Knicks Morning News (2018.10.02)

  • [NYDN] Patrick Ewing pays Knicks a visit as David Fizdale tries to get team in touch with its history
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 9:45:00 PM)

    WASHINGTON — Thanks to David Fizdale, Patrick Ewing finally got a chance to coach the Knicks.

    The legendary center was a surprise speaker inside the Knicks locker room Monday ahead of the preseason opener against the Wizards in Washington, lending his unique experience – and advice – to the new…

  • [NYDN] Mitchell Robinson gets rude welcome to NBA after having words with Markieff Morris, who calls Knicks center a ‘stupid ass rookie’
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 8:30:00 PM)

    WASHINGTON — Welcome to the NBA, Mitchell Robinson. You’ve already managed to get under Markieff Morris’ skin.

    The Knicks rookie’s debut included a couple highlight alley-oop jams and a heated exchange with Wizards grumpy veteran Morris, who was ejected following two technical fouls because he…

  • [NYDN] Defensive-minded Lance Thomas gets start in Knicks preseason opening win, and rookie Kevin Knox has solid debut
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 8:25:00 PM)

    WASHINGTON — Lance Thomas got the first crack at power forward.

    Impressing yet another coach with his defensive tenacity and leadership, the longest tenured Knick started in Monday’s preseason opener against the Wizards and contributed to the overtime win.

    Thomas beat out Mario Hezonja, the Knicks’…

  • [NYPost] ‘Stupid-ass rookie’ irks Wizards vet in impressive Knicks debut
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 6:23:32 PM)

    WASHINGTON — Knicks rookie center Mitchell Robinson never fails to be in the middle of the battle. Amid his alley-oop dunks, rebounds and blocked shots, Robinson baited Washington veteran forward Markieff Morris into a first-half ejection and then a war of words afterward, during which he was called “a stupid-ass rookie.’’ Welcome to the Knicks’…

  • [NYPost] Knicks ‘shocked’ and buzzing after surprise Patrick Ewing speech
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 3:56:39 PM)

    WASHINGTON — The Knicks received a big surprise upon their 10 a.m. arrival at Capital One Arena for Monday’s morning shootaround ahead of their preseason opener against the Wizards. There was Patrick Ewing, who made the short drive from Georgetown. The Hoyas head coach/Knicks legend delivered a 10-minute speech that had Knicks center Enes Kanter…

  • [NYPost] The lone surprise in Knicks’ debut starting lineup
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 8:11:51 AM)

    WASHINGTON — Knicks coach David Fizdale announced his starting lineup for the preseason opener against the Wizards on Monday, and the lone surprise was last year’s captain, Lance Thomas, securing the power-forward position over newly signed Mario Hezonja. A bulkier Thomas has wowed Fizdale with his defense and leadership. Trey Burke started at point guard…

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks’ rookie Robinson earns praise from Fizdale after confrontation
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 11:36:05 PM)

    Knicks rookie center Mitchell Robinson managed to ruffle some feathers in his NBA preseason debut on Monday night.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks open preseason slate with 124-121 win over Wizards in OT
    (Monday, October 01, 2018 10:07:28 PM)

    Kevin Knox scored a team-high 13 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to lead the Knicks to a preseason-opening 124-121 overtime win against the Wizards on Monday night.

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    Knox was much more composed in the second half after what I thought was an uninspiring first half. If he can shoot well from 3, the worst fears about him as a player will already have been wrong. The rebounding was a nice touch too, but on the flip side he’s slower on defense than I thought and the shot selection is a bit of a nightmare. Altogether I think it’s reasonable to think his stock has improved since the draft, though I still wouldn’t have taken him where we did.

    It was great to see Trier show some signs after a disappointing summer league. He was a very worthwhile flyer and good on Fiz and co. for seemingly giving him a real shot. I’m not going to say he’ll be a better player than Tim Hardaway Jr. within a year but he might be a better player than Tim Hardaway Jr. within a year.

    Mitch Rob is certainly raw but is absolutely tantalizing. He’ll be a contributor sooner than people think just based on his athleticism alone. He might require a lot of coaching but I think the investment will be worth it in the end. I continue to be amazed at some of the names that came off the board before him.

    Watched the first half live, second and overtime on delay,
    It’s the first game of preseason, no reason to get too excited but many many more reasons to be happy than sad.

    Really fun and easy rooting for so many youngsters, the level of athleticism on this roster is something we haven’t seen in years,
    effort level is high and players seems to like each other.

