2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Blazers

The Knicks had their first “okay, we’re seriously tanking now” moment of the season tonight, as they are resting Melo, Rose and Lance Thomas in a winnable game in Portland.

Good for them.

Let’s go? Knicks!

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Lillard is so overrated, but you gotta love a guy who loves his team as much as he does.

Pretty sure the Knicks are the worst team in the NBA at this point

‘ol kuz certainly does not look to reek of confidence…maybe he can hang out with o’quinn this summer…i think he can score and learn to be in the right spot on d…

noticed a lot of teammates barking at willy a lot this season – is willy too nice? hopefully him and kp can spend time together in the off-season…

This has not been a good trip for WHG. He’s been getting killed by these big centers.

Just tuning in. Wow on all the tanking. Phoenix loses to Brooklyn by 28?

Dallas hanging on, though.

i miss mike woodson’s look from the sidelines – it was like he was watching the most insane thing he had ever seen…

jeff gives ya nothing…i’ve only seen him lose it a few times…mostly when things first started going really bad…pretty composed individual…

I remember mister pringles look – it was like he was smelling shit. .

Reddick misses a shot at the buzzer and Dallas wins. Mavs now have 4 more wins than us, so we won’t be catching them.

Orlando, Philly, and Minny have winnable games tomorrow. We need at least one of them to win.

Melo and Rose are not playing and they’re not playing the Triangle at, like, all. What kind of terrible spacing is this?

It’s good to know that we don’t need Melo or Rose to tank.

Next season – Melo + Crawford and I already can smell the 1st overall pick coming.

Mason is definitely underrated and should be drafted higher than he’s going to be.

We should be looking at him + Thornwell with our 2nds.

@ the game as a once in a lifetime treat. Gotta say haven’t seen much from zinger that anyone is impressed with so far

Not sure why Philadelphia ever cut Chasson tbqh

Not sure why Philadelphia ever cut Chasson tbqh

The Colangelos are not the sharpest tools in the shed?

Seriously, though, the “real” reason is because they wanted to add size once they dealt Noel and lost Embiid for the season. They ended up signing one of the guys they signed in Randle’s place to a multi-year deal after a couple of 10-day contracts, so I don’t know if they necessarily “regret” losing Randle just yet. But I do agree that it seemed like an odd decision (not as odd as just giving Noel away like they did).

As I’ve said repeatedly, there is nothing wrong with drafting a high-productivity age-22 player. It ensures that you have them through much of their prime on a rookie-scale contract, and an extension gets them to age 30.

Aside from “upside,” there’s no way I’d want to spend the first three years of a rookie’s contract waiting for him to learn how to play basketball. Brandon Ingram will be 22 years old when the Lakers have to decide whether to keep him. Unless he’s LeBron, that’s not a great position to be in.

If we could get Josh Jackson in the first and Mason in the second i would be geeked. Of course if Lonzo is there when we pick……

This has not been a good trip for WHG. He’s been getting killed by these big centers.

I agree. He’s getting exposed a little.

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