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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I don’t know if it’s even a trap game anymore, they just aren’t an easy out

The Magic are a pesky young team and with Paolo hitting the RW a number of player have stepped up.

We’re better but we really need to to be “in” at 100% to escape, let’s see…

Interested to see Banchero. Feel like the hype has gotten a little too big for a guy with a 42% fg%.

I am sure having said that he will drop an efficient 50 on us.

Special shout-out to E for the martini recommendation.


Guess, without reading, LeBron FG% as a rookie… 😉

(I’m not saying that Banchero is as good as LeBron James, just kidding a little bit while RJ Barrett does his best to let us know that he’s back… 😀 )

The RJ extension might be this front office’s biggest screw up when all is said and done. The totally unforced, unnecessary nature of it all really grinds my gears.

tnfh started posting here when he was 11 and thanks to the knicks he’s now an 82 yr old who says grinds my gears

Oh look, Barrett’s out and we’re immediately coming back. How strange…

As bearish as I have been on RJ, I am actually getting kind of scared at how bad he is playing. I don’t want him to lose what mojo he has left. He looks lost.

Heavy brace on his leg too

An episode of Family Guy kinda brought back the expression in an ironic way among my generational cohort

Barrett just had the flu.

But why is he throwing up four straight garbage clankers? That’s the part that grinds my gears. Pass the ball. Get into rhythm. Don’t just chuck.

tnfh started posting here when he was 11 and thanks to the knicks he’s now an 82 yr old who says grinds my gears

Knicks fandom weighs so heavy its gravity warps spacetime and causes time dilation

I love Grimes’ body control on his drives. He’s really a terrific athlete.

Watching Bol Bol is fun, but disconcerting. It’s like watching a serving of spaghetti play basketball.

are the knicks even playing if randle doesn’t christen the front row

Looks like i already missed one of our usual highlights. 😛

Edit: Did RJ go to the rim against 3 defenders already?

I said something earlier about who is going to guard Franz Wagner. Despite an argument over an inch in height, apparently the answer is nobody.

I think Barrett borrowed Deuce’s trebuchet.

Magic look pretty decent

Dred- Having stupid arguments about stupid people is a big part of what we do around here

“Has the whole game been this ugly?”

No, we mounted a great comeback when RJ was out.

“RJ looks completely lost, why even play him?”

Have you not seen Fiddler on the Roof???

RJ torpedoed the starters, RJ torpedoes the bench unit.
He treats everyone the same way, good boy.

Brunson should have had another charge there

Grimes has passed up a couple of shots. Personally I love the way he defaults to moving the ball but you are right, can’t pass on good shots

Knicks coming back again.

With (checks notes) Barrett on the bench again.

Someone run a quick regression on when we go on a run and barretts ass is on the bench….

I can’t watch any more of this.

RJ may be the worst two way player in a starting lineup in the entire NBA.

The saddest thing of all is that if he wasn’t drafted 3rd, hyped as the next big star in NY, and extended, he’d be in the doghouse out of the rotation on merit. We’d be looking to dump him instead of Cam who imo is unquestionably the better two way player and prospect even if he’s just a backup now. No wonder Cam was frustrated. He’s buried behind what should be a non rotation player making 20m plus per year in a year he’s trying to prove himself. I’d be calling out the coach too. This is a travesty for those that believe in merit. RJ sucks.

Wagner is going to be a STAR

Suns’ new owner is hiring Isiah Thomas for a prominent role in the organization…


As I do every game, I’ll just say let’s never let Randle take the last shot of the quarter, any quarter.

its a shame what obi has evolved into…i mean he has zero impact on most games…between him over hali and the rj extension…there’s two black eyes on this fo right there…

If we started FRANK and told him to defend like crazy and otherwise just stand in the corner and not shoot unless they leave you wide open he would bring more value to the table than RJ. He’d cost us less value on offense doing almost nothing than RJ being aggressive and we’d get good defense instead of bad defense. We desperately have to get that kid out of the starting lineup and on a leash. It’s on Thibs to go to management and tell them we have to bite the bullet until he’s worthy of these minutes and usage.

