Knicks Don’t Hire Mark Jackson! David Fizdale Hired to be the New Knicks Head Coach

According to Woj, the Knicks have agreed to a four-year deal with David Fizdale.

Fizdale is a very popular coach among the players in the NBA and when he was the coach in Memphis, he ran a modern offense (while still paying attention to their team defense), so hopefully this works out.

The main thing is, though, that he is not Mark Jackson. So I am pumped.

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Don’t know where I’d rank Fizz on the top coaches in the NBA list, but he’s got the hottest wife by far.

So we’ve got that going for us.

Mildly bummed by this, but I’ll root for the guy.

I’m mildly disappointed, as well, since Budz is such a great option, but I figure that the odds are that Budz wanted the Milwaukee job, so the Knicks probably didn’t have a real chance at him.

From last thread

“Take that for data.”
If that doesn’t mean anything to you, google it.

Fiz is reportedly flying out to meet KP soon. Good move on his part.

If Fiz can make KP actually run to the rim he should get the Nobel Peace Prize

I’m happy with this hire, all things considered. I think any of Bud, Blatt, and Fiz would be suitable for this team. That the Knicks chose Fiz over the other two either implies that Bud is taking the MIL job/Blatt didn’t want to rebuild OR that he legitimately beat them out in the interview process. Either way, I’m happy.

It’s not Mark Jackson! It’s NOT Mark Jackson!

Solid hire. Not Jackson so that’s a win. My personal first option was Budz, but I think we probably couldn’t have gone too wrong with either him, Fizz or Blatt. Would be interesting to know why the didn’t go Budz given the apparent mutual interest. The Bucks job might have been a bit more enticing when it became available. That being said, it seems Fizz might have been the FO’s favourite from the get go given they were pretty quick to interview him. I doubt you interview you 3rd or 4th choice straight off the bat.

Solid choice. I hope he’s strong on the developmental side.

Not Jackson is great news but overall, I’m pretty neutral on this hire. He seems like he could be a good coach but with the NY media, Dolan and our possibly hands-on front office, I would have liked a more experienced coach who could stand up against outside pressures. Fitzdale might be that guy but Bud could have definitely stood up to Mills/Perry and Dolan and coached the team he wanted to coach.

I’d give this a B-/C+, Blatt would have been a B, and Budenholzer an easy A+.

So, the Willy trade foreshadowed this hire!

B. I’m hopeful about the hire. Let’s give him a very young roster. Forget Beas. Try to move Lee. No more stopgap vets.

Tone Loc! LOL!

Tina Cervasio: Knicks hire David Fizdale. Talking to people… hearing his ability to communicate with players & media a huge strength. Good Defensive teams followed him from Miami to Memphis as HC. Comes from “Riley Tree”. Worked for Pat as Erik Spolstra’s assistant during Championships.

Positive 1. Not Mark Jackson

Positive 2. Not Mark Jackson, really!

Positive 3. Not a stupid move by the FO despite the low expectations of many

Positive 4. Solid hire, the man has a good reputation in the coaching community and with players, notorious whiner Marc Gasol aside.

I’m curious to know the rest of the coaching staff.

I hope Bud didn’t want to coach here. From the outside, it seems like Mills and Perry didn’t want to hire someone who might be smarter than them about basketball.

But Fizdale is good. I feel like we have a perfectly adequate front office and coach right now. It’s not Morey and Pop, but it’s ok. I think Perry’s overall record is positive since he got here, even with the Willy move that I hated and the Mudiay mistake.

Put it this way: I don’t think our coach, GM, or Team President are going to derail us. I’m not sure they’re going to take us to promised land, either. That’s a kind of normalcy I can live with right now.

The most important thing now is that we nail this draft pick, suck again next year, and nail that one.

This is a reasonable hire. Avoided the unkind cut of Dolan’s Razor this time.

I hope Blatt and Mark Jackson get new jobs in the NBA so y’all can see who the real worst option on the table was.

As it stands, we were probably the only team dumb enough to consider hiring either of them.

I thought he did a nice job modernizing some of what the Grizzlies were doing in a pretty short amount of time. See for example Gasol’s 3PA going from 0.1/36 the year prior to 3.8/36 in FIzdale’s first year. That plus a player development background and an excellent reputation is enough for me to get pretty strongly on board with this.

If that report had never come out saying we were Bud’s top choice this would feel like a lot more of a win but I think the right way to see it is that Bud decided he prefers to see what shakes out among the likely playoff vacancies and we got the best remaining candidate. Hiring coaches is always tricky and I could easily be leading the “Fire Fiz” chants 18 months from now, but today I’m happy.


It’s fine, I like the hire. Not super mega thrilled or anything, as his resume is just ok and we don’t know much about his coaching philosophy, but when we’re used to the Dolan’s Razor, it feels good when a move that actually makes sense happens.

