2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat

The Knicks luckily avoid this huge snowstorm that we’re going through (snowstorms in late March are annoying. Okay, they’re annoying any time they happen, but especially when they happen in late March) by playing in Miami.

Miami is still ostensibly fighting for a playoff spot, but they’re pretty much locked in. Now it is just about avoiding playing against Toronto in the first round. Not that Boaton is much better of a matchup, of course.

Hopefully Frank has another good game!

Let’s go, Nick Foles, Super Bowl champion!

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I missed the new thread, so here’s a repost:

I have mixed feelings about Hornacek, but I am in favor of keeping him. In Phoenix, his point guards did well; and, in Dragic’s case, much better than expected. Phoenix ended up with three good point guards, when they only could use two. Phoenix management then screwed things up by making many trades and changes. Part of the result of that was eventually having none of the three point guards. This could actually happen to the Knicks, especially if they draft Young. But it probably wouldn’t be Hornacek’s fault if we have too many functional point guards. It would be Knicks management’s fault for actually outdoing Phoenix in bad management (and we all know this is a possibility).

I think he’s a competent coach and keeping him is one less change for Knicks management to make and mess up.

This Heat team proves how important coaching is. Imagine them with Hornaceck at the helm.

weird box score…looks like our starters did well, and, the bench is getting absolutely crushed…

I’m really interested in who our next head coach is going to be. I really, really, really hope it’s a guy who understands Porzingis is a center.

Emmanuel Mudiay is actually worse at basketball than Lance Thomas. I didn’t think such a player existed.


Yeah, it’s unbelievable a player like him still has a guaranteed contract to be honest.

The Heat have a very good assortment of role players, the issue is thay they kinda only have role players. More than enough to embarrass the Knicks thankfully.

Judging by the score the 45 minutes of frozen screen of the back of Kantner’s head was probably a good thing

Mudiay is just playing with y’all. He knows losing is best and is purposely playing really, really awful basketball. In fact, Adam Silver wants to investigate, he doesn’t think any player in the NBA could be playing that bad unintentionally.

Next year we’ll see the real Emanuel Mudiay.

I can’t believe that Horny is clearly trying to win this game on the back of Beasley and Kanter.

Only 16 comments on a game thread. This is the New York Knicks. What a shame.

35 points on .696 TS%, 17 assists, 7 rebounds, 2 fouls, 1 steal, 0 turnovers.

His team, incredibly, shot .731 TS% and only won by 3! The Raptors are winning the East unless LeBron plays like that for 7 games. The Raptors are a real-deal basketball team, but LeBron is basically a god posing as a very large, very strong, very fast, very smart human.

Dwight Howard must be pissed that he got a goddamn 30/30 and nobody will talk about it because LeBron is a god amongst men lol.

Oh by the way, this was the first time ever a player had 35+ points and 15+ assists with 0 turnovers in a game.

Howard could end up in the top 20 in career WS and still have been irrelevant for the last ten years of his career. I’d guess he’ll play until he’s 36 or 37 and will only have sniffed a ring once, despite freakish talents and actual two-way superstardom. Capela is also a freak, but Howard could easily play that role and score as efficiently. Plus, who doesn’t like highlight-reel PnR dunks? (Apparently DH12?)

I’ve had a couple coworkers who were so unfunny and so desperate to be funny that people would leave a conversation whenever they hovered near it at a bar or party. I can’t imagine being rich, famous and talented and still utterly repellent in virtually any social situation. It must suck, honestly.

Yeah, Dwight is the one case where the issues are so obviously mental it hurts. From the whole Shaq comparisons, to him deciding he wants the ball with his back to the basket and doesn’t like to be the roll man on PnRs and then not giving a fuck 90% of the time, it’s just sad to me.

He bought the idea that a superstar has to create his own offense and that it’s not good enough to “just” be the best defender and rebounder on the court plus an incredibly efficient scorer and that derailed him so hard. If he just stayed as HoF level Tyson Chandler and tried harder he would still be relevant today for sure.

Remember how painfully dumb he sounded working with D’Antoni? Ugh. What a maroon.

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