2020-21 Game Thread: Knicks @ Wizards

A trap game is defined as, “A trap game is when a stronger opponent overlooks a weaker opponent and the weaker opponent overcomes adversity potentially winning the game. This especially happens when the stronger team is on their home turf with their fans behind their backs. They get too comfortable.”

This is not a trap game. This is just the Knicks playing a shitty team giving their best player a rest. If this isn’t a Knick win, then it would be extremely embarrassing. Thibs’ skull pieces would be all over Washington D.C.

So, please, Knicks, for the sake of Thibs’ health and to not bring more drama to D.C., just win this one.

Let’s go, get back closer to .500, Knicks!

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140 thoughts to “2020-21 Game Thread: Knicks @ Wizards”

  1. How did Len not get picked up by a better team as a third-string center when Toronto cut him?

  2. I just love how the ball hates Payton. Even on his makes the ball rattles around and circles the rim, desperately trying to get out before giving up and going down.

  3. I think it’ll be tough for the Knicks to figure out a way to lose this game.

    But they are a resourceful bunch…

  4. Washington can’t defend Mitch. Well, actually, they can’t and don’t defend anyone. It should be a good night for stat stuffing. lol

  5. The league has pretty clearly caught on to Quickley’s floater to the extent possible so he should probably try to do something else from time to time

  6. Raven:
    Obi! I’m not sure it was pretty, but it worked. That might be his MO…

    He’s been very good inside the line- they just have to try to get him more shots.

  7. Rose and Obi are going to become very good friends!

    A real PG that likes to play fast is exactly what Obi needs!

  8. There’s a GOT element to this post

    Bring me more wine! More shitty Wizards play! More Mitch dunks!

  9. BigBlueAL:
    Who would’ve thought the key to unlocking Obi’s offense was acquiring Rose.

    I dunno, it’s pretty predictable…Rose is a legit PG

  10. Yep. For all the parity in the league this year there are still some truly dogshit teams.

    No Beal and Bryant but still

  11. What’s fascinating is that besides their frontcourt trio of Randle/Mitch/Obi, the rest of the Knicks don’t even seem to be doing that great, and it’s more that the Wizards can’t do anything. And even Mitch had those two bricked free throws.

  12. Mitch was holding his hand and wincing.

    Some strange webbed exercise tape contraption too for Mitch.

    Mitch may have more offensive fouls than defensive fouls this year

  13. Mitch has obviously never been reliable at the line, but his free throws look worse this year. IIRC he had a long stretch as a rookie where he was hitting 70%+ and it looked like he had really turned a corner. He should do whatever he did back then again.

  14. The Wizards without Beal and Bryant are really pathetic
    and that’s good because we’re playing our worst game since the one vs OKC…

  15. I was really impressed with that late sequence with Rui underneath; Mitch just stood there with his arms up and Rui couldn’t get his shot off. No need to jump and foul…

  16. Gonna be really hard to turn back to Knicks-Wizards having switched to Zion/Luka at the half

  17. Mitch has obviously never been reliable at the line, but his free throws look worse this year. IIRC he had a long stretch as a rookie where he was hitting 70%+ and it looked like he had really turned a corner. He should do whatever he did back then again.

    Right? I wouldn’t even be too upset if he was just a shitty free throw shooter if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve seen him shoot frees really well for a long stretch of time, so this is just unacceptable.

  18. And Mitch is out. Get Taj warm

    And agree TfNH, especially now that Mitch is out

    Zion is going to come for his FG% record one of these years.

  19. Ugh Mitch with a hand injury. Pretty wide array of possibilities there, still better than anything lower body I guess.

  20. If the Knicks find a way to lose this game because of 3 point shoot out I’m going to walk around my neighborhood with a bag over my head instead of a mask on my face.

  21. I’m giving Mitchell Robinson the benefit of the doubt on free throws tonight until we learn when and how he hurt his hand.

  22. There is nothing dumber than RJ driving to the basket and throwing it out to Payton for a 3 pointer

  23. That nobody guard on the Wizards looks like he should be a low-level punk on the Sopranos that gets whacked for doing something stupid.

