Knicks Morning News (2017.08.06)

  • [NYPost] The long, winding road that brought Scott Perry to Knicks
    (Saturday, August 05, 2017 6:00:48 PM)

    Longtime NBA executive Pat Williams likes a good story — author of more than 100 books. And in new general manager Scott Perry, Knicks fans are getting a good underdog story — a meteoric, three-month rise after his Orlando ouster as assistant GM April 13. Williams, the Magic’s co-founder and senior VP, couldn’t imagine Perry’s…

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks among teams interested in Marshall Plumlee
    (Saturday, August 05, 2017 1:45:02 PM)

    The Knicks are reportedly among teams interested in free agent F Marshall Plumlee, per ESPN’s Ian Begley.

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    Watching the 91 Knicks on NBA classics. Ewing, Oakley, Wilkins, Jackson, McDaniel.

    Pat Riley coaching.

    Man, those were the days. How great would it be to have a team like that again?

    Starks and Mason off the bench. Kiki Vandeweigh warming the bench on that team. Greg Anthony back up PG.

    Starks young and raw. Good passer, finish looks rough at that point.

    I may never get another team like this in my lifetime.

    I don’t really care if Plumlees on the team, but it’s very Knicksy to waive Plumlee in order to hugely overpay THJr (a guy we traded away) and then want Plumlee back

    I think the team is just sending out feelers regarding Plumlee just to see if there’s mutual interest. Alot has to go wrong for him to return. Considering his lack of offense, I can’t see the team seriously wanting a reunion. I like him as a 3rd C, but (assuming Melo gets traded) Kornet has to totally flop, Noah has to completely break down or retire/get stretched, and KOQ has to be traded in order for Plumlee to return. I wonder if we can stash him in Westchester for a little bit. He does bring things to the table that the team needs, but there’s a glut at C, and every C on the roster looks more intriguing.

    I may never get another team like this in my lifetime.

    The most amazing thing about that team was December 28, 1991. That was when Starks hit a bomb to tie the game with 1.6 seconds left before the Knicks beat the Pacers in overtime. But it’s also the day that Mark Jackson Jr was born. That meant Greg Anthony starting at point guard. That was the only game all year — 82 regular seasons and 12 in the playoffs — any member of the starting five sat.

    Funny you’d be talking about 90’s Knicks teams, I just watched game 7 of the 94 eastern conference semis vs. the Bulls on Hardwood Classics last night. Even 23 years later, and even though MJ didn’t play, it felt soo good to beat the Bulls. Ewing, Oakley, and Mason destroyed them on the glass and the defense was on Chicago the whole game. I also remember watching the finals later that year against Houston during the OJ white Bronco chase and having the NBA finals shown in the small picture in picture box at the bottom of the screen. I was so pissed off, I was hoping OJ would shoot him self already so we could get back to watching the game on he full screen.

    I was at a bar on 2nd Avenue that had the satellite feed. We skipped the whole OJ fiasco. How ironic that the high point of thirty years of Knick basketball was preempted by that.

    Being a Knick fan is some kind of tragic comic strange fate.

    God bless you guys (says the confirmed atheist.)

    I remember huddling around a little memorex radio listening to a staticky WFAN broadcast of the game, cursing OJ and his stupid Bronco. I was upset that he was paroled recently, not for what he did to his wife, or for his armed robbery, but because I wanted him convicted and sentenced to life in prison for ruining the NBA finals.

    On Twitter not too long ago a writer asked if there is one sports outcome you could change from your lifetime what would it be. As a Yankees fan I’ve seen 5 championships so even though I’ve witnessed some heartbreaking playoff losses I wouldn’t change any of those, even though if I could I would’ve liked to have won Game 5 vs Seattle in 1995 so Don Mattingly would’ve gotten to play in an ALCS.

    But for me it was an easy answer, Game 6 from the 1994 NBA Finals. Precisely I would have Olajuwon not get a piece of Starks’ 3pter at the buzzer. He was on fire, had scored 16 pts in that 4th quarter, I will go to my grave believing if Olajuwon doesn’t block that shot it goes in and the Knicks win the championship on that shot.

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