2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavs

The tank is in a precarious position tonight.

The Knicks host the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are in the middle of a major funk right now. Not only that, but while Kevin Love returns tonight, they will be without Kyrie Irving so, well, that’s a huge opening for the Knicks to sneak a win in at just the wrong time for the tank.

Oh well, let’s at least hope Melo plays well in front of a big audience!

Let’s? Go? Knicks?

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Whiteside just went 17/11 in the first quarter and Miami is probably about to become by far the worst team in history to win 10 straight.

Melo grimacing and holding his shoulder is not good for trade talk.

KP’s basketball IQ needs to improve. He still doesn’t get it with the stupid fouling and his propensity to leave his feet on blocks. Someone has to explain to him that he’s 7’3 not 6’3. He doesn’t have to leave his feet on blocks.

KP still has youthful energy and will eventually learn not to jump so much.

I think we’re safe. Only way this was going to happen is if we built an early lead and they couldn’t come back.

Watching Porzingis is infuriating. Intentionally foul Lebron…just let him lay it in! Is nobody telling him that he shouldn’t be doing this in foul trouble?

Either KP isn’t being coached properly or he’s just hard-headed as hell. Someone on that staff has to sit him down in film study or practice and explain to him that’s wasting his ability with these dumb mistakes.

I’m not watching this crap. Why isn’t Zombie Noah playing? Pooped out after five minutes or what?

Noah was nursing the same injury he had in the preseason but he’s back in now. Year 1 of 4 going swell.

If Willy hit that 3 it would’ve been the biggest moral victory we’ve had this season

At this point I feel bad for the guy, perhaps irrationally. Hope an acceptable offer comes along soon.

Well, the game is good for the tank, very good for pushing Melo to be more willing to waive the NTC, and probably good for Lee’s trade value. Other than that, pretty ugly.

I guess maybe it should help clarify to Phil how far the team is from being good.

I think Marco Rubio is as likely to be the savior as Ricky Rubio is at this point.

Thanks Phil!

Melo’s play the past 2 games is not conducive to good trade value.

The team’s a little off tonight.

@30 Love looks really good. There’s no way that they trade him for Melo. No way at all.

I can’t imagine anyone watching this game and thinking that getting Melo would be good for Cleveland, especially not for Love.

Either the Clips or bust. He’d fit in well there. He’s simply not at #1 or #2 guy.

Just got home and I’m glad I’m not watching this crap.

Melo looking like a keeper for our tank…

As far as the tank goes, getting rid of KOQ and Lee would probably help more than getting rid of Melo.

@34 I still think that he could help the Clippers with CP3 getting him easy shots.

Melo isn’t in the same realm as Love. He is injured. I doubt he goes anywhere.

Is Willy actually the best player on our team?

KP desperately needs to work with a good PG.

In a system where they move the ball. I don’t care what they think he can do, a 7’3 man should not be asked to isolate at the top of the 3 point line with a smaller, quicker defender in his face.

Why won’t someone put a hand up when Lebrun shoots…. why are we backing up ten feet away

@49 I absolutely agree. He needs to get the ball closer to the basket ala Kareem who had a similar build.

Why won’t someone put a hand up when Lebrun shoots…. why are we backing up ten feet away

he’s a bad outside shooter and the Knicks are terrible at defense

loving this tank job, despite Kay Felder’s best efforts

As bad as the Knicks have looked, they are still in this game, and every run they make is getting stopped by Lebron’s dominance.

Agree, and I think we see occasional flashes of it with Jennings, but not enough.

Mase the book on Lebron has been to give him the outside shot and take away his drives.

This is the 2nd straight game where we’ve been light years better with Melo sitting.

@56 Magic Johnson said that we should trade Melo or not trade him this week already. I would agree with half of that

If Mike Dunleavy was making $65k more, Brandon Jennings for Felder gets done before the Cavs plane takes off.

Has KP played the entire 2nd half?

No, he was sat at the end of the 3rd.

I actually think we’d win more games if we trade Melo.

Maybe we should keep him.

If Isaiah Thomas was on our team we’d be in first place instead of battling for 8th.

I hate all of this extra bullshit but if it gets sand in Lebron’s vagina I am all for it.

Are these the same refs from the Atlanta game trying to make up with the Knicks?

When the game ended Melo hugged LeBron and I think I saw him say “Please rescue me.”

Damn, my over/under prediction were on point.

Melo had 20 FGAs. I had the over as 20.

Cavs had 16 threes. I had the over 15.

Melo didn’t draw a foul on Lebron. Had the over at 1.

UCLA is smoking Washington but Fultz is holding his own. Dennis Smith Jr destroyed Miami. The 3 PGs at the top of this draft are unbelievable.

Great development for our tank. Kings defeated the Warriors to become a 20 win team.

That makes me happy. We can give it our all out there and still lose ground the right way.

Dennis Smith looks the part of a pure NBA point guard. A little CP3 in his game. I like him a lot. Not more than Lonzo though.

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