2016 NBA Draft Open Thread

I figured we might as well take a short break to discuss the NBA Draft. Will the Knicks get into the draft? Let’s find out!

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Charlotte’s #22 pick is gone so it looks like no Jeremy Lamb + pick deal. Please let there be some draft night magic like last year so we can have something to be happy about after yesterday.

Or so we can trade that player away too, heh.

Who has the #22?

Oh. This draft is going to make me hate the Celtics even more.

The fucking Hornets traded their pick for Marco fucking Belinelli. Phil Jackson looks really bad right now.

I have no doubt in my mind that Robin Lopez was worth a lottery pick this season if Marco Belinelli was worth the 22nd pick and Thad Young was worth the #20.

If we can still get Jeremy Lamb for free, that would be nice Phil.

University of Ghana head coach Meme Falconer is present at the draft tonight, folks. Not a joke

How many trades are gonna happen tonight where worse assets than Lopez get first rounders? So far there’s been two.

I’m guessing two more.

Suffice to say, the “Lopez was an albatross” argument has been laid to rest

You know it’s a weak draft when Belinelli nets a team the 22nd pick. See..that is exactly why I “dislike” the trade for Rose.

I’m fine taking Lamb off Charlotte’s hands anytime. We desperately need someone who can shoot basketball shots that go into the basketball hoop

Yeah, Lamb for a even a future 2nd rd pick would be nice or if Jordan is still Jordan, a 2017 1st would be awesome.

As much as I love seeing a fellow Countryman go high in the draft, I feel Ingram was the way to go at 1. I am loathed to say it but the Lakers have done very well.

i like that boston has all these picks but they are terrible at actually doing anything with them…

IS Jaylen Brown just another clone from Justice Winslow/Stanley Johnson?

Smart guy though, hope he does well even though he was terrible in college.

Second year a Euro prospect has gone no.4. Very interested to see how Bender pans out.

I like Bender a lot.

He’s gonna be great defending the pick and roll because his lateral movement is excellent

Big red flag for Brown is all the turnovers. More T/Os than assists for a wing is really bad.

He could certainly turn out to be good, but pretty risky for the 3rd pick.

Porzingis is really special. He’s such a great speaker of English that you don’t get that heavy accent the way we just got with Dragan Bender. Porzingis speaks three languages.

Kris Dunn ain’t the best pick either with all of his turnovers. He’s also 22 years old already.

Surprised by #3 pick. Wonder what the track record of guys with his statistical profile is.

How many trades are gonna happen tonight where worse assets than Lopez get first rounders? So far there’s been two.

I’m guessing two more.

The 22 pick in this year’s draft shows a market value of Marco Bellinelli…. a career 38% 3 ball shooter who played to a WS/48 of 0.14 this season. He makes 6.3 million each of the next 3 seasons. Clearly Charlotte thinks there isn’t great value at #22.

Lopez makes 42M over the next 3. Can we see a pattern emerging? I’m guessing few GM’s think Lopez is no bargain at 14M /year.

Either that or Phil is a moron…..

I’m at the draft and was just talking to 4 Celtics fans. They’re more pissed off about their draft pick than we are about Rose. By the way, Sixers fans are really obnoxious.

The Knicks are on the clock!

…oh wait, never mind. I guess the Nuggets have our pick. When did that happen?

Oh boy a Mudiay Murray backcourt is gonna be a god damn nightmare on defense lol

How many turnovers will the two post together?

How good would Jamal Murray have been for us?

I mean, he’s wired to score, so sounds like the perfect Knick.

The a Knicks are on the clock!

…wait, Toronto? What gives? I thought we swapped spots with Denver?!

Thon Maker to the Bucks. If he makes it they might have the longest team ever. I think he may turn into a taller Henson when it is all said and done.

Damn why can’t Masai Ujiri be our GM already? He turned in possibly the best pick of the draft relative to selection number and value. Lowry, Valanciunas, Carroll, and Poeltl?

He’s not the boss his Dad was, but I bet Sabonis has a solid NBA career unlike a bunch of these other guys

If the Wolves pull off this rumored Jimmy Butler trade for Lavine and Dunn, they are immediately a really, really good team

I am not going to be happy if we lose a trade to a team fucking dumb enough to trade Jimmy Butler for Lavine and Dunn. That is preposterously stupid.

Orlando will send Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and rights to Sabonis to the Thunder, sources said.

So Woj is just sitting there telling everybody who all the teams are going to draft, several spots ahead of Adam Silver? That’s weird, impressive, and kind of obnoxious all at the same time.

