back

Fuck you James Dolan, I hope you read this,

I would spit in his food and then spit in his face when I told him that he was eating my spit

i received an obscene amount of joy from reading that…

it was better than us winning the game…yeah, fuck jimmy d…may he drown in jowles dirty backwash…

kevon looney must be the best priced championship piece ever…talk about extreme value compared to their contract…

hopefully they’re paying him money on the side…

“Anyway how was Wemby”

He was… very… long. Mitch owned him, then iHart went all Mitch on him and everyone else, including fast breaks and isos. Wemby played like shit for three quarters, then scored a few garbage points and got to 14.

He’s a rookie playing in like his seventh game. He’s gonna be great, if he doesn’t break in two. Glad it wasn’t against us.

I don’t think I’ve seen a Knick this dialed up on defense as Mitch is right now since…I mean, I don’t even want to say Tyson Chandler, since Chandler was a whole different type of defender (what made Chandler so brilliant was the way that he played off of his teammates. He wasn’t nearly this aggressive of a defender. You could easily argue that Chandler’s way was even better, just that it was a whole other type of defense. What’s interesting is that when he was in Dallas, he was a more aggressive defender, then came to the Knicks and became more of a floor general). Maybe peak Marcus Camby? It’s really awesome to watch.

Julius had twice as many turnovers than the rest of the team put together. This time I can live with it.

Cam Thomas scored 14 in 20min before spraining his ankle. Wasn’t his most efficient night, but his scoring rampage continues.

Jalen Smith played more than Obi who only scored 6pts on 7 shots with 1 reb in 19min.

Maxey scores 25pts but needs 27 shots.

Lakers get blown out by Houston and it’s not entirely Cam’s fault.

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