2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Clippers

Since the Knicks are visiting the Clippers, there are, of course, a bunch of “maybe Melo will go to the Clippers” stories, which are nonsense. The main story about Melo seeming like he might want to leave opened with Melo saying something along the lines of, “Nah, don’t even start with this” so clearly nothing has actually changed with regards to Melo wanting to leave.

But hey, it wouldn’t hurt for Melo to score 60 in a close Knicks loss tonight! Maybe it would move the Clippers to actually make a real offer for Melo. So far they have not.

I obviously want the Knicks to lose all of these games, but I would sort of like to see them at least come close. That Nets game I went to on Thursday, my wife was all, “Boy, I felt sorry for you. You wanted them to lose and yet it was still so depressing to watch. The games during the commercials were the only thing interesting about the game.” Which is true. Them not even being in these games is depressing. It’s like, “Oh, so they can’t even come close to beating the worst team in the NBA, but adding one draft pick will change things?” Seems hard to believe.

Anyhow, let’s go? Knicks!

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Orlando beats Philly in OT. We’re now 1.5 games ahead of Philly and 2 ahead of Orlando.

As far as Melo’s value argument from the last thread, I still think dumb GMs would trade for him. And Doc is probably a dumb GM. Melo was good back when Doc stopped paying attention to the league in 2010. Remember, he traded a 1st rounder for a half a season of Jeff Green.

Fish isn’t a horrible commentator tbh

A suitably dismal first quarter for the Knickerbockers

What? The Knicks are playing? This team pisses me off so much.

In other news, another one of my teams just signed Josh McCown. .

Thank god for baseball! I’ve been watching Puerto Rico vs the Netherlands. What a game! It’s had everything! Molina has made 3 amazing defensive plays to keep this game at 3-3. This one will be a classic.

It’s good for the tank, but these refs are giving the Clips a lot of home cooking.

@14 – I’m hoping to go from baseball right into basketball this fall. I need the Yankees to get to the World Series. That way I can just skip the NFL season.

Yeah, the Jets may be tanking, too.

That’s why I like the McCown signing better than a Cutler signing. Cutler might play well enough that they’d want to extend him.

Yeah, McCown is a good signing if they really think that one of the two young guys might be for real. Looks like they only wanted to go 1 year on a deal. Cutler might think that he’s deserving of more years…

The Jets are definitely, wisely, rebuilding.

Melo with 13 points on 5 of 9 shooting in the first half in front of his team to be.

I said:

But no matter what anyone thinks of him, Melo still has value approaching, if not exceeding, what he is getting paid.

THCJ said: Every time I think you’re coming to your senses, you say something like this. How can you possibly believe that this is the case when literally every statistic available tells you otherwise?

JK47 said:

“Wow. This is fucking insane.

Melo is a mediocre-efficiency scorer with scant secondary skills who plays horseshit defense. He’s rocking a .538 TS% to go with his toxic defensive play. It would be generous to call the guy a league-average player at this point. To say that he’s worth $24.5M of salary is… I mean, I don’t have words. He’s the 9th highest-paid player in the NBA. If he’s worth $24.5M then Jae Crowder is worth like $40M and Rudy Gobert is worth like $75M and Mason Plumlee is worth like $35M.

I got nothing personal against you, Z-Man, but what the fuck. That is just a completely indefensible statement.”

Whoa, guys, I meant “theoretical trade” value, not “actual” value based on production. Are you actually denying that there are teams out there who would not be happy to take on Melo’s 2 years at his current contract? Starting with the Clippers and Cavs? And that if they had a way to give up assets w/o decimating their team, they would trade for him in a heartbeat? And that if Melo did not have the NTC that several teams would be happy to bring him aboard and willing to give up something decent for him?

My point is that he has enough trade value (regardless of actual value based on production) that you don’t waive him at this point. Without being unnecessarily condescending by (deliberately?) misinterpreting me, do you agree or disagree?

Yeah, McCown is a good signing if they really think that one of the two young guys might be for real. Looks like they only wanted to go 1 year on a deal. Cutler might think that he’s deserving of more years…

The Jets are definitely, wisely, rebuilding.

It makes sense if they think one of them is for real or if they think that neither is for real but need someone to play QB until they draft a QB next year.

KP with a bone crunching pick on Jamal Crawford. I’m serious. It really happened.

@25 I’m ignoring you but I thought that Randle and Baker looked pretty good as well.

If the Knicks lose their next game, they will achieve the under with eleven games remaining.


Reminder to disregard any other predictions I made and just take the one where I said this team would win 32 games as the authoritative one


Rose had a great box score line, and that’s despite probably being guarded by Chris Paul. How did he actually look in the game?

And Plumlee played twenty minutes and only had one personal foul, which is not what I would have expected

missed the game, went to go watch logan – that was a different kind of superhero movie…minimal cgi…absolutely loved it…i have a bunch of marvel ‘the end’ storylines…really liked what the writers did with the movie…

yeah, so i in fact do have the game recorded…not entirely sure if I’ll hit delete or play…

Logan had an Outlaw Josey Wales feel to it. Also, the obvious symbolism of a bunch Mexican refugee children migrating north against the wishes of a villain named Donald is too good.

32 comments for a game. I hope next year we will finally be competitive. Enough of the tank team I want a competitive team next year. A sure playoff team with a knockout punch chance for the title. It’s possible. Do it Phil

It’s possible.

It’s really, really not.

And one of the worst possible things that Jackson could do is try to do that.

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