So Chicago might be sending Jimmy Butler to Minnesota and doing a full rebuild.

Anyone think that 2017 2nd round pick is a throw-in now? (silence)

Did Randive and Divac see giannis in that name and think it was the Greek freak?

Puzzling pick

How does that OKC-Orlando trade make any sense for Orlando?

It makes sense when you realize we’re not the only team run by people who really shouldn’t be running NBA basketball teams.

Feel like rich man’s Marco Bellinelli (Calderon) and Jeroan Grant would be enough for WCS given how moronic Sacramento’s FO is

On June 6th in reference to a proposed trade I wrote:

For [Chicago] it would seem like they are giving up a star for a role player, an unproven guy and a draft pick, so it would be the sign of a major rebuild for them. I don’t know if they are ready for that.

Boy was I wrong about them being willing to do a major rebuild.

Minnesota is going be amazing for awhile with the talent they’re accumulating the past few seasons.

Anyone notice how the pound sterling plummeted right when Orlando traded for Serge Ibaka?

No better GM in the NBA than Danny Ainge.

Who was the last good player Boston drafted?

Dallas is set to target Hassan Whiteside. But they’re going to suck next season so hopefully he says no and signs with the Knicks. Give me Whiteside or Biyombo, Phil.

Danny Ainge is pissed off right now
All these damn picks and no talent and no trade partners Lololol
Call Phil Please!

Doesn’t Boston need to do about four draft and stashes unless they start selling picks?

It is really funny watching how pissed off all of the guys wearing Bird jerseys here at the draft are…

The Orlando deal means they’re definitely matching on Fournier, right?

Malik Beasley is a real player.

And yes. Fournier is getting matched no matter what. They just made their decision.

Our team is so shitty. I still can’t believe Phil is stupid enough to think Durant wants to come to NYC because of a washed up Derek Rose.

I bet. Bill Simmons feels the same way judging by his twitter feed: “The Celtics just took the 7th pick in the draft at no. 3 and used no. 16 on a French guy sitting in the stands. I’m gonna make a drink.” and “Could someone go to Beacon Hill and carry my dad’s lifeless body out of his house?” and “I’m not against the Jaylen pick – just feels like they took the 6th or 7th pick at pick 3. Wish they had traded down – maybe they couldn’t.”

When penny is acquired by phx are they happy?
When we signed Houston for megamax deal are we happy?
They have the same knees with d.rose but on a looong contract

There’s a lot of possibilities left out there. Guys that may turn out better than Boston’s third pick. Come on Phil. Go shopping.

Phil Jackson has zero assets to go shopping with unless you believe Kyle O’Quinn is an asset. I mean, he should be an asset if the likes of Marco Belinelli get you the 22nd pick in the draft, but Knicks you feel me?

Please tell me my eyes are lyin. Serge to Orlando and Olapido to OKC? Worrrrrrd??! Ok..so where is Gordon gonna play? And does this mean Kanter starts alongside Adams? Or are they gonna start Ilyasova or Sabonis at the 4? Is Serge even good enough to fetch a recent lottery pick and this year’s lottery pick? Is every GM out to make Phil look incompetent in trades? Geesh!

Zizic was a good pick for the Celtics. He’s a better prospect than the fat French guy they drafted.

At this rate we’ll be able to buy both Labissiere and Dejounte Murray lol

If we’re lucky we might be able to snag Korkmaz, who’s dropped further than he should have, I think

Nevermind, Furkan is getting drafted by the 6’ers at 26, which is perfect for them given their lack of quality SG minites.


All we need are picks.

lol they’re talking about the Knicks trying to get KD with Porzingis and the desiccated husk of Rose

We’re not getting KD. Its not happening. Why do people repeat this bullshit?

But we could still trade for Deyonta Davis. Unless the Spurs or Warriors grab him up.

I do want to know what OKC plans to do with both Westbrook and Oladipo. I don’t think they can start Oladipo unless he becomes a 40% 3PT shooter this summer.

Kings draft Labissiere my lord what are they doing with so many bigs

I bet Cauley Stein would be available if we, you know, had assets

Talking heads are starting to spew Dwight Howard as a potential Knick. I get they have to fill air time and I know the Knicks are notorious for getting past their prime stars, but come on that’s just silly.

KD’s mother could elope with Melo and it won’t matter. He’s got real options and isn’t coming to a shitshow where he won’t get the ball.

Spurs are taking Dejounte Murray they’re so fucking good at everything basketball related dammit

Talking heads are starting to spew Dwight Howard as a potential Knick. I get they have to fill air time and I know the Knicks are notorious for getting past their prime stars, but come on that’s just silly.

