Knicks Morning News (2016.06.21)

  • [New York Times] On Pro Basketball: Twenty Years Apart, Signature Moments for LeBron James and Michael Jordan (Tue, 21 Jun 2016 09:00:03 GMT)

    The two dominant players of their eras are linked by emotional championship victories on Father’s Day and a shared responsibility for helping to deny the Warriors’ claim to the title of “best team ever.”

  • [New York Times] LeBron Blasts Critics on Social Media After Winning Title (Tue, 21 Jun 2016 06:18:56 GMT)

    LeBron James ended his social media blackout by throwing a knockout punch at his critics.

  • [New York Times] Disappointed Warriors Vow to Get Back to NBA Finals Stage (Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:12:57 GMT)

    Draymond Green wants to maintain the momentum from a special season that fell short by competing in the Rio Olympics. Klay Thompson plans to take his mind off basketball and missed chances entirely and go watch brother Trayce play baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Stephen Curry’s toddler daughter, Riley, helped the crestfallen MVP begin to put things in perspective by telling him “It’s OK” to lose.

  • [New York Post] LeBron’s Cleveland mission is done: Lakers next? Knicks? Heat? (Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:15:18 -0400)

    LeBron James probably won't retire a Cavalier, and he doesn't have to. Now that King James of Akron has accomplished his No. 1 career mission of ending Cleveland's 52-year sports-title curse, James eventually will want to conquer a new one — whether that be in Los Angeles, New York or back in Miami. But with…

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    Just curious, how would you rank the top game 7 players:

    – LeBron
    – Draymond
    – Kyrie
    – Klay I think > Curry
    – Love

    ??? What a steep drop off for the unanimous MVP.

    1. Draymond
    2. Lebron
    3. Kyrie
    4. Tristan
    5. Love
    6. Klay
    7. Curry

    it will be interesting to see what GS does in the offseason. They would have to cut Livingston, renounce Barnes, Ezeli, clark and Macadoo, that would put them at around $69M, $25M under cap, enough for 1 map player. that would leave them with Steph, Clay, Draymond, Bogut, Iggy, and whoever they sign. that’s only 6 guys. They could probably keep clark and macadoo for $2.5M, but adding a big name will make them really thin.

    They can keep Livingston at an affordable $6M, and Ezeli at $3M; these are great values. But, then they only have $16M. They are at the point where keeping Barnes and leaving the team as is might be their best bet.

    Meanwhile, Cle has no $$ to spend, and will lose JR, Mosgov, Delly and Jefferson.

    I would consider any of the below a good offseason. Maybe Melo can be sold on going to Cleveland, winning a few championships and then bringing his friend Lebron back to NYC in 2 years to win a few more once KP is ready.

    1) We sign Durant, Batum, or Conley
    2) The Love-Melo trade
    Knicks send: Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland
    Wolves send: Tyus Jones to Cleveland; Shabazz Muhammad, Gorgui Dieng, Nikola Pekovic and No. 5 pick to New York
    Cavs send: Kevin Love to Minnesota

    3) The-Love-Kyrie-Melo-Lopez-Bledsoe-Knight-Len trade
    Knicks send: Carmelo Anthony and Robin Lopez to Cleveland
    Cavaliers send: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Mo Williams and Sasha Kaun to Phoenix
    Suns send: Eric Bledsoe to Cleveland; Brandon Knight, Alex Len, P.J. Tucker, Archie Goodwin and the Nos. 4 and 13 picks to New York


    Cleveland won’t lose JR or Delly unless they choose not to. They have full Bird rights on JR and have matching rights on Delly as he’s an RFA. Unless either gets crazy money they’ll be Cavs next year.


    Any deal where we take on Pekovic is a non-starter. He still has 3 years left on a deal that pays him $12m/yr and he’s never healthy. No dice unless they want to include LaVine.

    There is no chance in hell Cleveland is trading Kyrie.

    draymond had the best game 7.. he came up huge but hardly touched the ball down the stretch….

    Just read a KD interview and it sure sounds like he’s leaving OKC. So which 4some is the scariest:

    (A) KD/Curry/Klay/Dray (nice age profile but no depth though that didn’t stop Heat)
    (B) KD/Bron/Kyrie/Thompson (presumes trade when KD threatens to walk to GSW)
    (C) KD/CP3/Griffin/Jordan (nice fit but CP3’s age?)
    (D) KD/Kawhi/Aldridge/Parker (meh…nah)
    (E) KD/Melo/KP/Lopez (no comment required)

    Lavor, good point. i wonder if Cle keeps both? I guess it depends on the cost and how far over the cap they want to go. They really don’t have a plan B for either, and they don’t have a backup SF or backup C either, since they lose Jefferson and Mozgov. Can Chris Smith play C?

    Never thought I’d say this, but if the defending champs want to keep their title, they really need to keep JR Smith!

    If Durant goes to any team not named Warriors, Spurs, Cavs or Knicks, he’s a fool.

