Game Thread: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Start Time: 11/05/2018 19:30:00

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knicks favored by 2.5 points…chicago’s a pretty bad team…i’m guessing we cover the spread…

for a young team like this – we should play much better at home more consistently…

Knox Knox! He’s active tonight. (As is, oddly, Hardaway, though he might not play depending on how he feels after shootaround.)

On Robinson and Randolph: Robinson has been shockingly mistake-free. Just a 5.2 turnover rate and what maybe two or three bad shots if that? And his foul rate is just what you’d expect for a rookie shot blocker. Randolph, on the other hand, was incredibly mistake prone- horrible shot selection and some of the ghastliest turnovers I’ve ever seen. It seems like Robinson is already the guy (knock on wood- rookie seasons can go south in a hurry) we hoped Anthony Randolph might one day become.

We may be better with Trier starting over Hardaway.

I hope Knox gets some minutes. He may be rusty, but I’d still like to see what he can do.

I’m pretty sure that the 2014 front office made it clear that if you start a game with an average age under 28, you have to give 10 points to the other team. At least that’s how I remember it.

Vonleh missing that shot tells you everything you need to know about him. I could have converted that into a layup.

Average age of starting lineup: 21.6 years. A Knickerblogger dream?

How awesome is that? To my memory this is maybe the third time we have had a young and promising team : The 2011-2012 team, the Pitino team and 1979-1980 with Cartwright and two other rookie starters up front, Toby Knight and Larry Demic and 2nd and 3rd year guards Michael Ray Richardson and Ray Williams

This is where Frank needs to become a real PG in a hurry. The Bulls are being smart and doubling Trier, since he’s the only scorer. If that means Vonleh is taking all the shots… That isn’t good.

This looks like a pickup game. Vonleh is treating it like an AAU or Summer League game, like his agent told him to shoot it every time he touches the ball.

Trier turns the ball over too much, but what a recovery and block.

That was Trier on the block? Whoa.

Still, it’s like a rec league game here. Ouch.

@19 – I would have a penalty jar – $100 for every time a Knick gives up an open 3 for a 2-point shot that they don’t make.

Has Kanter passed the ball out of the post this season

I think Mudiay believes that it isn’t a real drive unless he ends up on the floor.

I thought the first quarter against the Wiz was the worst basketball I’d ever seen, and then this first quarter happened.

That running hook by Thomas is total rec league.

It’s pretty obvious, watching this game, what role THjr plays on this team. It’s an important one…the I still wish that money were going elsewhere next year.

I’m pretty sure Mudiay is not a rotation player in China.

This game makes it pretty apparent what THjr’s value is to the team. Not that I don’t wish the money were going somewhere else next year, but there are only so many spin moves from Vonleh and running hooks from Lance the eyes can bear.

We live in a world where Zach Lavine got 80 million guaranteed. Any level of bad is possible.

Lucky shot from Blakeney

Hezonja is not rotation player.

Mudiay is not a NBA player.

Kanter make me want to wretch sometimes.

Burke looks like the old Burke instead of the new Burke from last year.

Thank God we have some good scouts.

Kanter with the assist out of the post. No discernible defense being played.

The Knicks have some terrible defenders. Unfortunately they are rotation players and sometimes 2 or 3 of them are on the court at the same time. smh

I’m optimistic that one of these teams will get to 40 by halftime.

I can’t wait until Courtney Lee is back so we can make a push for the 8th seed. 😉

From the sounds of this thread I’m glad I’m still at work and not watching.

Maybe Zion is in the Knicks future…

When you watch Hezonja play, you can tell why he was drafted so high. He has a very diverse skill set, but he can’t finish or shoot well enough to be a really good offensive player and he’s too bad on defense to tolerate given what he does give you on offense. Maybe someday his shot and finishing ability will improve enough to make him a good player, but he’s bad now.

Dotson really is an NBA player. He’s be in the rotation on most teams.

I like Dotson’s game a lot. It’s not that I think he’s going to be a real star or anything, but he’s solid on both ends and has just enough skill to “go off” every once in awhile.

