2018-19 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors

Historically, it seems like the Knicks always play surprisingly well against the Raptors.

That has been the case so far tonight, with Dennis Smith Jr. and Deandre Jordan connecting on one of the most beautiful alley oop dunks you’ll ever see. Smith is certainly a fun player.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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It’s interesting to see what a “terrible” game from Zion looked like. He was pretty bad through the first 12 minutes of the second half with a few forces on offenses that resulted in turnovers. But he’s actually a pretty amazing defender. He had one steal off a backdoor cut by his man that was startling. I thought it was a bucket for sure and he somehow managed to get it. Catlike quickness from a tiger sized human being. And he had two sweet assists as well. He found a way to contribute even when his game was somewhat off (and credit to Virginia for great defense.)

Also, I think I am starting to warm, ever so slightly on RJ Barrett. He works pretty hard on defense, moves the ball pretty well, and seems like a good teammate. I don’t see him being an elite NBA player but I don’t know that he will be a bust.

Cam Reddish seems to be finding some form. Went nuts from three but my major takeaway is that he is a handful on D as well. All four of those Duke freshman get after it.

Right, go Knicks!

A better half of basketball by the Knicks (more ball movement and some effort on D). Although, I think Toronto pretty much mailed in most of the 1st half.

It’s obvious that the Knicks lose many of their games because of youthful foolishness. They make dumb ass passes, commit inane fouls, turn down open threes to take contested shot. Next year this all has to stop.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by DSJ’s defense. He would also have more assists if he were on a more talented team. But that shot selection. Jesus.

What’s going on with Dotson and his layups lately. Looking like Mudiay at the rim.

I feel like maybe, and bear with me, at halftime right? We stop feeding out guys roast turkey sandwiches.

Possibly install an espresso machine in the locker room.

MitchRob is going to be the kind of layer who will make the most insanely difficult feats look easy and routine while occasionally messing up mundane tasks.

There aren’t many guys in the league that make other NBA players look completely physically inferior and Mitchell is one of those guys.

A Knick’s game that is actually fun to watch. Who would have thought it?

Lock that L down.

I am amazed that more people haven’t noticed Mitch yet. He’s well past the point where the hype machine should have started to turn over….

Ok putting in Hezonja at the end of a close game… I’m calling tank on fiz.

Not that I’m complainin

It seems like the Westchester Knicks are actually developing players skills. Kornet was called up and was better than I remembered. Now Allen is playing well. Trier did well too. But I don’t see improvement playing for the parent team (except that Robinson seems to be fouling less). It may be that the Westchester Knicks play fewer games, have less travel, and so have more time to practice. If so, it’s an argument for sending certain players there when they need to work on something particular.

I am amazed that more people haven’t noticed Mitch yet. He’s well past the point where the hype machine should have started to turn over….

Draft position?

In 22 minutes Robinson gave us 15 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocked shots.

And he doesn’t even look like he’s trying.

Fizdale has a diabolical look on his face. Like he knows playing hezonja was gonna lead to him to taking a shot like that thus securing the ever important loss.

Draft position?

College name, draft position, bench player on the worst team in basketball, hasn’t played more than 700 minutes, does a lot of scrappy hustle stuff (in addition to the blocks, which are often more finger-tipped symptoms of excellent overall defense than highlight-reel, tenth-row ESPN fodder)…

It’s all dumb — he’s the best rookie not named Luka Doncic — but it’s clear that there are a number of biases working against him. Whatever. I don’t want people to know how good he is until the Knicks’ front office knows. I’m not fully convinced of the latter yet.

25 pts, 25 rebounds, 4 blocks from the center position. I think they’ll be enough to temporarily derail the tank on Monday at Cleveland. I really hope they’re just keeping DJ just until the playoff roster deadline as I’d like to see Mitch and Kornet getting all the minutes at the 5.

Yeah, there’s a real chance DJ wins us a game or two if he has performances like this. I do think he’s at a point where he’s only trying hard on big games like this, to audiction for a role in the playoffs and / or next season, but it seems to be the only thing that can come close to halting the tank.

“He’s a tough little runt.” “He’s a grimy kid.”

– Fizdale praising Kadeem Allen.

he’s the best rookie not named Luka Doncic

5.9bpm>>>3.9bpm. Let’s just call it a wash.

I know you were kidding, but I think there’s a possibility Mitch is more productive than Doncic by sheer efficiency. Doncic has a lot of poor shooting nights (who cares, he’s the best 19 year old rookie possibly ever) and Mitch doesn’t.

I’d trade Mitch for Doncic straight up, no question, no second thought. But Mitch is exceptionally productive.

From the external point of view, Robinson is a second round pick who plays maybe 10 minutes a game, does get a lot of blocks, but isn’t a good rebounder and can’t score unless he is right next to the basket. From a defensive point of view, other than the blocks, he has trouble defending players that are too strong for him. Of course, smart observers know a lot of these negatives will get better, but that doesn’t make for buzz.

Plus him being an advanced stats darling while averaging 15 minutes a game is always going to bring the section of casual fans who will automatically dismiss it as a small sample size, or him performing against backups, doesn’t matter etc etc, which is similar to the reception Jordan Bell’s numbers got last season.

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