HoopsHype: No team is shooting or making fewer three-pointers than the Knicks

Good article by Bryan Kalbrosky.

Only the Golden State Warriors have a better catch-and-shoot field goal percentage this season. New York is shooting 38.7 percent from downtown when taking catch-and-shoot three-pointers, which ranks Top 5 in the East.

But they rank last in the East (16.6) for attempts per game. They have not found a true spot-up shooter on their roster, as they have run this play type (15.3 percent) fewer than any other team in their conference.

Last season, this is something they relied on from 6-foot-8 forward Lance Thomas. In fact, most of his offense (53.2 percent frequency) came from this play type. Mindaugas Kuzminskas, who they recently waived, was also a spot-up shooter (35.9 percent frequency) for the Knicks.

The article also quotes Hornacek as noting that this needs to change, and yet….

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KP should be shooting more threes as it’s a key to his game (opening up the paint). Lee and McBuckets should clearly be hoisting more, and Frank will have to as well (it’s another reason why we should see more Frank and less Jack). This is on Horny. A long 2 should earn you 20 pushups.

KP should be playing the Rockets offense – Take a 3 or shoot at the rim, rarely in between

Agree Lee, McBuckets, and Frank need to be shooting more threes. The good news is no one will have to tell Hardaway to shoot them when he returns, he needs no encouragement, so that should help.

Somebody should text Hornacek, maybe he doesn’t know all of this

Good article. Mostly confirms what we’ve been screaming about for a while–we have the personnel to run a modern offense and, infuriatingly, refuse to do so.

Picking up the draft conversation from the last thread, I’ll be happy if we wind up with Bruce Brown. Once his shooting (both FT% and 3PT%) stabilizes his overall numbers will look a lot better. He’s a great defender and can make plays in a pinch. I doubt he ever makes an all-star team but sadly that’s where we find ourselves at the moment.

I was just going to say that Bruce Brown would be a great fit. Though he’s a role player now, he does seem to at least have “star” potential, thanks to his all-around game (rebounding, passing, defense). And we desperately need a guy with his brand of athleticism.


With the Knicks struggling in all facets during their four-game losing streak before Saturday, the coach said he’s increasing Ntilikina’s minutes while “looking at” moving him into the starting lineup.

“But for now, no,” Hornacek said, adding that there is no timeline for a change. “We’ll just keep looking at it and try to see.”

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