Game Thread: New York Knicks at Memphis Grizzlies

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Memphis Grizzlies

Start Time: 11/25/2018 18:00:00

Fizdale returns to Memphis with Knicks to face Grizzlies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — David Fizdale makes his return to Memphis as coach of the New York Knicks on Sunday when his new team takes a two-game winning streak against his former club, the Grizzlies.
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    Some interesting subplots to this game that I’m sure will be mentioned in the broadcast. Fiz vs. Gasol. Fiz revenge vs. team that fired him. Etc.

    Same starting lineup again. I’m fine with 4/5 of it, but Mario needs to sit and all of his minutes need to go to some combo of Frank, Knox & Dotson.

    I know we’re supposed to be tanking, but goddamn it I can’t watch Hezonga play basketball any more.

    Please just stick him on the end of the bench for the rest of the season.

    Interesting bit from Breen: this is the fastest pace the Grizzlies have played in franchise history, it’s the slowest pace in the league.

    what the heck is wrong with timmy lately?

    I know regression isn’t karma but it sure feels like it is sometimes

    Just caught up. These refs have been ridiculous. Giving the Griz everything and calling all sorts of ticky tack stuff on the Knicks.

    Deeply unaesthetic game.

    I loved how in the first half Jamychal Green saw Knox d’ing him up and was like yum. That’s when you know you need to work on your D.

    Griz are a good team. No one who was a fan of the 90’s Knicks can watch them and not feel a little nostalgia….

    That is a decent stat line for Kanter before the end of the 3rd. Surely there is a team in contention out there that could use that kind of production and cover his Defensive shortcomings?

    We’re back to being scrappy overachievers.

    But we’re not actually gonna win this game, are we?

    I wasn’t able to watch most of the game, but the few times I managed to check it looked like we were in no danger of winning

    Mitchell Robinson should go to the HOF just for his ability to foul. It’s kind of remarkable. He looks like a high school all star who has forgotten he is in the NBA, going for these gigantic swats all the time. Something endearingly buffoonish about it.

    Don’t think we are winning this. I know we can dig down deep and find the L….

    I want to kill the refs

    They whistled Robinson for every breath and let the Grizzlies chop like butchers….

    No one can say this team isn’t entertaining. And no one can say Alonzo Trier should try to take it to the glass against JJJ…

    I wasn’t high on JJJ at draft time but he’s certainly winning me over. He’s like Whiteside with a 3-pt shot!

    Man, this has been a night for everyone posting the same thought at the same time….


    Is it good or bad if we eek out this win? I have struggled with this for the most part of the year.

    To be fair, on technical merit, it wasn’t much of a dunk. But the surprise was sublime….

    Can’t remember the last dunk that awesome by a Knick. KP has had a few but before him who?? Maybe Shump with his putback in the playoffs against Indiana lol.

    Everything I thought I knew is wrong.

    Substitute Dotson for Hez and I guess I can be down with not getting a high pick this year…

    Its not that easy to break the rooting for the tank mindset, something about these guys and Fiz is engaging

    Take Mario out of the starting lineup, actually the rotation altogether, and start either Knox or Dotson and I’d be happy with getting wins. To me the only player who should not be getting any minutes whatsoever because it serves no purpose is Mario.

    Good effort by our boys. 3 wins in a row against some of the NBAs best squads. Who whouda thunk it?
    On top of that, key contributions by a guy named Mudiay..

    Happy for coach Fiz. This game clearly meant a lot to him and to see the players play this hard for thier coach says alot for how well our coach has connected with his players.

    And yes, JJJ is really good.

    Pretty much what we expected looking at the schedule: road wins over Boston and Memphis, home win over New Orleans.

    Ho hum.

    Knuckleheads I think….

    I am flabbergasted and haven’t enjoyed a win this much since Linsanity…

    Conley really is the difference for them. He got tired – that’s basically why we won.

    Fun win!

    What happens when Lee is ready? Will Dotson every play again? Will the Knicks release Hezonja?

    The Memphis announcers raves about the young fellas, though they felt the refs robbed them.
    It seems like a lot of the other folks are impressed with the young talent on the Knicks.
    And they are learning to close out the fourth. The knicks are now 6-4 when Starting the 4th ahead.

    Mudiay with the nasty stuff, and 9 straight free throws to end the game!

    Nobody can say those games haven’t been entertaining as hell to watch. I’ll begrudgingly start searching for who’s the 8th best prospect in next year’s draft, but damn, it does feel good to not have those wins on the back of Beasley or Jack. Exile Hezonja and give more minutes to Trier, Frank and Burke and it’s all fine.

    Conley didn’t just “get tired” we ran at him on both ends on every possession. This really had the ambiance of a playoff game from the ’90s.

