Game Thread: New York Knicks at New Orleans Pelicans

Game Thread: New York Knicks at New Orleans Pelicans

Start Time: 11/16/2018 20:00:00

Payton may return for Pelicans’ meeting with Knicks

The New Orleans Pelicans miss point guard Elfrid Payton’s ball handling and defense.
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  • 121 replies on “Game Thread: New York Knicks at New Orleans Pelicans”

    Over / under on Anthony Davis scoring tonight?

    Over/under on how many Knickerbloggers are having pizza tonight?

    Haven’t had pizza in years, but Polito’s in Astoria is fantastic a casual slice. I’ve had multiple non-connected people confirm independently.

    Anyone who eats $.99 pizza has no soul. All I see on line for these joints are highshoolers and drunkards.

    As for Melo, it would be quite ironic from a decor perspective. A good friend gave me a large 4’x6′ cardboard poster of him which hung in my living room for a few years. Last week I just decided to turn it over and use the backside for family pictures.

    I’m fine with him never coming back. There’s a uniform in China with his name on it.

    As for deep dish ‘pizza’:

    As for Durant vs. Curry, I’ll take Steph.

    First off, while he’s taller, Durant has missed a fair amount of games since 2014. I don’t have faith that he’ll age better than Curry. I think a lot of Curry’s game isn’t athleticism as much as skill and intelligence.

    My guess is Steph will age more like Nash, and be good to his late 30s. Nash was a legit All Star at 37 (PER 20.3 above his career average), and didn’t fall off the cliff until injuries got him at 38.

    If I were already back in Italy, I would surely have scarfed down some good pizza tonight. I guess there’s a trade-off between tropical sun in November and really good food (even though I have to say that this resort has the best resort food I’ve ever ate, which is like saying that Burke is the best PG I’ve ever seen on the 18-19 Knicks, but whatever).

    i think golden state is going to go all in on re-signing KD, including letting go of draymond…

    if he were to leave and come to new york (not likely), i think mister “don’t ask me that question again”, may have grown a little too thin skinned for this market…

    i’m pretty sure we’re going to spend money on some free agent this off-season…hopefully, it will be on a point guard…i’d like to see dinwiddie on our team…

    it seems like the one position on the team you can’t totally neglect, and, yet each year – we totally neglect it…

    The difference between Curry and Durant is pretty much what I said in the last thread.

    If the game comes down to the last few possessions or a single possession I’d rather have Durant because he’s a much tougher cover at his height, ability to draw fouls, and ability to finish. He’s almost impossible to stop from getting off a good shot and he’s a super efficient scorer from everywhere. That ability matters a lot to winning close games.

    You CAN stop Curry on a couple of possessions by being physical and locking down on just him.

    However, over an 82 game season 36 minutes a night, imo Curry is more critical to the overall ball movement and total offense of the team than Durant.

    You can see it watching the games when one or the other is injured and out for awhile. The entire offense suffers when Curry is out (over and above his shot making). The team is obviously not as good when Durant is out either, but Curry is more of quarterback handling the ball, breaking down defenses, making plays, and doing other worldly things from time to time to blow games open so that Durant’s different talents may not be necessary.

    Draymond Green’s game is more dependent on high energy and extreme effort (especially on defense) than most other players. Even though he’s only 28, I think you can make a small case that he’s already starting to deteriorate slightly (whereas some other players peak later). Last year he was able to really turn it up a notch defensively in the playoffs when they needed him. But I’m not so sure I’d want to give him a long term max contract. He could start slipping in a more noticeable way soon.

    “Anyone who eats $.99 pizza has no soul. All I see on line for these joints are highshoolers and drunkards.”

    The other night a tourist asked me a good place to get pizza. I said just go anywhere other than a place with a 99 cent sign.
    Those places have come in handy when money is tight though.

    “As for Durant vs. Curry, I’ll take Steph.”

    1. That’s insane
    2. It goes to my point that Durant is underrated.

    I think that when it’s all said and done, Curry’s legacy of what he accomplished and what he contributed to the course of the league will be greater than Durant’s.

    That’s not to take anything away from Durant. I just think that Curry has changed the game (for the better, as a fan) in ways that no other player in my lifetime has. Like how Babe Ruth changed baseball in the 20s, and Tiger Woods changed golf in the 90s.