Once Bud became available I was hoping for him but I have no problem at all with hiring Fizdale, actually am pretty excited about it. Can’t believe I’m saying this but good job Knicks.

Yeah, whatever. Is he willing to tank? Yeah? Okay, cool.

(From last thread: I have worked in the touring musician/hired gun, academic and sales worlds. I make way more money in sales and I have no desire to return to either of the others. When I’m drinking Oregon Pinot overlooking the Cascades in Bend, OR and getting paid for it, I just sooooo desperately long to return to adjuncting at a private university for which the administrators made $200k with a housing stipend.)

The work he did in modernizing the Grizzlies offense without sacrificing too much on the defensive end, coupled with all the testimonials from other coaches, players, and some of the smarter media types like Zach Lowe have me feeling fairly optimistic about the hire, even if I wanted Bud. Phrases like “creative,” “great communicator,” “flexible,” and “inspires great loyalty” (whatever happened with Gasol excepted) are not ones we’re used to hearing about our coach.

Why are the Knicks still giving 4 year contracts to coaches?

They only last here 1.5 years tops…

Good hiring anyway. It’s not Mark Jackson!

Ringer article talking about how Fiz’s work with Bosh and Gasol (tactically for the latter, if not interpersonally) bodes well for Porzingis’s game.

I’m glad Fiz is a players coach who will learn from his mistakes dealing w/ the star in Memphis. Because Emanuel Mudiay could really use a friend.

Would have preferred Budenolzer but not a terrible choice, and not Mark Jackson. I hear he has a hot wife, so there’s that.

I hope he turns the Knicks around and is the coach for a long, long time.

Lebron had 43 points, 8 rebounds, 14 assists and 1 turnover and it’s not even a big deal.

With another very attractive coaching gig almost certain to be opening up in Toronto I’d say the Knicks did well to lock up Fizdale now.

Lebron had 43 points, 8 rebounds, 14 assists and 1 turnover and it’s not even a big deal.

Why would it be a big deal? It’s not even a triple double.

I’m fine with Fiz, but Budz woulda been nice. The Bucks and Toronto are much better gigs, though, so if that’s what he’s waiting for, hard to blame him.

I too am very excited for the “not Mark Jackson” era.

Lebron is unreal. So is this choke by the Raptors.

Joel Embiid is awesome and I hope he can stay healthy enough to reach his potential.

Budz said he wanted to coach here. Why are posters acting like he turned us down for a better job?

Budz said he wanted to coach here. Why are posters acting like he turned us down for a better job?

The same reports that said he wanted to coach here were also saying that he was possibly playing the Knicks against other teams to make as much money as he could get.

But sure, if Budz doesn’t end up getting the Milwaukee gig (or the Toronto gig, if that opens up), then it is possible that the Knicks just didn’t want him.

Is it just me or is Embiid slow on his feet. He got blown by by Al Horford. KP would’ve swatted that shit to Maine

“Take that for data.”
If that doesn’t mean anything to you, google it.

Full context being that bad calls statistically even out but they’d just lost a game with incredibly lopsided foul calling. Doesn’t mean that he’s anti-analytical as you seem to be implying. It’s a solid hire.

@41 yeah that was horrendous defense by Embiid.

Simmons with 1 point in 31 minutes.

Embiid was so gassed on that last play, his legs clearly failed him. Boston is just so annoying to play against.

Someone’s finally got a defense that can make Simmons pay for not shooting.

Fascinated to see what unfolds in Philly. Expect this to be 2-2 soon and a great series.

I’m happy with this hire! I was a Blatt guy but I’m totally okay with this. Being optimistic, hopefully he’ll show his full potential and lead us to the promised land!

I honestly don’t know what kind of coach this team needs. Frizdale seems like an OK choice but this is NY. We eat coaches for dinner. Who knows how this will go? The Knicks are going to be bad next year. I’m declaring a tank already. Is Frizdale ready for that? We’ll see.

I hate to say this, but the deal for Fizdale coudl still fall through. We got this far along with Kerr after all. And the press reports say that now they will negotiate a contract. I assume the basic salary figure is agreed upon, but who knows about the rest of the contract details. That said, my guess is that Fizdale will be easier to sign than Bud. His former salary was less and he was a coach but not a GM, so he could want less than Bud did.

Extremely disappointed in the choice of coach. Nothing personal to Fitzdale, I’m sure he is a decent coach. However I did not see him doing anything amazing with Memphis, even when they had a solid team. I would have love to see Mark Jackson implement an offense similar to what he helped build in Golden State. Also, he is a NY native and former Knick. I don’t understand why these executives do not give alumni a chance for success. They done it with Ewing, now there doing it with Jackson and he had head coaching experience. I think the GM missed a key opportunity to change the culture by bringing excitement to the team with the coaching hire. I wish Fitzdale great success, but very disappointed with Knicks executive management.

You’re disappointed with Fizdale because you think they should have hired Mark Jackson instead

Is that a correct read of this post? Just clarifying

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