Yeah, I didn’t like the trade, but come on, they’re not signing Dwight freakin’ Howard.

It is hilarious. I know so few of these players. When the Knicks don’t have a pick, I just check out. I could have told you the, like, 40 best prospects last year and detailed info on most of them. I watched loads of freakin’ games of Porzingis in Europe, for crying out loud. But this year – I don’t know who’s who. It’s funny how self-interest can motivate you. 🙂

A lot of wheeling and dealing in the 2nd round so far and no mention of the Knicks…

Brooklyn drafts Whitehead at 42

Sean Marks seems like he knows what he’s doing

i wasnt too high on whitehead…. all these picks openly available… i don’t think we’re getting in this draft…

If we don’t get into this draft it’s really just further proof of how much of a GM disaster Phil Jackson is

Why in the world haven’t the Knicks bought a pick yet?

It’s weird. Maybe delayed trades?

There’s a lot of talent left. We might be able to sign five guys as UFAs.

If we don’t get into this draft it’s really just further proof of how much of a GM disaster Phil Jackson is

lol………. Willy H is coming and is probably better than all of this second round dreck. Dont let that ruin your narrative tho

It’s weird. Maybe delayed trades?

Is that even possible in this Woj world?
Maybe Phil meant a UDFA party and not a draft party.

Reflecting on the Ibaka trade: Hey, it always be worse. At least the dumpster fire isn’t a raw sewage leak.

Felder, GP2, and Selden are all
open. Please get one of them Phil

Not so loud! There’s at least 2 more that I like too.

we have a lot of roster spots to fill and a 2nd rder is the best way to fill them since they are cheap and aren’t huge commitments…..

our roster is going to look pretty ugly filling out with the minimum guys from this years fa class…..

Is that even possible in this Woj world?

The Bulls had everyone fooled tonight.

Maybe Phil meant a UDFA party and not a draft party.

Yeah, the draft party thing is weeeeeeeeeeird

Only the Knicks hold a draft party and don’t end up drafting any players

We’re getting out picked by the Nets and Kings. Like, fuck off Phil.

best guys undrafted:
gary payton ii.. one of the best ones i can remember not being drafted… i sure hope we’re on top of that…
daniel ochefu

overall… pretty irresponsible to come away with zero picks when we have one of the most open roster spots in the league…..

Serious question — are some of the top undrafted guys going to get paid more than late 2nd rounders? Let’s sign Selden, Payton, and Walkup.

Phil Jackson doesn’t know jack fucking shit about how to put together a winning NBA team, so the best that we can hope for is that he doesn’t give out too many bad long term contracts and doesn’t trade Porzingis before he gets inevitably canned within the next 365 days.

Knicks take another giant step toward a championship today, huh reub?

Now that the draft is over Phil can get down to serious business like giving out a terrible contract to Joakim Noah and maxing Evan Turner.

Well I can still dream of Morey becoming the next Knicks GM when Phil steps down next year.

GP2 already gone. good thing we saved that 2M of non-cap related cash considerations!

fuck Phil Jackson and this incompetent team

Kevin Pelton tweeted his Top 7 best undrafted players by his projections and Baker was 4th on the list so that’s a positive I guess. Statistically looks like a pretty good defensive player.

SG from Wichita State.

This was a bad draft. Phil can sign undrafted free agents as good or better than most of these guys. You guys would look at Picasso in the middle of painting an unfinished Mona Lisa and tell him that he sucks. Good night.

the pelton tweet:
“Best undrafted players by my projections:
Fred VanVleet
Gary Payton II
Jameel Warney
Ron Baker
Jarrod Uthoff
Derrick Jones Jr.
James Webb”

fuck it, sign all of them, then sign Allesandro Gentile if the Rockets don’t want him, then we have just enough roster spots open to pay Joakim Noah and Eric Gordon!!!

I wouldn’t say lights out but a pretty good shooter. 37% from 3pt and 80% from FT line. He did take a ton of 3pters so that’s the main facet of his offensive game.

baker’s not horrible… if uninteresting…. he can defend and shoot…. but he’s not going to be anything more than bench filler….

not sure how you look at the UDFA pool, see Jameel Warney, VanVleet, and GP2 on the table and say “nah, let’s go for Ron Baker instead”

high level player evaluation per usual from the Knicks

The wages of wins nerds had Baker at 39 in their model. So between that and Pelton at least he seems like a good UDFA

Lol you Phil haters are gonna feel silly a year from today. Somebody make a note.

Baker is a good 3 point shooter and a passable defenser.

