2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Grizzlies

The Knicks are back at home and hosting a Grizzlies team that opened the season strong but has fallen down a lot recently (they remind me a lot like the Orlando Magic’s start – only the Magic were at least doing it with young players) and the slump actually led to their coach getting fired.

So the Knicks really, really need to win this one.

KP is back, Timmy is still out and Ron Baker has been deactivated to get Joakim Noah active so that he might be able to help slow Marc Gasol down. Their handling of Ron Baker this season is just cuckoo bananas. Gotta keep Ramon Sessions active!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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could use a knicks win tonight…lately whenever i think of the knicks i keep getting jim morrison’s voice in my head telling me that this is the end…no, jim it’s not, really only the beginning…

well, one early positive is that neither dotson or beasely are in the starting five…jack, lee, lance, kp and kanter…

Makes me wonder if the Knicks promised Sessions or his agent that he’d make and stay on the team prior to signing him. Why else is he here at this point with Jack having been a pleasant surprise to make Sessions very much moot?

I think the Knicks win tonight as Memphis is a mess. But ff the Knicks lose, then yeah, the season really has already taken a turn for the worse (as opposed to turning badly in January as it would have otherwise).

Knicks 106
Grizz 100

Do the Knicks know you aren’t supposed to be polite and allow a guy to take a wide open 3 pointer?

If the Knicks lose tonight to this garbage team they should go full tank out of sheer embarrassment.

Also I was fairly high on Mitchell btw, just more as a poor mans D-Wade than the shooter he’s impersonating rn. I like him, I just think Frank is a very different player and can still be very good, maybe not a “star”. Frank would, in fact, pair nicely in a backcourt with Mitchell.

KP has been big Melo tonight so far.

I should be happy as a pig in sh$t about KP, but he drives me crazy at times. He’ll have 4-5 great possessions, then he’ll take 2-3 preposterous shots and his efficiency will drop back to mediocre. I feel like screaming sometimes. Some of the shots he takes are so obviously putrid I would be upset if he was a rookie. He’s a 3rd year player. He’s obviously a bright guy, but I wonder sometimes about his basketball IQ and whether he learned some bad things from playing behind Melo. I can’t understand it.


Yeah, it really drives me crazy too. I compared him to Melo because those shots seem eerily similar to those posessions we saw through his entire career with us… He touches the ball and has that look, where you know 100% he’s not passing it, that he feels he needs to carry the scoring. Without Hardaway he’s going to have to, but please, work on shot selection.

not a fun half of basketball. this is like watching chandler parsons’ celebrity home game except with less crowd noise.

Memphis looks like they totally blew their wad in the first quarter.

Hope Gasol’s okay.

Would be nice if the Knicks came out in the 3rd quarter and take control of this game.

I never thought I’d say this but we probably don’t give Jarrett Jack enough credit.



Well, you’ve been saying it every game, so I guess it’s always been ok.

Courtney Lee wanting to get that trade value back up!

The eye test is a weird thing because I’ve actually liked Frank tonight. Has looked a lot more like he did earlier in the season when we all saw flashes.

Yeah, Frank’s got 8 points on 3 shots, and 3 steals. But also 3 turnovers. A mixed bag, but lots of guys on both teams have looked bad tonight.

Lance Thomas really isn’t an NBA basketball player. He’s like a less aware version of prime Jared Jeffries without the ability to draw charges.

Frank is visibly trying to be more aggressive, but he still doesn’t have the handle and understanding of defenses yet to be successful at it. He drew a couple of fouls today, missed two layups and was overall pretty good on defense. Certainly better than the last couple of really bad games.

If I’m the Grizzlies I’m trading Gasol as soon as possible and shutting down Conley. The rest of the team is such a weird mix of g-league players and role players and adding a couple of nice draft picks to the mix would be great as they don’t have their own 2019 pick.

Ramon Sessions is on the team in case Jarret Jack goes down for a considerable amount of time. Jack and Lee were excellent tonight, and those are the type of wins we really shouldn’t be happy about (because I’m certain they won’t be Knicks on the next great Knicks team). Other than that, I’m happy Ntilikina got some more steals and is getting to the line. Watching him play you don’t see an offensive player with no skill (like Lance Thomas who always seems lucky to convert a basket), just a kid that needs to round into his own. Anybody notice that play early in the game where Frank tried to screen Marc Gasol after an offensive rebound? That’s what this team needs; unselfishness and a willingness to sacrifice.

If I’m the Grizzlies I’m trying to sell Conley to the Pelicans or whatever team needs a lead guard. The Grizzlies need to get their hands on some youth, and this is a great year to be picking in the top 7.

Frank drew one shooting foul- the other three trips to the line were because the Knicks happened to be in the penalty when the Grizzlies committed bad fouls out on the perimeter (though one stopped what would have been a fast break for the Knicks). Nice to see him get some steals again though.

did everyone’s league pass feed just go down or just mine?

Me too. No idea what happened.

Frank needs to get more minutes alongside KP moving forward. I really hope his minutes start to increase towards the all star break.

oh and booooogie cousinsssss

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