2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Spurs – THE SEASON BEGINS!

So, the Knicks held off on naming their starting lineup for tonight’s game until practically right before game time and…well…it was a doozy.

To quote bobneptune from this morning, when the rumor was that they were going to start Alonzo Trier in the backcourt with RJ Barrett and also start Bobby Portis at center, he noted, “If Fiz is going to start trier with MR possibly out, isn’t it far more likely he will play Randle as the small ball 5, Morris at his more natural 4 and RJ at 3 with Trier at 2 and whomever starts at the 1???

But nahhhh…. Berman has to infer Fiz is going to do some off the wall shit on day one which is sure to piss off half the roster.”

Well….it seems like Fiz is doing some off the wall shit on day one which is sure to piss off half the roster.

Which is fun.

It is Trier and Barrett in the backcourt and Portis, Randle and Morris in the frontcourt.

Barrett apparently is nominally the point guard for the team, which is something.

But hey, it’s official, real live NBA action and until it doesn’t work, it is probably best to root that this all comes together. The Spurs aren’t exactly worldbeaters over there, so this could be a winnable game (it would be more so if Robinson played, of course, but hey, what are ya gonna do?).

So I will start the season off rooting for them to pull off the win and win as many games as possible.

So let’s go, Knicks!