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2023 Playoffs Round 2 Game Thread: No Chance Knicks @ Heat, Game 3

In “Tangled Up in Blue,” Bob Dylan wrote:

But all the while I was alone
The past was close behind
I seen a lot of women
But she never escaped my mind, and I just grew
Tangled up in blue

That’s the Knicks and the Heat. We’ve seen a lot of NBA games played, but the past was close behind, and we’re right back to where we were in the 1999 playoffs, a five game series with the Heat having the home court advantage and a #8 seed involved. Of course, back then, the #8 seed won, which is what will happen this time, as well.

The Knicks received every lucky break imaginable during the end of their Game 2 victory against the Heat, and they still just barely put away a Heat team playing without Jimmy Butler. Duncan Robinson was guarding Jalen Brunson one-on-one at points, people! It was a very messed up Heat team, and the Knicks still needed a number of lucky breaks to take them down (like “Oh, did that graze the rim? We can’t tell, so I guess it didn’t although it clearly did. Moving on!”). So that does not bode well for the Knicks in Game 3 in Miami, where Jimmy Butler will likely start for the Heat (although, amazingly, as of right this second, in a tweet just a few minutes ago, the Heat are still listing Butler as questionable. Not only that, by Highsmith is also questionable for the Heat, and Caleb Martin is in bad shape with a back injury, but he will play today).

So the Knicks will clearly lose this game, and the series, but hey, at least it’ll certainly be an interesting basketball game! If you’re going to be tangled up with another team, as least the Knicks are tangled up with another interesting basketball squad.

There’s no point in saying it, but i will say it anyways – let’s go, Knicks (oh, and Spo, please give Duncan Robinson big minutes. Please!)!

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Miami star Jimmy Butler has been cleared to return today vs. Knicks in Game 3.

I’m shocked. Shocked! Or, I would be if we weren’t doomed.

BC, Love the Dylan lyric openings, even though we are doomed!
Unleash IQ!

I’m DOOMED because I’m at work for another hour and a half and can’t watch it live!

My Beers and snacks have been cleared to play tonight!
Let’s Do it!

Despite the DOOM, now is the time. Knicks gotta show up. Let’s go!

Randle, this is why you get paid the big bucks, let’s go!!!!

Shot of whisky for every missed Knick free throw. Who’s in? 😉

🎶Nothing really matters much, it’s doom alone that counts.”🎶


No doubt Playoffs Jimmy is here to play…

On the other side JB and Julius with a bad start…

Wake up guys, let’s go!

Great start, it means I can ignore this obvious loss and get on with my saturday. The gentleman sweep starts today.

Watching games at sports bars is so annoying.

This looks like the Mike tyson…”everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” type of start…

Butler’s block on Barrett was so sad…

Heat challenging us to shoot from outside, so far we were unable to do it and we can’t stop them on defense.

One of the worst starts of the season…

They’re just pushing the Knicks around. Luckily, the Heat have no bench.

I was so confident of a Heat win today that I bet that with a friend who’s currently at the game, but my hopes were at least to see a competitive loss, not this garbage start… oh well, let’s hope it gets better.

Our boys against their men at the moment.

If RJ is gonna defend Butler, then why not go back to Grimes for Hart to get the 2nd unit going?

Anyone else think Obi would like to catch passes from Kevin Love?

This looks like when I’m playing the computer in 2K23 and I try to beat it with the difficulty set to “All Star”

RJ challenging Butler I’d incredibly dumb. Brunson getting killed.

Brunson has been terrible….need to keep it under 10 by the half

This might be over fast if we don’t get our heads out of our asses.

Brunson sent an Homer Simpson’s like clone to the game while he’s roaming on Calle Ocho…

J-Hart stole The “two turnovers in a row” trick from Barrett’s arsenal…

What a surprise, we’re completely outmatched and Butler is dressing us like a holiday goose.

I did expect this to be competitive for more than half a quarter, there I go again with unwarranted optimism about this team.

Knicks immediately hunting Robinson is a good sign

Grimes was wide open on 3 separate possessions and nobody on the Knicks gave a fuck.

Yeah, being down just 8 is huge. They’ll lose, but it’s huge.

Rough start, but this isn’t a team that quits, so I wouldn’t say it’s over quite yet.

