NY Post: Derrick Rose’s Knicks comeback squashed with another ankle surgery


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Honestly, never really believed he was coming back or that if he did briefly, that it would last. Said it when he got the surgery. His entire history is coming back extremely slowly from surgeries.

Thibs is gonna have to get very creative to not play Deuce

“I really like what Arcidiacono brings to the position. He can switch. That’s very important. And he’s 27 years old, which is important bc if he were any younger I would be obsessed with every little thing he does wrong.”

Doesn’t really matter at this point, but Rose was run into the ground in the ATL series and never really recovered.

Really good summary of why we’re going to get our tails spanked tonight by the Heat in the Ringer right now.

Among many interesting factoids, there’s this nice summary of the anti-Thibs:

“He’s constantly mixing and matching, exploring and experimenting in search of the stylistic shift, schematic tweak, or rotation shift that will put the collection of players he has in the best position to succeed.”

I typically just think that Thibs’ ramblings are just that, ramblings, and don’t take them too seriously unless they’re specifically about something tangible (like “I will not play player X”) or if it is a case where he is asked Question Y and responded with off topic ramble Z (as that’s just horseshit. Answer the fucking question or don’t bother responding), but yeah, that “We collapse late in games because we’re young” bit was just…ooooooph.

With the way that Anfernee Simons is playing, I really don’t get why Portland would even want to keep Dame at this point. Doesn’t it make the most sense to just trade Dame for the most assets that you can get and rebuild around Simons? Why would you try to build around two shoot first point guards, even if they’re both talented players?

But..wow man..fawkin wow. I’m wondering if this is a really a minor thing that was kinda staged so Thibs can play the kids. I mean- he was due to play tonight or Sunday. He couldn’t have JUST found out he needs another surgery

You took the words right out of my mouth. People here are so used to horrible Knicks management they are happy about accidentanking. But I think this is likely deliberate tanking.

I’m hoping for the best from Deuce, but I’m not expecting much other then energetic defense. Anything beyond that is gravy.

Do we really think the FO took Thibs’s favorite toy away from him on the eve of his return? I guess one thing that makes it more than a zero possibility is that now it would be that they also took Kemba away. It would be all manner of awesome if they did that, but I can’t see it.

No way. You don’t go through some elaborate rehab sham and then pull Rose. They probably were considering pulling Kemba for awhile but Kemba played because Rose was out. When they expected Rose back they pulled a Kemba to try to salvage whatever knee he has left but now Rose is hurt.

We collapse late because when the intensity of the defense picks up we have no PG. Young inexperienced players ARE an issue too. We have a few veterans, but we play a lot of young inexperienced players. Thibs considers Randle among them, but that’s a stretch. These kids like Mitch, RJ, Quick, Obi, Cam, and Grimes have LONG way to go to learn how to finish and that doesn’t even count the kids that aren’t playing yet. That’s party why the playoffs matter. That’s a whole next level of pressure they have to get used to eventually.

dang, i see we’re back to playing basketball again…the all-star break was a bit of a welcomed respite…

looked up what the heck a “euler equation” was, wow, that’s some freaky looking stuff right there…

Oh Strat. Most of those players aren’t on the court in during the fourth quarter meltdowns. Yes Mich (in year four of his professional life, same as Doncic and Trae), and for part of the fourth, IQ or Grimes. Not RJ, he’s been hurt.

So the “Young players can’t handle pressure well” argument is a fine one as far as it goes, but not for the Knicks and their recent spate of fourth quarter meltdowns.

Obviously the reason we lost so many games is because Leon Rose didn’t see any games that were worth winning.

If we lose the game, we can save winning for a future game. And Leon knows the game we’ll win instead will be better than this one, because he doesn’t like this one.

I love that Fournier didn’t cross the 3-pt line during RJ’s drive. It’s like, why even bother.

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