He will be a strong secondary playmaker and shows high IQ.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the FA puckups

Phil for Pres!!!!

Baker is a good 3 point shooter and a passable defenser.

He will be a strong secondary playmaker and shows high IQ.

Fanboism: The belief that every move made by the team you root for is a stroke of genius

I have a question you, er:

Have the New York Knicks ever made a transaction that you did not approve of at the time of the transaction? Because you liked the Bargs trade at the time, you like the Derrick Rose trade and you’re gaga over Ron Baker.

Is there any move Phil Jackson could possibly make that you would criticize?

Lmao! nah jk47 I’m just not a pessimist. I hated that lebron got Kay Felder instead of us. For only 2.4 mil. So idk how much of a fanboy I really am

Jk47 I didn’t like the barg trade. So that’s a lie. I hoped he’d play better but I hated the picks moved.

I hated the amnesty of Billups etc. so sorry I’m not the equivalent of that crying Knicks kid for every move tho lol

OT I love he wolves going forward. They will get value when they move Rubio as well

Don’t make me go look up the thread, dude. I just read it yesterday. You were pro-Bargs.

What does it matter, JK? Are you not satisfied unless there’s complete consensus?

Outside of the first rounder, there was a bit of logic to the AB trade.

And there’s a bit of logic to the Rose trade as well. That doesn’t justify at as even adequate by any measure, but that’s not to say it’s impossible to it can’t help make the Knicks better now and in the future.

What the fuck is pro Bargs? I hated the trade but yes I said he could be good. That don’t mean I liked the trade

the bright side here is that next year we’ll have a first and three 2nds in a slightly better draft….

part of me thinks that we’re kicking the can again but we’ll see how July 1st pans out….

Some of you are so miserable. Are you happy when you’re miserable? Let Phil Picasso finish his Mona Lisa before you trash it.

then again… we managed to not have the worst night… that award goes to the celtics… lol

Fanboism is a strawman here. There are a handful of optimists, most of whom are simply being contrarian for the sake of argument.

I like having honest, intelligent discussion. When every single move the Knicks make is met with rapturous joy by certain people, it sort of dumbs down the conversation. It just plays like trollery.

I don’t care about complete consensus, nor do I care about agreeing with anybody about anything. The insane optimism though, in the face of such shitty results for such a long time, no matter what horrific transaction the team has just made, is just fucking annoying.

I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Outside of the first rounder, there was a bit of logic to the AB trade.

No, there was some illogical justification.

er is a legit fan. Ruru, for all his idiocy, is a contrarian optimist. Reub is a pure troll.

So let me get this right get off my lawn JK47. You are salty because:

people project good things from transactions?!?

You sound sad man.

There is nothing about the Derrick Rose trade that is empirical. It’s all conjecture and speculation backed by opinions and previous stats. So if someone comes to a non ” fuck everyone and fuck the Knicks reaction” conclusion they are a troll. And they annoy you?

You sound like a sad person and I feel sorry for u. It’s not that serious

Why must everyone agree with you? Why does it make you angry when they don’t? Why can’t you live and let live?

Wow thanks DRed….someone isn’t annoyed by me ;)……F Phil….I switched my vote back to DRED for Prez lol

There is nothing about the Derrick Rose trade that is empirical.

This doesn’t really make any sense but if what you’re saying is the general negative reaction to it isn’t backed up by empirics, you are so, so, so wrong.

@230. You are right that it is backed up. My thing is that we use stats for sports now in a way that’s akin to finance. That’s incomplete evaluation and that’s the old heads like Wilbon point. There are so many unknowns and variables. You can’t be 100%

Who’s the only one on this board to land an interview with an NBA front office employee, propriatar/creator of unique basketball statistical methods and a forefather of advanced analysis?

My point though JK Is that the “inane optimism” is consistently overwhelmed by folks like you. I don’t understand why you still complain about it.

Why can’t you know who painted the Mona Lisa? Google is one tab away.

You mean, it wasn’t Phil Jackson??


That’s the joke with reub. See how funny he is? He’s a Knicks optimist and he’s named rube, too. Good shit, reub.

They hate optimism. They live to be miserable. At least when it comes to the Knicks. It’s really sad.

Chris Herring reporting twitter that many of the guys the Knicks were interested in were looking at going undrafted throughout the night; hence why they didn’t buy a pick. Not sure what that says about the guys they were looking at, but there’s at least some reasoning as to why no picks. Potentially a good move saving money on buying picks, but also potentially risky if they were banking on no one picking them. Could have been plans to buy a pick, but didn’t end up needing to maybe.

