2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Raptors

The Knicks head to Toronto for what will be an odd little game, as Emmanuel Mudiay is not with the team yet, KP is out for the season and Enes Kanter is out due to dental surgery.

So Luke Kornet is the only other center on the roster other than Kyle O’Quinn. Isiah Hicks is active tonight, so we might actually see the youngsters play.

Hicks, Kornet, Dotson, Burke, Frank – let’s hope that they all play a lot tonight and for the rest of this tank-tastic season!

Let’s go young Knicks!

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Reprint from last thread:

Is it true that Kornet and Hicks are on the bench as Begley said?


in regards to an approach to team building – isn’t there some way we can capitalize on all of dolan’s sweaty cash?

other than giving some noob 12 million to be our gm…

delon wright is someone who i would give a huge offer too…. although he’s another year away…. he def needs to start somewhere….

Frank is still starting.

Over/under – minutes played on average per game rest of the season:

Jack – 20
Beasley/Thomas combined – 50
Lee – 30

I guess over on all of them.
Also I bet we will see the Jack, Lee, Thomas, Beasley, Kanter lineup every game that they are healthy.

None of our young guards will play as much as Jack. Dotson will play less than Lee or Hardaway and Kornet and Hicks will play less than 100 minutes total each.

Watching Kornet get a rebound and Ntilikina feed Beasley for a dunk makes me feel nice.

.. Like this was what we should’ve been doing.

Ideal scenario for rest of the season: Knicks play hard, stay in games, lose eventually and all the young guys play a lot and develop.

Ah, who am I kidding, Jack and Beasley are the cornerstones of the franchise.

If Jack is still starting two weeks from now Hornacek should be banned from the NBA

i am afraid what our rotation is going to look like if frank is only see this little now….

It’s not happening tonight, but Beasley getting hot and costing us Trae Young was always the way that contract was destined to end.

There’s literally 0 excuse for trotting out this starting 5 at all and especially not for >25 mins a night.

Does Hornacek believe Dotson was traded and that guy on the bench is Johnny O’Bryant?

both these deals today, and we couldn’t have traded away this stupid ‘people talking sports’ commercial

I can barely stand Lee out there, but Jack and Beas can be pretty rough on the eyes…

I hate Hornacek and his total inability to play young guys consistent minutes

When does Masai’s contract run out with Toronto?

How much money would Theo Epstein need from the Knicks?

Kornet has defensive chops and shoots threes. He might be better than Hernangomez lol

the raptor bench is pretty good but they look like the warriors against our lineup….

Delon Wright was drafted in the slot right after Jerian. I remember writing here at the time I hope we picked the right guy. Oh well.

Why in the world is Jarrett Jack back in the fucking game

Ntlikina looks about 3 years away from being 2 years away from being a good player.

horny said something about waiting until after the all star break before really switching up the line up…

yeah, that makes a lot of sense…

Kornet looks decent. Apparently our G league team isn’t much worse than our NBA team

Kornet looks like a real keeper, but let’s see if this can keep going. One game when nobody has a scouting report on you is inconsequential.

i’m seriously jealous of what the raptors have built… they are one of the deepest teams that I can remember… maybe since the peak jailblazers squad….

and it’s pretty evident when we played the end of our roster guys vs theirs…. it is simply staggering how big the difference is…. and it makes a lot of our guys look like bitches… i’m sorry it’s true… we employ alot of bitches on our team…. they just don’t get after it like these guys and that’s what you need to do to win at this level….

if Rambis can teach Kornet how to take 10 bad mid range shots a night maybe he can average close to 20, out-rebound KP, and the playoff chase with Jack is back on. 🙂

Brad Lohaus had a 10 year career why not Luke Kornet? Hicks looked overmatched against Siakam- just doesn’t look like he has the athleticism to play against the mobile 4’s the NBA throws at you.

kornet’s a center…. i doubt he turns into anything… he played well today though….

hicks doesn’t really belong and i’m mad that anyone thought he did….

Kornet had a great debut.
Unfortunately, his footwork is like a newborn giraffe, and he’s 7’0, 102 lbs.
He’s a nothing-burger.

I was hoping we could run out a starting five of all thomases out there: Isaiah, Isiah, Tristan, Lance, and Thomas the Tank Engine. With the corpse of Kurt as sixth man.

Kornet’s best-case is Novak w/ a drop more of D, which is a useful player in a perfect lineup for him but generally a non-rotation guy.

The 3 guyz who are gonna f up our tank are Kanter, Beasley and Lee. If we want it, the 8 seed is ours, maybe even top-5. But Knicks.

Really? I was watching some of the game and the roster seemed very expansion team level. Is the East, and the league, just that bad and/or watered down?

The 3 guyz who are gonna f up our tank are Kanter, Beasley and Lee. If we want it, the 8 seed is ours, maybe even top-5. But Knicks.

Agreed. You know the Beaze is LOVING that he and Kanter are now their best bets on offense. The two of them might very well shoot them into a few wins here and there.

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