  24. I was thinking we made a lot of mistakes and still had a decent lead at the half. But now we’re looking worse and don’t have Mitch. It’s ugly.

  25. if thibs had any balls…he would yank the first unit and put in the 2nd unit…this is embarrassing

  26. He hurt his hand before the free throws. You could see him trying to stretch it out. But he has looked worse all year at the line.

    I feel like Chuck. Have no idea who this Matthew’s guy is who is clearly about to light us up.

  27. I don’t get why Thibs waits so damn long to put in the 2nd unit. How much more evidence do we need that the starters (non-Mitch division) ain’t doing it tonight?

  28. Pretty much all the Knicks showing their ugliest warts right now.

    Playing down to the competition.

  29. #How can they both be this bad? I get the Wizards, but what excuse do the Knicks have?#


  30. It was fun when Mitch was dominating but now I am not having a good time. We’ll win because the Wizards are a G League team but this one feels pretty empty.

  31. Kenny alberts just said that thibs said..that “knox and rivers are situational players now’…..Haha ha

  32. It was kind of dumb, but I appreciated that Rose back-pass turnover to Randle.

    Russell Westbrook is a winner.

  33. I am going to watch Luka and Zion. Our work here is done.

    I can say something like that but don’t you dare Cronin

  34. Wasn’t someone here arguing we should’ve traded for Westbrook a few days ago? Yikes

  35. I don’t know, but Rose looks pretty good out there. One thing is clear. Most of the Knicks are not used to someone passing them the ball.

  36. KP also having his best game of the season

    He and Luka both have 27. He has looked good. Made Adams look bad. They both did actually.

  37. While Robinson is out, I would love to see Thibs play a 5-out lineup for some parts of games, against the right opponents. Rose/Quickley/Burks
    /Barrett/Randle could light things up. It might also give up a lot of points.

  38. #Most of the Knicks are not used to someone passing them the ball.#

    Especially so fast after getting it
    They seem shocked!

  39. Hopefully they play Randle at the 5 with Toppin at the 4 instead of just making Taj the backup 5.

  40. It’s been ugly at times but nice to see the Knicks go into a game they should definitely win and do so in blowout fashion.

  41. thenoblefacehumper:
    Wasn’t someone here arguing we should’ve traded for Westbrook a few days ago? Yikes

    It’s clear to me that Washington’s problem isn’t it’s backcourt.

  42. KP just got one from the logo.

    That pick not looking so great

    Just tied the record for most threes by a seven footer

  43. Brian Cronin:
    How long are you typically out with a broken hand?

    I don’t like hand injuries at all. It’s his right hand which makes it worse. Robinson uses his hands a lot. Every dunk, every block, every attempted swipe can be impacted. Depending on what in the hand is broken…

  44. fractured bone in the hand (if that’s all it is) is like 6-8 weeks, which would get Mitch back with some season left. Definitely not good for our playoff chase though. Noel is pretty good but Taj isn’t a rim protector

  45. there have been a few shooting hand fractures that weren’t bad and didn’t cost much time, like hayward recently.

    kp has 8 threes.

  46. Noel is basically a low rent version of Mitch, so at least that’s good. He can fill in pretty well. But yeah, Noel’s backup is the key.

  47. MSG showed what might have broken Mitch’s hand — he either blocked a shot or swatted at a ball after the whistle, and the ball caught his ring and pinky finger and bent them back, maybe hyperextended them.

  48. #Rose states that he’s looking for Obi every times he’s on the floor. Speaking of unlocking.#

    Eye confirmed

  49. Trading for Rose, a veteran former MVP point guard on a team filled with kids seems like a smart move. I think playing alongside Rose for a couple of years will do wonders for Quickley’s development.

  50. That Western Conference, though, holy shit, it’s like running through a fucking gauntlet to get to the playoffs. In the East, it’s like running through a field of daisies.

  51. All the Pistons do is beat good teams-Lakers, Phoenix, Miami (maybe), Sixers, Nets and the Celtics twice.

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