    This team is learning how to win close games, Mudiay, Burke and Frank all very steady with the FTs…
    It will be easier to appreciate the wins if not for Hezonja’s minutes (and Dotson’s disappearence)…

    Hard to believe but another solid game for Mudiay…

    Conley didn’t just “get tired” we ran at him on both ends on every possession.

    Fair enough. Either way, you can see how much his absence hurt them.

    I thought that after a terrible start, Hezonja player reasonably well, especially in the 3rd quarter.

    You have to feel good for Fiz at least. Zion does appear to be receding in the rearview though- the team plays too hard and the Knicks don’t seem to believe in going into full tank mode as an organization.

    Also, I’m hoping they’re giving Mario minutes just as due diligence before waiving him to make room for Trier.

    If only Kanter could play D. He really is such a bear down low. But resigning him would be dumb probably even if he’s really cheap. A good team could use him – he’s such a difference maker at 20 mpg with your second team. But for a team like ours, he just dooms you to a mediocre defense.

    These wins are awful for the tank. The young guys aren’t even playing enough anymore. Kanter played 40 minutes tonight. That’s more than Robinson, Frank, Knox, and Dotson combined! Mario Hezonja got 3x as many minutes as Knox.

    Does anyone doubt the lineup we’ll “settle on” will contain Kanter and Mudiay? And then add Lee to that. More DNPs for Dotson and a logjam for Knox/Frank/Trier.

    I don’t see too much to be happy about with three close wins given our current goals.

    Zion does appear to be receding in the rearview though

    Yeah it was a fun win but I can’t help but think we’re doing it again. Burke Hardaway and Kanter aren’t the kids. Mudiay is unlikely to be a Knick next year. It’s the same as winning with Jack & Beasley, just younger vets who won’t be here. This is a “build a winning culture” lineup.

    One thing is clear, on most nights this young team is is going to fight tooth and nail for 48 minutes.

    You have to feel good for Fiz at least.

    Yeah, this was so important for him that I’m fine with it.

    The young guys aren’t even playing enough anymore.

    There’s one guy who has played for the Knicks who is older than 26 this year. The only regulars who aren’t young are Kanter and Timmy. Dotson is older than 8 guys on the roster.

    Just watched Fiz’s press conference on MSG…man I love this coach! Such a fun young team to root for. Hezonja needs a seat at the end of the bench and let’s roll. With KP back around Christmas or so this team can make some noise

    This was the first game this season where it felt like Fiz was really coaching to win. Probably a combination of wanting to beat Memphis and the fact that they’d won two straight. It’ll be interesting to see if he has a short chain on some of the young guys if they’re competitive in Detroit.

    “There’s one guy who has played for the Knicks who is older than 26 this year. The only regulars who aren’t young are Kanter and Timmy. Dotson is older than 8 guys on the roster.

    You know what I meant. The relevant young guys. Mudiay is young but irrelevant because there’s no way he can be an asset for us next year. If he plays well he either signs elsewhere or we get him at the market rate. Not that he shouldn’t get any minutes, but it really has no bearing on the Knicks future except to the extent it helps/hurts the tank.

    The one exception is if we trade him for a future asset. Will Perry look into that? I’m curious to see. Even getting a second round pick, while it’d be nice, is less important than having high lottery odds to get a all-star caliber player in the draft, unless this has become a 45-50 win team overnight.

    I mentioned the other day the problem with these wins and picking 8/9 compared to the Top 5. So I agree with it’s tough in a way enjoying these “meaningless” wins. BUT winning with guys like Mudiay, Burke and Vonleh is much different than Beasley and Jack last year. There was no chance in hell those guys were going to be part of the future, as much as it’s probably not going to be worth it to keep them financially guys like Mudiay, Burke and Vonleh can be a part of the future. Hardaway obviously will be cause of his contract. Kanter is the only guy who I can’t see at all returning but shit as bad as he is defensively he deserves to play because he is the best offensive player and rebounder on this team by a mile.

    Isn’t there some GM out there that’ll peruse the box scores tomorrow and see Kanter’s line and think: “Hmm, 21 points, 26 rebounds, we could use a little of that on my team. Let me give Scott Perry a call.”

    I want to pick top 3. I do want to tank. I just think from a process perspective it’s encouraging that we have some reclamation projects working and at least some kind of nod to developing young talent in a meaningful way. And I can’t help but love the fire these guys are showing. They are playing their asses off.

    Lot of mixed feelings on a night like this. Can’t help but enjoy three wins in a row against good teams.

    Big picture we have the 5th worst record in the league still and there are plenty of losses to come. Now that Collins is back the Hawks might even start winning some games.

