2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bulls

The Knicks travel to Chicago to take on Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah’s old team. You know that Rose is going to be extra pumped up for this game and will likely take 505 shots in it. Hopefully he makes at least 258 of them.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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i’m thinking if we can hold them to under 80 – we got this one…easy money…

the game is going to be televised on espn (out here in cali, still at work, so recording it)…looks like i’ll have the joy of watching the knickerbockers on the tele tonight…

I got a colour TV, so I can see
The Knicks play basketball.

So far, so good….

I already see more intensity of defense than all of the last game.

Rose does pass…lol

It’s like the offense is better if it’s not all the guy who can’t shoot taking shots

Just before these possessions Hubie Brown said “first time they used a little triangle offense “. Maybe that helps to explain the 22-7 lead they ran out to.

What wizardry is this?
So far…

Let Wade keep taking long jumpers. He’ll miss most.

O Fuckin’ Quinn with the smash!!!!!

Wade taking and making 3s is a problem….

OQ misses the bunny down low and then doesn’t protect the rim at the other end….Bad sequence. This is why he didn’t get consistent minutes last year. He’s lucky that the current roster really doesn’t have a better option. Gotta keep your head in the game Baby Oak!

I’m dreading Clyde trying to pronounce Felicio when the Knicks play the Bulls again.

Nice to see that they are incorporating KP in the offense. He looks MUCH better tonight.

I really really wish that Melo would not bring the ball up court.

That was a nice finish Mr. Rose.

If Melo shot a bit better, that would have been a pretty nice half on the offensive end.

Overall, a much better effort by my Knicks. Holiday is a major upgrade over Grant. Very happy to have this kid and his defense/shooting on our team.


Hope for second half: Wade starts to miss a bit, and Antony starts to hit (cause we know he’s gonna keep shooting).

5 1st half assists for Rose. That’s..encouraging. Everyone except for Melo seems to be looking for KP more, and he’s not letting them down. I like this 1st half. Slightly better shooting and we might still be up 10. Maybe this team will be fine offensively after all- once it jells. Defensively? I worry if they ever will jell. But not because of the newness of it all. Courtney Lee may be on to something with his comment relating to wasting time defending the triangle in practice. That falls squarely in Phil’s hands

True, but since opposing teams will give the Knicks a heavy dose of pick and roll to play against, shouldn’t it get slowly better over time?

They have got to get KP to stop jumping on pump fakes. He’s overplaying way too much on the perimeter and it breaks down the defense when the guys then go by him.

Disappointed not to see Grant play

Yea..hard to believe Canaan is better than Grant given his 1st round pedigree and size at the point.

True, but since opposing teams will give the Knicks a heavy dose of pick and roll to play against, shouldn’t it get slowly better over time?

Hopefully. But it’s gonna take a while at this rate and with the team seemingly relying a bit too much on the triangle.

we must persuade the commisioner to penalize the triangle offense/our only hope

I didn’t say anything about his finishing at the rim, I only said he could flat out get there 🙂

Rose has that thing where he has a few spectacular buckets and you think he’s probably 5-9 with a couple fts but he actually is 3-10.

Nice dishing tonight though, no doubt…

2nd play after the break. Porzingis trying to rebound on D looked like he got mauled by RoLo but foul on Knicks. What happened?

That play at the end of the half qualifies as one of those spectacular ones you are referring to

Porzingis looks good tonight but he really, really, really needs to start rebounding this season

KOQ low key with three steals

Only thing I don’t like about Lee so far is his incessant complaining to the refs. He did it in the preseason, too, and that likely does not endear him to the refs.

Porzingis’ rebounding really is a concern. But he doesn’t spend as much time as close to the rim as I would like.

It really is absurd. I know he practiced a lot over the offseason, but if that was all he needed to do, then why the fuck didn’t he do this earlier in his career?

Hey, read my earlier post about Wade. I take the blame.

At any rate, good quarter. Can they close the deal?

His teammates don’t even look at NDour on offense, but he looks like he can play NBA defense.

I love these coaches who are like, “Eh, so what if this lineup is turning this into a blowout?” I love you, Hoiberg!

Porzingis has had an amazing game.

Brian be careful what you say about him. He is fragile.

I especially love this because Chicago’s offseason made just as little sense as the Knicks did, so I really didn’t like when they looked good to start the season.

Rose does not suck.

So happy to see the team bouncing back from the ugliness of the last game. They really have addressed so much of what was wrong with that game. Nice to see.

Great dish by Zinger, can’t believe Noah missed that layup. I think he was trying so hard to fake the foul he forgot to put it in the bucket.

If that give and go with KP and Noah fell. Sigh.
Good to see Noah getting meaningful minutes.

