Game Thread: Portland Trail Blazers at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Portland Trail Blazers at New York Knicks

Start Time: 11/20/2018 19:30:00

Trail Blazers-Knicks Preview

After dropping 40 points on the Washington Wizards in a 119-109 win on Sunday night, Damian Lillard follows with an encore at Madison Square Garden, where the Portland Trail Blazers travel to take on the New York Knicks at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
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    Speaking of which, do we know anything more on what’s going on with Fultz? I loved every aspect of his game in college, and his shot was unreal.

    Fiz would have to be a great communicator not to lose the team when players go from DNP-CD to starting.

    Hezonga, seriously? WTF?

    It might make sense with Mitch – we’d need more shot creation, even if Hez is bad at it – but with Thjr and Kanter (and Mudiay calling his own number)….there’s just no balance there.

    okay this cinches it. there is a straussian reading to Fizdale’s lineups that has little or nothing to do with basketball, and he believes in us enough that he is risking everything so we may uncover it. he is begging us to uncover it. we must uncover it.

    Mudiay, THJ, Hezona, Vonleh, Kanter starting tonight

    They just posted this in the Blazer’s locker room. Mass salivation ensued.

    I recognize I spelled Hezonja incorrectly, but it’s a form of protest.

    I do think that Trier has been exposed in the starting lineup, though. I believe in his future, but he has a ways to go, and when teams were actually paying attention to him, he wasn’t delivering very much. Still a fantastic pickup, but that was a little too much, too soon.

    So how would people feel about trading for Markelle Fultz? If you could do something like Hardaway + Burke for Fultz + Muscala (expiring), wouldn’t you? Just let Fultz play 35 MPG and hope that the minutes and the lower-pressure environment help him get over his emotional issues.

    Kanter clearly outplayed Robinson last game, so I guess starting is the consequence.

    Fultz isn’t worth that much. I wouldn’t make that trade.

    The sixers need a defensive wing more than another scorer. Fultz for Ntilikina seems more likely to me. And even though Ntilikina is not doing well this year, and that I’d hate that trade, I’d probably do it.

    I would totally make that trade, if just to clear Timmy’s salary. If we could then trade Lee, we would have room for 2 maxes, I think.

    I guess I should add that Timmy is still getting better, and while not worth his salary, a useful piece on the right team. It’s not crazy to think he could keep improving over the next couple of years and become a more well-rounded, good player. I admire his work ethic.

    I would put the over under on Lillard’s points in the first quarter at 15, and probably take the over.

    But the Sixers need defense, not another guy who needs the ball in his hands and Fultz is worth very little in a trade because of how much he’s paid. They actually need Thomas more than THJ. I’d throw in a protected pick to trade Thomas for Fultz.

    I’d make that trade, but I’d trade Timmy for an expiring alone so I might be the wrong guy to ask

    The 6ers traded two shooters for a guy who likes to dominate the ball and plays good defense. I’m sure they’d be happy to get another Robert Covington type player who can fill the role of shooter AND defender, but they definitely need shooting. I can’t see Ntilikina sticking in their rotation. His offense is just too bad at this point. Courtney Lee circa 2016 would have been nice for them, but do they want 2018 Lee who hasn’t played a game yet this season?

    Fultz’s contract is large for a rookie scale contract, but compare it to what we just gave Hezonja… The guy has only played in like 35 NBA games and is still just 20 years old. This is also not an Anthony Bennett situation where you have a player who doesn’t want to play basketball and prefers to have daydreams about what he’d rather be doing while on the court. This is a player who has some psychological block going on. There’s a lot more hope that he gets over that IMO.

    Sure we should do it (and I’m not optimistic on fultz), but I don’t think the sixers do that deal. TH2’s main skill isn’t really shooting, it’s scoring. in the playoffs the sixers can play the big 3, all playmakers, a ton of minutes and timmy’s bad defense-decent efficiency shot creation won’t be too useful to them. He’s not a much better pure 3pt shooter than Wilson chandler and he’s probably worse than muscala. If the sixers want to sign someone this summer, fultz can be dealt while Timmy who knows, and with Timmy they have to commit to an extra year at a big price. Seems like an easy no for them.

    Ian Begley
    ?Verified account
    Knicks will start Emmanuel Mudiay, Tim Hardaway Jr., Mario Hezonja, Noah Vonleh and Enes Kanter tonight against Portland.

    Fizdale is either a total idiot or he’s the greatest tanker ever. There’s no 3rd option.