    The worst team in the league only gets a 14% chance at the #1 pick with the new rules.

    Yes, but the lottery doesn’t stop after the #1 pick. Getting the #4 pick instead of the #8 pick is pretty huge. How excited would we be if we were watching JJ or Trae Young every game instead of Knox?

    I will agree that all the talk on Zion is silly, despite how awesome he’s looked. We can go 0-61 the rest of the year and we still have a 6 in 7 chance in not getting Zion. So no, he’s not “fading into the rearview mirror”. He shouldn’t have been a focus in the first place, as in all likelihood he plays somewhere else. There are quite a few potential top prospects: Barrett, Reddish, Little, Langford, Gafford, Bol, etc. The idea is to get a great player. At the least, let’s realize it will take a giant fluke to land the #1 pick. We want to be in the top five though.


    It really bugs me off that this doesn’t happen. Like ok, it’s obvious that he’s a terrible defender, but the Bucks are starting Brook Lopez and almost leading the east for gods sake. There’s no way Kanter is not a valuable contributor to a good team that can somehow limit his defensive shortcomings. My guess is that it’s really not having 3 point range that is the killer, but even then, why wouldn’t you trade some 2nds if you’re a good team to have a walking double double coming off the bench?

    There’s one guy who has played for the Knicks who is older than 26 this year. The only regulars who aren’t young are Kanter and Timmy. Dotson is older than 8 guys on the roster.

    I find winning with a young guy who is building up his value for a contract likely to be somewhere else is just as frustrating as winning with a 34 year old vet. If they ain’t likely to be around for a while, what’s the point?

    I find winning with a young guy who is building up his value for a contract likely to be somewhere else is just as frustrating as winning with a 34 year old vet. If they ain’t likely to be around for a while, what’s the point?

    The point is that most regulars here hate James Dolan, but think exactly like him: two wins and the previous strategy goes out the window. Getting Kemba Walker and extending some of our bad players was discussed the other day, after two wins.

    Jimmy Butler hitting game-winning shots from the same exact spot eight days apart is cool and all, but in one of the games, it was a tie game and tonight the Sixers were down a point. Should he really be shooting fadeaway three pointers in those situations? Seems like good results from bad process.

    Sorry, I don’t get frustrated at all by these wins. It’s kind of pointless to keep wishing for things that have no chance of happening, and then to whine when they don’t happen.

    For example, Perry and Mills gave up an asset to get Mudiay. So for better or for worse, it’s silly to think that they did so and then have no plans for him to be a part of the future, so why be frustrated if he plays, especially if he’s playing well and justifying their gamble in acquiring him? The smarter thing to do is to assume that they hope that he plays well and then they at least have the option to either trade him or resign him to a reasonable contract or extend him at the QO.

    Perry/Mills signed Fizdale. While it’s OK to assume that he’s committed to developing young players over prioritizing wins, It’s silly to think that he’s going to grossly over-play guys like Frank, Knox, Mitch, Trier (and why not throw in Kornet and Hicks) every game over Burke, Vonleh, Hezonja and Mudiay. It’s just not gonna happen. Fiz is going to coach the young guys to win, case closed. He doesn’t give a shit about who they draft next June, nor should he. That’s simply not what coaches do, ever.

    I get it that if you (no person specifically, just a KB poster in general) were GM or coach, you’d do things differently, but this rotation is so predictable, as are the scrappy wins. Might as well enjoy them!

    Yes, but the lottery doesn’t stop after the #1 pick. Getting the #4 pick instead of the #8 pick is pretty huge.

    There’s an extra lottery ball pick this year, so the top four picks are teams that have won the lottery. The worst team in the league could easily draft fifth. The second worst team could easily draft sixth. Et cetera.

    It’s more luck-oriented than ever. We’re prolly not getting a great pick if we don’t get lucky and hit on a lotto combination. We’re probably not the absolute worst team in the NBA, we’re probably more like the fourth or fifth worst team. The flattened odds actually benefit us.

    Yeah, there’s still no indication that the Knicks aren’t the 5th worst team in the league. The schedule going forward is still rough and this is the same group of players that last Sunday, after getting obliterated by the Magic, we were all talking about like the sky was falling and there’s no talent on the roster etc etc.

    This is probably what the Knicks are, a flawed team with not much talent but that plays hard and can win if some inconsistent players show up. Whatever happens it’s a clear upgrade from last year or the season before, when I legitimately couldn’t fucking watch the Knicks playing a game without getting pissed.

    Seems like Butler could be a key ingredient for the 76ers.
    Funny how the 76ers are the laughing stuff years ago and now a competitive team for the foreseeable future. Maybe we need a Hinkie but i hope after all this rebuilding we can have a team with decent chances every year ala Knicks 90s

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