Knicks Morning News (2017.04.21)

  • [NYTimes] On Pro Basketball: James Harden Can Pass the Ball (Just Make Sure You Catch It)
    (Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:30:07 PM)

    Harden again showed off an undervalued part of his game as the Houston Rockets took a 2-0 series lead against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

  • [SNY Knicks] Melo’s Very Bad Year
    (Thursday, April 20, 2017 4:35:53 PM) takes a look at the worst moments of Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony’s season.

  • [SNY Knicks] Porzingis loves New York, still wants to be a Knick
    (Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:10:57 AM)

    Kristaps Porzingis said he loves New York, and still wants to be a member of the Knicks.

  • [NYPost] Carmelo Anthony-to-Celtics scenario could pick up steam
    (Thursday, April 20, 2017 7:19:57 PM)

    With the Celtics fading in the first round, the chances of Carmelo Anthony wearing green are increasing. According to an NBA source, the Celtics coaching staff was in favor of trading for Anthony at the trade deadline, but general manager Danny Ainge had too many reservations. One of Ainge’s concerns, according to a source, was…

  • [NYPost] Carmelo Anthony’s alleged pregnant mistress revealed
    (Thursday, April 20, 2017 3:07:32 PM)

    The woman at the center of the Carmelo and La La Anthony split is a coed from Chicago — and now she’s pregnant with a baby they believe is his, a well-placed source told The Post. Mia Angel Burks, who graduated from Northwestern University with a master’s degree in health communication last year, started seeing…

  • [NYDN] Man claims he knows Carmelo Anthony’s allegedly pregnant mistress
    (Thursday, April 20, 2017 8:34:31 PM)

    The woman behind Carmelo Anthony’s breakup is a special projects director with a penchant for celebrities, says an ex-pal.

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    Berman’s story about the C’s interest in Anthony is intriguing. Given the fact that a lot of teams will have cap space this off season, with many of them losing out on the top players, puts the Knicks in a decent trading position. At least.

    I’d say that the smart money is on, not only an Anthony trade happening, but also with the Knicks getting back at least a 1st and a solid rotation player.

    Re: Berman’s report linked above – trading Melo to Boston would be just fine with me. One can imagine something like Melo + KOQ for Zeller (whose contract would be guaranteed by Boston for 2017-18 for purposes of trade), Crowder, one of their young guards (Rozier, Jackson, etc.), some other salary filler, + maybe Boston’s 1st rounder next season in 2018 and/or Memphis/LAC’s 1st rounder in 2019. If it were me I’d probably try for Memphis or LAC’s 2019 pick since Boston presumably will be a very late pick next season.

    Melo/KOQ directly address Boston’s weaknesses in terms of rebounding/rim protection and non-Isiah Thomas shot creation. They def won’t need Rozier or Jackson assuming they get one of the top guards in this year’s draft. And for us — KOQ is likely gone after next season anyway, and getting a pick and a good young player on a great contract (Crowder) is probably as good as we are going to do.

    I know Phil’s salary doesn’t go on the cap an thus doesn’t matter at all, but just from a psychological perspective it’s kind of amazing that being the highest paid executive in the sport hasn’t propelled him to, you know, learn how to be an executive.

    I truly believe that you could give a reasonably smart, open-minded person who knew nothing about basketball a relatively short reading list and an internet connection, and they’d be a better NBA executive than Phil Jackson. You can forgive Jackson for some relatively minor lapses (not extending Holiday, overpaying for Lance, etc.), but Jackson seems to have completely missed the boat on basic concepts. He seems to have no understanding of the win curve, the four factors, opportunity cost, you name it. These are things that I think a person with no prior basketball knowledge could get a basic understanding of in, like, a few days.

    To be sure, my theoretical executive with no prior basketball knowledge would almost definitely not make some of the good moves Phil has made. We probably wouldn’t have Hernangomez, for example, who was essentially a product of Phil and his team’s scouting. I just think they’d make up for that in other areas.

    So yeah, not really sure where I’m going with this but it does seem like the reports about Phil being uninterested in this job until the money became insane make sense. For $12 million a month he figured he’d give it a go, but still wasn’t motivated enough to learn some new stuff. It’s too bad we couldn’t get him to sign on as lead scout or advisor or something. I think he could excel in jobs like those.

    I thought about that yesterday too, but I think that’s a lot for the Celts to give up for Melo. I mean,how much better can they think Melo is than Crowder at this point?

    Crowder, Rozier and a 1st for Melo and Kyle? Yes, sign me up.

