2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors

The Raptors still have reasons to win games. The Knicks have reasons to LOSE games.

If the Knicks lose this game, the Timberwolves and the Kings would both have to lose out (and they each have one very winnable game left) just to TIE the Knicks (presuming that the Knicks beat the Sixers – and hey, maybe they’ll surprise us and not beat the Sixers. I doubt it).

If they win this game, the Wolves or Kings could easily tie them and possibly even pass them if they lose out.

In other words, they really, really need to lose this game.

Let’s? Go Knicks!

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It is really perplexing that the Knick announcers can discuss the Rookie of the Year competition and never mention WillyBilly. Saric, Brogdon, Embiid blah blah blah.

Right on cue, Willy with a three!!!
Thanks, Phil!!!

If Baker keeps making those threes he’s going to be good. Possibly even better than Jerian.

Yeah Billy should definitely win ROY

Also if we started this five all year we might have had the same record lol

Baker and Willy have been incredible so far. The young Knicks are such a breath of fresh air compared to watching Melo and the gang.

We started Justin Holiday again and he seems to like it here. I wonder if we’re going to unite him with his brother?

While we’re at it we need to find out if WillyBilly has any hidden siblings nobody knows about.

We’ve had 4 rookies make threes for us this game. Thanks, Phil.

I’m going to miss watching these Knicks in the offseason. They’re great.

If we add 2 good pieces and subtract 2 we can be a nice team next year with the growth of our kids.

That behind the back Baker to Billy pass is my play of the year.

I think there’s a pretty good chance our record would actually be better if this was our starting 5 all season.


@12 Our own announcers don’t even mention him for ROY. It’s nuts.

Also if we started this five all year we might have had the same record lol

Shit, it might even be better

The second half should be devoted entirely to getting Willy 40+

They’re gonna freaking win this game. Seems like the playoff teams are just in “let’s get this season over with” mode.

That’s the first jump shot Toronto hit the whole quarter and hornacek calls time why?

I was pretty scared at 73-67 but now things seem to be under control…I hope

I’ve said this all year – every time we’ve had what is essentially the second unit playing, they are cohesive on offense and tenacious on D. They don’t have the talent, but they’re fun to watch. And I agree the record would be the same or better.

That said, we’re still a couple players away from being a good team. With luck we get one of them in the draft.

As for Willy, do people realize this is his first year? Maybe because he was drafted earlier, that why he’s not on people’s radar for ROY?

@ 25
I think it’s bc he’s a Euro + didn’t get a lot of burn until the season was mostly over

Re Willy. Maybe a bit of a 2nd round pick stigma, too?

The Knicks should at least talk him up, though.

Maybe because he was drafted earlier, that why he’s not on people’s radar for ROY?

Names and draft slot for the last however many ROYs.

Towns #1
Wiggins #1
MCW #11 (awful pick, awful player)
Lillard #6
Irving #1
Griffin #1
Evans #4 (again, bad player)
Durant #2
Roy #6
Paul #4
Okafor #2
James #1
Stoudemire #9
Gasol #3
Miller #5
Francis #2
Brand #2
Carter #5
Duncan #1
Iverson #1

Notice a pattern? Draft position + playing time + PPG = ROY voting

Marc Stein just said Brogdon couldn’t be ROY because he didn’t score enough PPG. He actually said that in an article he got paid to write in the year 2017. This is why we can’t have nice things: the NBA is still living in the stone age, from GMs to reporters to analysts to fans. All idiots, save the few DReds of the world.

Good job Knicks. A few games ago I was pretty sure they’d go on a winning streak but they did the right thing. Really nice to see your team not being dumb.

Baker’s ball handling has noticeably improved. I’m pleased with his development this year. Now he needs to work on that jumper this summer.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the game, but I just saw the highlight of the Baker to Hernangomez on the break play. Nice crossover, better pass, phenomenal finish with the fake. I think Ibaka’s shoes are still there. That was a really dope play

I see Markelle Fultz was at the game. He seemed very interested in playing for us.

