2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hornets

The Knicks host the Charlotte Hornets tonight, one of the few teams in the league who is probably in worse shape than the Knicks. Except they have a good coach, so I dunno.

Anyhow, let’s hope that they can pull off another clutch loss!

Let’s go, Nick Cannon!

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Is Clifford a good coach? I used to think so but now I’m not sure. This team should be .500 at least. They have some talent.

Clifford’s teams have posted a positive SRS once in 5 seasons.

ugh, clyde is his stream of bad knick stats…

why would anyone in their right mind watch this game…

it actually works well when you have other stuff around the house to do…

there’s no real compulsion to see what’s going on…

i’m guessing I won’t be getting nba league pass next year…


Is Clifford a good coach? I used to think so but now I’m not sure. This team should be .500 at least. They have some talent.

I think he’s a limited coach, like Scott Skiles, but I think he is still a good one. But yes, there are at least a dozen current NBA coaches I’d prefer over him (plus a few who aren’t currently employed).

Gosh, Coach Hornacek. Maybe we could, you know, work on shot selection, run real plays, not have ridiculous defensive rotations. You know, before we get super fucking concerned about whether or not these professional athletes hate losing sufficiently.

I would like a new coach for these Knicks. After these season is finished. This one has proven pretty good at losing games.

Don’t we have younger folks we could be playing/developing instead of Lance Thomas?

I was about the closest thing to pro-Mudiay on here, but man….that video of him getting out of Imbied’s way…..wow. not good

And his response…well, it’s a good thing I don’t put too much stock in what players say about stuff (their actions mean more to me than their words, even if their words are often kind of dumb, like Kanter’s recent “forget player development, we need to win games” nonsense) because Mudiay’s response to Horny’s critique is about as rough as it gets:

“(Hornacek’s) upset about it, but I can’t go back in time,” the 22-year-old said. “That’s a big guy. So stepping in front of that. …yeah.

“But you know what, he said it it could’ve been a winning play and I agree with him. It could’ve been a winning play. But at the time, I wasn’t thinking charge.”

without question – watching frank is fun…seems like things have slowed for him a bit on offense…

he’s still really mechanical in his approach and he has no inclination to penetrate, but, looks more comfortable out there…

wish he was starting…troy looks good again so far…

hmmmm, if kanter really wants to win so badly maybe he should volunteer to spend more time on the bench…

Frank looking good tonight.

Good ball movement too, but I am not sure whether it is just because no one wants to take a shot without Beasley on the floor.

How is Monk this bad, I thought he would be at least able to hit 3s in the NBA.

This Knick unit is feisty.

we’re gonna need a very knick 3rd quarter to even this game out…

I don’t think willy has been in yet…

i’m a little doubtful of those gasol comparisons


It’s so bad I’m scared Horny will be pissed and bench him for Burke, which would be terrible news for the tank.

Btw I love how Kanter goes on about winning and playing a lot of minutes, then goes 1/5 in 7 minutes with 3 fouls while getting absolutely destroyed by Dwight.

I mean, I know he was a top ten pick in this most recent draft, but it’s still so sad how Frank is the only vague glimmer of hope on the team. Trey Burke can score, which is nice, but that’s it. Troy Williams has high energy, which is great, but not much more than that. Frank is the only guy who looks like he could be something more and, on balance, he hasn’t even been good this season!! It’s nuts.

The Knicks have been poised to win one of those annoying terrible games for a while, this is definitely it.

At least Miles Bridges is looking good in the tournament.

God damn it the Hornets are a nightmare for tanking teams. Dwight gets unfairly maligned at times but he pretty clearly gives absolutely no fucks about this team (a tad hard to blame him if you ask me).

Is Dwight Howard going to the HOF?

I will vote for him if he can pull this win out for the Hornets.

This is so dumb. Why are the Hornets trying so hard to lose? Everytime I switch over there they are, giving the Knicks an easy basket. It’s not that hard to beat us! Get it together!

i would love to see howard, boogie, jr smith, rondo, and rose all out on the court playing together at the same time…

I mean, we all complain about being Knicks fans, but think about the Hornets fan experience. All this bullshit with a 13th pick to show for it.

