2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons

We join the game in the second quarter with the Knicks really taking it to the Pistons, up 41-32.

Let’s go Knicks!

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This looks like it will be the second time they’ve blown out Detroit this season. That’s weird, right?

The x-rays were negative on Porzingis’ leg injury. That’s something!

mic on Rambis – he is saying the right stuff, don’t settle for jump shots, keep attacking, defense.. weird huh? players don’t listen?

Melo played 41 mins tonight after playing 40 mins last night. He scored 24 pts on 11-19 shooting with 10 rebs and 6 asts. Considering these games have become meaningless hate him or love him you have got to give him credit for his effort tonight and really most nights this season.

Right now who has more trade value; a 28 year old Robin Lopez or a 32 year old Carmelo Anthony?

I think Like a would get nearly equal return because of the more teams they can trade him to. A team might overpay especially seeing what he can do in the post.

But Lopez is a nice player. I think he’s a keeper. Unless we maxed Whiteside or signed Horford and then traded Lopez for Teague or something.

Lopez for Teague would be a bad trade for the Knicks. Teague isn’t better than Robin Lopez, and Lopez is on a great deal while Teague is set to make big money next summer. I wouldn’t make that deal.

Now if somebody could convince LeBron that RoLo and Calderon are the experienced professionals he needs to beat the Warriors, and that Kyrie Irving is holding them back…..

LeBron, Love, and Lopez would be an amazing front court, all things considered.

I don’t look at it as Lopez for Teague straight up. I look at it as signing Horford or Whiteside or even Pao and acquiring the best PG that is attainable at the same time . Basically Horford and Teague for Lopez. This would give us this lineup:


Pretty formidable!

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