Knicks Morning News (2016.11.08)

  • [NYDN] Knicks need defensive specialist while Hornacek molds triangle
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 3:55:16 PM)

    The combination of the triangle and the defense has resulted in a 2-4 start and the need for Hornacek to start making drastic changes.

  • [NYPost] Chasson Randle won’t let brutal fracture prevent Knicks return
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 7:36:06 PM)

    Point guard Chasson Randle didn’t think it was anything after taking an elbow to the face from Lou Amundson during the Knicks training-camp scrimmage Oct. 14. “No I didn’t,” Randle told The Post on Monday. “I felt a little bit of pain. But I took a second, got up and thought everything was fine. I…

  • [NYPost] Carmelo’s dejected start: Heckling, triangle angst and defense worry
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 4:12:41 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony wore a bright yellow hat in the Knicks’ locker room Sunday afternoon, but his mood was dark blue. Maybe it was because of the heckles he heard from Garden fans early in the game against the Jazz, screaming at him to pass the ball when he touched it and held it too long….

  • [NYPost] Jeff Hornacek in bind: More drills could be what breaks Knicks
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 7:50:57 AM)

    Jeff Hornacek canceled Knicks practices Saturday and Monday. As much as the Knicks need work on defending the pick-and-roll – something the players aren’t shy about pointing out – Hornacek believes it’s best to rest the legs of his veterans. It’s a Catch-22. He needs his starters to log bigger minutes if the Knicks’ thin…

  • [NY Newsday] Triangle also hurting Knicks on defensive end
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 7:45:17 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony is even more tired of hearing and talking about the triangle offense than he was last season, but the Knicks continue to show they’re more averse to playing defense.

  • [SNY Knicks] Early returns suggest Noah is Knicks’ most important player
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 2:00:36 PM)

    Joakim Noah has been the Knicks’ most important player, yet they seem to play so often without him, or even through him, for stretches of suboptimal offense.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks need to do better job of sticking to game plan
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 8:23:56 AM)

    At first glance, the Knicks’ box score from Sunday against the Jazz looks like that of a victory. The team shot 51% from the field, 40% from deep, and dished out 18 assists. Two players scored 28 points as New York amassed 109 points. This type of effort was good enough to build an early double-digit lead, but by game’s end, the Knicks had nothing more to show for it all than a defeat.

  • [NYTimes] N.B.A. Schedule: Here’s What to Watch This Week
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 6:36:08 PM)

    The Clippers meet the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Friday, and six N.B.A. games are scheduled for election night on Tuesday.

  • [ESPN] Tuesday’s Knicks News: Defense needs to improve immediately
    (Tuesday, November 08, 2016 6:02:18 AM)

    Tuesday’s Knicks News: Defense needs to improve immediately

  • [ESPN] #NBArank: Knicks’ Porzingis on verge of stardom
    (Monday, November 07, 2016 11:22:06 AM)

    #NBArank: Knicks’ Porzingis on verge of stardom

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    Since the Cleveland 1st game debacle, the starting lineup has been outstanding.

    Offensive rating 119.2 –> 2nd best of ANY lineup in the league with >50 min played.
    Net rating +11.4 –> 7th best of ANY lineup in the league with >50min played
    eFG 58.8
    TS 60.9

    Earth to Phil – the Triangle offense is not the problem.
    The bench sucks (so far).
    The rotations need adjusting.
    The defense is horrific (so far).

    Stop with the Triangle obsession.

    This Phil triangle obsession is very disturbing, especially given the numbers Frank cited. It seems like the more that the sports media derides the triangle, the more stubborn Phil becomes. That’s just pure ego and not what we need from our GM.

    That article you’re all going to spend the day freaking out about is based on anonymous league sources, not even anonymous Knicks sources.

    I believe that people are legitimately telling Begley these things, it just depends on whether you believe the people who are telling Begley these things are telling the truth or, in the alternative, trust that the people who are telling Begley these things know what they’re talking about.

    I could totally believe this is true, but I could also totally believe it is unfounded speculation by outside sources who aren’t intimately familiar with what Phil is up to.

    Bondy is reporting that Horny is giving “strong consideration” to bringing in someone to be in charge of the defense. Isn’t this something he might have wanted to consider – and hear me out here because this is going to sound crazy – before we went through an entire training camp and the preseason? I mean seriously 6 games into his tenure and he’s realizing he needs somebody to coach the D for him? That doesn’t seem great.

    Yee-ikes. I mean, to be sort of kind of making an excuse, he did just lose his defense coach this offseason (to the World Champs, to boot!). But yeah, that’s just nuts.

