2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Wizards

The Knicks host the Washington Wizards tonight.

The Knicks and Wizards have been weird parallels of each other this season. When the Knicks were up earlier this season, the Wizards were down and while the Knicks have been down, the Wizards have been up.

We’ll probably see a reverse of that tonight, as the hunt for 42 wins continues apace!

It’s the Knicks, always bet on the worst possible scenario happening!

Let’s go, Knicks?

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the All-Star vote for Melo, the East sucks in general, but it has some really good wings

i’m kinda thinking – who cares if melo is or isn’t an all-star…seems that all that matters is he has an all-star type contract with a salary bump and an NTC that makes him no asset beyond what he can do on the court playing for us…good, let him get some rest for his old achy body (man – to be 32 again 🙂

O’Quinn with a block, 2 steals, 4 pts, and takes a big charge in the first 2:30

Kyle O’Quinn is going to raise his trade value tonight on national television. Excellent.

My only question/worry for tonight’s game is- how many points will Bradley Beal score this time?? We just can’t seem to guard the guy

Kyle O’Quinn is going to raise his trade value tonight on national television. Excellent.

Wait…Montgomery Burns?

LOL..when I read it, I read it in that voice

hahahahahaha did ya’ll see how KP’s eyes lit up when he saw Jah in front of the rim?

Not three’s so much, Wizards dropped 24 in the paint. Plumlee is not a great matchup here.

What gets me is when guys are guarded so weakly that they can just pull up and shoot. Courtney Lee just showed us some of that great D right there. Inexcusable

I really wish KP stops shooting that long three early in the shot clock and works for a better shot.

I m just saying when these guys are hitting any threes when it’s not a kick out or break down in D. That gets me. I don’t even care if it happens once. Feels like every time

“Normally [team X] isn’t such a great 3 point shooting team, but tonight…”

Every time.

“Normally [team X] isn’t such a great 3 point shooting team, but tonight…”

Every time.

this, and – player X is having a career game tonight…

“Normally [team X] isn’t such a great 3 point shooting team, but tonight…”

So so true. and so so sad

It doesn’t matter how many they score because we can make the odometer go around.

What a 2nd quarter. You can just feel this team coming together. We have real fire out there.

We have real fire out there.

subtype: dumpster

Curse this inane mediocrity. Washington needs to play some freaking defense. I really wish our shot chart didn’t look like a random scatterplot.

I’m having a Twilight Zone experience…I have NBA.com up, and they have TNT, but Reggie Miller keeps saying complimentary things about the Knicks. I’m confused.

Also, very cool, you can choose a “home player” option, which apparently is a camera that stays on one player – Melo mostly. So you can watch him during the play, instead of watching the ball. Reveals what he’s really doing (standing around a lot).

Melo mostly. So you can watch him during the play, instead of watching the ball. Reveals what he’s really doing (standing around a lot).

Thats what you got from that quarter?

I briefly forgot what quarter it was and assumed we were midway through the third.

That was a fucking ridiculous quarter from Melo.

This is Hall of Fame Melo tonight.

Our team is coming together.

No tanking.

We only needed Melo scoring 27 points in 15 shots to win the first half by one.


@47 – on defense, yes. He wanders away from his man, which led to a few open 3s. I am curious about how bad his defense actually is, since we all know defense is the reason this team is nowhere near good. I’d be equally happy to watch any other player exclusively – KP. Oak, Rose, Baker, whoever. It really helps you tune out the other stuff to see what they are actually doing out there.

Anyway, now the feed is showing the halftime show – a dude drummer along to the Beatles in a dark arena. Weird.

on defense, yes. He wanders away from his man, which led to a few open 3s. I am curious about how bad his defense actually is

He doesnt really suck on ball and sometimes on help D. He does wander toward the paint. Which is exactly why his ass needs to play the 4. The problem is when you are playing another stretch four you need to stay up on him. Not sure why he doesnt understand this.

slowly Melo will bring it down to 1:1 PTS to FGA, but shhh let’s just remember the first half

I’m not an NBA coach, but I feel like we might want to stay with their 3-point shooters like Porter. just a thought.

I will talk to myself. Zinger at 5 and Melo at 4 struggling against a non Gortat anchored front court.

While thanks guys for the first half. Rose and Melo have zombied our boys to this deficit. Too many Shitty posessions

Plumlee says hi to Wall. And reminds him to never come into the paint again.

Nikola Jokic 17 points on 6-7 shooting, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists at the half

It beggars belief how good this kid is

I really wish that KP would work on receiving the ball much closer to the basket instead of getting it way outside and either forcing a three or trying to dribble through traffic.

He’s being played as a stretch 4. It’s not KP’s choice–it’s his role in the offense. Whether or not that’s right, who knows. But he hasn’t looked very good since that torrid start and that really worries me. Someone tell me im worrying too much.

