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2023 All Star Game Thread

Hopefully Julius kicks some ass!

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Julius on Team LeBron. Along with the last pic, Geo — Jaren Jackson.

Whew- my only concerns for All-Star weekend were Julius either completely embarrassing himself in the three point shootout or getting picked last. I want him with as positive a frame of mind as possible for the stretch run.

KFNJ- Didn’t see it but it looks like towards the end- maybe three or four picked after him?

He clearly didn’t embarrass himself in the three point contest. But he was a long way from winning. Maybe that will make him want to improve at shooting threes.

Yeah, Randle was pick #5 out of 7 for the bench, so two players after him on each team. Not a huge shout-out, but not too embarrassing, either. Actually feels about right.

So when I regularly played pickup games I would play ferocious defense, which admittedly led to fairly regular conflict, but the simple fact was that if I took the best player on the other team and kept him from shooting, or at least from shooting easily, we’d usually win and stay on the floor. For hours, sometimes. Worth the occasional shoves and fisticuffs.

Watching this hurts.

I remember when i used to watch the allstar games when it felt like it meant something… This is like a cut-rate harlem globetrotters, except we are the generals, and no-one is laughing

I took Alan’s advice and got into The Last of Us. Very good, and definitely a better watch tonight than this game.

I really wish they’d have an episode where Joel & Ellie just have a nice day. Every time I’m 30 mins into an ep and nothing bad has happened to them I get really excited that maybe this is the week where we just get to watch them kick it and chill. Never is, though.

I’ve been enjoying The Last of Us as well…

pretty good suff for a video game story…

watching it I keep thinking that I wish they had used this kind of format and production value to make World War Z…

watched the movie Prospect last night (also with Pablo Pascal)…fun little sci-fi flick…

That can’t be an allstar game! I’m seeing something suspiciously like… No it cant be… Defence??

Maybe they should show it to the current crop?

Well at least Embiid, DeRozan and Brown all played in the game…that makes me feel a tiny bit better about Brunson not being there…

just in case, hey ramahawk I meant to type “full”

It was a one-time correction, don’t be a fuul

Good Lord, I just looked at the score… Indeed, not a defensive clinic.

As a Knicks fan I may be constitutionally unable to appreciate an All-Star game

“It was a one-time correction, don’t be a fuul”

Sorry, I’ll try to reign myself in…

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