2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors

Under normal circumstances, I would not even be slightly concerned about tonight today’s game because the Warriors are normally SO much better than the Knicks. They are still better than the Knicks without Kevin Durant, but the difference is obviously smaller. Not small enough that I think the Knicks have a legitimate chance of winning the game, but small enough that it wouldn’t completely blow my mind. Therefore, I am just slightly worried enough to be, well, slightly worried.

Let’s go? Knicks!

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This should help the tank. Too bad they can’t get more leverage towards the draft for the margin they lose by today.

The Knicks are gonna make this a game today. We still lose but we won’t go quietly.

If KP doesn’t toughen up we should dump his ass. Klay Thompson easily cleared KP out when KP had ALL of the position to get a rebound. That Shit pisses me off because he hasn’t improved in that area at all

Nice job on the 3 on 1 rose. Just put your head down and bowl into the defender

Rose might be the worst passing PG in the NBA. He drives to the basket, Porzingis is literally 2 feet away from him by himself and instead he forces up an awful shot.

I cannot wait until he’s no longer on this team.

I think Steph Curry and Seth Curry have switched teams. Anybody else see what Seth has been doing lately?
And I was begging for the Knicks to give him a shot for 2 years.

I don’t watch much anymore, so it’s shocking to see how horrible Rose is live.

Someone’s feet are planted to the ground, he can’t move laterally at all, And only shoots jumpshots falling away from the basket.

1. Mets preseason baseball is better than this shit.
2. Other than losses all I have left to root for is the long shot of WHG for ROY

Porzingis is a bust like you’re savvy about basketball.

I went to a division 3 college. Our basketball team had a 7 ft white guy who’s only skill was being 7 ft tall. Porzingis looks like that guy today.

And yes rose does the same thing every single play. He’s exactly Melo, but he goes to the basket

Van Gundy wants to know, if we don’t sign Rose, who can we get who’s better?
Gee, I don’t know. How about putting 30 random current pgs’ names in a hat who will be available next year and randomly picking one?

@16 As opposed to 7 ft players of other races who are all good?

Well, Teague and Holiday might be available (but I hope the Knick’s don’t sign either to a max). Rubio will be dangled, yet again, by Minny. And, there are 6 young talents scheduled to go in the first 10 picks or so of the draft. So, let’s start there!

Jesus Christ are we discussing what I am seeing here? Really? You guys realize KP is still younger than Ewing was when he entered the NBA?

As much as I can’t stand melos game, I have witnessed him pass off of a drive. I still haven’t seen Rose do that.

Jesus, Rose can’t pass, shoot or play defense, he has the personality of a cactus, and van Gundy doesn’t know what we’d do without him.

I hope people here notice that there are two teams running the Triangle on offense in this game.

Before any of you clowns jump on me about porzingis, all I’m saying is that in this game, today, he is playing like ass.
So stop with the strawman nonsense.

Yes he is playing like ass and gets no easy shots. Not all this fault. Oh well.

You would think the fans could start a defense chant without being prompted. Putrid team and some putrid fans! Maybe they’ll get it going …

Green bullies KP. The offense should try to make the latter off the former. I am glad Mark Jackson has called out our team for not doing it enough.

Amazing the oquinn is the guy to keep feeding the zinger. Ya can’t not love that

Meanwhile, this Knick unit (with KP scoring the last 5 points), makes a nice run!

Baker and Oquinn come in, Rose and melo go to the bench, and lo and behold, some good looks for porzingis and the deficit vanishes.

You know, if they cut Rose, picked up a live pg body, and gave Oquinn 30 mins a game, they’d probably make the playoffs.

I know it hurts the tank, but I would be a happy fan if Melo and Rose never played another minute this season. Love watching the “scrubs” play.

You know what this is- this is Hornacek seeing what next year’s team will look like. No Melo Rose Lee.

GS might want to make sure that they get home court throughout the playoffs…

Baker putting nice pressure on the ball not falling for the fakes. Starts with a little defense … a little resistance

KP is having his first okay game against the Warriors.

Did you guys see the snippet where Kerr used some stats to motivate Steph? That’s why the Warriors are better than everyone.

I know I should be rooting for a stealth tank, but man is this a good 1st half by the Knicks! This is hard to watch because as a Knicks fan, my instinct is to cheer right now

Jesus, Lee or Rose (I can’t tell anymore) missed KP on an open pick and roll.

Don’t worry guys. If the game is close in the 4th Melo and Rose will take over and the tank will prevail.

Amazing what happens when you allow a player to get in a rhythm shooting the basketball. I am almost torn because I know KP would lead us to a good game without Melo and Rose but I do want us to tank.

@ 50. It was Lee. I’ve noticed he is nearly incapable of making the roll guy effective. He almost never takes a chance at getting the ball to the roll guy. I was watching college guys do the same thing all weekend. They don’t see it or they don’t think they can get the pass there.

I always root for the Knicks, but today is special. I want the Knicks to try their best and play well because I know that our best isn’t better than the Warriors. So I’m not worried. The Knicks will be entertaining and we’ll lose, which is awesome.