I want this KP every night. If I’m Horny I show him this tape on the plane. Every. Ight we need this. He’s 21

Sometimes NBA beef confuses the heck out of me. What the heck is the problem with Butler and Noah?

I think there is broad agreement this should be Zinger’s team. But it’s not happening this year.

Those last two possessions were dreadful. Why is everyone just standing around looking at Jennings dribble???

You know who I miss? Langston Galloway. How he wouldn’t have made a better addition to this team than Lance Thomas I have no idea….

Excellent pass by Rose followed by good defense on the other end! 10 assists for Rose so far.

Rose looking to pass is really nice to see. The Knicks should just tell him every team is Chicago in a different uniform.

Noah, too. Tell him every game is in Chicago. “Yep, Rudy Gobert is on Chicago now. They got him because they think you suck!”

I love when the Knicks win and I love when the Bulls lose. So tonight is doubly nice. 🙂

Yeah, he should be now, even with the 5 fouls. Maybe some serious tough love from H.

Rose still shot too much, but it’s easier to live with when he’s rebounding and dishing.

Great stat by ESPN. Rose has more assists tonight than he had in the first four games combined. Seriously – give him some sort of visor that makes all teams look like they’re wearing red and white!

This is definitely the Noah I expected them to be getting in Year 1. Not the points so much as the whole being active out there and seeming like he gives a shit.

Notice that poor Grant blew a wide open layup late to finish 0-4. I hope he plays better; I’m pulling for him.

Jerian Grant still can’t shoot a layup.

What has gotten into Wade and his 3 ball? Without that ridiculous performance this wouldn’t have been remotely close.

Melo at the 4, two PGs on the floor, Knicks win. where have I seen this before?

Melo at the 4, two PGs on the floor, Knicks win. where have I seen this before?

Watch Phil be pissed.

Grant misses a simple layup on the final possession. Typical. I can’t fathom why people think we lost something by trading this guy. Good riddance.

So nice that I don’t have to see one post from those who only live to talk shit about the Knicks for one night. So refreshing.

A really good effort on both ends. Nice win fellas.

Unsung hero tonight: Courtney Lee: 17 pts. on 8/10 shooting. 4 assists. 0 turnovers.

Two wins this season are bounce-backs from bad losses. Good sign.

I think a better sign would be if they had wins coming off of wins. 😉

Hopefully! “George Hill is a Bull now, Derrick. They replaced you with him. He just told me that he thinks that you won’t pass!”

@149 — damn right.

And Melo just joked on the radio that the real challenge Sunday will be waking up by 12 …

If you ask me KP and Lee played a very large role in this victory. But Rose did play well and that narrative is pretty irresistible.

whoa…just went live – who were those guys out there in the blue and orange…

that was an exceptionally coherent, cohesive bit of professional basketball this evening…yeah, that felt good…

Also let’s not underestimate Horny’s bold rotations [early NDour, 2 pg at the same time, melo at the 4] and the absence of Lance !

Amazing what happens when guys make it a point to pull their heads out their asses and feed KP, huh?

Man if Melo could start knocking down his open 3s he would be a nice player.

It would be nice if he knocked down any of his open shots. Dude is shooting a shit ton at a very low percentage. He’s looking washed up to me.

Wade scored 35 points on 20 shots… and was a -23 for the game. Weird.

Hoiberg often had him as the only starter with the reserves. He was on the court for the 10-0 run at the start of the fourth.

Most important part of this win? No Theo until the next loss.

That’s what I find hard to take, most of us post here whether the Knicks win or lose, and most of us (reub excluded) try to be realistic about the team. But posters like Theo and THCJ lurk in the wings; when the Knicks lose they give you the “ha ha told you they suck” and when they win, silence.

That’s just lame.

I didn’t get to see this game but I just saw Begley’s tweet that the Knicks barely ran any triangle tonight.

That’s good news!

Noah – 16 points = Knicks win
Noah – 0 points = Knicks loss

Noah needs to score 10+ every night. If he can do that the offense should be solid.
Nice win tonight, but The defense was pretty bad most of the game. Must improve on that going forward. Also need to get KP the ball right away when he has a guard switched on to him. They missed that numerous times.

That’s why I’m not of the opinion that certain posters on here are really Knick fans. Not a peep when the team puts forth a solid effort and wins a game. But Lord God Almighty, when they stink up the joint, post after after post after post of I told you so. Blah, blah, blah. GTFOH!

Lets go Knicks!!!!

Noah – 16 points = Knicks win
Noah – 0 points = Knicks loss

Noah 35 minutes, I hope he doesn’t break. Horny has played the starters more today, a tighter rotation might be better for the team to gel.

Watching the game, I was very nervous. It wasn’t like the game with Memphis where they seemed in control. As the game went on it was clear Chicago was a threat and I was not at all sure the Knicks wouldn’t suddenly fold or their second unit fail to score or something.

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