NY Daily News: ‘Dog’ Marcus Morris will bring accountability to Knicks

I thought Mills and Perry were fairly embarrassing on Media Day, and I really don’t want to harp on it, so I choose instead to spotlight a Knick who had a really good Media Day, namely Marcus Morris. From Stefan Bondy:

Marcus Morris is a bit of an oddity on the Knicks active roster in that he’s been to the playoffs. There’s only three of them.

Perhaps more so than any other Knick, Morris’ career arc and clock are should be screaming for another winning season. The 30-year-old’s resume, fiery personality and physicality make him the king of accountability on the Knicks.

And it was already felt on Media Day when Morris was asked what it meant to be a “dog.”

“You’ve seen me play? That’s my definition right there,” Morris said. “Guys that are not going to back down, guys that are going to go out there and compete every night. And I can tell you this first and foremost, it’s not going to be like last year.”

He continued:

“My biggest thing was as far as my free agency didn’t go as planned, a lot of it came off unknown sourcing or situations,” he said. “I kind of committed very early, earlier than I really wanted to. New York came involved and I saw the opportunity in the East Coast, and the biggest thing is, I know they embrace guys like myself. That’s a big thing, someone to accept me for the type of player I am, the heart that I have. I’m excited to come. I think it’s going to be a really surprising year for us.”

and then he finished with…

“The biggest thing is there’s a lot of dogs on this team, a lot of guys that are going to go out and try to prove themselves, a lot of young guys that are willing to get better and are willing to listen,” he said. “The biggest thing is I think from last year the guys that are still here have a chip on their shoulder from only winning 17 games and coming in and trying to get better. I think it’s going to be a good year.”

I think we’re all really going to enjoy following Marcus Morris as a Knick.