Game Thread: Miami Heat at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Miami Heat at New York Knicks

Start Time: 01/27/2019 19:30:00

Reeling Knicks, losers of eight straight, host Heat

A quarter-century ago, it was hard to imagine an NBA squad more associated with a head coach than the New York Knicks were with Pat Riley, who imposed his will upon a team that played a grinding, defensively intense, borderline dirty style of ball.
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  • 48 replies on “Game Thread: Miami Heat at New York Knicks”

    the other day fiz had an interesting comment regarding enduring so many losses in a season…

    he responded in the usual coach speak about pain and grow, said he understood fan frustrations…

    talked about “doing it the right way”, and used the nuggets, 76’s, and another club as prime examples of teams which had committed to a three year rebuild process

    I wonder now, in fiz’s mind are we in year one or two?

    I’m not sure that David Lee was ever good enough to be on a contender. A guy that bad at defense — you let him walk and it’s like addition by subtraction. All stat-padding. Shame he never got a chance to play for a playoff team.

    David Lee won a title with the Golden State in 2015.

    Thank god we don’t employ Zach Lavine. Well, we do, basically. And he is a mortal lock to be a Knock some day, probably after an athleticism sapping injury. Just glad we didn’t step on that mine.

    i don’t think i’ve seen a team switch trap more than we are tonight since pitino’s full court press

    There’s a two way guard somewhere in Ntilikina, and he’s hiding behind Frank’s jumper.

    This is a bit scary. The Heat are extremely mediocre, as weird as that sounds.

    Clyde on garden home court:

    “What was once their Xanadu is now their Waterloo”

    Always love a good Clydism. About the only thing to enjoy these days

    Right now Mitch is averaging 4.1 blocks per 36 and 1.4 steals per 36. Here are the men who have played more than 500 minutes in a season and averaged over 4 blocks and 1.5 steals in NBA history:

    David Robinson
    Hakeem Olajuwon (2x)
    Larry Sanders

    @10 “Frank is very passive-aggressive. Without the aggressive “

    Bada bing, we have a winner!

    if i coached the knicks i’d have the msg scoreboard operators only show a list of player numbers and a column called “lobs to robinson”

    dotson has thrown like 4 holy shit i’m about to land passes today and that was the first one that didn’t work

    One day, we’ll have guards that will be able to hit Robinson rolling to the basket properly. And bigs that can routinely set good picks.

    Welp. Three quarters of moderately decent basketball. Could have been worse. Often is.

    Surprised they aren’t showcasing Lee at all. I’d much rather trade for him than Timmy.

    This is a really terrible collection of players. But I guess that’s the horrors of tanking for you. I hope it pays off come draft time.

    You know, watching this team try to execute down the stretch I can understand initially why someone would blame coaching. But the players are just inexperienced in terms of physically executing in these situations. Plus a lack of collective mental discipline due to youth. If that makes any sense.

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