2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

It is a huge game for the Knicks as they host the Chicago Bulls (or at least those that chose to come to New York), who are one game worse than the Knicks!

This is a must-lose game!

I’m here with my wife and holy crap, the seats in the 100 level are crazy cramped. So weird.

Let’s go, Nicolas Cage!

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Chicago may think their tank is impenetrable but do they know that Mudiay/Beasley/Kanter are a formidable -27/100 in 270 possessions in the floor together this year? Do they?

We should go to an offense/defense strategy with Kanter. Put him in on defense and take him out on offense. #TankStrategy

Just checked the combined shooting stats while at work. What a shit show. Might just watch the highlights when I get home…….if there are any.

Hicks and Williams are high energy, at least.

Frank looks good, too. The Bulls are trying to stay away from him on defense.

Willy has 17 at halftime

I can’t even find the words to express what I think.

Our management and coaching staff is dumber than a bag of rocks.

Wow, the Bulls are impressively bad. I think they’ve earned the higher pick already.

At least the 2nd round pick we got from them will be more valuable – there’s always an upside

Horny “Wait, we’re allowed to let low post players shoot threes? That doesn’t seem fair.”

Okay hear me out. whenever two tanking teams are set to play with less than 25 games left they don’t at all and instead roll a standard sized ping pong table to center court and play round robin for two hours. winner gets to keep the balls.

This level of tanking is a stain on the sport. It would be better to flip a coin.

Yeah, these vets should be proud that they’re beating basically five random guys off the street.

In fairness, with the way the Bulls are tanking I think even the Westies would have beaten them tonight.

I can’t watch this anymore. I’ll gladly go down in flames with bright people if we do smart things and it simply doesn’t work out our way. But we all know how this is going to end. The Knicks are going to miss their target player by one pick.

This is.. fine. I guess. Dropping lower than the 9th spot was gonna be very difficult anyway.

Is this why we gifted Willy to the Hornets? So they wouldn’t pass us in the draft?

Ye of little faith. We all know the Knicks have the capacity to shit the bed in the 4th.

Keeping Beasley on this roster after the deadline might be the most confusing decision this franchise has made this season.

If I were in a room with Hitler, bin Laden and Hornacek and had two bullets–

Shooting 10% from downtown was a masterful play by the Bulls you have to give them credit.

They left their best young players at home and didn’t play Robin Lopez. This is blatant tanking and the league needs to discipline them.

Upside is that at least the young bench guys are getting equal minutes to the starters. Would prefer Dotson take a few more of Lee’s minutes though. More Williams for Hardaway (or Hardaway at the 2 and Williams at the 3) would also be preferential.

Can the league get in the business of telling a team that their players aren’t, in fact, injured? Seems like a big step, and one they probably can’t take without very solid evidence.

if we want to move up from 9th…. we probably can’t be winning more than one more game…. and gotta hope sac.. dallas or the nets get pretty hot….

the bulls are shameless… there is no out tanking them…..

Our bench scored 53 pts. Bulls starters shot 0-19 from 3. Wasn’t like Timmy got hot and went for 30+. What do you do?

At least the Knicks tried to lose em all…

if we want to move up from 9th…. we probably can’t be winning more than one more game…. and gotta hope sac.. dallas or the nets get pretty hot….

the bulls are shameless… there is no out tanking them…..

I’d say even one more win might be too much to overcome and that’ll be tough with Orlando at home still to come. Sacto really needs to win tonight and win all of their remaining games against the tankers for us to have a shot to move up.

I mean, it’s annoying to be at the end of it but the Bulls are doing what they’re supposed to do to maximize their situation. We’ll keep our honorable winning culture and Miles Bridges, I guess.

Reminder that no one will give half a fuck who the Bulls benched in a meaningless game if they wind up with a franchise player.

People swore for years that the “losing culture” or whatever would destroy Philly from within and now they might sign LeBron James because they have good, young players.

I don’t love the system, but as of right now it is what it is and, contrary to what some people think, there is no reward for willfully ignoring its basic incentive structure.

At least we got Willy in the second rou—oh, yeah. We’re dumb.

We’re picking 9th unless somebody leapfrogs us in the lottery, so the games from here on out are utterly meaningless, even from a tanking standpoint. So I can now completely tune out, which I’m kind of thankful for. So go ahead, Timmeh, knock yourself out! Score a bunch of meaningless pointzz! It doesn’t matter anymore!

The thing is, this is really kind of a 9-player draft. In my opinion the quality falls off quite a bit after Doncic, Ayton, JJJ, Porter, Bagley, Bamba, Mikal Bridges, Carter and Trae Young. So Dolan’s Razor dictates that a team below us WILL leapfrog us in the lottery. It’s pre-ordained. We’re not getting one of those nine. If one of the nine is available, the geniuses running this team will pick somebody else.

If we finish 9th there’s still a 13.4% chance that someone leapfrogs us in the lottery.

Of the guys that Chicago played tonight, how many would even be in the rotation of a playoff team? 1?

Technically we have a chance to leapfrog someone too, it’s just obviously never going to happen because Knicks.

I’m a bit afraid of Charlotte completely self destructing, they have looked just terrible lately, but we’re four games behind them and have a pretty rough schedule, so that’s not happening at least.

I just hate to see Beasley playing any minutes in these games. Hardaway at least is here for the long run anyway and Kanter will probably opt in, but there’s no way we keep Beasley for next year right? Management can’t hate us this much.


I think Nwaba is a useful player who has a place in the NBA and Portis too… outside of that, maybe Holiday as an end of bench guy or Valentine in a couple of years and that’s pretty much it.

What Chicago did was completely shameless, but hell, if they can get away with it, I wish we’d do the same. There’s no reason KOQ or THJ or Lee has to play in any remaining games. Just sit them. Screw it.

I really like Zhaire Smith so we might luck out and select him if we’re leapfrogged and both Bridges are gone

But that’s the only possible good outcome that could come from a leapfrog scenario, short of trading down for two mid lotto picks, which I highly doubt our FO will fo. This team is cursed.

LeBron is going to Philly and still there will be people who refuse to accept that tanking is the most viable strategy for building a contender in today’s NBA

and then I commit seppuku with a broken fragment of a JD and the Straight Shot CD outside MSG

Won the bad conscience game of the year. We are the nice guys after all.

Colin Sexton?

Why not take this Robert Williams guy and let us resurrect the wall with JVG. The forbidden paint five 2019.
KP,RW, Kawahi(quads already in NY),Frank, THJ(in for fairness).

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