I noticed that the Raptors made their run by raining threes and it happened with Ndour on the bench. Ndour really helps our defense with his length and ability to get out there on the three ball.

If Baker can make more outside shots he’s going to be as good as Jerian Grant. Mark my words.

Way to show ’em PJ Tucker.

Watching this game it’s obvious that our perimeter defense is our Achilles heel. We need Ntilikina.

I see Markelle Fultz was at the game. He seemed very interested in playing for us.

Interview with him at the game made it seem he would be pretty stoked to be drafted by us. That said, you wold think most 18 year olds would be stoked to be drafted anywhere.

Didn’t see the game, but some nice lines from Baker and Billy. The last few games they seemed to have developed a nice chemistry.

On a side note, real interesting to see Marbury back at the Garden. Listened to an interview they did with him at the game and he really seems like he has got his shit together since leaving the NBA.

Russ is definitely MVP, but I will never back down from the argument that his turnovers and 6-20 shooting nights make him less than the most productive player in the league.

It’s funny you make that comment Jowels. I was about to ask if everyone thought that 42 triple doubles should guarantee the MVP award even if they’re not the most efficient games. I agree he should be MVP though. I didn’t look but I think in games he had a triple double their record was better than when he didn’t.

I actually think harden is the “true” MVP this year but I have no problem and am for giving it to Westbrook. I’ve never seen a athlete go so HAM for a season

God damn it the fuckin’ Wolves are getting destroyed. How can we lose to Philly?

The Wolves should be embarrassed about their season. They have good young talent, a good coach, and they’re not tanking, yet they’re only a couple games better than the awful Magic and Sixers.

Russ should definitely win MVP even if he’s not the most productive player in the league in an absolute sense

He’s doing unprecedented things at a usage rate that’s never been seen before and OKC would probably be a bottom 5-7 team without him there.

I think he’s top 5 in productivity, though. And I think he’s better than Harden. He turns the ball over way less (16 TOV% vs 19 TOV% for Harden–turns the ball over less than Lebron does too, actually), rebounds more (those numbers are admittedly padded however), assists more, and plays better D while maintaining a way higher usage. Harden is way more efficient, however, and that’s pretty much the only place where he has an advantage.

I think you could reasonably claim that any of Lebron, Durant, CP3, Kawhi, Harden, and Westbrook are 1. deserving of the MVP and 2. deserving the title of league’s most productive player (with Giannis, Jokic, Curry, Gobert, and Butler not far behind but in a tier below.)

Easy on Harden, Russ only gets triple-doubles. Harden had a quadruple-double today.

What’s ironic is while the Cavs slide since the all-star break probably ended any hopes LeBron had, he’s actually been playing amazingly during it. Since the break he’s averaged 27.5/10.6/8.5 with a 63% TS! I think he definitely has a case for most productive player this year and might get my MVP vote if I had one.


At least the Lakers are gonna have a sub 50% chance of keeping their pick this year and in 2019 lmao

God damn it I wanted to root for the Knicks to win for the first time in god knows how long. Now obviously I will not be doing that, but we definitely will. We all should’ve foreseen this blowing up in our faces. We will always be bad.

The Knicks are going to finish in a 3-way tie with the Kings and Wolves and with their luck lose the coin flips and finish 8th aren’t they.

I’m not even sure you can say Russell is a better defender than Harden this year.

Russell defense is non existent.

I will continue this discussion tommorow

And don’t even bring up his rebounds please

They are a result of EXTREME stat whoring/padding

Opposing point guards shoot +7% of their expected fg% when RUSS guards them

It reminds of the American League MVP race the season Miggy won the Triple Crown while Mike Trout was definitely better than him. Miggy won because, well, “triple crown.” Similarly, Westbrook will win because of the triple doubles. Fair or not, that’s probably what will happen. Harden would have a chance if it weren’t for Leonard and James both having seasons where people think that they’re MVP-worthy, as well.

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