Refs really swallowing their whistle Heat should have at least 3 more fouls called

Don’t forget Spo’s whining about the refs after Game-2.
No matter who does it, it always work in the next game…

Randle losing his composure out there. Also can we pass the ball a couple times. We might as well be losing 3 on 5 on offense out there. They’re leaving grimes wide open and no one is passing to him

The way we’re playing, being down 8 is a minor miracle…

Exactly this. Thibs has to make sure our guys don’t start sulking due to the (poor) officiating. Especially Randle. He’s on the edge.

Time for Thibs to come up with some wrinkles

Like, an offense that include passing?

There’s no way we can win with these refs tonight,
Obi’s offensive foul was a joke…

This is what I hate about the NBA…more than any sport…the refs just straight up…decide the outcome…this is a joke

I do believe that I just saw some guy on the Knicks airball a finger roll.

This is the worst basketball we’ve played all season

The score now better reflects how well the Knicks are playing.

Like I’ve said before, there’s a reason the Heat bitched so much about the calls last game, because it’s always effective.

Scheduled loss.

The atmosphere in here is not good. I’m feeling the heat … 🙁

Thibs again with the moronic idea of having brunson and randle out at the same time to marvelous results

Mother effer

I think I am going to take a nap

Personally I think this is all because Brian went to a sports bar. Classic overconfidence jinx.


I did say on Wednesday that the refs would rig this one in response to Spo’s complaints because that was the most predictable outcome in the world. Thibs’ failure to ever take advantage of this iron law of NBA officiating is just another reason he’ll always be mediocre.

And of course the corpse of Kyle Lowry is playing out of his mind.

I don’t watch a lot of basketball but I think 0-8 from three is no good…

Quickley and Grimes have been useless.

The Heat must train with European soccer players to practice their flopping

I think Quentin Grimes is actually kind of butt overall. Plays decent man to man defense but you can see why the guy was a late 1RP

I’ve never gotten the Grimes thing at all. Still young, still games to play.

Let’s see if these guys have some pride and can fight their way back to a single digit deficit by halftime


Was on the train yesterday with a young woman who hogged four seats. At the end of the ride she got up and started loudly yelling at her sports betting boyfriend on the phone about how Brunson was definitely going to hit three threes in this game.

I blame her also

Exactly JK get a few stops make a few shots.

This ain’t the #1 seed we’re playing.

Just realized I wasn’t wearing my 90s Knicks Starter cap. Put it on right before jHart’s end to end and IQ’s three. Despite the DOOM, here we go.

They always fight, maybe not always in a smart way, but they don’t quit, even if our “supposed leaders” are quietly bad tonight…

My 3 cats had a great dinner
I Expect their magic to create a comeback!

You’re an idiot #30… why the fucking three in transition while we’re trying to close a wide gap?

Julius, you don’t have to heat check after IQ hits a three.

I mean they’re fighting hard to try to stay in this but they’re just not good enough

Does the Meta Quest halftime report feature commentary from Ron Artest?

That help defense right there by Randle on the Butler drive was embarrassing.

Man, all Randle is doing is sulking and shaking his head off the ball. This guy needs a slap in the face.

Really nobody is playing well. This does not remotely look like a team that was a good offensive team during the season

Randle’s body language is horrible and he’s playing the worst defense of the playoffs right now. It’s awful to watch.

The Heat probably have at least 8-10 points that were gifts from the refs

Big Blue Al said this series had shades of Knicks Pacers 2013 and it’s been note for note so far through 2.5 games.

I mean the Heat are shooting 22% from 3 and they’re still kicking our ass

Well, they cut it all the way to… 13.

Not insurmountable, but really doesn’t seem all that surmountable either

I don’t get the complaining about the reffing. FTs are even. Butler’s only taken 2 (he averages 9 a game in the season).

RJ and Julius have been ass today. Hope Thibs can see that. He has options.

Very much a lucky to be down by 13 situation. Defense was mostly fine I thought. We’re gonna hit more 3s or we’re gonna go home early.

Good job by Thibs to leave Randle in there to take that big three.

So Randle’s there was changed to a two, and were actually down 14.

Maybe I’ll switch over the Mets and watch Tylor Megill throw some 92 MPH fastballs with no movement right down the middle of the plate

We desperately need some playoff quality shooting in the off season. We are so bad, we can’t even get lucky once in awhile.

Randle’s basket was downgraded to a two.

@DonnieWalsh are you watching the game?

