Game Thread: New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers

Start Time: 11/28/2018 19:00:00

Butler, 76ers welcome Knicks to town

Coming off their second game-winner in seven days — and the second to come off the fingertips of star midseason acquisition and four-time all-star Jimmy Butler- the Philadelphia 76ers might have an easier go of it on Wednesday night at Wells Fargo Center when the New York Knicks come to town.
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    son of a gun…forgot to set the dvr for this game…they’re showing it on nbatv…

    mike, brian, farfa – i really appreciate all you guys do…

    okay, seeing how there’s a brief interlude in our basketball world – story time…

    there was a comment in the previous thread which kind of rubbed me a bit the wrong way…

    i was about 27 or so, and had a fantastic gig working for uncle sam at the presidio of monterey…i was responsible (more in an administrative fashion) for the army faculty and staff at the language school there…it truly was “easy money”…

    had a nice big office, was in to throwing darts at the time, and started hosting some dart tourneys in my office…

    noticed that some folks whom i knew where in to darts weren’t participating…i’ve always done well dealing with informal lines of communication within companies…so, i asked around to see what the deal was – feedback came to me that some of folks in the company – simply didn’t like…

    it’s funny, at 27 – it kind of rocked my world…i always thought i was a nice guy, fairly polite, pretty pleasant person…the more i though about it though – i could kind of understand how my personality may not be everyone’s cup of tea…

    i can be pretty new yorkish at times – which is to say – sort of aggressive and totally obnoxious…took me a while though to realize (i wasn’t very self aware at the time) – not everyone will like me…

    all this to say – for those of you whom put your thoughts and ideas out there for public consumption (and criticism) – much respect to you…

    don’t let the criticism of some outweigh the praise of many…i know, easier said than done, but, important to note…

    I just want to say that I truly appreciate your asides, geo, especially when I sense that you’ve already smoked four joints that evening.

    I smoke two joints in the morning
    I smoke two joint at night
    I smoke two joint in the afternoon
    It makes me feel alright

    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
    And then I smoke two more

    yes, taking care of the head is definitely key…wake and bake each day…very important – just like washing your ass, brushing your teeth, and taking your vitamins 🙂

    Strat, I agree with you that Mudiay isn’t a good point guard yet. But he doesn’t have to be a good point guard start, he just has to give a better chance of winning than our other point guards. On our roster it’s much easier to be that than it is to be good. Our other point guards are Ntilikina, Burke, Baker, and Trier. Maybe you can make a case for Trier starting instead, but at the moment Trier is basically our backup shooting guard, and is getting plenty of minutes. The others are clearly worse unless you want only defense with Ntilikina. Who would you start instead?

    I definitely do appreciate them too geo!

    In the end every community will have issues, discussions and even some people who kinda go against the general spirit of it, so yeah, in the end it’s about the overall contributions everyone has to give.

    He was looking to rebuild the team with a combination of young players via draft and free agents “even though and partially because” he was missing a couple of 1st rounders.

    He said that multiple times.

    In free agency he was looking for two-way players that fit his system that would be willing to sign in NY. What he found was that even though he was “Phil Jackson”, no one that was very good wanted to play for him and James Dolan because the Knicks sucked. So he went out into the market and gave out some short term deals to mediocre players that would play for him and overpaid a bit relative to the market at the time to encourage others to come.

    I’m sure he thought Noah was going to be productive for 2-3 years and then play off the bench and I’m sure he knew exactly what he was getting with Lee. He was wrong on Noah. The rest were filler.

    Phil Jackson was so bent out of shape about missing out on draft picks that he passed up on two swaps and an unprotected first from the Kings to sign Afflalo + Williams, and traded what turned out to be the 39th overall pick to dump Travis Outlaw’s $3 million contract.

    Seriously though, if you’re signing “filler” it means you’ve fucked up badly. Cap space can be used to make it more likely that you’re good in the future. You can take on bad contracts for surplus picks, or you can sign players that align with your position on the win curve. If you fail to do that, at least roster spots can be used to audition players who might help you be good in the future. If you’re signing players as “filler,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, it means you’re not using your cap space to help you get better in the future (e.g. using it to plunder the Kings) AND you’re not using your roster spots to help you get better in the future. You’re just being lazy. The one exception is if your “filler” players are flipped at the deadline for picks, which of course Afflalo/Williams/Rose/Seraphin/Smith…

    Before the game gets started: Is there anyone here who still thinks that R.J. Barrett is better/more worthy of the #1 pick than Zion?

    Off topic for the game thread, but Woj is reporting the Cavs have traded Korver to Utah for 2 2nd rounders. That maybe feels about right, given Utah probably have more use for a vet like Korver.

    Off topic for the game thread, but Woj is reporting the Cavs have traded Korver to Utah for 2 2nd rounders. That maybe feels about right, given Utah probably have more use for a vet like Korver.

    That’s a nice return for the Cavs. The Jazz also could really use some shooting.


    He’s not even the third best NBA prospect on his team! That honor goes to Tre Jones.

    That’s a nice return for the Cavs. The Jazz also could really use some shooting.

    I like it for the Jazz. Not sure the years for the future 2nd rounders, but you would have to think they would be somewhere late 40’s early 50’s.

    Not sure what this does to Lee’s market value, but you could probably expect a similar offer being put to the Knicks given Lee has the more onerous salary.

    He’s 38 before the season is out and is guaranteed $7.5M next year. Pass.

    Take it with a grain of salt….per chris Vernon of the Ringer

    “I hate to report this to Knick fans, everyone I talked to was out on [Ntilikina], and it’s quick. He’s not a point guard, they’ve been playing him at backup shooting guard, and he hit some shots early in the season, but the kid can’t shoot. And it was not a good report.”