RJ is basically invisible … after brunson and randle its complete parody on who gets the action

I’m in Orlando, asking Fournier how he feels playing for a team that’s so reliant on accountability… 🙂

Barrett actually drove and kicked it out to an open Grimes. I want more of that

Looks like Cam stays ready with heating pad at least…

These refs actually are terrible… somethings amiss

“Barrett actually drove and kicked it out to an open Grimes. I want more of that”

Barrett 1-10. I want more of him being devoured by army ants.

Max says:
February 7, 2023 at 19:59
Suns’ new owner is hiring Isiah Thomas for a prominent role in the organization…

Is this for real?

If so, I do remember that Thomas was good at drafting. If that’s his role with the Suns, he might end up helping them.

Re: Isiah

Marc Stein tweeted it after a TNT report from Chris Haynes.

Thomas and the Suns’ new owner already have a business relationship in another enterprise.

on the way to victory tonight, id like grimes to get at least 1 more bucket… and for F wagner to add another 3 points… thanks for coming out

I guess that counts as a three point attempt for Sims. He was pretty close.

First three-point attempt by Sims, and he almost makes it… from 60 feet…

if you ever listened to a uwm cc,
you know ishbia has some serious blake from glengarry glen ross vibes. so not a shock isiah would grease his gears.

rj bank heist.

Re: Isiah update

Now the Suns are strongly denying Thomas’ involvement in the franchise…

New owner, same clown show…


What’s a uwm cc? 🙂

Trying to clean up Sarver’s stench by hiring Isiah would be a level of tone deafness I can’t comprehend

that’s a weird twist on the isiah hire not hire.

obi plays d like a kid running through sprinklers

Oh cool another game we’d probably be winning but for RJ Barrett’s crappy shooting.

If this is Obi’s last game as a Knick he isn’t exactly going out in a blaze of glory.

So just tuning in to see RJ dropping threes and tossing alley oops to Sims. He’s been doing that all game, right 😉

Trade rumors:

According to Stein, the Bucks are “expressing interest” in Derrick Rose.

I’m sure that missed wide open 3pter won’t come back to bite the Knicks in the ass….

I would be supportive of fouling Wagner there rather than giving him an open dunk. If we are critiquing late game play

Why do we foul up 3? It rules out all the best outcomes for a defensive possession, stops the clock, and concede points at a high TS%, extending the game for more possessions of the worst-inbounding offense in the history of basketball.

As a bonus we even assume the risk of a James Harden-esque fake 3p attempt fooling the refs.

I don’t know how we won that game. It felt like we played horribly and they kept getting offensive rebounds or dunks. I’m happy but confused.

We were lucky to escape with a victory tonight. RJ did what he could to get us beat, but we had some Herculean efforts elsewhere to overcome him.

Again, the least efficient player in the starting lineup lead the team in shot attempts and was a -9. smh. This can’t continue. This is a 4th year player not a raw rookie or 2nd year player. He is what he is at this stage. On merit he is not a starter. He’s going to get better, but this is now.

If this is all about politics, fire management, fire the coach or fire everyone. Someone has to put him on the BENCH and reduce his minutes and usage!

When he has proven he belongs based on merit he can always start again, but enough of the BS!

I don’t know how we won that game. It felt like we played horribly and they kept getting offensive rebounds or dunks. I’m happy but confused.

Sometimes the other team misses open shots and you just thank the heavens for it. A win is a win!

I ragged on RJ but he turned it around and in the interest of fairness it should be noted that Obi looked as bad as I can remember.

Great win. Brunson has his defensive issues but he is doing amazing stuff on offense.

I definitely think in the offseason trading RJ should be a serious option but for the rest of this season just let him play, take the highs and lows then figure it out in the summer.

We kind of take it for granted at this point, but how many times does Brunson make a shot right when we’re on the precipice?

I truly shudder to think of where we’d be without him.

scoring 40+ 3 games in a row is no joke.

Let’s see if Lebron can pull it off tonight. Cam coming for his record.