    Brace yourself for a lot of stupid turnovers and some exciting fastbreaks and dunks.

    It’s true, we have like one PG and 8 SGs.

    I missed most of the second half and overtime, but how much, if at all, did Frank play without either Burke or Mudiay on the floor? All of his first half minutes were as a secondary ball handler. That may ultimately be his destiny, and I’m not upset about any rotation decisions in the first preseason game, but I want him to get opportunities to run the offense himself. If there’s even a chance he’s a PG and not a 3-and-D guy, finding out should be one of Fiz’s top priorities this season.

    Overall, really liked what I saw in terms of energy, defense and style of play. We won’t be good, but we should be entertaining.

    Knox, Robinson & Trier.
    Three rookies.

    Knox was a known commodity and was a lottery pick.
    Robinson skipped college and dropped into the second round.
    Trier was suspended in college for PED’s that he received unknowingly after a car accident and went undrafted.

    Did we ace this year’s draft? All three looked like they belonged. All three need fine tuning but are NBA ready. As bad as this team is going to be, Knick fans have something to be stoked about.

    Also, I was clearly wrong about Mitch needing to start the season in the G-League. He’s going to get bullied around by bigger players (both post-ups and just boxing out), and he’s going to make a lot of other stupid mistakes. But the positives of his play are so ridiculously high already that it seems he and we are much better off with him learning on the job here, rather than in Westchester.

    Right now I’d give our draft a B. I wouldn’t have picked Knox but given how badly we screwed ourselves over it’s hard to say there was objectively a much more obvious pick at 9.

    Mitch Rob was a great pick no matter what happens–those tools just don’t tend to be available at 38.

    I liked the Trier signing enough but I thought that Gary Clark and Theo Pinson were more intriguing UDFAs. It’s hard to imagine Clark would’ve preferred to go the Rockets where he’ll get “break in case of 5-7 injuries” minutes instead of the Knicks where he might be the presumptive starter at SF. I also would’ve loved to just trim the fat on our roster and make a play for all three.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    I thought all the significant players looked good except Mudiay.

    I love Knox so far. We were worried about him filling up the stat sheet a little better. He got 10 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals in 26 minutes. He can handle enough to get the break going on his own and he has 3 point range. I’m not sure what else you could want unless you thought we were drafting an immediate franchise changer.

    Robinson is raw, but you can see the potential. (his FTs were horrible though lol)

    @5 Let’s keep in mind that Washington is hardly a test for a player like Mitch, and that this is the preseason. I’m in love with him like everyone else, but if he starts picking up 3 fouls in 5 minutes vs. teams with good bigs, then he might be well served with a G-League stint. Frankly, I don’t get the negativity (not you in particular, just in general) about a developing player using the G-League to get certain fundamentals down in a less stressful environment. I truly believe that Ntilikina would be further along if he played 10-20 games last year against lesser competition and was forced to be aggressive with the ball, rather than playing scared up here, as in dribbling to the top of the arc and making the first simple pass over and over again. From Clint Capela to Trey Burke, the evidence is pretty compelling that a prolonged sting in the G-League can build skills and confidence that are transferable to the NBA.

    Yeah, the results might have been different if Howard had played. But with the way the game is evolving, there aren’t that many teams with offensively dominant centers, and we happen to have one of them. Which will, as Fiz has said, only help Robinson’s development; another reason I’d probably rather him play here.

    I’m not inherently opposed to people going to the G-League, and I think Frank needs a chance to actually play sustained minutes as a point guard, just to be sure he can’t do it (or find out that he can). But I also think there are genuine advantages to being with the big club’s staff, to scrimmaging against better players, and to being in higher-pressure game situations, even if the minutes are more limited than they’d be in Westchester.

    I know we’re supposed to be rooting for losses, and Mudiay definitely could be a big contributor to that cause, but watching him play just hurts my eyeballs.

    There have got to be other ways to lose games, right?

    Of the likely regulars I thought Hezonja was also pretty bad. Holistically, we should have lost that game-the team defense was weak. We let Washington get up 38 threes, which is a recipe for losing a ton of games. On the other hand, we already know we’re going to lose a lot of games and Knox and Robinson both looked very promising.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    I think they have changed tactics with Frank. They aren’t defining him as a PG or SG and trying to push him into one of those roles. They are defining him as high level defender that can guard either position and make plays. That’s how they are going to use him. They will put him on the court with players that complement his current skills and depending on how those skills develop over time his role with change with them.