A nasty crossover followed by a brick should forever be known as the “Brandon Jennings”

I think it’s valid worry. He doesn’t really crash the boards anymore like he used to. He needs to hit his jumpers. Right now he has the type of game that will wow unless its a bad game. Because it looks really bad clanking too many Js

Until Melo came back in, the camera was following him. Takeaway: very solid on D, almost always in the right place; totally out of it on O, watching everyone else play. Not sure that’s on him…

KP looks so much better as a center even with his skinny frame honestly

I’d be fine with cutting his MPG by 10-15 so long as he switched to center full time

I still want KP inside receiving passes and lobs for easy baskets instead of shooting long 3’s.

Some things never change. How many times do you think Melo burned Jason Smith in practice like that? Like, a lot.

I don’t mind the outcome but Beal traveled blatantly with like .5 to go. Knicks should’ve gotten one more shot

I guess having Jennings out there means H has all the seasoned veterans (+ KP) out there. And what does it get you?

What’s Courtney Lee going to post on instagram tonight?? How do you pass up that shot?

Lee was supposed to take the three and he botched it

Keep up the great work everyone!

The only way Melo will ever be successful is to play with Paul or LeBron…. players he respects and likely won’t do stupid stuff like the last 2 possessions

Every game the same bloody things….

The sort of defend Lee, once Melo got the ball, did anybody expect him to pass?

But yeah, he’s got to shoot that. He’s the best shooter out there.

I am glad Melo showed his true colors at the end of the game. We can always count on his heroballing to derail our chances at victory.

I’d guess that H will say that it was a matchup thing as far as not playing Willy. But yeah, he’s got to play some…

I hope that KP meets with Jabbar or Hakeem in the offseason. He needs to learn some post moves.


I read he wants to meet up with Dirk. I would love him to master and commit to a skyhook though.


What are you babbling about? This is a moment for celebration. Melo blew the game and we lost while KP played well in limited minutes. The tank continues.

@152 I saw KP take 2 successful sky hooks one game and I thought he was figuring it iut but evidently not. I even sent him a tweet with video of Jabbar dominating with it. It would make him unstoppable.


Skyhook isn’t that easy to master I read. It takes major committing. He should use it when he’s in front of the basket 5 feet in.

If we’re this exciting when we lose can you imagine how much fun we’ll be when we start winning?

@158 True. But he used it in that one game like he owned it. Only twice though.

Melo had the one horrible shot on that second to last possession but made the right play on the last one- hard to say he blew the game.

Yeah, it’s gonna be really nice winning a lot of games in two or three years

Until then, onward, Ntilikina!

Theres a reason why only Kareem mastered the skyhook. Its really fucking hard to do.

If I hadn’t seen KP do it twice in 5 minutes I would never bring it up but it looked natural for him. That might be the last time he ever does it.

Minnesota can win this game against the Paul-less Clippers. More good news for the tank.

Yeah, the sky hook’s a very tough shot and Kareem said he’d been practicing it since elementary school. But Kareem’s a very smart guy who KP might learn from in terms of conditioning, strength-building, etc He’s listed as 7’2″ 225 lbs so he’s probably the closest great center to KP in terms of body type. He was wiry strong like Rodman. I know he often practiced martial arts with Bruce Lee which he said helped him a lot.

BTW, it seeems Anunoby’s chances of being drafted this offseason have been derailed with his knee injury.


That’s the word now that he’s been declared out indefinitely.


No, it isn’t good. We need a deeper pool of talent, not a smaller one. This is why its imperative that we tank, tank, tank, and tank so hard.

The biggest thing with kp is that he is more aggressive going for putback dunks than defensive rebounds….

last year he was so determined to prove he that he wasnt soft…. this year he defintely playing softer….

That and he has to find more ways to get to tbe line….

Good loss for the tank. KP, right now, is actually a worse player than O’Quinn and Hernangomez. Playing him and not playing them will increase our ability to lose games, and it also makes KP better as long as we keep him under 33 minutes a night.

Where we’re at it’s more than likely going to be one of: Bridges, Hartenstein, Rabb, Giles, or Leaf. With an offchance of Ferguson, Kurucs, or Kennard (if Kennard really climbs or the former two get rave reviews from Gaines et al.)

If we’re lucky Fox or Ntilikina will fall to us but I doubt it. Bridges, Kurucs, Kennard, and Ferguson fulfill the positions of greatest need. My guess is that we’ll be picking Bridges.

Unless, of course, the tank accelerates.

Anybody see what’s going on with Sidney Lowe and Courtney Lee? I think Courtney Lee has a pretty legitimate beef there; the coach was standing right next to him when he caught the ball.

Can the NBA reverse the win for us?

T Wolves won as Rubio got hurt and Tyus Jones played well.

Reggie: wow what a +/- O’Quinn must have right now….
score at 6:4 for the Wizards and OQ doin it all for the Knicks…blocks, rebounds, steals, pointz….

…Just showing some love for our master blaster

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