Time for Thibs to come up with some wrinkles

He didn’t come up anything when he had three days off. He ain’t coming up with anything now.

Butler doesn’t get touched = and 1

Lowry tackles Randle = foul on Randle

Might as well be down 140. I honestly wish we had lost to Cleveland, literally every second of this series has been misery. I’d rather lose in 5 at this point just to turn the page.

Stephen A knows what we need to do.

“Julius Randle, you gotta answer the call. Jalen Brunson, you gotta answer the call.”

That seems like some sound advice. WHERE ARE THE RUFF RYDAHS

I’m here for the 2nd half, so everything is going to go our way from now on! #cybereffect

Hubert, the wrinkle Thibs needs to come up with is an extennded post-game diatribe against the refs that yields a record-breaking fine. Then we might be allowed to play basketball in game 4.

Let’s Go Cyber! 😀

You did miss one of the worst halves of the season, good job 😉

Maybe I’ll switch over the Mets and watch Tylor Megill throw some 92 MPH fastballs with no movement right down the middle of the plate

Ironically, the Mets’ broadcast has Marv Albert reminiscing about the 69-70 Knicks.

It would be nice if we had a player, who could play out of the pinch post, command double teams and get us open shots ….instead of sulking, not playing defense, and dribbling into long 2s. Also if brunson isn’t playing like an all star we have no chance

I really thought Randle had his foot on the line. I thought I was crazy when no one said anything.

“Julius Randle, you gotta answer the call. Jalen Brunson, you gotta answer the call.”

Randle has his phone off.

At zero, compared to our minus-14, Cyber’s got the best plus-minus of any of us.

You did miss one of the worst halves of the season, good job 😉

Not on purpose, i thought the game was later.

I really thought Randle had his foot on the line. I thought I was crazy when no one said anything.

I thought it was obvious too but figured someone else would mention it

Heat bench 21. Knick bench 11.

I think the calls to put Hart back on the second unit should have been heeded.

At zero, compared to our minus-14, Cyber’s got the best plus-minus of any of us.


Miami always plays better in second halves. I’d like to hope but the most likely outcome is that this gets worse and we lose by 30+unless they stop trying

That’s a horseshit call right there.

@DonnieWalsh are you watching the game?

Some of it. Still waiting to be entertained by a Knicks game this year though.

Butler is gonna get his, but wasn’t expecting Max Strus to destroy us

RJ currently at -29 in 18 minutes…

The odds of beating these guys 3 out of four is like .00000000000000000000000000001%

Wait. I thought the flames were supposed to come from a Heat-Knicks game, not a dumpster fire.🔥🗑️🔥

Hubie has called at least 5 missed calls that went against the Knicks, I’ve a hard time remembering an announcer calling out bad refereeing so much in less than three quarters…

Anyway we’re playing like shit and Randle’s attitude has been terrible.
He has more turnovers than basketball so far…

Time to bench Orange Julius? Seems like the juice isn’t worth the squeeze in this game.

Randle has more fouls and turnovers than field goals. Yup.

Refs are trash, like trash, like even the Heat know they’re getting the gift.

I don’t like to complain about the refs, but they can stop helping Miami because they’re way ahead

Can we bring this to a 12 pt deficit before the end of the quarter? I hope so.

When you’re playing mediocre defense and horrific offense it’s hard to make a run

Randle with the worst defense I’ve ever seen on two straight possessions. Take him out

Watching Miami pass the ball around our flailing D makes me think Spoelstra says more in the huddle than Thibs’s patented, “Play tougher; make plays; spray the ball.”

I can’t believe this…

From an offensive foul to 3 free throws on a bad reversed call.

This game is rigged.

Yeah, in the stoppage the refs were like, “Wait a minute, we’re supposed to be making sure. There, that’s better.”

Brunson might have to apologize again for playing horrible like he did after Game 1.

Zeller has been low key dirty all game. Constant hooking and dirty pushes

You gotta give Hubie Brown a lot of credit. We know that it’s hard to call a game when your veins are pumped full of embalming fluid.

I’d call Zeller for PF for shoving Randle and then Hartenstein for shoving Zeller right after that. FWIW.

This could change a lot, especially since the Knicks get the ball to start the fourth.

If this doesn’t get the Knicks going, bench all these heartless motherfuckers.

