2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Clippers

Coming off a demolishing victory of the Phoenix Suns, the Knicks head to the Staples Center to take on the Los Angeles Clippers.

With Arron Afflalo and Lance Thomas both out of commission once again, star shooting guard Sasha Vujacic will get the start again, as I’m sure he will light up the Clippers in his return to where he played his best seasons in the league.

The Knicks will likely win this game, as they need to win just enough games so that Phil Jackson can keep Kurt Rambis. Because, well, you know – because Knicks.

Let’s go meaningless victory that only serves to screw them over for the future!

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“I like Rambis, because he talks to me a lot. I intentionally didn’t talk to Fisher a lot, because I wanted him to be his own man. But I didn’t like that he didn’t talk to me a lot. So I fired him.”

Jackson sounds like such a douche.

Man Jeff Green would have to be the most frustrating guy to have on a team. Goes for 0 points the last game, then comes out and has a blinder today. No wonder the Grizzlies had to call him out on it.

I liked the play where Galloway was bodying DeAndre on the block while Rolo locked down CP3 on the perimeter

Wow, the Kings now have the 7th worst record in the league. They have a legit (remote, but legit) chance at winning the lottery…and then having to swap the pick with Philly. Hilarious.

Blazers hit 10 3s in the first half v Dubs and went into the locker room down 20

We don’t need a good shot creating point guard but we need one that can play defense and hit a fucking open shot and isn’t scared to shoot.

Brutal. Buddy Hield looks like he hit a game-winning three-pointer from halfcourt but it was then waved off as coming after the buzzer. The ball was just touching the tip of his finger when the clock read triple zeroes. Buh-rutal. Hell of a shot, though.

As for this game, this is what I’m telling you – meaningless wins that only serve to screw the team in the future is what this team is all about.

Buddy Hield looks like he hit a game-winning three-pointer from halfcourt but it was then waved off as coming after the buzzer.

OU sucks


Eh, I’ve thought it over, and while yeah, this is probably bad in the long term, I can’t help but still root for a win here. It’s a fun game and I love to see Porzingis dunk!

“He wears the number 3 as a metaphor for his prowess from downtown.” Oh, Clyde.

See, he goes from nonsense to poetic awesomeness within a minute. He’s an enigma.

I can’t wait to see Kristaps develop into a superstar, you know it’s coming

What should be a game that was fun to watch with the Knicks giving a surprisingly good effort leaves me annoyed as shit cause with a chance to win the game down the stretch KP misses 2 layups (plus hits a shot with his foot barely on the 3pt line) and Melo has a shot roll around the rim for like a minute before Lopez tips it in and it gets waved off for basket interference. Just frustrating to watch even when they give a great effort.

I can now add KP missing an open 3 footer which leads to a Reddick open 3pter which of course he makes for the dagger. Ugh.

I can’t wait to see Kristaps develop into a superstar, you know it’s coming

Yep, like I said earlier today, Jackson’s been pretty crummy overall, but it almost all doesn’t matter since he drafted Porzingis, which is enough to make this season a net plus for me. Porzingis is awesome. It’ll be fun to see him come into his prime with 36-year-old Melo making $40 million as the Knicks win 46 games.

Ha! Clyde just accused Breen of intentionally jinxing Paul to miss that free throw.

KP will make those chippies next season. He’ll beat himself up over it over the summer and learn to convert those.

I like that he’s taking shots late in this game.

Now I’m worried that the game was close enough for Jackson to still take it as a reason to bring back Rambis.

Lopez played 44 mins, Melo 43 and Calderon 38. Thibs aint got nothing on Rambis.

I love how Rambideau and Phil had a talk about not playing Melo so much. I guess Kirk is really receptive to Phil’s talks.

Any reason why the Knicks didn’t pick up someone like briante Weber? Guess 3 year contract for Wroten was better?

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