Cam Thomas scored 43 points tonight, his 3rd straight game with at least 43 points. The other players to ever do that in NBA history:

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Durant, Westbrook, Lillard, Harden, Moses Malone, Bob Love, Devin Booker, Elgin Baylor, Rick Barry, Giannis and Wilt

I mean when Rick Barry is the worst player on the list that’s pretty good

great game by sims…

at times julius looks like the most uncoordinated guy in the world…two games in a row he just fell down with the ball during the closing moments…

hopefully thibs is getting grilled endlessly by the press for RJ’s minutes versus his defensive stats…

RJ’s minutes allocation is eerily similar to kevin knox’s rookie season…makes no sense…

17-10-10 on 8/11 shooting in 18 minutes is so preposterous. jokic is really the perfect offensive player

I think Jokic just had the fastest triple double since 1955

Edit: that’s wrong. He already had record. 14 minutes

Gee…not a single post by Hubert or E during this thread…guess they must have been busy defending Kyrie on some other blog…it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it…

The crazy thing is that I saw his triple-double in the 2nd half and thought, “Hey, another Jokic line.” Didn’t even register as a possibility that he was, yet again, breaking records.

Dude is 27. We have, like, 10ish more years of this kind of passing.

Camsanity happening right now in Brooklyn…

Lebron is 6 points away from the record but goddammit is this Lakers team awful outside of him, I wanna watch the record get broken but seeing every possession that the other bums take is painful.

Playing their final game before Thursday’s trade deadline, the Knicks didn’t seem to be in the mood for changes.
“Our job is to show up and play basketball and let the front office deal with those situations,” Brunson said. “But I love my teammates. The relationships I’ve made in the last couple of months have been special, and that’s all I can say.”

Said Thibodeaux: “I love our team. We know we have a lot of young players that are going to get better as time goes on. I’ve been around a long time and for every 100 trades they talk about, one gets done. So it’s just noise.”

LeBron has the greatest career of any basketball player ever but Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever.

“LeBron has the greatest career of any basketball player ever but Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever.”

I agree and I think this is the best way to settle the greatest of all time narrative.

It’s an unbelievable achievement any way you look at it. What a career.

This record isn’t getting broken in our lifetimes. Karl Malone played for 19 years and rarely missed a game, was #2 eight times in total points and #3 another three times, and even he couldn’t topple Kareem. Durant would need to score 2000 points a year until he’s 40 to get to where LeBron is. Steph is just over halfway there.

The U.S. military really got their money’s worth on LeBron. From a humble little government lab to the scoring champ just a few decades later — really shows you how far science has come.

LeBum<<<<<<<Kobe. [I'd really like to believe that those posts might now go away but I'm sure that argument is being made all over the internet as we speak]

Is that the first time a game has been paused for a celebration like that? I’ve seen, like, momentary celebrations, but the game literally paused so that LeBron could celebrate in style, like, during the game?! That’s weird, right? It is much easier to do in baseball, so it happens often, but even in baseball, it tends to get over with faster than that LeBron thing (for instance, when Derek Jeter hit his 3000th hit, they took a five minute break in the game to celebrate it). This was about a 10 minute break, all said and done, right? In a game that is not designed for breaks like that. Just seemed very weird to me.

That said, wow, congrats to LeBron. Amazing achievement. Have you ever seen a guy get as much hype as LeBron and actually live up to it? Perhaps even exceed it? It’s insane.

Ironically among wildly hyped high school phenoms I’d say the other guy who fulfilled seemingly impossible expectations was Kareem.

Congrats To LeBron, a fantastic career and a great accomplishment.

Playing at this level at his age, in his 20th season, when you consider that he has been in the crosshair with incredible pressure since he was a kid, is really unreal (maybe Captain America’s super-soldier serum is a thing).

And he still has 2-3 full seasons to go, so when this will be over his final numbers would be untouchable for centuries…

I’m also very happy that the Lakers lost the game, in a team sport I find the coincidence amusing.

Congrats to Lebron. Losing to the Thunder kind of a bitter pill but nothing is easy in the NBA.

Ironically among wildly hyped high school phenoms I’d say the other guy who fulfilled seemingly impossible expectations was Kareem.

Good call.

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