    I am beginning to seriously question Horny here. His refusal to stagger lineups, the defensive laxity, and some of his wacky substitutions make me wonder if he’s as ready for the job as we hoped.

    Wasn’t Rambis supposedly the defensive coach , Maybe this is Hornachek way of demoting Rambis.

    Wasn’t Rambis supposedly the defensive coach , Maybe this is Hornachek way of demoting Rambis.

    Oooooh…I like that theory.

    i think if there is one lesson to be learned from this off-season is that no one (or a very select few) knows exactly what Phil is actually thinking or about to do…

    he’s an incredibly proud and competitive person, and, i think that manifests itself in the way he shares information…heck – even when he does speak directly, it’s full of innuendos and shades…and, most are left wondering what the heck he was talking about…

    Phil knew joakim would be perfect for the triangle as well as he knew brandon and derrick wouldn’t be a great fit for the system (so far it appears as though courtney can play in any type of system)…

    if (a sports fan’s favorite word) we can figure out how to come together on defense and if we can stay healthy – we should be okay…

    I don’t doubt the “Phil wants more triangle” story at all. It completely fits in with everything we know about the guy. This is just about the least surprising development I can think of.

    If Phil is so hell bent on running the friggin’ triangle he should just coach the team already. Either coach the team or accept the fact that the triangle offense has gone the way of the dodo bird. I mean, I think the dream is dead, Phil. It might be time for Plan B.

    Haha, oh man, this is hilarious. Remember the last time a Knicks coach was “put in charge of the defense” and wasn’t actually picked by the head coach?

    Hahaha, so Rambis is “in charge of the defense” now. This will go well.

    Thanks, Phil!

    Eh, it sounds stupid but I honestly thought he already was the defense coach. But yes, it doesn’t sound good.

    The thought just occurred to me that Phil pretty much assembled a roster of PnR/PnP guys- where the best post threat is a 6’8″ 240 wing and hired a PnR/take the early shot coach, but he’s upset at the amount of triangle sets being run. That is really fuckin disturbing. I don’t mind the triangle, because when it’s run properly, it’s very effective. So when Hornacek says he’ll use it on dead balls and sometimes when they can’t get transition offense or a good early shot, I start salivating because it sounds like a great compromise. I’ve stayed away from making the comment I’m about to make, but I can’t hold it in anymore. If Phil wants a team that primarily runs the triangle, then he needs to find a team to coach. Hornacek is probably a really good coach, but if Phil is really pushing the triangle on him, we will never know how good of a coach Hornacek is.


    @meanbarb: Carmelo on Rambis taking over defense: “Whether we’re comfortable with it or not, it is what it is so we have to buy into it.” #Knicks

    Actually, this is under the radar brilliant by Hornacek. Removing or deemphasizing Rambis’s influence on the offense almost certainly means less triangle.

    Removing or deemphasizing Rambis’s influence on the offense almost certainly means less triangle.

    Rambis shouldn’t have any influence on anything. This reads to me like a warning from Phil: run the triangle, or I’m gonna make my lackey the coach again.

    When Hornacek is inevitably canned, will anyone besides Rambis even be willing to board this clown car?

    @meanbarb: Carmelo on Rambis taking over defense: “Whether we’re comfortable with it or not, it is what it is so we have to buy into it.” #Knicks

    Holy shit, he seriously said that? Yee-ikes.

    When Hornacek is inevitably canned, will anyone besides Rambis even be willing to board this clown car?

    Rambis = the New Isaiah

    When Hornacek is inevitably canned, will anyone besides Rambis even be willing to board this clown car?

    I think even rich-kid-Dolan would think twice before paying THREE coaches at the same time. I think Hornacek is HC for longer than Phil is GM.

    Damn Melo must hate Rambis more than us!

    Phil’s plan has to be to get Melo to want to void his trade clause and leave. None of this makes any sense any other way.

    Damn. Melo must hate Rambis more than us!

    Right? But you know me, you can’t take anything Melo says seriously. He just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of keeping quiet. 🙂 So he says things like that a lot. I wouldn’t take too much from it.

    Phil Jackson the head coach added wins to his teams by making his players better. Phil Jackson the executive adds losses to his team by insisting they do things that haven’t worked in 5 years.

    D’Angelo Russell to the Knicks for Phil Jackson. Who says no first?

