2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder

The Knicks are in Oklahoma City to play the Thunder tonight. Luckily, in a major piece of good news for the Knicks, Kevin Durant will be out for tonight’s game – he is still recovering from an injury. Without Kevin Durant, the Thunder are not a bad team, but they are a very beatable team, as so much of the squad’s success is built around the two man game of Westbrook and Durant.

This isn’t to say that tonight will be an easy win, of course, as Westbrook is an extremely strong player who happens to play a position that the Knicks have some trouble with. If they can’t stay in front of Mo Williams, how will they stay in front of Russell freakin’ Westbrook? So except Westbrook to get a lot of points.

But other than that, the Knicks should be right in this thing. I think they have a very good chance of taking this one and if so, that will mean that they will be over .500 13 games into the season. That’s kind of awesome, right?

Let’s go Knicks!

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