Yahoo! – Sources: Troy Williams agrees to two-year deal with Knicks

Isn’t it crazy how Yahoo! lost the best basketball insider in the game and still manage to have an excellent basketball insider even after Woj left? Shams is amazing.

Anyhow, from Shams:

The New York Knicks and forward Troy Williams have agreed to a two-year contract, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Williams’ deal will be guaranteed for the remainder of this season and includes partial guarantees for next season, league sources said.

I’m pleased that they got this done. Granted, they’d have been in an even better position had they just done what I thought they should have done in the first place and just claimed him off waivers (so they would have him under contract for 2018-19 and 2019-20 with the same limited guarantees), but hey, this is better than nothing!

So good for the Knicks! I hope that Williams is here for quite a while. He’s a really high energy player.

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That’s pretty good news, depending on the guarantee. But yeah, it would be nice if we had him in 2019-20 since that’s the soonest we should expect to be a decent team.

I don’t believe it can be much more than the minimum, since they are capped out right now.

If we’re going to make a move on Brooklyn, Sac, and Dallas, they’re going to have to start beating a couple decent teams. Since the All-Star break they’ve managed to lose basically every game against a non-tanking team.

Why do we need a G-League scrub who is talking trash without having accomplished a thing in the NBA other than hit 2 3-pointers vs. THE SAME GUYS HE PLAYED AGAINST IN THE G-LEAGUE?

Screw Nigel Hayes

Articles like ” G-League castoff gets last laugh on Knicks team that spurned him” show how negative the press is about the Knicks. If you read the article, it says that all five starters from the Westchester Knicks are now getting real minutes in the NBA. If the Westchester Knicks were the Spur’s farm team instead of the Knick’s farm team, the headline might have read “Spurs Management good at finding talent” or something like that. It’s clearly almost impossible for the Knicks or any pro team to actually have five open roster spots to fit G-League call ups into. But the article instead focuses on the one guy the Knicks did not call up, instead of on Trey Burke, Luke Kornet, and Isiah Hicks actually making the team. If Hayes was blowing away everyone with his performance with the Lakers, that could be worth an article, but the statistics quoted in the article weren’t that, and probably weren’t better than those of the players the Knicks did call up. But Knicks management must be bad, hence the headline. It can’t actually be that the Knicks having too many NBA worthy players on their G-League team to call up all of them actually reflects well on Knick’s management.

The Knicks give a bag with party favors to every visiting free agent. It contains a pen with the team logo, assorted candies, a no-trade clause, and a player option.

I like the Williams signing. Probably could have just claimed him off of waivers as noted, but we got there in the end. If he can make Lance redundant, then all the better (no offence to Lance because he seems like a good dude. I just wish he was better).

Unless they want to hire me the Knicks should just turn things over to whoever is running the westies


Well, seeing as the GM of the Westchester Knicks is actually Allan Houston, you’re still my first choice DRed.

The coach is Mike Miller, the one who’s not Lebron’s friend, he was an assistant with the Austin Spurs before… at least Houston can hire ex-Spurs guys for coaching jobs I guess.

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