    More extended comments from Fizdale about the rationale for these constant lineup changes. Sounds like he wants to have a more consistent starting group and rotation by around game 20 or 25 and is just trying various things in the interim to see what works and what doesn’t. The example being that Robinson kept getting into early foul trouble as a starter, which messed with his rhythm, so he wants him coming off the bench for now.

    The logic’s not bad, but this particular starting 5 really, really is.

    Yeah, it’s really tough to figure out how Kanter, Hezonja, Mudiay, and Hardaway are going to do on defense over the long haul. We really need to see how that’s going work. lmao


    I am content with the explanation. Goes without saying that camp isn’t really enough time for a new HC and staff to get a handle on what he has in the deck, so 20-25 games seems about right. My expectation though would be that post all-star break, we actually see a bit more of a system on offence once the lineup has been settled.

    I didn’t really care about Fizdale’s shuffling until tonight. Mitch Rob over Kanter should be a fixture no matter what the arrangement is for the other deck chairs.

    I guess maybe possibly perhaps this is the “showcasing for possible trades for 2nd round picks or someone to package with Lee” starting lineup.

    Really, Kanter should start, though. He’s good for the tank, maybe could be flipped for something, and does play hard.

    MitchRob should still get minutes, but no need to rush him so soon.

    As a scientist, I really admire Fizdale’s experimental attitude toward figuring out what works as a lineup. As a fan, I just think this is evidence that almost no one on the team is any good as a starter, except probably THJ. Since everyone is bad the differences in lineup productivity are small, and this means that we all grasp at straws when deciding whom to play. I hope Fizdale is learning from all the different lineups. All I’ve learned so far that it is possible for us to have a reasonable defense, but so far no chance at a reasonable offense.

    I dunno about this starting lineup..

    I know Fiz is still trying to find good combinations, but this lineup feels comically mismatched. I’m all for givin Hezonja some run in the starting 5..but not with Kanter and Mudiay. I feel like Ntilikina needs to start with that lineup to balance it. But at the same time, I wanna see a Burke/Ntilikina backcourt. THJ is playing well, and that complicates things. I wonder if there’s a trade market for him now

    Timmy really is the only decent player out there. I’d add Kanter, but, you know, defense.

    I mean, Mudiay’s pass to nowhere, Hez’s drive into 10 people…ugly.

    The only rational explanation for this starting lineup other than he’s idiot or that he’s all out tanking is that he may be putting everyone on the bench here or there so none of them can take it personally when they don’t start. This way he can say, “Everyone rides the bench”.

    You’d have to be a moron to say I need to see how Kanter, Hezonja, Mudiay, and Hardaway look together with a straight face.

    I wish he’d at least do something relatively imaginative and try Baker and Frank together just to see if they can lock down the Portland guards. With that combination you might actually learn something.

    How are we doing? I’m baking a pumpkin layer cake.

    The offense looks good and the defense looks bad.

    Nice D on that, Timmy.


    Well, anyway, we’re all idiots, because the Knicks are leading the Blazers after the first quarter. Great inspiration for that starting lineup, coach!

    Given Frizdale’s starting lineup decisions, I’m fully expecting him to lobby the NBA to put Frank in the 3 point shooting contest.

    I LOVE Robinson.

    I can’t wait to see what he’s going to become, but for more immediate gratification I can’t wait to see him on the court with KP.

    If you just watch Ntilakina on D, there’s no way you can think he’s anything other than superior. He’s always where he’s supposed to be, always cutting off passing lanes, always switching and anticipating…he’s really good, even if the stats don’t say so.

    On offense…well, that’s hard to watch. I hope his shot is off because of his shoulder injuries, because if this is what he has to offer, it doesn’t matter whether he has PG skilz…

    The Knicks are competing with the Blazers and you all owe Fizdale an apology.

    can’t wait to see him on the court with KP.

    I know, right? It’s hard to think anyone could score in the paint with the two of them there. Ironically, the kind of player who could abuse them is Enes – stronger down low, able to bully his way to the hoop. I doubt they could stop that.

    I’ve been a regular Hardaway trasher, but he is SO much better on offense now than he used to be. If he could be just “average” on defense, he’d be a very serious basketball player. You have to give him credit though. He’s second in the league in drawing offensive fouls. He puts his body in the way trying.

    You’re pushing your luck, Vonleh – three 3s per game is your limit, bruh

    This game is a clear demonstration of how Frank can best be used. Keep the ball out of his hands until further notice.

    Yay, a 3 from Frank!

    He also has 4 boards tonight.