A kind soul on P&T has compiled all of Ron Baker’s ESPN scouting reports in chronological order:

May 27 workout confidential: Baker is a former walk-on turned draft prospect. Few players can make such a claim.

His ability to play both the 1 and the 2, his shooting stroke and his toughness all make him an intriguing guy for the second round. And the analytics crowd loves him.

He shot the ball really well in workouts, did gritty work on the defensive end trying to contain Kris Dunn and showed a terrific motor and attitude in the workouts. He plays so hard on both ends that coaches will fall in love with him.

“He’s got a chance,” one GM told me after the workout. “I’m not sure exactly where he gets drafted, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you can stick in the league, and I think he has a skill set and work ethic to stick.”

Oct 30 Update: Baker has been a favorite of NBA scouts and statheads since he broke out as a freshman in the NCAA tournament. His improvement has flatlined and now, at the age of 22, he’s out of upside. Still, some scouts see his ability to play the 1 and the 2, along with his sweet outside stroke, as a major plus.

“Baker isn’t going to be a star in the NBA,” one GM said. “But I can see him sticking for a long time. He’s versatile, he can shoot it, he’s really tough. He’s a really great get in the late first round or early second round.”

Apr 12 UpdateBaker has been on the NBA radar screen since the end of his freshman season, but hasn’t been able to move off the first-round bubble. Scouts that see him as a point guard think he might be worth a first-round pick. Scouts that see him as a two guard think he’s undersized. A strong senior year might help him get off the bubble.

Like that review and all the others I’ve seen they all glow about baker. On his YouTube videos his threes are all from NBA range

Could be a cross between Korver and Delavadova. Nice wingspan. Hardnosed as they come. Might be the best defensive guard in the draft according to some. Was a college walkon. Thanks, Phil!

I nominate Ron Baker for this year’s draft class of the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars as well. I pictured a black dude.

Anyway, strengths from the DX videro:
Versatile shooting: can spot up, run off screens, pull up from deep. Great technique and rhythm on jumper. 2nd best shooter in NCAA pulling up out of PNR, PPP-wise?

Feel for the game: High AST/low TO for 2 guard; can play PNR PG in a pinch. Good cutter. Good transition passer.

Defense: 6’9.5″ wingspan, guards 1s and 2s, fights over screens, 1.6 STL/1.0 BLK per 40

Intangibles: Went from unrecruited walk-on to NCAA tournament starter. “Easy fit anywhere he goes.”

Creating offense: Limited physical ability re: driving to rim. Average handle. Cannot iso.

Finishing vs. length: Plays below rim. Gets stuffed in the paint. Doesn’t have a floater to compensate. Projects as jump shooter at NBA level.

Limited upside: 23 years old, not overly athletic. Low ceiling. Needs work to become more than competent NBA shooter.

I kind of like this guy, not bad for a UDFA. He already has NBA-level shooting, and he’s smart and tough. You can see Phil’s fingerprints on this one.

Baker sounds like the opposite of Tony Wroten on offense and the opposite of Calderon on defense. Neat (potentially.)

Compare Baker to the final pick in the draft, Tyrone Wallace, and Phil executed this well. Wallace is a long and tall PG who’s slow, can’t shoot, and doesn’t share the ball.

Who’s the only one on this board to land an interview with an NBA front office employee, propriatar/creator of unique basketball statistical methods and a forefather of advanced analysis?

Yeah, but in 2016 you’re still defending the Bargnani trade so what in the ever loving fuck does an interview mean?

There are two factorials in life: Starbury got a max and Bargnani is the fucking worst. You can talk all you want but them two things ain’t never gonna change.

@201 Alecto, I think I’d rather have Baker than VanVleet. VanVleet is 6’1 with a 6’2 wingspan. I don’t see him being any great shakes on defense at the NBA level. VanVleet also can’t finish at the rim, but he’s also a ball dominant PG. He seems to be a mini version of Kendall Marshall with a better shot. Backup point career profile.

Yeah, but in 2016 you’re still defending the Bargnani trade so what in the ever loving fuck does an interview mean?

Nobody defende the ‘trade’. Everyone thought that giving a 1st rounder was completely moronic.

Some people argued that the team was going to be better than with Novak, who was barely able to remain on the court due to his many weaknesses. And the justification was mostly looking at AB’s four first years in the NBA instead of its last two.

I want VanVleet just because he projects highly in a few statistical models I’ve seen tbh.

An efficient ball dominant PG might not be bad given our, um, likely lack of funds for 10 roster spots.

I can’t believe we didn’t buy a pick, in a weak draft, man we are fucked now 🙂
Is this a real view? Really?

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