    @3 I think you massively underestimate the complexities of getting into a small group of connected execs, the pressure from agents, from players, from management, from the media, etc. etc.
    In my life I transitioned from being a journalist, to software developer, to documentary filmmaker, and now back to working in technology. The first steps into a new area are relatively easy, if you have the ambition and is smart enough. But then it gets harder and harder for the outsider to get further up the ladder.

    What I can’t believe is how much, in just 3 years, Phil has devalued the assets of the team. He traded Tyson for what ultimately ended up being a pu pu platter of awfulness (yes, I know I thought the trade was ok at the time), and he traded 2 rotation players on the current NBA champions for a late second round pick. He then used that cap relief to basically sign Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams. Carmelo freaking Anthony is now probably going to bring no more than a mid-late 1st and maybe one ok-good player.

    Phil is like the anti-D’Antoni — everyone’s numbers get worse and their trade value plummets as soon as they enter Phil’s sphere.

    The Bulls make the most sense of any team. They have Dwyane Wade who is a good friend of Melo, they have a need for 3 point shooting, and they have some assets we might want to eventually screw up. Boston needs rebounding help so they should really buy low on Andre Drummond, or even flip Horford for Drummond. If Boston were dumb enough to give us Crowder and a pick for Melo, I’d take it and run fast. More likely is they give us Jaylen Brown and the Clippers first rounder.

    Crowder, Rozier and a first or rivers and Crawford.

    Hang on, let me think a minute…

    That would be a remarkable return for Melo. Maybe, maybe if they strike out on Hayward, PG and Butler? Still can’t see it. I’d take Crowder straight up…

    I’d prefer Jaylen Brown and the Clippers pick to Crowder and Bostons pick. The Clippers may blow it up after this season and Brown fits in with our timeline far better than Crowder does even if he’s not anything to write home about yet. It might also be more palatable for Boston and would give them a solid starting 5 of IT, Bradley, Horford, and Melo/Crowder splitting time at the 3/4.

    Crowders talents would be wasted for the duration of his contract

    Melo and Kyle for Crowder does seem like a decent enough deal if Boston has the sense to give Kyle minutes. IT, Bradley, Melo, Horford, and O’Quinn works well except Melo and IT can’t defend. It makes way more sense for them to keep Crowder while acquiring Kyle and Melo give us Brown and some draft considerations.

    If they wanna be dumb, though, I’ll take Crowder and the Cs 2018 pick for Melo and Kyle O’Quinn. Then I’d get Rubio out of Minnesota, draft BPA, and win more games than Boston next year with Rubio, Lee, Crowder, KP, and Hernangomez in my starting 5.

    it’s really hard for someone who’s been in the weeds like phil has for basically 50-60+ years… learn basketball one way and then expect him to change…

    he goes by instinct and obviously what made him successful in the past… that’s what he knows… that’s why coaches usually aren’t great gm’s… it’s a completely different skillset where the coaches are on the ground seeing the trunk of a tree while the gm has to see the forest…

    most ppl do not change….

    Guys Boston didn’t trade one of their picks for Nerlens Noel, they’re not giving us a haul for Carmelo

    Do you think Boston would give up much to add a 33 year-old with a gigantic contract who is owed money through 2019? Or that ‘Melo and Isiah Thomas would compliment one another?

    The more I think about it, BOS is going to have all this cap space. Why would they trade assets in order to use it on Melo instead of just chasing FA’s with it? Wouldn’t they be better off w/ Iguodala or Blake Griffin?

    I actually think Melo’s trade value around the league might be a bit higher than we think it is here, especially if we are willing to take contracts back. While Phil has done his best to tank his trade value, I can legitimately think of 3 teams that might want/need him (Clippers, Lakers, Celtics), which naturally ups his value somewhat.

    Re the Lakers – they are trying to do a rebuild of course, but it is >50% likely that they lose this year’s pick and 2019’s 1st round pick, so their ability to do a slow rebuild could be pretty limited. In that case they may be more likely to take on someone like Melo.

    I agree that Melo’s value around the league, especially with his peers, is much higher than in our little community. I think a team that trades for Melo has to be one of the following:
    -Early playoff exit, feels they are 1 piece away (maybe Bos?)
    -Brings in Melo as an incentive for a star to re-sign (Chris Paul?)
    -Team that can offload deals longer than Melo’s on us
    -Team primarily interested in selling tickets

    Frank @18,

    I think smart GMs think of players as “contract values”. That is, they ask “how many wins is this guy going to add to my team and how much I am paying per win”. I don’t see Melo’s deal as an attractive contract even if there are teams that might want his scoring. So we’d basically be asking someone to take on Melo’s somewhat bad contract and declining game for 2 years.