    Wait, this is a thing now? As great as Steph is, Durant is a top 10 all time great who can play anywhere on both sides of the floor. How is this a serious argument? If Durant played pg he’d be a better pg than Curry. If there was a thread on this I would think the usual people took the Durant side.

    I see where Donnie is coming from. Curry really revolutionized the way we think about range. People didn’t pull up from 30 feet like he does. No one would have ever thought it was a good idea let alone a winning strategy. (Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but I think it’s fair)

    Curry is also a consummate entertainer, a spectacle.

    But yeah, Durant is a a bit better in my book.

    Here’s a cumulative career comparison:

    KD has the edge in WS/48 and VORP, whereas Steph has the edge in BPM (and in multi-year PIPM and RAPM, neither of which are listed in the above link.)

    I think I’d take Curry, to be quite honest. He’s been a better playoff performer than Durant (Durant has a couple of stinkers, especially g7 against GSW when he just absolutely chucked), and while he’s logged fewer minutes than Durant because of nagging injuries, Curry’s skills–passing, + rebounding from the guard position, good hands, and being the greatest shooter of all time–are gonna age slightly better than Durant’s extremely versatile scoring arsenal, giving him the overall edge. That being said, it’s pretty much a toss-up as to who will have the better career, though. I think peak Curry beats peak Durant comfortably though. And that’s because 2015 Curry was perhaps the greatest individual season of all time, along with 2008-9 Lebron, and (pick your year but mine follows) 88-89 Jordan.

    hmmm, i would have thought durant’s defense and rebounding would have given him the edge against curry…

    I ate a cheeseburger with some cauliflower/leek gratin.

    Trier is a sneaky shot blocker. I’m enjoying this lead while it lasts.

    I can appreciate personal preference, but objectively Durant affects a game more than Curry does.
    Curry’s FAH (fun as hell) factor is set at 10, plus he’s great.
    It’s like Cam Reddish maybe being a better all around player than Zion (Cam seems to be able to do everything a la Durant), but Zion’s FAH factor is tuned to 11.

    At least aesthetically, there’s value to playing a “modern” lineup even if there’s a talent tradeoff

    Also it’s very early and I’m sure this will soon look like my famous last words, but Mitch Rob is defending AD about as well as is humanly possible

    I thought Wally was doing alright as a commentator but then Mudiay missed a shot and Wally said “that’s a shot he normally makes” I thought, are there any shots Mudiay normally makes?

    Knox seems to have Curry’s technique when it comes to mouthguards

    Fun fact: Mitch had 6 more blocks in 1 game than Dwight Howard has all season.

    I feel like I strongly disagree with everything Wally szcerbiak says. He’s currently talking about how great Kanter is.

    I feel like I strongly disagree with everything Wally szcerbiak says. He’s currently talking about how great Kanter is.

    haha, yeah, Wally is awful. Just pure propaganda.

    I fear Wes Johnson might be Knox’s future- a guy who seems like he should be good but… Hopefully I’m wrong.

    I feel like I strongly disagree with everything Wally szcerbiak says. He’s currently talking about how great Kanter is.

    For sure, he went downhill quickly. Then he talked about how the Knicks second unit is always good when there were many games, especially with Fiz’s second set of starters where the second nit did terribly.

    He is the sort of announcer only Boston fans could like

    Anyone who eats $.99 pizza has no soul. All I see on line for these joints are highshoolers and drunkards.

    When my start up ran out of money a few years ago, it was about survival. That and PB&J.

    That’s not to take anything away from Durant. I just think that Curry has changed the game (for the better, as a fan) in ways that no other player in my lifetime has.

    That’s where I’m coming from with Curry over Durant. I don’t think Durant is top 10 all time. I think Curry might be.

    “My nightmare scenario is that Clyde retires and Wally takes over permanently.”

    I’m probably done when Clyde leaves us. Marv and Clyde made a lot of garbage watchable.

    The Mudiay game!

    I love Mitch, but damn, it’s hard to keep Davis out of the paint.

    Damn Mudiay! He is the star of the first half for the Knicks.

    Fizdale clearly got into these kids good after the last awful outing. The effort is much better tonight on both ends of the court.

    I feel bad for Mitch trying to guard AD but in a couple of years, he is going to give people some serious problems on D and on the boards.

