R.I.P. John Andariese

We lost “Johnny Hoops” today, the great former Knicks announcer, John Andariese (whose last name was so tricky that I already spelled it incorrectly on Twitter), today.

For Knick fans of the 1990s, we were not only in a Golden Age, but we all KNEW we were in a Golden Age, as we had John Andariese and Marv Albert on MSG with Mike Breen and Clyde Frazier on the radio. Breen and Frazier were clearly way too talented to be “just” radio announcers, but boy, all four were great.

John Andariese then swapped roles with Clyde Frazier and eventually, Andariese retired (or was let go) in 2014.

John Andariese was a New York icon. We will all miss him. Our condolences to his friends and family.

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