Randle has zero mental fortitude right now

And, surprise surprise, a volatile player missed a technical FT after a little tussle…

You gotta give Hubie Brown a lot of credit. We know that it’s hard to call a game when your veins are pumped full of embalming fluid.

I hope when I’m his age (89), that have even half the faculties that he appears to have.

I get why you give Randle the tech there, but maybe don’t

Run the bench out there for the fourth. Get Deuce some time to fuck with Butler.

With the way we shoot 3Ps, it’s very hard to get back from a double digits deficit. Maybe this game is over.

Every single player on the team is playing like hot trash

No wonder they put this series in the afternoon slots. Just hideous basketball.

I miss Cleveland

Low key iHart having a decent game. Knicks should just launch threes for the rest of the quarter to try and shoot themselves out of the slump. Gear up for game 4.

It worked out but RJ needs to beat Lowry to that initial dive ball

If it’s still 20 with 5 mins to go, put in Rose, Fournier, & Deuce.

I don’t expect them to do anything but the starters deserve to be given the middle finger.

EDIT: it’s 22 now after that easy Lowry layup. Just do it. Fuck these guys.

Welp our magical season comes down to Monday night.

Not feeling that optimistic considering Miami has outplayed us for basically 10 out of 12 quarters.

After that last sequence IQ should just walk back to the locker room for the rest of the game.

We played like trash and we wouldn’t have won this game even if we played it a hundred times.

I hope for a busy summer of trades, this is our chance before someone turns into a pumpkin again… we need shooting and we need it badly.

At the same time it was without a doubt one of the worst refereed games I’ve ever seen…

Anyway, how much money did IQ lose in these playoffs? 20 million over 4 years?

Butler, Bam, and Strauss > Brunson, Randle, and RJ

Strauss is apparently better than I thought or he’s having a very good series at the wrong time for us.

Tyler Herro’s style is awful.

I’d rather get blown out than lose at the buzzer. Burn the fucking tape and get it together for game 4.

Well, Monday will be the make or break point of the season I guess

Not one Knick has played up to par. Total team disaster. No poise vs Heat D, nor hustle. Really Disheartening loss.

Quickley needs to figure this shit out. Leave him in and force him to work it out.

Lowry is sonning Quickley right now

Semi-washed Lowery is still OK. He has a lot of playoff basketball experience.

Just have one more request for this season – please win at least one of the next two games.

Game 1 vs Indiana in 2013: we lost a matinee at the Garden
Game 2 vs Indiana in 2013: we were shit through three quarters but had a good run in the 4th.
Game 3 @ Indiana in 2013: we got blown the fuck out.

It’s the same god damn series.

Hartenstein & Grimes looked decent but with such a small effect it doesn’t matter. Grimes needs to hit 3s.

Hart played well but his lack of shooting is a huge problem.

5-game swoons have been a Knick special this year. Can’t afford one now though.

The refs have compensated for their mistakes in our favor in game 2, but Miami has shown up to play and the Knicks simply haven’t. I’m fine about losing if Butler goes crazy and is just unstoppable, or if they just play better overall, but losing like this, with no heart, no poise, no competition, is just sad. This sucks.

It’s the same god damn series.

Bam block on Randle in G6 to win the series? Fuck me

As if this game couldn’t get any worse…

All due respect to IQ, we won’t miss him that much the way he’s playing.

Look at their faces! The Heat can’t believe they can be call for fouls…

Semi-washed Lowery is still OK.

Paunchy Lowry hasn’t sonned many this year.

See how Spoelstra calls time out after a 5-0 run instead of waiting for many games worth of evidence?

I’ve seen this film before! It’s the Fake Knicks Comeback. A true classic.

Knicks PR needs to release a clip of all these moving screens

I understand getting beat by a good team on the road. Laying an egg and looking completely incompetent is another story. These guys weren’t prepared, and weren’t competitive from the jump. Never made a run.

Randle shit on both sides and shame on Thibs for looking the other way.

Thibs with the 5 out. Looks like it’s starting to catch up to them

Bam is the NBA Gilooly

Jimmy B’s ability to draw foul might be the most elite skill in the NBA.

We better come out like maniacs in game 4. As JK said, losing a playoff game on the road is not the end of the world, but getting fucking manhandled is unacceptable

The Knicks were never in this game. For the most part, it felt like a torture to watch. They Heat outplayed us third time in a row. I was hoping for Thibs to figure out something after the first two meetings, but this never happened. I hope I will be proven wrong and wish there will be a miraculous reversal, but this series does not look like a very long one to me. It could have easily been 3-0, and this is how it feels, instead of 2-1.