    I didn’t catch the game. Reading good things about Trier’s defense but mostly about his effort to chase down blocks on the low post. How does he look fundamentally? Is he as good as Ron Baker on perimeter defense? If he is and is as competent on offense as his college record indicates, that’s a useful roster player.

    They aren’t defining him as a PG or SG and trying to push him into one of those roles.

    I get that. But thus far, his best offensive skills are his court vision and his passing, and those are largely wasted in an off-ball roll. They need to spend at least a few minutes a game feeding him and telling him to break down defenses and either shoot or pass in the process. That could well be on Fiz’s agenda — his goal last night was just to play all 17 guys and see what happened — but it seems a waste of Frank if they’re not going to try to let him initiate the offense more.

    Trier seems like a player with great instincts and ball skills who will catch on to things quicky. His offensive approach evolved over the course of the game last night, as if he was figuring out what worked and what didn’t. It’s as if he was coaching himself. Same thing on D, he looked to be figuring it out with each possession, testing his own footwork and positioning.

    My two concerns: 1) he didn’t seem a legit 6’5″ to me, might struggle defensively vs. bigger, stronger 2’s and 2) he didn’t seem all that interested in passing, played with his head down at times; but that might be due to his concentration on his own approach to iso scoring, which will likely be his niche for a while.

    PS I thought Ron played very well on both ends. Right now, he’s clearly our best backup PG, which isn’t saying much.

    I also thought Trier was only looking for his own shot, but he had decent assist numbers in college.

    Yeah, Trier appears to have an opposite approach to Frank, i.e. work on attacking first and being deferential later. He showed some very explosive crossover/stepback/hesitation dribble moves. He’s pretty stone-faced (in a Bernard King way, not a Michael Beasley way.) I liked that.

    Trier is a scorer, he’s clearly one of those guys who has a knack for scoring and looking for his own shot. I don’t see a future star player when I look at him, but he could potentially, eventually, become a Lou Williams kind of guy, an undersized scorer who could become a valuable piece if he figures it out.

    In any case, he’s on a two-way contract and can’t spend much time with the main team, so he’ll have the space to play a lot in the G-League to see what we have.

    I thought when the Knicks made their run at the start of the third quarter you could see the value of Frank. On 2 consecutive possessions he was outstanding…. on the first he literally switched and stymied 3 different players and made the deflection leading to a steal and a fast break and then on a subsequent possession he stole the ball, pushed it up the floor and canned a sweet 3.

    Even though his game has no AAU in it , it has a lot of “win” in it…. just maybe not on this team for a couple of years.

    Hard to be discouraged after last night’s showing. We’re young. We’re gonna make A LOT of mistakes this year. We will need a talent upgrade over the next few years to really compete. But this is the most athletic team we’ve had in I don’t know how long and there is so much potential and room for internal improvement with this cast of characters. And our two draft picks are both looking pretty solid right now. I think Mitchell is probably ok to be the back up to Kanter right now. I don’t think he’ll need to spend a bunch of time in the D-League. He’ll take his lumps but damn we might have gotten the steal of the draft.

    And Knox looks great too. I’m encouraged by his non scoring stats. Rebounding especially last night was a nice bonus. With KP we need all the rebounding we can get and if Knox can be above average for a SF and average for a PF, that’s huge for us.

    At the very least I get the sense that this team is gonna go at it every night and will play hard. That’s all I can ask for at this point.

    I don’t get the negativity (not you in particular, just in general) about a developing player using the G-League to get certain fundamentals down in a less stressful environment.

    Agree but I think that applies more to Frank here than Mitch. First, Robinson would benefit from playing against Enes in practice; in particular, he will have to learn optimal box out technique to keep him off the boards. Second, I don’t think it matters where he is in terms of improving free throw shooting. Third, he’s a key component of our offense. The pick/dives/lobs affect the game even when they don’t happen because they force the defense to guard in a certain way. That helps all the players on our offense; the sooner they’re used to that the better.

    Frank’s a keeper no matter his ultimate role because he’s a consistent plus player and it’s not hard to envision an elite defense (KP/Mitch/Frank). BUT even if he ends up a 2 or 3 Frank needs to be more aggressive and the G League is perfect for that. That would also help the tank by giving Mudiay minutes. And giving more playing time to Dot/Ron/Trier will help Fiz decide who’s a keeper.

    BTW Who are we cutting?

    I’m going out on a limb here but I’m going to say baker looked more like a lead pg than Burke. He plays without Ego and sets the tone fir defense. He and trier really surprised me last nite.