Clyde sounding very confused about why it was Frank that got pulled for Jack. Me too, buddy. Me too.

Yeah, frankly it’s mind boggling.

The kid is having a career night, let him play. Take Burke out if Jack really wants those minutes.

I was so busy watching real basketball today that I forgot there was a tankball game tonight, and I go look at the score of the Knicks tanking contest and WHAT, THEY WON BY TWENTY POINTS?!?!?

I guess we were due for a “Timmeh screws up our draft position by going on a meaningless scoring spree” type of game. Timmeh is oh so Knicksy: overpaid, contract runs forever, he’s not *really* very good but he is good enough to make sure you win some games that you’d really rather be losing. He’s a very Dolan’s Razor-y player.

Knicks gonna Knick.

Given that we were 3-17 in our last 20 games we were probably overdue for a random win.

I mean, I know he was a top ten pick in this most recent draft, but it’s still so sad how Frank is the only vague glimmer of hope on the team.

Hicks had a nice game!

Frank was legitimately excellent tonight-his best game in a long time. At least we didn’t draft Malik Monk.

How is Monk this bad, I thought he would be at least able to hit 3s in the NBA.

It’s a bit perplexing to me too. The main issue with him looked to be whether he could switch to PG because he doesn’t have enough length to defend SGs. But that shouldn’t have stopped him from shooting and scoring off the bench. The move form college to NBA is really tough. This is one of many examples that made me say the other that I think it’s a bad idea to take any player that’s not an efficient scorer in college. Even the efficient ones often collapse against the faster, longer, and better defenses in the NBA.

Tonight I think we saw the beginnings of the player Frank can become over time. He may never be the type of player that’s going to take over a game on offense and give us 25 points, but if we use him correctly he’ll score efficiently, knock down 3s, make some plays, and defend very well.

Man, Zhaire Smith is making a fucking case and a half for himself.

Clyde sounding very confused about why it was Frank that got pulled for Jack. Me too, buddy. Me too.

Hornacek has no idea what he’s doing. He overthinks matchups and doesn’t make much sense other than that. I don’t blame him for wanting to give Jack some minutes. He’s been a good soldier while riding the pine even though he has no guarantees for next year. But he should have given Frank more minutes.

Willy did not look like the kind of guy we should have given up on so fast tonight.

Yeah, it was encouraging how effective Frank was playing with Burke as PG alongside him, he had some good moments as a secondary handler, shot well, played good defense and limited turnovers.

The lineup that started the run for the win should definitely be getting more minutes progressively. Burke, Ntilikina, Williams and Hicks all performed well. I’m fine with some wins here and there if they all play well and we see less and less of Beasley, Lance or Kanter.

Willy did look pretty good in garbage time, a lot better than the guy we’re now giving minutes (Kornet).

Willy only looked better than Kornet because this game wasn’t played on the only stage that matters—the practice floor.

I had Michigan going to the finals, so, well, that crazy shit just saved my bracket. 🙂


Yeah I think he might be the most underrated lotto prospect. He has pretty much all the tools to be an excellent NBA shooting guard

We’ll remember this great win when the Knicks are picking 11th instead of 9th or 8th and getting the wrong Bridges
Woo hoo ! ?

Both Bridges look like damn good pro prospects at this moment, with Mikal being more defense and Miles being more buckets. Miles Bridges is like a Troy Williams type that can create his own offense in a pinch. I think that type of player is really useful, especially if you’re running a motion offense. He has this boxy athleticism that I don’t particularly like, but I have little doubt that Miles Bridges can be a successful professional. Mikal Bridges screams Otto Porter Jr, and I’d love to have a guy like that. The problem with both Bridges, though, is height. We need the 6’11” Michael Porter Jr to play power forward next to Kristaps Porzingis, not a 6’6” small forward.

I mean, Miles Bridges is clearly an NBA pro, but I think Mikal Bridges is noticeably better than him. It’s not like Mikal Bridges isn’t good on offense, too, ya know? A good shooter who can play great defense? Sign me up.

That said, I’d probably pick Porter over Mikal Bridges. Just too much tantalizing talent there.

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