    Why would anyone want to give us a good asset back for that?

    We are practically in the position of having to take back a bad contract or give up a good one to get a smart GM to take Melo off our hands.

    Now granted, there are some bad GMs out there and there may also be some that value Melo more than I do. They may think his contract is fair. So maybe we can do better that what “I” think is fair. But still, I don’t think anyone is going to clamoring to get Melo for 2 years at his price and be willing to give up either young talent or a decent pick to do it.

    I hope I am wrong.

    The Celtics are in a strange (I.e. Wonderful) position in that they are both close to contending now and have a great future with some young pieces and the two Nets picks. They also have cap space. So I would think their preferred option is to maintain both paths – sign a free agent like Hayward without giving any future pieces up.

    If they can’t do that you can see them going for a win now approach by cashing in their chips for a big name addition – but to really give up that future it has to be a top player. Much better than Melo.

    It’s if that fails that things get interesting, in that Melo is a player who could help them (they desperately need shot creation late in games) but who wouldn’t cost them much in assets. Yes his contact is bad but they have the space to absorb it and if they’ve already whiffed on top level FAs that won’t feel so painful. It’s also only two more years. So if they strike out on plans a and b I can see them making an offer. What I can’t see is it containing much of value – low picks/second rounders, maybe a lower upside player like Rozier.

    It’s amazing how big a deal this Bulls series is though. If the Celts lose it both increases the chances they look for that ‘one more piece’ and makes it less likely the Bulls blow it up. It may also put the Bulls in the running for Melo. It could be a VERY good result for us…

    The Celtics could also consider using cap space to sign Gallinari. His name has come up in Boston on occasion. He’s a free agent, a scorer, younger than Melo, and will be cheaper than Melo (and imo he’s better than Melo now anyway). If they should strike out on Hayward that might be a better option than Melo even with the injury risk.

    Celtics catching a huge break, Rondo out indefinitely with a broken thumb.

    (it’s funny saying that, because a few weeks ago I would have said it’s a break for the Bulls)

    Rondo is out. That means Grant is going to have a great game just so all the sports writers can trash Phil for a few more days.

    interesting dynamics in that Cavs comeback yesterday. Lebron played the entire 2nd half. Kyrie and Love sat the entire 4th quarter. I guess the knock on the Cavs two years ago was a weak bench. it makes me wonder how much they really love Love

    If the Celtics want to take the next leap forward, they aren’t going to target Galinari as a solution. They will be looking to add a playmaker/scorer to pair with Thomas. Heyward, Love, Butler, Blake, and even Melo or George are the candidates.

    nteresting dynamics in that Cavs comeback yesterday. Lebron played the entire 2nd half. Kyrie and Love sat the entire 4th quarter. I guess the knock on the Cavs two years ago was a weak bench. it makes me wonder how much they really love Love

    It’s consistently fascinating to me that it’s ALWAYS Love who gets tossed into trade rumors etc. Am I the only one who thinks Kyrie is the one who should go? I just don’t think he’s that good. Obviously he can score, but that’s literally the only thing he does well on a basketball court. Love rebounds, stretches the floor, and hot take: plays pretty consistently good defense (I’m sure I’ll be criticized for this, and yes the Warriors have exposed him on that end at times, but against most teams his mobility is way less of an issue, and over multiple seasons the numbers back up that he really helps the Cavs defense against 99% of the league). Kyrie plays Knicks caliber defense at the point of attack, and on offense he’s not a good enough creator for others (his assist numbers are kind of pathetic) to have the ball in his hands all the time. Very overrated player in my opinion.

    I just don’t think he’s that good

    Watch the last minute of last season’s ending. If you think anyone is trading the guy who hit that shot you’re crazy.

    I’m not a fan of Isola’s “hate the Knicks” shtick, but I think he’s more or less right abut this.

    Frank Isola?Verified account @FisolaNYDN 54m54 minutes ago
    The Knicks don’t have much leverage here. Carmelo still has a no-trade clause and for some reason Phil decided to bury him last week.

    Frank Isola?Verified account @FisolaNYDN 56m56 minutes ago
    A lot of NBA teams would like to add Carmelo, but not at $25 million per. They’re all hoping the Knicks cut him/buy him out.

    Frank Isola?Verified account @FisolaNYDN 58m58 minutes ago
    Now, if you want to get the Celtics attention when it comes to picks & players the Knicks would have to talk Kristaps with Carmelo.