    I see the Lou Williams comparison, but I saw some Donovan Mitchell and maybe booker more.

    BTW Who are we cutting?

    I would cut Hicks ahead of anybody else. And if tanking isn’t a high priority, I’d cut Mudiay next. But the FO isn’t going to do that quite yet.

    I thought mudiay showed some things last nite, he can get beat his man off the dribble he just needs to finish strong and other things may start to open up for him.

    The player is was most disappointed in last nite was hezonja. He just looked lost on defense. Him and Kornet looked a step slow.

    One game hot takes:

    The Knicks only have one legit PG, and his name is Ron Baker. The other guys are more talented and athletic, though, and Baker’s style of play means he’ll be getting hurt a lot. Burke is more of a combo scorer, and Mudiay just lacks the BBIQ, shot, and finishing ability. Frank is too young and/or tentative. It’ll be interesting to see how the minutes are given out once the regular season starts. Pure PG skills may not mean that much in Fiz’s run and gun philosophy.

    My big concern with Knox, having watched him a lot in college, was his motor. But that has not been a problem at all in the summer league or last night. He was borderline TENACIOUS in his rebounding. If he maintains that intensity and adds some weight/strength over time, he could end up a terrific stretch four.

    Kanter and Robinson could nicely complement each other. Let Kanter get the lion’s share of the minutes when facing the big beefy centers like Howard who will likely overwhelm Robinson, but Robinson plays more against the mobile type centers. The obvious concerns with him right now are fouls and free throw shooting.

    I imagine the Knicks would really like to deal away Lee right now and Kanter during the season.

    I watched a lot of the Suns – Kings game last night and boy, did Ayton look good. So fluid, moves like a NBA player already, talented scorer inside and with a very good jumper, even had some defensive plays here and there. He might never be a defensive star but his offensive potential is off the charts. This rookie class is looking like it will be an amazing one.

    my q, after yesterday……who wins this battle? The Morris brothers vs. Brett kavanaugh and Chris Dudley, in a bar?

    If Mudiay could finish strong he might be an NBA player. Unfortunately the fact that he hasn’t made shots in 3 NBA seasons (including consistently abysmal finishing around the rim) suggests we shouldn’t hold our breath. I thought he was pretty awful last night. He can beat his man but consistently ends up out of control with no idea what he’s going to do when he enters the lane. I think his minutes will be a good barometer of the coaching staff’s goals. He’s not good now and any developmental value to his minutes is minimal at this point. If he plays a lot once the games count I think we’ll come to realize that Fiz is down with the tank.

    Hezonja also disappointing. Fits with Mudiay for me as a guy who at this point in his NBA life should be at least showing the signs that he “gets it” but still shows terrible decision making and recognition. He’ll play though because we’re thin on the wing.

    It’s awesome for now watching this athletic group run around and make things happen although I do expect the charm to wear off a bit as we’re going to make a LOT of mistakes. Great to have basketball back though and there are a lot of guys to root for in this group.

    I’m pretty sure if Allonzo Trier didn’t have the PED suspensions he would have been a first round pick in either of the last two drafts. I’d love to see the Knicks play Burke and Trier in the same back court for a few minutes this pre season, and Trier should probably be upgraded from a two-way to a 3 year minimum salary deal with a team option on both years. He’s not a perfect prospect, but if you look back at his tape while he was at Arizona you’d see a kid who was clearly an NBA player. When the Knicks picked him up I knew we got a rotation piece for dirt cheap.

    It was nice seeing Knox get on the glass last night, and I think a lot of that is because of Fizdale’s philosophy as a coach (if you get the rebound and can dribble you bring the ball up). I saw a lot of things to like from his game, but Mitchell Robinson the player I was more excited about. He catches everything and understands his abilities on defense well enough that he will definitely improve our defense by just being on the floor. I like what the Knicks did in the draft this year, and I like how Fizdale has this team playing. Last night made me a little less hopeful in our tank bid.

    The Morris brothers vs. Brett kavanaugh and Chris Dudley, in a bar?



    There was a pass Mudiay threw that I thought was just an atrocious fuckup heading way out of bounds and then Mitchell just grabbed it. I hope we get to see him and Porzingis play together at some point this season.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    I thought mudiay showed some things last nite, he can get beat his man off the dribble he just needs to finish strong and other things may start to open up for him.

    They took a shot with him because he can beat his man off the dribble and make plays. The problem is he can’t shoot or defend. That’s where he’s going to have to show some development.