Watch. This is the type of game that’ll go OT.

Yeah, like one of those games where both teams refuse to win.

Not only has frank disappeared from the game. He pretty much disappeared from today’s game thread. Waiting for him to show signs of life. He’s gotta be a top 5 disappear-er in the NBA

I’m pretty sure if Frank went for a physical tonight they wouldn’t be able to find his pulse.

Frank still has negative win shares for his career and tonight aint gonna get him into the positive column.

Can the third quarter be worse than the first two? Is this game only going to get worse?

If my math is right, the Knicks have scored 2 points and committed 7 fouls so far (with 7:12 left) in this quarter.

Every time I think Mudiay is hopeless, he makes some good plays. But the bad habits are still there…right before the 3 he jumped in the air with nowhere to go and needed to be bailed out.

He had 3 relatively open teammates full steam to basket … very poor decision for a “point guard”

Just as the Knicks start to surge, they remember that the objective is to tank. If we lose, Chicago moves into a tie with the Knicks.

Wow. Cleveland ‘s tank is STRONG! 5 up with 40 seconds to play and they have up an offensive rebound, two turnovers and a shooting foul while going scoreless themselves to lose by 2…

I admit that when Harlow did a halftime interview with Jud Buechler, I thought, why is she interviewing the coach of the Bulls?

I really believe this team is one piece away from competing

with the league’s worst teams

Frank has had such a terrible game that people are lauding his backup for going 5-13 with 2 assists and giving up a transition and-one because he was facing the wrong basket

This quarter looks almost, but not quite, like a basketball game.

Since Kanter got pulled from the starting lineup he’s chasing his guy all the way out to the three line. That’s a nice improvement.

I really need these guys to stop making field goals

Just when the tank looks to be in jeopardy, up steps Hezonja.

Hezonja flares the I-made-that-shit body language on 100% of his three point attempts

I love going from tied to down 6 in like 30 seconds. When’s the last time the Knicks took that kind of control late in a game

LaVine is actually having a really good season. That Butler trade isn’t looking so bad anymore

Trier is relentless. Weird to say, but I admire his game. Terrible shooting night, but he continues to attack the rim.

Frank Ntilikina will never have a better offensive game than Allonzo Trier has right now

I know Frank is only 20 or whatever, but he’s shown absolutely zero growth from year one to year two. The season is young but right now it saddens me.

Trier = Ice water for blood

We’re so bad at offense and defense


anything else?

Omg that was a melonious shot by lavine.
Trier makes 40 mil a year less than the 2 chucks

That 14 second rule on offensive boards was a great idea by the NBA (and not just because we benefited)

I don’t like BREEN and co saying trier was playing so awful. Any good coach would have schemed almost immediately for those quick doubles… I’m bothered by this

Why didn’t Robinson and Knox play much tonight?

Why didn’t Robinson and Knox play much tonight?

Knox is on a minutes restriction and Robinson had like 4 fouls in 11 minutes or something.

Two timeouts and they came out of them with “give Trier the ball 45 feet from the basket and clear out”

Knox is on a minutes restriction

4 minutes?

What was the point?

Two timeouts and they came out of them with “give Trier the ball 45 feet from the basket and clear out”

They kept that play after Melo left.

Hezonja is the worst talented player I have ever seen….or something like that.

Enes plays like this, he might actually make the All-Star team. It’s the perfect situation for him – no D.

Tha sequence of air balls by Hezonja and Lavine my goodness. I want to gouge out my eyes.

The difference between this and rec league is that in rec league, people rarely step out of bounds after putting up an airball.

Jesus, don’t pass it inside to Vonleh when he’s double teamed under the hoop.

As good as LaVine has played, I’m still in awe that the Bulls thought it wise to give anyone on this roster that much money.

Lol lets see what Fiz comes up with now.
If he wants to win the ball should go inside to Kanter. If he’s DTT we’ll see the melo play again

I feel like I’m at a game watching one of my neighbor’s kids play. I really don’t want to be there, but I feel obligated because he’s a good neighbor and friend.