    I doubt it turns into something serious, but it ties into the conversationon re: giving up on him too soon….

    I feel ya. I’ve gotten the same crap from people for decades and it was only recently that I realized that I can’t please everyone but I can tone things down. I bet we could get the bunch of us together to watch an NBA game and there would be smack talk going back an forth. An outsider might think we hate each other until they see us high five each after a monster KP dunk. Some people can handle people with strong personalities, but many cannot.

    honestly…i feel fortunate to have found a “home” here…granted – i don’t reach out in to the world so much – but, i’m constantly learning when i check in and read through everyone’s posts…not just basketball stuff – but, a lot about life, and, lives which are different from my own…

    for me it’s kind of like what they say about folks whom enjoy reading – in that you get the chance to live many lives…

    i really appreciate that so many people here share themselves openly and honestly – even if it’s a perspective which i may not agree with…

    i enjoy seeing the world through some of y’alls eyes…

    i like to watch 🙂

    “Knicks really like what they’re seeing from Hezonja on defense”

    “Sixers are shooting 69% from the field”

    Mudiay, Hezonja, Timmy and Enes aren’t combining to lock them down?

    Reminder: we didn’t install an offense because we were focused on molding this defense first.

    Frank is imploding before our eyes, Clarence put too much pressure on him with that tweetstorm

    I just listened to the podcast mentioned in @15. If Chris Vernon is right, Z-man has more patience for Frank than the Knicks brass.

    The Ringer has an article “The NBA’s Most Overpaid Underperformers for 2018-19”. No Knicks are on it. Sadly, this actually represents signficant progress for the Knicks. Baby steps . . . Baby steps.

    Idk I think I’d take the Sixers collection of young talent over ours.

    Mudiay, Burke, Vonleh and Mario were all top ten picks. Jimmy Butler was a back of the first round pick. I think we know who has more talent.

    I am at work and can’t watch the game, but boy does the Knicks box score look awful.

    Perry’s gonna trade Frank for two seconds and give Hezonja a 3 year 18m deal with a player option.

    I’m not sure Perry will make any trades. If the Ringer podcast is right, Knick’s brass thinks of this season as an extended tryout for everyone. That makes trades more likely to happen next off season. If he does end up making a trade, I think it will be because something good comes along. Dates to watch for this would be December 15th (a lot of contracts become tradeable that aren’t tradeable now) and the trade deadline in February.

    We don’t seem to have enough talent. Time to sign #1 overall pick Anthony Bennett.

    And I should add that something good means getting draft picks or prospects back. I don”t think the Knicks are in the market for experienced players.

    I gave Fizdale a pass at first because it’s not like there are tons of good options but this minutes distribution is all over the place. 6 for Frank. 9 for Trier. 14 for Mudiay and Hezonja. 6 for Dotson.

    There is no strategy that would make this shit make sense.

    damn…mitchrob with 3 fouls in 4 minutes of play…

    ha – i just looked it up, he’s averaging 8.7 fouls per 48…that’s funny…

    I could be watching Luka-Harden right now. Or I could be doing anything other than watching this game. There’s something wrong with me.

    We weren’t keeping the faith, but I’m still confident that we can be the worst team in the league. Like, look at this shit.

    Korver fetched two 2nds? That has to mean a healthy Lee is movable, right?

    Theoretically, except it also means that there’s a team willing to spend that is no longer in the market for his services.

    Love that we’re down by 25 and the bench isn’t getting pt. Real great job developing!

    It really is inexcusable that Frank isn’t getting minutes, no matter how bad he’s been.

    Was anyone here seriously worried after our 3 game winning streak that we’d win too many games this season? I mean, we haven’t even gone out West yet (unless you count OKC)

    We have nothing to worry about, our collection of non-talent will lead us to the promised land!

    You can tell Knox is making a concerted effort to go right. He’s nowhere near able to do it effectively yet, but it makes sense to work on it because he can’t just try to drive left and finish right every time he puts it in the floor.

    Holy shit the Mavericks just scored 74 points on the Rockets in the first half, Doncic has 15.

    You can bet with Doncic x Harden happening I moved on from the Knicks game in the first quarter.

    I’m not a big DSJ fan (had him 14th in our re-drafts from the other day after he went 9th a year ago), but he appears to be able to do some basketball related things. We could use a guy like that.

    I’m not a big DSJ fan (had him 14th in our re-drafts from the other day after he went 9th a year ago), but he appears to be able to do some basketball related things. We could use a guy like that.

    Is going 0-5 for 0 points and 0 rebounds in 16 minutes not doing basketball related things?

    DSJ is very bad, but he’s a very bad NBA player, yeah.

    I still can’t believe Harrison Barnes got his contract, he would be hella overpaid if he made what THJ does.

    I noticed in the Grizzlies game that Ntilikina didn’t have the shoulder wrappings he used to wear every game. And his shooting wasn’t horrible that game. Now the last two games he hasn’t done anything. But I will say that he started out playing point guard, and then the two guard and now often he is on the floor in a three guard line up and he is basically the three. Switching positions so much has got to be hard on his development as an offensive player. I am not sure what to do about it though. I actually think he was most effective as a 1 for the Knicks, even though he wasn’t good at it. At least there defense was good when he was at the 1. Maybe he can learn to be a two or a three, but he needs to get used to the position. So I have changed my mind and think maybe he should just go to D-League and play there and learn whatever position he is likely to play.

    If Frank learned to set off-ball screens he’d at least have some value on offense. As it is he just stands around without the ball. Is he being told to? He’s completely non-integrated. Makes it easy to think they have in fact written him off.

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