This is such a different team when the ball is moved around and we play defense.

At work at the moment so I am not watching the game. How is the atmosphere with no arena music or video? It’s an intriguing idea that I could fully get behind. Is anyone actually at the game?

God rose fucking sucks. He starts defensively too far back and he gets lost in every screen nothing new


As much I want to agree with you I can’t. I want Ball or Ntilikina to come in and play a semblance of perimeter defense.

It’s complicated to root exclusively for KP and WHG and against everyone else. It’s not natural but I do it for the team.

I would add Ronny B. and Kuz to that list but they’re probably not part of the long term future of this team.

Man, Golden State is in trouble without Durant.

They definitely look beatable right now.

Confession time: it would be kind of hard for me to be mad about this win.

Man, Baker is a defensive beast. If he ever figures out how to be a more efficient scorer he’ll be a wonderful bench piece moving forward.

When I see the Triangle hybrid offense Golden State runs I wonder why we can run it. Its so ingeniously simple yet effective.

The Magic are currently up double digits in Washington. Let’s go Orlando!

Ummmm guys?

Phoenix, Orlando, Dallas, and New Orleans (or Lakers) may win tonight.

Phoenix, Orlando, Dallas, and New Orleans (or Lakers) may win tonight.


I mean, Phoenix is playing Boston, and Dallas is behind us and playing OKC, but fingers crossed.

Phoenix is up by 12 in the 3rd on Boston, Orlando up 17 in the 3rd on Washington, Sacramento up 9 on Utah. One of LAL/NOP will lose. Maybe Dallas too. This may be a good day.

We ain’t catching the Lakers so we need NOP to pull this one out. I like our chances to slip behind them because they have nothing to tank for.

Edit: Unless they want to shamelessly try for that top-3 protected pick and troll the hell out of the Kings.

I think its paradoxically possible that the Cousins trade simultaneously made both the Pelicans and Kings better teams this season.

I think Porzingis’ last two games, where he mostly played the 5, should silence the doubt on his rebounding. At the 4 he plays so far away from the basket that his rebounding numbers suffer. He and the Knicks are also a lot better when they run the offense with the intent to get KP the ball. Next year should be really fun when Derrick Rose is gone and KP is at worst the 2nd option offensively.

How about Derrick Rose’s 18 FGA (only 1 was a 3PA) and 11 FTA to only 4 assists? Way to set the pace out there!

The damn Magic blew it. I think 6th is the best we can hope for, which would still be great.

Interesting that they went with no music/video for the first half. My last game was a Celtics game on a business trip. They blasted music the whole time, rarely a second to sit and enjoy the sounds on the floor. Hoping it continues.

Also fuck Derrick Rose and long live the tank.

There was this mock up on Draft Express and it had Isaac going 6th to SAC, Markannen 7th to us, and DeAaron Fox to SAC at 8. If the draft legitimately plays out like that I think I would cry. Sacramento would be my favorite team going forward with Fox, Hield, Isaac, and WCS.


I’ve been trying to explain this the whole season. We’re only getting glimpses because Phil’s acquisition of talent has been so piss poor they can’t/won’t/don’t properly supplement his game.

I don’t see us picking Markannen if Fox and Ntilikina are on the board….though…the future of this game could be two 7ft plus big men coming off screens and screen/rolls time and time again. I don’t know if defenses can defend that in a halfcourt.

Fun game. I enjoyed the lack of music and other entertainment in first half.

LOL at the people calling a KP a bust or wanting to dump him. What a joke. Thinking like that is what has the Knicks in the position they are.

Something here is wrong. I am Watching the Kings score out of a triangle halfcourt set. Yet I thought it was an antiquated system no one runs….hmmm….

Thinking like that is what has the Knicks in the position they are.

Its also the temperamental stupidity that allows people to say that NY sports fans don’t have the patience to rebuild and develop their own players. Exactly the kind of temperamental stupidity that characterizes the James Dolan era sans Donnie Walsh.

Draymond post game has called the lack of music and video in the first half “trash” and “pathetic”. Pretty interesting take from a guy that kicks opponents in the balls on the reg.

Wtf Kings!? NBA.com play-by-play said they won in OT. Then I checked back and they lost. Must have overturned a call after review? Watch that cost us a spot in June!

Nice to see Kristaps play well against Draymond after their first couple matchups were so one sided.

I really enjoyed the no arena music. I feel like it got the crowd to pay more attention and get into the game.


yeah, it was a Gobert tip-in that was reviewed.

this game by Gobert was one of the best I’ve watched in a while for a Center, a true statement to people who ignore the impact a superstar low-usage Center can have on a team.

Noel is really paying off for Dallas. He can be worth them not getting a top 10 pick.

Soon they’re going to assault me with thinkpieces about how Rick Carlisle’s genius was able to resurrect Nerlens

if only the Mavs had not given up to desperation and signed Barnes to that contract, they would be looking real promising.

Soon they’re going to assault me with thinkpieces about how Rick Carlisle’s genius was able to resurrect Nerlens

Seriously! It will happen.

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