2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nets

After a much-needed loss last night, the Knicks are running up against one of the hardest teams in the NBA to lose to in the Brooklyn Nets. The good thing is that the Nets have no reason to lose this game, while the Knicks have a very good reason to try to lose this game, so there’s a chance that the Nets could pull it out at home. The Nets have been playing better since Jeremy Lin returned to the team, as they had a point guard-driven offense being driven by, like, Randy Foye (it still shocks me that the Nets dumped Yogi Farrell while keeping Foye on the team. Foye has never been good).

So the Knicks have a chance of losing this one. This would be a big loss. I’m going to the game on Thursday and hopefully that is somehow a loss, as well.

Charles Oakley, by the way, continues his “showing up at Knick road games” shtick tonight.

Let’s go? Knicks!

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