It has been a very enjoyable season, but the ending leaves a bitter aftertaste. It is not so much that the Knicks are losing, but the way they are losing.

RJ back to RJ & Quick still not himself was never going to work

Still thinking about Riley’s resignation by fax …. I should prolly stop.

Regroup. Play for respect. See y’all Monday.

PS This is the worry. What the fuck is Thibs doing on the off days (and during the games). I mean WTF?

“I was hoping for Thibs to figure out something after the first two meetings, but this never happened.”

Is Mitch hurt too? Or is that just a coaching decision?

What the fuck is Thibs doing on the off days (and during the games)

Hater! 😉

For the most part, it felt like a torture to watch.

Yeah, maybe i should’ve missed the whole game.

Not to make excuses but I think today was the first time the lack of playoffs experience showed. 1-1 on the road in the 2nd rd the Knicks didn’t seem prepared for the intensity the Heat brought. These aren’t the Cavs they’re playing, it’s a battle tested tough minded Heat team.

Yeah that sucked and now this is three games where except for the last quarter of game two we’ve been outplayed. The heat just seem like the better team. Our lack of outside shooting is really hurting us.

It ain’t over yet. We come out next game and win we now got home court back. But it’s not looking good right now

I’m not sure we can blame Thibs when the entire roster plays like shit and the refs fuck us. But that’s me.

Is Mitch hurt too? Or is that just a coaching decision?

Good question. I think Mitch never came back after foul 4.

I’m not sure we can blame Thibs when the entire roster plays like shit and the refs fuck us. But that’s me.

We were killed from the jumpball from an effort and focus standpoint.

And we weren’t ready at all for their predictable tactic of packing the paint to limit the 3-Lefties’ forays and force us to shoot from outside.

In my opinion that’s on the coaching staff.

Plus the players, and the most heralded in particular, played like hot shit.

Plus the refs destroyed us.

We had less chance to win this game than a snowball to survive in hell…

Let’s regroup and focus on Game-4

Jimmy Butler has that Michael Jordan look, like “I’m the best player on either team by far, you know it and I know it”

But we aren’t a great three point shooting team and if we’re clanking three after three how are we supposed to make Miami pay for packing the paint? I don’t see how thibs can make them make their threes other than to keep telling them to shoot when they’re open.

We’re kind of like the dog that caught the car. We’re here in the bright lights, but… now what?

To get to the next level we still need the marquee star. Brunson should be a great second banana instead of an okay first banana.

Make no mistake, this beats watching the mediocre teams of the past. It has been a fun season and maybe there are still some surprises left.

Thibs isn’t out there shooting 20% from 3. It’s a player issue or roster construction issue.

how are we supposed to make Miami pay for packing the paint?

Moving the ball, moving the players instead of using them as human chess pieces in the corner, not dribbling into the teeth of their defense (both JB and Randle did it a lot), trying to run at every chance to keep their defense off balance?

I’m not saying it would have been easy, Miami’s tough and is coached by a genius, but there are things you can try (and someone’s paid handsomely to think about them 🙂 )

Miami’s been making good teams look bad for 3 straight weeks now. Not sure how they let Atlanta beat them, but Boston dodged a bullet that day.

It’s not a coaching issue. Thibs and Spo are both playing their usual game—we’re running our iso heavy offense and they’re running their switch and blitz everything defense and sitting back on everyone other than Brunson. This is not Thibs’ fault. We’re just not executing. Our players who played well in the regular season are playing poorly now. Simple as.

This team still has the same issues we knew they’ve had since the regular season, so while we’re all angry and sad about this loss, it doesn’t change much in the grand scheme of things. Great season so far, some very interesting developments and its still not over. It’s sad to lose like this but in the end it’s just one game and should be treated as such.

Anyway we were DOOMED from the start so that’s how it goes.

So I turned it off after five minutes because I realized that I couldn’t watch two hours of RJ Barrett playing that badly. My organs would explode.

I think it was after seeing him stand there ball watching while Butler waltzed in to grab the rebound and drop in a put-back. It was like watching a fourth grader, one of those outfielders who study the dandelions or stare at birds while line drives are hit over his head.