    So happy to see Burke out there again. The kid has limitations on D but he is a legit NBA guard.

    How does Mudiay not have an assist? He’s played surprisingly well, but isn’t he nominally our point guard?

    There’s only one Italian restaurant that my bad-ass gourmet wife will lower herself to eat in, and that’s Elio’s on the Upper East Side. Arthur Ave. and Little Italy are more about the atmosphere. And yes, Mario’s has devolved.

    We’ve got 28 pts on 12-17 shooting from Burke & Mudiay. This is what it feels like to have a great point guard?

    We’ve had phenomenal pg play, even Frank was hitting shots.
    Mudia looks like a franchise pg, I guess looks are deceiving but not in that half

    it’s hysterical how Wally talks about AD like he’s some hidden gem personal favorite as if he was some huge Thaddeus Young fan or something

    I mean “I’ve been enamored of him ever since he was one and done at kentucky.” yeah, he’s fucking anthony davis, top pick in the draft and 3 time 1st team all nba. i bet you like pizza too, wally.

    PT, choked on my pizza laughing at that…

    Speaking of eating things, socks.

    Is there a German word for the feeling that Mudiay might be a good player? I have to say, there wasn’t even a hint last year. It was full Bargnani. But sometimes he kind of makes me think.

    Is there a German word for the feeling that Mudiay might be a good player?

    fortgeschrittener Gehirntumor

    The Pelicans seem pretty dedicated to not just force feeding Anthony Davis.

    Randle might have gotten a little too pumped for the Knicks

    Is there a German word for the feeling that Mudiay might be a good player?


    Listening to the Pelicans broadcast on League Pass.
    Have to say, very professional, not some stupid homers.

    This is one of those games where the Knicks make us feel good for three periods.
    It would be nice to feel good through four

    Not sure I’m a fan of No-fear Trier as a nickname, but goddamn was that an impressive shot.

    AD is acing his Knocks audition. Obviously, we have to see how he does in 3-on-3 before we sign that deal but he could be a fit.

    Great stuff from Trier there.

    This game is fucking awesome!
    Timmy , Dotson, trier!!

    Where the foul on Davis , he hit trier wtf!
    We breathe in Davis and he gets a call!

    Burke has made his case tonight.

    Kanter is soooooooo bad on defense. It’s really ridiculous.

    Refs calling it really tight.

    Great energy from the Knicks on D and they seem to be shooting into a Hula hoop on offense.

    The Knicks 3 point defense should be better with all these young athletic wings on the floor.

    Now during that last scramble, there were 3 pelicans within 10 feet of the ball. As they headed up court, not one Knick within 20 feet. That can’t happen.

    I’m all in on team tank but god damn it that rebound off the FT pissed me off

    I’m all in on team tank but god damn it that rebound off the FT pissed me off

    I know, right? Dude missed two free throws in a one point game and it didn’t matter!

    @98 dude has 5 rebounds in 20 minutes. He’s rebounded worse than a Coke machine the rest of the season, but tonight he’s been fine.

    That really is the way to fold, though. Stay competitive with a decent team but make sure to pull out the L.

    Come on, close the deal and get the win. So sad, they play te best game of the season and crumble down the stretch

    Entertaining game. I’d be perfectly happy to lose every game like that this season.

    I know this was AD’s best game of the season but he really is phenomenal. He is so wasted on that franchise. Like KG all over again.

    Now I know the Knicks have very little chance of beating a team a good as the Pels on the road, but the defensive lapses at the end are still annoying.
    However, this is what we signed up for when hoped for a total rebuild with young players. They need time to learn the game. There is hope though, even for Mudiay!!

    the bulls beating the bucks would be a good thing. we just need justin holiday to go 6-6 from 3 in the 2H too.

    Free Anthony Davis, just don’t send him to the Lakers please.

    Very competitive game, it was fun to watch and the team clutched the L as expected. A bit of a bummer how it ended, but can’t ask too much more out of the youngsters.

    Bol Bol just had a really good game and looks like a contender to go #2 overall behind Zion. I hope the Hawks take him because he and Trae Young would be really fun to watch.

    @119 when AD demands a trade at the end of the season, I hope Portland snatches him up. They should offer CJ McCollum and whatever else it takes because AD and Lillard would be a show worth watching, and they’d have a good shot at retaining him.

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