Game Thread: New York Knicks at Golden State Warriors

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Golden State Warriors

Start Time: 01/08/2019 22:30:00

Warriors look to cure home woes vs. Knicks

Two teams with losing streaks at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., clash at the venue Tuesday night when the New York Knicks duel the Golden State Warriors.
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  • 57 replies on “Game Thread: New York Knicks at Golden State Warriors”

    Second night of a back to back on the road against the Warriors. I’m thinking Knicks by 18.

    not sure why – but, tonight’s game is on nbatv…it’s nice getting to watch them play every other week or so…

    finished wallace’s essays/reviews on tracey austin and the cruise ship…wow, what a wizard with words…

    can’t imagine though what it must have felt like for someone with that sharp a level of self awareness to be carrying around a gorilla on his back…

    i’m not sure if substance abuse and depression always go hand in hand, but, yeah, sad ending to his story…i see he lived close by in claremont…years ago i used to go there every week to pick up my comics…it’s a nice small town…

    while there was a good bit of personal neurosis and despair that he shared, particularly in the cruise story, i seriously laughed out loud throughout his cruise description…i didn’t really find his tone or mood that discouraging at all – that surprised me…

    a few years ago i did one of those 7 day cruise things with some family from seattle to alaska – i absolutely hated it…had my own room, and, despite an abundance of drugs and available alcohol – i felt incredibly trapped most of the time…the “big” event seemed to be gathering to eat…okay…

    the best part of the whole trip was getting to walk around victoria for a few hours…i was walking by this park, heard some music, and, ended up hanging out listening to music, and, drinking a few beers with some local folks…

    i’d like to go back to victoria…i’ll never set foot in another cruise ship again…

    i’m gonna watch some youtube vid with him in it…some commencement address – ‘this is water’…

    as always – thanks for the recommendation – seems like not only are you all fine critics of pizza, you most certainly know really good writing…

    i’m gonna watch some youtube vid with him in it…some commencement address – ‘this is water’…

    It’s a doozy

    the thought that came to mind while reading his writing was like watching tony gwynn or rod carew effortlessly spray balls all around the park…i know it’s not – but, what they did just seemed easy for them…

    Can someone please repost the link about the cruise ship essay for me?

    Zion is a doozy. He can really ball. Smart smart basketball player, that’s the most impressive thing about him.

    The Knicks reputation around the league seems to be even worse than their actual performance. According to the San Jose Mercury News, ” Entering Tuesday, the Knicks have lost 17 of their last 10 games.” That is record breaking ineptitude.

    Thanks Geo

    @8 that is some top notch tanking.

    Zion is clearly a future star but Barrett could be a decent consolation prize.

    Cam Reddish made a big mistake committing to Duke if he comes out this year (and he absolutely will). He’s a guy who had a sky high usage in high school (I think the legend is he had two 40 point games on the same day), and now he’s the 3rd scoring option and is playing so tightly. He still plays hard, which is a big concern I had with him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue to struggle and then destroy guys like Rui Hachimura in workouts. He’s the likely winner of the Kevin Knox Workout Warrior Memorial Trophy for the 2019 Draft.

    I have no idea how this has flown under the radar but one Jeremy Lin is having a really good year and could definitely help, say, the Houston Rockets and coach Mike D’antoni…

    @12 I hope it stays under the radar so he can continue to ruin Atlanta’s tank efforts.

    I really hope Lin gets the chance to play for a contender in this playoffs, he deserves a chance after his career was so derailed by injuries lately. Feels really good to see him playing so well.

    I have no idea how this has flown under the radar but one Jeremy Lin is having a really good year and could definitely help, say, the Houston Rockets and coach Mike D’antoni…

    Yeah, I was just thinking the other day that you would have to imagine that Lin would be at least a buyout candidate if no one will trade for him, no? It would be a nice courtesy move by the Hawks.

    I hope THJ shoots 40 times this game, just to show Durant, “Ooooh….look how many shots you could take here if you were a Knick!”

    luckily i already located the mute button when trump was mouth wrestling the teleprompter so i’m fully prepped for nba tv players only

    Good game from Wiggins tonight against the best D in the league….

    How funny would it be if Thibs was somehow holding Wiggins back?

    By the way, speaking of that weird Ringer article from yesterday, Towns and Devin Booker both signed max extensions taking them through 2024. How can you possibly be freaked out about them leaving in year one of their max extensions?

    The only question in this game is whether the Knicks will cover the 17 1/2 point spread. I say it goes down to the wire.

    I am liking the strategy of Knox and THJ chucking like crazy. Show Durant how many shots he would have if he played here! You could average 40 points a game, Kevin!

    So, uh, what’s up with the Dubs tonight? Is the rim at a 15 degree angle? Is it set at 10 and a half feet?

    This team has zero watchable players on it

    And yet they’re somehow hanging in there.

    This team has zero watchable players on it

    Agreed. The Warriors are a bunch of lazy burnouts.

    Oof, Nerlens Noel cannot catch a break. That was a bad fall. Hopefully he’s okay.

    I don’t think isiah has ever started a sentence knowing how it was going to end.

    I was iffy on the wall. but after taking in that riveting oval office address, I’m sold.

    It seemed like the Warriors couldn’t buy a shot for a while and they still ended with 61, so I guess the tank is safe for tonight. Sad that Atlanta ended up losing but at least Phoenix won. I don’t think anyone’s taking the last spot from Cleveland, so being second is still a reality.

    It’s weird, the reason the Knicks are losing by a ton seems to be that the Warriors have take 15 more shots than the Knicks and that seems mostly because of their rebounding and our turnovers. I was expecting them to outshoot us, not out rebound us. But I can’t see the game, only look at the stats, so I may be missing something.

    And THJ’s box score isn’t that bad. He just hasn’t taken a ton of shots. Knox and Mudiay are taking the shots. It’s enough to make you want Kanter.

    But I can’t see the game, only look at the stats, so I may be missing something.

    GS started playing defense in the third. Collapsing on the ball handler and since we don’t pass that well it’s pretty suffocating.

    “we don’t pass that well” is probably an understatement. It may be somewhat because of our offensive system, but it’s more likely our players are just mostly bad at it, hence our offensive system is the result. I get the impression our players are so young we can’t do complicated things on offense or on defense.

    I’d feel a lot better about Trier if he could shoot, rebound, pass or play defense

    Breen over here talking about Gilligan’s Island in-between Thompson threes. “I never missed an episode.” “Yeah it was… entertaining.”

    I’ve also learned that Clyde had a cameo in Aaron Loves Angela.

    Mindblowing stat of the night: Kanter, in 25 minutes, was +2 for the game! The only Knick with a positive…

    Golden State has a lot more good players than the Knicks……who don’t seem to have any

    I think Golden State’s bench is nothing scary. With the exception of Iguodala, the bench all had a negative plus minus for the game and Jerebko, McKinnie and Cook played substantial minutes. I wonder if Kanter being the only Knick in the plus column is because he played against them. But also, since Kanter played 25 minutes he must have played at least a little time against the starters, and I am not sure Looney or Green could actually stop him from scoring or rebounding.

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