    He can beat his man but consistently ends up out of control with no idea what he’s going to do when he enters the lane

    I still remember this moment in his first game as a Knick where he completely fooled the guy defending him, had a clear path to the basket and then sort of just sort of flung the ball at the hoop for a miss.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    Hezonja had some terrible TOs, but that kind of stuff happens. It’s not like TOs have been a major problem all career. He was also “told” to be more aggressive with his shot. He probably took a couple of marginal shots last night because of that. I think he’ll be fine as long as expectations aren’t too high.

    This rookie class is looking like it will be an amazing one.

    Seriously. That was the one thing that I was holding on to hope about, that in a different draft class, even Knox would probably be a Top 6 pick (Freakin’ Chriss was, what, #6 or something like that in his draft?).

    Yeah, I know it’s early, but it’s early for everyone in the draft. At the very least, I feel we got good value on the 9th pick in the draft and a lot of surplus value on Robinson.

    If you were to redraft today, I’d suspect Knox gets taken higher. Specifically, I think he’d go ahead of Young, Sexton, and probably Bagley (who seems like the worst pick in this admittedly nascent stage). I don’t see anyone behind him leaping ahead of him except possibly SGA.

    I’d like to say Robinson is a lottery pick but when you consider how far both he and Williams dropped, he might not be since teams went hard after wings in the late lottery.

    Just to get what I’m sure will be a season long thing started- Mikal Bridges last night: 0 points (0-3), 1 rebound, and zeros across the rest of the board in 12 minutes of action. Perry 1, Knickerbloggers 0! For the record I’d have gone Bridges over Knox myself though I’d have taken SGA over both.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    I think Miles Bridges had a good game the other night.


    Chriss was 8th, but in the same draft where Bender and Dunn were 4th and 5th.

    Bridges looked really really good on one of their games against the Celtics, he looked very explosive and had a decent jumper to go with it. I mean, they’re all young rookies playing in preseason, it’s all going to be ups and downs, but the potential upside of some of those guys is tantalizing.

    From the ones I watched, Ayton, Doncic and Jackson Jr. looked great and Knox, Miles and Trae Young (despite the terrible shooting) all looked pretty promising. Bailey played shooting guard or some shit but it’s the Kings and he didn’t look all that terrible, so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    Just to get what I’m sure will be a season long thing started- Mikal Bridges last night: 0 points (0-3), 1 rebound, and zeros across the rest of the board in 12 minutes of action. Perry 1, Knickerbloggers 0! For the record I’d have gone Bridges over Knox myself though I’d have taken SGA over both.

    Thank god we’re not on a Hawks or Kings board.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    Thank god we’re not on a Hawks or Kings board.

    After one game that bad we’d be ready to include them in a trade to move Noah while they still have value or be anxious to play them 36 minutes so we tank. 🙂

    I mean, it’s more because both teams had the chance to draft Doncic and kinda totally screwed it up.

    I think the deal Atlanta made wasn’t terrible considering they are 100% tanking this year. They need a wing and Doncic would be perfect, but they got a promising guard who won’t halt the tank too much and potentially have 3 top 10 picks in a draft where there’s tons of intriguing SGs available. If they end up drafting Barrett or Little or Reddish and Young is the real deal, they’ll form a pretty damn good young core with Prince and Collins, who’s looking like a beast.

    I mean, it’s more because both teams had the chance to draft Doncic and kinda totally screwed it up.


    The OP was talking about a year-long game-by-game comp of Knox and Bridges. Imagine being on a Kings board and having to compare Bagley and Doncic box scores for 82 games. I’d give up.

    The Hawks could end up acing that trade if Dallas’ pick gets them a stud. Young looks like he has enough elite playmaking skills to eventually come good, even if he may suffer some dreadful shooting nights along the way.

    I think Atlanta made a mistake, but I also think they’re making a reasonable gamble. The Kings just fucked up.

    Obviously few of you listened to the post-game show and the Fizdale interview. A lot of your observations are things that was his design. Fizdale has a philosophy that discourages holding on to the ball except when it comes to Trier who he said “Is great with the ball in his hands”. I think Trier might come into the game for some instant offense and that he’ll surround the kid with complimentary pieces (rebounders, pick setters, outlet shooters) .

    The thing is Trier can only spend 45 days with the main roster, so my guess is they’ll start with him in the G-league, kinda like what happened with Burke last season, and then bring him up at the end of the season. It will be a good chance for him to dominate and develop, there’s a chance he could become an interesting player.

