2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Rockets

Hopefully Mitch gets a lot of burn tonight!

Make a good impression in front of your new boss, Mitch!

Let’s go? Knicks!

SNY.com: Read new Knicks president Leon Rose’s full letter to fans

Obviously, everyone has it, but I just figured I’d link to SNY because I’ve been so impressed with Ian Begley this season.

Anyhow, here it is:

Dear Knicks Fans:

I want to take this moment to introduce myself and tell you how proud I am to oversee this historic franchise as President of the New York Knicks. This is a pivotal time in Knicks history, so I want to let you know what you can expect from me and our organization moving forward.

Having been fortunate enough to be part of professional basketball for more than 25 years, I have had the privilege of helping to shape the careers of many incredible athletes throughout those decades, collaborating with key decision makers and personnel within the basketball universe.

In my career as an agent, I experienced the intricacies of the League, player recruitment and most importantly, how to develop relationships, unity and team cohesiveness. To be successful in the NBA, you need the best talent, a tireless work ethic, a winning culture and a total commitment to the development of both the individual and the team. I know that the ability to forge solid, productive relationships is what binds all that together.

For the remainder of this season, I will work tirelessly behind the scenes while evaluating every aspect of the organization. Most immediately, we will support Mike Miller, his staff and our team, who have plenty of basketball left to be played this season. I want to thank Mike for his continued leadership and professionalism during this period.

Our team has young talent, significant future assets (including seven first round picks over the next four years) and an ample amount of financial flexibility in the coming years. Everyone – from ownership to athletes, to staff and especially our fans – wants this team to be a winner. We will have all the resources necessary to create a great organization – one that supports our efforts to build a winning culture and gives Knicks fans, and the city of New York, the team you deserve.

Nothing about this is easy, or quick, so I ask for your continued patience. What I promise you in return is that I will be honest and forthright. We will develop a plan that makes sense, both to jumpstart our short-term growth and ensure our long-term success. Our team will work hard, stick together and ensure we live up to the honor of wearing the New York Knicks jersey.

While I realize that there have been difficulties on the court, what has been remarkable to me is that your pride remains so strong, your loyalty undiminished. Rest assured, I will do everything I can to create a winning organization.

I look forward to seeing you at The Garden.


Nothing there to really make you too concerned. So that’s something!

Come on, Leon Rose, be good at your job please!

Just Change Jets to Knicks…

Larry David roasting the Jets (and supposedly a little bit of the Knicks) on the last episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


JK: “You come into this house and bring up the Fucking Jets? Do you know how much disappointment I’ve had to live through with the Jets?”

LD: “You’ve lived with disappointment? Are you serious?”

JK: “Yeah Larry!”

LD: “You know what this team has done to me? I haven’t enjoyed a football season since 1969. Maybe ’98 with Parcels as coach for a year.”

JK: “Get out of here.”

LD: “That was good too. But that’s it.”