This game is never ending, we’re all in hell

The NBA should destroy all evidence of this game

Nah, the league likes a farcical plot twist here and there, just for the contrast.

I know Trier is in there but a crunch time lineup with Mudiay Kanter and Hezonja feels like one that hurts the tank and does little for devlopment.

I feel you, RoLo. Sideshow Bob will always have a place in my heart.

Mudiay = Supreme Tank Commander

We all said that if he got the chance, he’d lose some games for us.

“clearly Mudiay’s best game as a Knick” – Clyde Frazier, 10:04 P.M., 11/5/2018

I’m genuinely curious whether or not the team actually executes the plays Fiz calls. I kinda of doubt it.

The Knicks should have put in Frank Brickitina to shoot the 3.

I’m also calling foul on KP’s pants. Just go with the same color as up top, god damn. There have been enough bad decisions tonight.

Hezonja and Mudiay out there for defensive purposes

This game is never ending, we’re all in hell

I admit it’s getting harder to believe this is the good place

Wow, terrible call by the official. There’s really no fair way to do this aside from declaring the game over and the Knicks get 2 Ls.

This game could come back to haunt us. Not in the draft, just in our dreams tonight.

Seriously, someone needs to email farfa and tell him not to watch this. Save him the headache. Assuming he watches on delay

“clearly Mudiay’s best game as a Knick” – Clyde Frazier, 10:04 P.M., 11/5/2018

Thing is, Mudiay DOES show flashes of being a legit PG. But those flashes are rare as lightning in winter.

Kanter hitting a backboard 3 to win the game would have been too fitting.

In another note, how freaking big is KP? Kanter comes over to the bench, KP hugs him like a little brother. Dang.

KP dresses like Steve Martin in the old 2 wild and crazy guys SNL bit

Robin Lopez always has a crazed look on his face. I can’t tell if he’s on drugs or just actually crazy.

Kanter needs 3 assists for a triple-double.

All star! 🙂

This has to be a NBA record for out of bounds calls right? This can’t be true.


At least Mudiay will pass to Kanter. They just have to master this stay in bounds thing

I think the NBA shrunk the court as a practical joke. Adam Silver is going to come out after the game and point to the hidden camera and everyone is going to laugh.

Maybe they should call it like a rec league game. No one ever gets called for OB in rec league.

If it comes down to a last shot again, they should put Robinson in and throw the ball 15 feet high just over the rim and let him dunk it.

We need to stop the game and get LaVine to change his leg warmers or sneakers, I don’t care which.

Just have a hockey style shootout. First player to make a shot from inbounds wins

If this game goes to triple overtime, I’m becoming a nun.

Nice by trier. Looked like he was trying to bank the ball into the other basket to help tank

There’s no stopping Mudiay when he gets a head of steam, but how did he not fall down on that play! He falls down just walking. lmao

This loss is going to kill our chances to get the the 8th seed. 🙂

Honestly, I feel like Fiz was trying to tank that game. You can’t develop guys that will never belong in the NBA.

Disappointment. Wanted 5 overtime’s – to make sure Kevin Durant could see his ‘support cast’ in action!

Game ball goes to us, the Knick fans, who heroically choose not only to endure, but to triumph.

Seriously, how crazy is it that the Garden was rocking? NY really does love hoop.

Good thing the Knicks don’t know about the pick n roll or they might have pulled this one out. Nice come from ahead loss.

I’d have rooted for a W if Frank Knox and Mitchell were on the court there but there’s no point winning ugly with Trier and the one year contract guys. Good result.

That was too ugly to cope with again.

At least it’s a huge loss for the tank, Chicago looks like it’s coming strong in the competition for the bottom 3 in the east. This is the sort of random game Beasley would have won for the Knicks last season.

I really hope Frank has mono or something because his play lately has been abysmal.

Very depressing.

It’s funny how things tend to even out after odd starts, like the Thunder are now over .500 and the Rockets have won three in a row to get back to 4-5.

OT and 2OT: 12 baskets, 18 misses, 11 turnovers

Also 5 instances of a player stepping out of bounds and approximately 50 replay reviews.

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