    Trier was excellent at getting to the free throw line as a college player, and last night he got 6 FTA in 21 minutes. That’s a useful skill, especially for a second unit Lou Williams type of player. Most of the Knicks’ wings are not adept at getting to the line.

    He was a nice find as an UDFA.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    I wasn’t commenting so much on Atlanta and Sacramento. I don’t have a strong opinion on who is going to wind up being the best player or how the Hawks are eventually going to wind up at the end of the deal (though I was against Trae Young). I was more making a joke that we are 1 game into pre-season and people around the NBA think a single bad or great game matters (myself included). I’m so hyped about Knox and Robinson. Plus, I have a good friend who is a college basketball guru and when the Knicks signed Allonzo Trier he was ecstatic. We may have 3 very good players if we are patient.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    I don’t understand the Trier contract.

    Let’s say Trier is lighting it up in pre season and the G league and they want him to be on the team, can’t they just cut someone else and bring him up. If so, I see no issue other than figuring out who that would be. IMO, they could easily cut Kornet and use Vonleh at C if they have to.

    I have some hopes that Fizdale might turn out to be a good developmental coach, that he might be able to get through to the young guys and shape their games in a positive way. He does seem to have a youthful energy to him and isn’t some fucking dinosaur like Phil Jackson or Kurt Rambis prattling on about the pinch post and Carlos Castaneda and shit.


    But the point of 2-way contracts is to give them to players you think are going to need to stay in the G-League for at least half the season. 45 days is roughly 1/4 of the NBA season, about 20 something games, which is a decent amount of time for a player to make an impact. Meanwhile the team gets an extra roster spot. Trier probably qualifies as a guy who, like Burke, could use the G-League time to improve and get a guaranteed contract next year.

    I still don’t know why the hell Mudiay or Kornet are under guaranteed deals with the Knicks, as they clearly don’t belong, and they also signed Kadeem Allen to a training camp deal, so two players still have to go (probably Noah and Allen, while Hicks and Trier are the two-way guys). So yeah, I don’t think giving Trier a two-way is necessarily bad, but I’d much rather have him than Mudiay on the roster.

    If Kornet can shoot 3s (which is still an open question) he would be worth having on the roster.


    Mudiay? Good thing he’s just -517 for his career! Now he’s -512 I gusss then.

    Except it was a preseason game, so it doesn’t count. Still -517, I guess.

    Willy is definitely better than Kaminsky, even in this brave new world where Anthony Bonner would be a stretch 5. Seems like he’ll take his spot backing up Zeller as long as Zeller can stay healthy.

    Giving Willy away for nothing was like hitting yourself in the nuts with a hammer just because you’re bored

    I finally watched the game. In the first half I was so disappointed in Ntilikina. I want him to succeed. But he didn’t have any impact on offense and twice he was passed the ball down low and just passed the ball away instead of shooting, and the passes just reset the offense instead of creating something. But then he started the second half, looked very good, took shots when he should have and the Knicks went on a run. I have no idea why the difference, but I hope he keeps the second half stuff up.

    My second takeaway from the game is that those of you hoping for a terrible team and a high draft pick may be disappointed. Washington’s a team that is expected to compete for a playoff spot. It’s true Howard didn’t play, but they still played Wall, Beale and Morris and our youthful energy got to them. We won the game on the road when they clearly wanted to win too. We’re not going to be great; but we will get better at not making mistakes as the season progresses, and we could give middle tier teams trouble if they are not on their game.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Trier can grab a roster spot from Baker or Dotson. If the Knicks could move Lee by attaching a second-rounder I’d do it but I think it’d take more than that given how many teams want cap space this summer. If the Knicks do make room to sign Trier to a regular contract do they get another two-way deal? There might be some intriguing guys floating around after teams make their final cuts.

    Any two-way contract can be converted into a standard contract, the player then gets paid the minimum according to his years of service. CBAFAQ says that if that happens the two-way contract gets voided, which probably means if the Knicks turn Trier’s contract into a standard one they should be able to get another two-way player, yes.

    Really off-topic: i’m at a Nuggets/ Lakers game right now. Lebron is playing. Rondo has hit 2 3s, which is something given that outside shooting is expected to be a struggle for the Lakers. They’re athletic, and they can run.

    THCJ’s boy Jokic is no joke. No one can handle him in the paint, and he’s been bringing the ball up some.

    And before any of you ask: it’s a family outing. Though I am being forced to wear this generic Lakers hat my gf’s dad passed out. Help me, guys.

    Cdiggy, if you start talking about Kobe assists, we will know the hat has claimed you.

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