    Latest rumor has it that the Dubs plan on making a hard run at Dirk. That may be better than them landing Durant. Dirk, at this stage, can easliy slide into a 3rd option. It would require them to move Draymond to the 3, but imagine a lineup of Bogut/Dirk/Green/Klay/Steph. There may not be enough shots for Steph/Durant/Klay/Green, but given Green’s all around game and Dirk not needing to be a 20 ppg guy anymore with crazy intangibles & uber reliable in the clutch, the Dubs would be incredible. I know he’s super loyal to Dallas, but I would love to see him in GS. As for Durant, if he leaves OKC, I’d love to see him in DC, NY or LAL. And really, those are the best spots for him. Lakers probably won’t go for him because they most likely are drafting Ingram. But say they pull off a trade for Boogie and swap spots for the #2 and a S&T for Clarkson, then pick Dunn and sign Durant and role players. Suddenly, the Lakers look really good. In NY, a trio of Durant/Melo/KP would be a match-up nightmare for any defense. Oh…the possibilities this offseason! Gonna be fun

    So i saw the question up top about who had the best game 7 and that brought me to an interesting question about Draymond Green. Who again I think is definitely a great player, his defense, rebounding and playmaking are first class. But my question is has there ever been a great player who got to play in so much open space?

    Say what you want about curry and klay’s game 7 and they did play bad, but the fear of them left Draymond wide open on almost all of his shots.

    Again im not saying Draymond isn’t great just never seen a great player so open all the time.

    Latest rumor has it that the Dubs plan on making a hard run at Dirk. That may be better than them landing Durant.

    Uh, what? Dirk is 38 years old, man. And he does nothing but shoot at a middling efficiency and be pretty tall at basketball.

    This is Kevin Durant. Have you heard of him?

    Dirk is too old for that to make sense and doesn’t need to ring chase. I can sort of (?) see the logic from GSW’s position in that he would come cheaply enough that they wouldn’t need to completely gut the team to fit him in, but yeah. Dirk at this point can’t touch Durant.

    Dirk should chase a ring if that’s what he wants. The cap is high and there are several dominant teams that are a no-brainer for a person who wants a deep playoff run.

    It’s not like anyone covered Denis Rodman

    Same reason why no one covers Green… people don’t like getting their balls punched.

    I dunno, Brian, I’ve been a Knick fan for 35 years. is it really all that different?

    @11 Green isn’t just a 3 and D guy that takes advantage of spacing. He actually helps create spacing for others by being one of the top passers in the entire league. And almost 60% of his FG attempts this season came in the paint, where he isn’t being left unguarded.

    I think Golden State will want to keep Livingston, he is really good with the ball and deadly in the mid range. He’s also about the only dude on the team who doesn’t jack up 3’s all game long.

    Hopefully Phil can pull some magic in the draft with a late 1st or 2nd round pick. Knicks really need some players who can shoot and hopefully defend a little.

    Including Wroten’s non-guaranteed, Galloway’s QO and empty roster spots for the rest of the roster (I’m assuming they pass on extending Early his QO), the Knicks should have a little over $32m in space.

    Yeah, you’d also free up another $500k with filling a roster spot, so I think we’d actually be a little closer to $7m if we maxed Conley.

    We have $62M in salary cap commitments?

    Melo’s $25M, Porzingis’ $5M, RoLo’s $13M, KOQ’s $4M, Grant/Wroten’s $2M comes up to $49M unless I’m missing somebody. Ahh. Jose’s $7M kicks that up to $56M and then the cap holds should push us up to the $60-$62 M range.

    RoLo-STAPS-‘Melo in the front court with Hornacek running his crazy PG schemes with Conley, Galloway, and Grant sounds passable.

    You think a playoff team would trade their 1st round pick for Calderon? I could see a trade with Toronto for the #26 or with LAC for the #25

    Have to include the charge to keep Thomas’ Early Bird rights, so including that and then subtracting one of the empty roster charges we’d have about $30.8m in space.

    I believe we have 61.4m in salary now if you assume the only cap holds we keep are Galloway and Lance which total 4.8m. That includes wroten at 1m. It would Leave 32.6m in space under the new cap of 94m.

    I just hope we end up keeping Jose and move him to shooting guard. If all we can do strategically is add Conley in FA or Rose in a salary dump + asset trade, Jose would be a significant upgrade to the offense if shifted over to the two. A starting five of Conley, Calderon, Melo, Porzingis, and Lopez would be a top ten offense. Find a way to add Joakim Noah while subtracting Kevin Seraphin and you might push 50 wins.

    Wonder what Lance Thomas will command on the open market. We only have EB rights on him but he may be more expensive than that. And given he only has a few months of good shooting in his career, Lance really needs to go for the $. Would not begrudge him moving on at all regardless of Phil gifting him some extra $ out of the goodness of his heart last offseason.

    But if we could somehow sign both Lance and Galloway just with EB rights, that would be amazing.

    @13 & 14
    I’m not in any way suggesting that Dirk is better than Durant. I’m just saying that he’s better suited to take a backseat to the Splash Brothers than Durant is.

    the Knicks should have a little over $32m in space.

    Enough to absorb Derrick Rose and still offer Evan Turner $15,000,000 per year??


    You need to add in the empty roster charges that add up to $2m

    if we’re signing conley then i imagine that we’d renounce gallo and/or thomas also which would give us some room…

    i was hoping dwill would opt-in since we’re not really getting a 6th man type for less than what we were paying dwill… it gives us more ammo to get conley and some smaller pieces so it’s not bad…

    I dunno, Brian, I’ve been a Knick fan for 35 years. is it really all that different?

    That’s why so many Knicks beat writers are so angry. They’ve been covering the Knicks for so long that they keep getting their balls punched.

    if GS wants to be less reliant on the 3 they should sign AA and stand around and watch the dude post up

    If Chandler Parsons was healthy he would be a great option for GSW if they couldn’t land Durant. He would be another versatile player that can shoot and handle the ball. A 6’10 SF is always nice.

    Heck, if he was healthy I would want the knicks to chase after him.

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