Knicks Morning News (2017.08.21)

  • [NYDN] Blake Griffin says more likely LeBron signs with Knicks than L.A.
    (Sunday, August 20, 2017 9:14:46 PM)

    The last few years the Knicks have been a dysfunctional mess of a franchise. But their dream may soon be a reality.

  • [NYPost] Blake Griffin drops hints: Could LeBron wind up a Knick?
    (Sunday, August 20, 2017 4:45:31 PM)

    From Kyrie Irving listing New York in his out-of-the-blue trade request to Carmelo Anthony winning his stand-off with Phil Jackson, the last couple months arguably have provided the most excitement Knicks fans have had in years. Still, the greatest offseason drama might be a year away. Next summer, LeBron James can become a free agent…

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    Here we go again.
    Another star mentions the Knicks as a location Lebron might prefer.
    Is anyone else sick of this play?
    The Knicks franchise is the league’s foil.
    And great as Lebron is, he’s been a pro since he was 18. His body will start to break down.
    He is 32. He has peaked, IMHO.
    We would get downside Lebron.
    Seen this before.
    Can we please not have a team that acts like the most insecure guy in high school flush with excitement because someone, anyone noticed them…?
    So sick of being a Knicks fan…

    Lebron ain’t coming here, but if he wants to, you give the man a 4 year max and hope that year 4 he doesn’t fall off a cliff

    I am okay with Downside Lebron… As long as its not contingent on Downside Melo and Downside Wade being on the same team.

    I am okay with Downside Lebron… As long as its not contingent on Downside Melo and Downside Wade being on the same team.

    AKA, the rotting banana boat

    I am not ok with downside LeBron. History repeats itself. He takes over a franchise, demanding win-now moves, sacrificing the future, and then departs without a trade/assets. He is in the downside of his career, and we absolutely do not have the personnel to fit him with.

    What did Jordan really do for the Wizards?

    I would not want downside LeBron. I mean, I think he will age “better” than Jordan and I’m not sure the Wizards comp is a good one because Jordan actually retired for a bit before coming back to the Wizards. I think LeBron will age better because of his passing and court vision (and size).

    But yeah, I don’t want him. I want us to build our own team from the ground up. Something we are on our way to doing. We have all of our picks going forward. We’re gonna be rid of Melo this year or next. We got a young core in place that has internal growth ahead of them. I want a championship of course. But I also want a decade plus of 50 win teams making the playoffs and giving us a shot every year. I don’t want a 2 or 3 year window followed by another decade of rebuilding. Honestly, as a fan, having a good team year in and year out that’s occasionally great is more satisfying than one or two seasons of being a contender.

    Yeah, Blake Griffin is just doing some stream of consciousness shit.

    Given that Paul George is now unlikely to be allowed to go to the Lakers, LeBron must know that his best hopes of winning another chip as an alpha dog of sorts is either to stay in Cleveland or to join a team that’s a LeBron away from contending. Maybe Houston?

    Lebron is not coming to the Knicks, we’ve seen this movie before (the Decision circa 2010).
    He’s not stupid, New York is much further than a Lebron away from contending. He can more or less choose where to go and he sure as hell is not choosing this team.

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    How does this relate to the Knicks? I’m getting there, bear with me…

    So, I realized after REALLY practicing and thinking about my surfing that the perfect board would be about 8’+. Then I borrowed one of that size and TRIED IT. Boom! Perfect. Then I looked at Craigslist. There’s a nice 9′ for a good price. Do I want it? No. Others are too short, too long, to expensive, too beat to hell, too far away to pick up…

    There’s lots of reasons to not buy something. Buying something starts with knowing what you actually need and ends when the right deal comes around.

    nice story for a monday morning at the keyboard…not any kind of a surfer – but, i definitely wanna ditch work and go hang out at the beach now…which i do just so happen to excel at…

    noah ain’t going nowhere for a few years, but, hopefully we can keep our roster full of guys in their 20’s for at least the next few years…sessions made sense – but, that should be it on adding old (30+) players on the roster…

    I think LeBron’s going to be good until his late 30s. He’s tall, big and has incredible court vision and instincts. He may not be the one-man wrecking crew he’s been in seven consecutive Finals (possibly the greatest indicator of his GOAT claim), and he may not be worth $40M/yr when he’s 38, but I just don’t see him being bad at basketball anytime soon. I’d probably take him on the Knicks because I’m desperate for a player who’s not Tim Hardaway.

    We don’t have any cap space next year, but I heard LeBron is willing to sign for the minimum to play with Joakim Noah.

    I think the Knicks need to show us a plan. If you squint you might see TH2 as part of a plan because he’s 25 and has a chance to be better than he has been. This isn’t the usual thing for the Knicks who have tended to acquire players solidly on the downside of their careers. The amount of money and trade kicker would be where you need to squint. Also, the fact that they did it before they signed their new GM. Knicks have been fickle and feckless. “Hey, LBJ didn’t work out in 2010, let’s get Amar’e. He’s almost as good? Right?”