He was so bad he was making the rest of the Knicks look not as bad. Ended up -32, so apparently he didn’t get any better. Minus 32.

Also this: It was the 1,290th game played in the NBA this season and only eight others had a worse combined 3-point percentage than the .208 put together by New York and Miami in this one.

Can’t say I feel bad missing this one (almost the first game I’ve missed this season…).

Nicknames for today’s game:
“The Coronation Day Massacre,”
“The Miami Throne Room Beatdown,”

Coaching adjustments needed: go back to the starting lineup that got us here. Grimes will take (and hopefully start making) open 3s. Hart refuses to shoot open jumpers untill the 4th quarter

Get Randle more touches in the mid post, earlier in the shot clock

Player adjustments needed: stop playing scared, be aggressive, attack and move the ball, make open shots!

Those are good Jazzfunk!

Mentally, I have accepted defeat. I think if everyone was healthy this would be very competitive. But Jalen, Randle, Mitch and Grimes don’t look right and now IQ is out.

Steep hill to climb

By “ if everyone was healthy this would be very competitive”, are you including Herro, Butler, and Strus?

I wish Herro was healthy, would make it alot easier for the Knicks to score.

there have been a bunch of different blowouts this second round…

wow, julius has the 4th worst field goal percentage (min 15 fga/gm) in the playoffs – for ever…32%…12 post season games…not a huge number…still…

How come nobody here was posting on behalf of the Warriors complaining about the reffing and the FT disparity in LA? (Are you whistle justice warriors, or just homer Knick fans?)

It’s sickening to think we are likely going to watch Boston LA in the finals.

100% of posts about the GSW-LAL game are about the FT disparity

Thibs isn’t out there shooting 20% from 3. It’s a player issue or roster construction issue.

The Heat shot 22% from 3 and they beat us by 19.

We were not prepared today and we showed no heart.

BBA is right: losing Herro has been a blessing for the Heat. It’s no coincidence they took off after he went down.

I was just thinking, it had to be important that Darvin Ham’s career was pretty much finished by the time Lebron James came to the NBA, right? He missed three of the four games the Cavaliers and Pistons played in Lebron’s rookie season and played just three minutes in the only game he played against Lebron that year. Then, in Lebron’s second year, Ham missed two of the four meetings with the Cavs, and played 7:41 minutes in one game and 12 seconds in another.

So, in other words, Lebron likely has no memory of Darvin Ham as some old scrub, so it likely allows him to respect him more as an authority figure.

I was sleeping during the Lakers-Warriors game,
but The FT disparity in the series (often discussed here) is just another argument in the “Is the NBA scripted, at least in part, as is professional wrestling?” discussion 🙂

Yesterday it was bad (37-17 Lakers) but in Game 1 it was a real farce and being a close game even more meaningfull (29-6).

When it was even (17-16 in Game-2) the Warriors won.



I’ve been having that same thought about Herro. Seems like they don’t miss his offense and are much better defensively without him.

Was thinking about this series and what losing it means for us. I feel like even if something crazy like the Gianni’s rumors are true, that it wouldn’t really elevate us to contender status bc what we more than anything is consistent outside shooting from someone who is still a good defender.

Maybe RJ has elevated his status enough that we could do an RJ plus pick trade to Toronto for OG?

The best would be if we could wrestle away Mikal Bridges from Brooklyn but I don’t see that happening.

Also next game we gotta start grimes again. Also losing IQ could be bad but maybe giving McBride some run can shake things up. I know his shooting this season has been inconsistent but he also doesn’t seem to lack confidence and maybe being given an opportunity would unlock something.

is just another argument in the “Is the NBA scripted, at least in part, as is professional wrestling?” discussion 🙂

If that was remotely true, i think a team like the Knicks would be in the script a lot more times than we did, in the last 23 years. And about the Knicks i don’t know if we would’ve won game 2 without the refs help, so yesterday just leveled the matter. Let’s hope the refs can be fair and whistle game 4 without mistakes. And hopefully the Knicks can bring their A-game this time, because for me these losses are being painful not because we’re losing, but because we’re playing like sh*t and game 1 and game 3 never seemed to be within our reach. Let’s at least make the games competitive and down to the wire, i don’t think this is too much to ask.

And Max, i only watched one and a half quarters, but i think you can skip this recap if it’s painful for you. Also it’s kind of easy… F to everybody! 😛

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