    He hasn’t been as good on the boards this year. I don’t understand that at all because he’s been playing some off guard and even SF. On average he should be in a better position to rebound. Plus he’s taller and stronger than last year. That’s one area of his game he should be able to make an immediate improvement to go along with defense.

    Noah Vonleh deserves to be our starting power forward until he’s 30 years old. I love that guy and think he’s exactly what this team needs going forward. 6’10” with a 7’4″ wingspan, great rebounder, can defend in space, and he hits 3s every now and again.

    Noah Vonleh deserves to be our starting power forward until he’s 30 years old.


    Enes Kanter now 3 for 9 for the year from 3….that’s not so bad. I mean, he’s no Noah Vonleh, but not so bad.

    Enes Kanter now 3 for 9 for the year from 3….that’s not so bad. I mean, he’s no Noah Vonleh, but not so bad.

    or Mudiay. 🙂

    If Mudiay turns out to be a good player, I’ll eat crow. But it will still be a bad signing, because we don’t have any rights after this year, so we’ll have to pay to keep him, which means we would get no benefit from his unanticipated – perhaps even unprecedented – improvement.

    I’m sure we all laughed when Fizdale said he was gonna get Mudiay right, but I mean…the kid is finishing lay ups and running an offense against what has been the #8 defense in the NBA.

    Fizdale’s staff seems to be a doing a good job with Mudiay on offense. He’s both finishing better and shooting from the outside better lately. Frank next please?

    Mudiay 6 for 8.

    It’s end times, people. If the election of Trump weren’t enough for you, there it is.

    Future Knick point guard Damian Lillard is smoking us right now. Good job, secure the tank!

    This is one of those games Hardaway goes off and wins for the Knicks to ensure they pick 7-9 rather than top 3 in next year’s draft.

    Thanks Timmy

    Meanwhile Duke only up 8 over Auburn at the Maui Invitational. That qualifies as a close game for Zion & Co.

    Vonleh is really interesting – somehow he looks like a guard to me, and is quick and nimble as a guard, but is actually 6’9″ and able to manhandle Nurkic. He is just so strong…and somehow looks so normal-sized.

    No, Bob, your eyes deceive you, Frank isn’t a good defender.

    TH2 came back down to earth, but I’m still higher on him than I used to be.

    With Frank shutting down McCollum, just go at whoever Timmy is guarding. Dang.

    What a dumb foul by Nurkic.

    Wish it was committed against someone other than Vonleh….

    Vonleh missing his last 4 free throws in a game this close is a little annoying, but he’s played so well it’s hard to hold it against him. Also, ave ad cisternina

    Timmy’s got a lot of heart. He’s winning me over, too, Massive.

    Vonleh at the line
    Breen: The plot thickens…
    Vonleh misses
    Clyde: …and now it sickens…

    good D by Timmy there. Mistake by Fiz to have Burke in the game could have subbed in someone bigger on Timmy’s free throws.

    Questionable call from Fiz on the time out. A running hook from Kanter for 2 when down 4?

    Inbound to Kanter

    Am I wrong in thinking that, based on his play this season, Timmy might actually be a useful player going forward?

    So we’re back to the hard fought losses, that’s fine for me. Very entertaining game again, Timmy is playing very well indeed, Vonleh had those unfortunate 4 FTs but he played pretty damn well too.

    Fizdale is an awful end game coach. After Hardaway hits the first free throw you can’t make a D substitution to get your best defender on the floor? Also inventive play down by 4 with 9 seconds to go, throw it into Kanter and let him dribble it for 4 seconds and heave a 11 foot fall away hook shoot….Yippie!

    Another good loss. Anyone can see that that as these kids mature, it’s going to get better. When we add back KP we’ll win again. When we add Zion and a free agent, the kids will be ready. Hardaway looks like an NBA player. We’ll be bottom 3 soon.

    You’d have to call this a feel-good loss. They lost, and I feel good. There is potential there, but not enough to hurt our draft pick.

    Take your time, KP!

    One thing you have to admit about Hardaway, he’s leaving it all on the court every possession. He may never be worth his contract, but he’s working his ass off trying to earn every penny. As a longtime Knicks fan, I can appreciate that.

    Anyone can see that that as these kids mature, it’s going to get better

    we need to talk about Kevin

    I think, by the end of this season, the narrative around TH2’s offense will change. If he were playing this well last season, I think the Knicks would have been a bottom four playoff team before KP went down. TH2 and Vonleh should be cemented into the starting lineup for the rest of this season.

    Maybe we should play Kanter at PG, he keeps leading the team in assists

    He’d be great for the triangle.

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