    The best organizations have a vision of what they want to accomplish and fans see progress if not a W on a given night. Does LBJ really fit in an overall vision or do we get him coming off of his first major injury in an effort to “put fanny’s in the seats” for the price of “the next Lebron” who plays for another team.

    I agree with Jowlsey that, barring injury, he’s not likely to be a bust in the near or mid term future.

    Still, I don’t really like Lebron. I want to beat him not join him, preferably. I could be talked out of this but just sayin’.

    Maybe Ron Baker was given a player option with the master plan to have him opt out next summer, clear the $5m in cap space necessary to sign LeBron, and then resign Baker to a $46m contract using his Bird rights. It all makes sense now!

    Sadly, even in that scenario (which I know was a joke), the Knicks wouldn’t have full Bird rights on Baker, just Early Bird rights, so they would be limited to the MLE to re-sign him over the cap.

    Some sports site did that recently (BR?) for fun. The Knicks got the #1 pick and got Lebron. IIRC Melo went like 15th in that redraft, which for me pretty much invalidated the whole thing!

    Some sports site did that recently (BR?) for fun. The Knicks got the #1 pick and got Lebron. IIRC Melo went like 15th in that redraft, which for me pretty much invalidated the whole thing!

    That’s absurd. In present value, Melo is like the 40-50th best player in the league. If you were drafting players to start a franchise with (i.e. age matters), Melo would get picked around 120th.

    Carmelo is clearly not a top-50 player, much less top-15. That’s laughable. This is basically the NBA version of arguing that Jeter’s Gold Gloves in 2009 and 2010 were deserved. We know better now. These conversations should not be happening.

    This isn’t a “Is Carmelo a HOFer?” debate, where the answer is clearly yes but the foundations upon that “yes” are shaky. This is cut-and-dry shit. If you think Carmelo is a top-50 player in the NBA, you are effectively blind, incapable of reading a spreadsheet, or stuck in a timewarp where every year is 2008.

    Do the Knicks REALLY think Rathan-Mayes has enough of a shot to make the roster to give him Exhibit 10? Or is it a way to motivate him & his agent to give the team time to have a look-see vs preseason competition? Either way it feels like a waste even for an end of bench player. Artis and Hayes, I am ok with..but Rathan-Mayes won’t even get preseason minutes unless TH2 and Lee don’t play

    They got Carmelo at the 15 and DEVIN BOOKER at the 30, so yeah, guess it’s pretty fair to literally ignore the list.

    Totes, What’s exhibit 10?

    I don’t think Rathan-Hayes will make the team, but Artis, Hayes and Beasley and for that matter Kornet are all forwards or centers, so I think it’s reasonable the Knicks find some guard candidate for D League or for a two way contract. He seems to have potential. He can run pick and rolls and has a high assist percentage but has a lot of turnovers. That’s something that could improve.

    Totes, What’s exhibit 10?

    I may not have it 100% correct, so if anyone else is aloso familiar with it- feel free to chime in. I believe it serves 2 purposes: one is a partial guarantee should the player who has that provision get waoved after he spends 60 or so days on the roster, and the second is the team reserves the right to turn it into a full 2 way deal.

    He seems to have potential. He can run pick and rolls and has a high assist percentage but has a lot of turnovers. That’s something that could improve.

    Yea, but how many combo guards do we need? And is he really potentially better than Baker and Randle? I doubt it and that’s why it’s a waste to me. Not to mention Ntilikina at both Guard spots and also Dotson if Rathan-Mayes plays the 2. Even if he claws his way into rotation minutes, Artis can play the wing spots as well.

    We have eight guards who probably will be in training camp, Baker, Ntilikina, THJ, Dotson, Jaramaz, Lee, Randle, Sessions and now Rathan-Hayes. I am kind of assuming Jaramaz will end up stashed in Europe. That leave seven, unless you add Artis, which maybe you should. We’ll probably carry six guards in the regular season, and will probably need two guards at least for G league who have potential to grow or to be called up. So I don’t really see that we have too many guards. It it true that we are over weighted with combo guards compared to clear point guards. But I don’t know what pure point guards are available. I am assuming they are going to use training camp to see who can actually play point (besides Ntilikina, who I am sure can do it). Maybe we just agree to disagree?

    XRM has a decent shot at being an NBA player. He shot for a .520 eFG% playing in the ACC last season and he posted good rebounding and passing stats with it. He led the Summer League team in assists per game despite only playing 18 minutes a night.

    If his handle were tighter, he’d be a lock to make the team. If he comes into camp with that under control, don’t be surprised if he outplays Ron Baker.

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