    It’s always a little hard to tell with Melo because we’ve seen situations in the past where he doesn’t pick his words well and seemingly conveys something that he claims he isn’t trying to, but yeah that quote is not great. Both stories today have “Phil is worried about the start and has decided to get a little more involved with the coaching” written all over them. I don’t love everything Horny has done so far, but seriously if we can’t stick with a vision for more than 6 games we’ve got big problems from a big picture perspective.

    Though there is no metric for narcissism , PJ seems to have the trait in abundance. It seems he is on this quixotic quest to burnish his image by winning a title, without an uber star, deploying the Triangle. He seems to ignore the use of advanced metrics in this quest.
    Like others with this personality trait, he surrounds himself with sycophants and lends a closed mind toward any advice that contradicts his point of view. His rigidity is troubling, but Knick fans have an incredibly high tolerance for masochism. Does hope spring eternal?

    Hornacek making Rambis the defensive coordinator is a good move. Puts pressure on Rambis to actually do something to justify his position on the staff.

    If the D does not improve, it is on Rambis. If it does improve, the team will win more games with H’s improved offense. So, win win. FWIW, I think the D will improve, at least marginally, over time.

    Seriously, no problem here. And the report that Phil is angry about the limited triangle may be true. But I don’t believe it. DRed is right. The sports media is such a joke, I don’t take any of it seriously…

    How do I switch teams after 35 years, without having relocated or anything like that, and without having it seem like I jumped on the bandwagon? The Nets are even worse; GS or Cle or SA are just front running. Like, can I become a Pacers fan and pass it off on my close personal relationship with Kevin Seraphin? Would that be credible? And if it would, screw you guys for talking shit about Kevin Seraphin.

    Maybe I am wrong but I seem to remember KP making a similar quote about Rambis after last year ended. I don’t think anyone likes Rambis.

    Re: the Knicks’ “hot” offense

    Lee is historically not the shooter he’s been so far. Small sample, expect some regression. His career season-high in eFG% is .539 and he’s currently posting a .585. TS% is .574 as a career high (.547 avg) and he’s posting a .603.

    This is largely from his hot midrange shooting — he’s taking a career high in FGA% from 10-15 (.189, ~40% more volume than last year) and making a career high .600 (~33% higher than his FG% last year). He’s been a weirdly consistent shooter from that range throughout his career, with seasons of .450, .451, .451, and .452 marks, each coming on different teams!

    The .500 3PT% mark can be contributed to small sample. There’s not a single person who can convince me that he’ll continue to shoot 50% from beyond the arc while posting a career-low in Ast’d% and having only taken 1 (!) corner three attempt, which he missed.

    It’s possible that perfect synergy just hit him during his age-31 season, but it’s unlikely.

    This Rambis stuff is just unbelievable.

    here’s hoping this season goes tits up, Jackson is fired, and Melo waives his no trade clause, paving the way from Masai Ujiri to make yet another Melo trade. We can only dream.

    What’s actually gonna happen is that Jax is either fired or leaves, and Isiah is hired again in his place. This will never be a winning franchise so long as James Dolan has any kind of decision making power within it.

    Yeah, the defense has to get better. There are worse defensive teams in the NBA.

    But at the same time, there’s a lot of risk that the offense will get worse. KP especially has been scoring incredibly and last year struggled with stamina later in the season. Melo, Jennings and Lee are also all playing above themselves offensively.

    The Knicks also have a long way to go to even become average. SRS of -6.18 is awful… Here are the other teams with similar or worse SRS so far this season: Philly, Brooklyn, Orlando, Washington, Dallas, Phoenix, Memphis, New Orleans… Realistically, do you see any of those teams recovering to become anything more than best case first round outs? Other than maybe Orlando because they have trade pieces and major roster imbalance and so could make a trade and Memphis because they’ll get Parsons back, I strongly doubt any of those teams makes the playoffs…

    Also, I wrote “contributed” not “attributed” because I am running on, like, zero sleep and am the worst

    It’s possible that perfect synergy just hit him [Lee] during his age-31 season, but it’s unlikely.

    This is a good test case for the value of synergy. Lee is now on a team where the best defender of guards will automatically guard Rose, the next best defender will guard Melo, the best three point defender will probably guard Porzingis, and the team runs an offensive system with a lot of motion and passing. It seems tailor made to give him more open looks, or at least situations where he has a relatively weak defender on him. From your stats he seems to have been very consistent in the past, so if he stays better than the past, I think we have to give synergy and/or the offensive scheme some credit.

    I’m just completely floored by Jackson and this Rambis and Hornacek crap. It’s friggin 6 games into the season.

    we’re about to have a guy who can’t help but post inappropriate shit on his Twitter in charge of our defense

    idk read that as you will

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