Knicks Morning News (2016.11.04)

  • [NY Newsday] Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah return to Chicago in need of a win for New York Knicks
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 8:23:49 PM)

    With the Cubs having won the World Series for the first time since 1908, Chicago fans may be too emotionally (or otherwise) hung over to care that Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah are returning on Friday night for the first time as Knicks.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks can’t forget about Kristaps Porzingis, especially in a mismatch
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 11:17:00 AM)

    At 1-3, the Knicks are talking about needing to improve their defense going into Friday’s game against the Bulls in Cubs-mad Chicago.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks’ defense burned by James Harden, Rockets
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 8:16:00 AM)

    All it took was one-and-a-half home games for the Knicks to hear their first boos of the season. Unless they find a way to stop teams, those boos will rain down more often and louder, and the team Phil Jackson built will have another disappointing season.

  • [NYPost] Does Carmelo Anthony feel his haters are coming back?
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 10:33:42 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony issued a 77-word Instagram post that seemed to suggest his doubters are emerging again but he still sees himself making it in New York. Perhaps sparked by a 1-3 start and growing discontent after three straight non-playoff seasons, Anthony wrote Thursday:

  • [NYPost] Knicks’ Derrick Rose opens about his one Bulls regret
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 10:26:15 PM)

    CHICAGO — Derrick Rose said his major regret about being traded by the Bulls last June was failing to win a title despite seven straight playoff berths and a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Rose will make his homecoming Friday at United Center on the same day as the Cubs’ championship parade. “Not winning…

  • [NYPost] Knicks spiraling out of control as Rose, Noah return to Chicago
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 4:52:21 PM)

    CHICAGO — Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah arrive in the Windy City for Friday’s showdown against the Bulls at the worst possible time. Rose, the hometown hero, and Noah, the former Bulls stalwart at center, make their United Center returns with their new sad-sack Knicks looking like a complete wreck at 1-3. As Chicago holds…

  • [NYPost] 2 charged with killing former Knicks draft pick found dead in SUV
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 9:12:30 AM)

    New Jersey prosecutors have charged two men with killing former Knicks draft pick Michael Wright, whose body was found in his car in Brooklyn last year. Mark Holdbrooks, 59, and David “King Victor” Victor, 35, were picked up and held on $3 million each for the killing, Bergen County prosecutors said Wednesday. Holdbrooks was a…

  • [NYPost] Is the triangle to blame for Knicks’ horrible defense, too?
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 8:57:43 AM)

    Leave it to new Knicks shooting guard Courtney Lee to come up with one of the more interesting theories of the past three years on why Phil Jackson’s teams haven’t defended well. Following another inept defensive outing against the Rockets on Wednesday, when the Garden crowd booed the Knicks in their second home game, Lee suggested…

  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose’s low-key role in Cubs’ triumphant year
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 7:28:01 AM)

    Though he is a White Sox fan, Derrick Rose’s 3-year-old son, P.J., threw out the first pitch at a Cubs game at Wrigley Field on May 17.

  • [NYDN] Knicks’ struggles make Chicago return bittersweet for Rose, Noah
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 11:22:04 AM)

    You could understand if Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose get that longing, homesick feeling during their nationally-televised game in Chicago.

  • [ESPN] Friday’s Knicks News: Rose regrets not winning title with Bulls
    (Friday, November 04, 2016 5:39:51 AM)

    Friday’s Knicks News: Rose regrets not winning title with Bulls

  • [ESPN] Jimmy Butler: ‘Lots of love’ for Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah in Chicago return
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 5:55:46 PM)

    Jimmy Butler: ‘Lots of love’ for Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah in Chicago return

  • [ESPN] Hornacek: Knicks have to get Porzingis the ball
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 12:07:50 PM)

    Hornacek: Knicks have to get Porzingis the ball

  • [ESPN] Two charged in slaying of ex-Arizona F Wright
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 7:50:09 AM)

    Two charged in slaying of ex-Arizona F Wright

  • [ESPN] Thursday’s Knicks News: Noah benched in loss to Rockets
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 6:10:34 AM)

    Thursday’s Knicks News: Noah benched in loss to Rockets

  • [SNY Knicks] TheKnicksBlog Podcast: There’s No D in Knicks
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 2:18:29 PM)

    Anthony Donahue and Moke Hamilton aren’t in a particularly good mood after a tough start to the season. The guys discuss the Knicks’ recent losses to Detroit and Houston, and question Jeff Hornacek’s rotation through the first four games. Later, the guys go Around the League, and stop in Chicago and OKC.

  • [SNY Knicks] How can Porzingis snap out of this funk?
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 1:45:30 PM)

    Though the Knicks have struggled so far this season, the offensive production of Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose has been encouraging. The same can’t be said about Kristaps Porzingis, however.

  • [SNY Knicks] D’Antoni’s Rockets pick Knicks apart
    (Thursday, November 03, 2016 8:43:18 AM)

    NEW YORK, NY: It’s not just the lack of his once signature mustache that is different about Mike D’Antoni in 2016.

  • 2 replies on “Knicks Morning News (2016.11.04)”

    So many unfortunately interesting storylines.

    1) Noah “benched” — Noah is the only Knick with a net positive rating. He has the highest ORtg on the team, and the best DRtg of any player with significant minutes. He doesn’t score much, and certainly the offense would be better if he were a better finisher, but he isn’t the problem.

    2) KP completely lost on both ends of the floor – he looks frankly awful on defense unless it’s a pure 1-on-1 at the rim situation. Some of this has to do with small sample and the fact they’ve played a lot of stretch 4s, but opposing players are shooting 3’s at a 54.5% on him, 15% higher than their average. He ends up defending the weak side corner on 3 pointers a lot, and his first impulse is to crash into the paint to help block shots, leading to an easy skip pass by Harden or whoever. On offense, he definitely looks like he’s hunting shots since he’s not getting the ball in positions to score much. He’s also passing up a lot of open 3’s off PNP. he seems to love to pump fake and drive from 25 feet, which usually leads to a flailing floater, a turnover, or a harmless pass. KP – you’re 7’3″. No one can block your shot when you have 4+ feet of room. LET IT FLY.

    3) I’m not a fan of Hornacek’s rotations so far. We all knew there was going to be an issue with having 2 high-usage ball handlers + KP in the starting lineup, but why is he running out Jennings + 4 low usage guys in the 2nd quarter at times? Take Rose out 6 minutes into the 1st quarter and let Jennings play with Lee/Melo/KP/Noah. Take KP out 2 minutes later. In the 2nd quarter let Rose play with KP, Thomas, Holiday, and either NDour or Baker depending on the matchup. You could theoretically have 3 plus shooters on the floor, Rose/KP PNR as the basic structure of an offensive attack, and 4 good defenders on the floor.

    4) PRACTICE PNR DEFENSE. Houston got whatever they wanted because there was no discipline on the defensive end.

    watching Noah look old and cranky makes me realize how much I miss Tyson Chandler.

    he looks old and cranky too, but he’s averaging 12.6 rebounds, got 18 yesterday!

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