    Frank Isola?Verified account @FisolaNYDN 59m59 minutes ago
    FYI: if the Celtics are going to use their cap space on anyone it would be Jimmy Butler or Paul George and not Carmelo.

    The only way I see Kyrie leaving is if the Cavs make an attempt to put together the Banana Boat.

    If the Celtics want to take the next leap forward, they aren’t going to target Galinari as a solution. They will be looking to add a playmaker/scorer to pair with Thomas. Heyward, Love, Butler, Blake, and even Melo or George are the candidates.

    I understand your point about Gallo not being the kind of top tier player they would ideally like to add. They are looking to add Butler, George, Hayward or another true #1 star. But quite frankly, when Gallo is healthy he is BETTER than Melo now. It used to be the other way around because Melo is higher usage and better on the boards. But Gallo is so much more efficient and Melo has deteriorated. IMO, he’s now better. He’s been terrific when healthy over the last couple of years. And that’s basically my point about getting anything back for Melo in a trade. Why would Ainge be that stupid when he could go as far down the pecking order as Gallo and be better off?

    Watch the last minute of last season’s ending. If you think anyone is trading the guy who hit that shot you’re crazy.

    I think that’s the key point.

    Love is the kind of player that can hit a big shot if someone else creates it for him.

    Kyrie is the kind of player that can hit multiple big shots inside and/or outside creating it all by himself.

    But quite frankly, when Gallo is healthy

    Speaking of which, its a pretty big “if.”

    Speaking of which, its a pretty big “if.”

    Right. It’s a major consideration for Denver too. If it wasn’t for that I’d be advocating bringing him back to NY in our cap space.

    Right. It’s a major consideration for Denver too.

    And the reason why Boston shouldn’t count on him to bridge the gap for them.

    It’s weird that Isola is being way more realistic on Melo than most of this thread.

    Honestly, even though he’s overrated, Melo’s not the problem, it’s the terrible Noah contract. Jackson and Melo need to just suck it up and play nice.

    Knicks are going to add a top 7 pick, and hopefully a quality free agent who’ll brings talent as well as the leadership that Melo and Zinger can’t provide.

    If Jackson lets his coach coach, and the team stays healthy, they could pull a 5 or 6 seed. That’s about all we can hope for… just some base-level entertainment.

    Jimmy Butler isn’t a free agent next season, the Celtics can’t use their cap space on him. Paul George is a possibility, but the Celtics can obviously only use their cap space on him if he wants to be a Celtic.

    I think Isola is mostly right, but he seems to be forgetting about one thing. If Melo is actually waived, and I very much doubt it would ever even come to that, everyone with enough cap space would have the ability to claim him. If he’s claimed, my understanding is he has no choice but to report to the claiming team.

    So if you’re a team that wants Melo but you’re waiting for him to be waived, you also have to hope that, say, the Lakers for example, pass on the opportunity to claim Melo.

    doubt Dolan would want to pay Anthony while he plays for another team.. and Ainge is not a terrible GM like Phil.. Robin Lopez was a good sign

    Yeah, I still think Melo to the Celts is a long shot. However, should Boston fall to Chicago, that amps the pressure on Ainge to do something.

    Then, we’d need the Celtics to strike out on other guys they like better (Butler, etc.). Maybe other teams will ask for too much…

    Packaging OQ with Melo makes him a bit more attractive, and not asking for too much might also help. I mean, if anyone offers a first without having to take back an overly bad contract or two, I hope he takes it. Sounds like Phil is very eager to deal him.

    Is everybody okay with trading KP and the #7 pick for the 2017 incarnation of Antonio McDyess?

    Watching Bulls/C’s. Neither of these teams should cough up $25mm+ of cap space for the next 2 years for ‘Melo.

    @44 I missed the start of the game. How’s Jerian Grant leading the team in place of Rondo?

    @44 I missed the start of the game. How’s Jerian Grant leading the team in place of Rondo?

    I urge you to delete your account

    jesus fucking christ you are the worst

    Whoa, easy! What was wrong with that question?

    The Bulls’ best stretch was probably when they played Jerian and MCW together in the back court.

    DS, please forgive him. I have a running joke about Grant’s ability level and some take me a little too seriously.

    Is the don nelson era the best contributor to these forums?

    Grant finished with 6 points, 1 rebound and 0 assists. Thanks, Phil.

    I hate that “Verticality” was only a rule when it hurt the Knicks. Its non existent now. smh

    The “verticality” a.k.a. “The Roy Hibbert Rule” doesn’t even apply to Roy Hibbert anymore.

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