2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pelicans

I’m writing this early Sunday morning, so as of right this moment, I do not know if the great Anthony Davis will be playing in today’s game. For the sake of the Knicks’ chances of winning this game, I hope that he does not. For the sake of Knick fans getting to see one of the greats of the modern NBA, I hope that he does, especially since the Pelicans have been doing quite poorly this season even with Davis playing.

If he doesn’t play, then this really ought to be a victory for the Knicks. Playing at home against a Pelicans team without Davis whose backup guards are Ish Smith and Toney Douglas (who combined to shoot 2-16 in their last game)? That should really be a win.

Getting a win today is also big because after a rematch on Tuesday with the Charlotte Hornets where the Knicks look to avenge their recent close loss (or, as Kevin Udwary would put it, a win in all ways except in the eyes of the NBA) to the Hornets on Tuesday, the Knicks play some tough teams for the rest of the month. It would be very nice to get to .500 before that stretch and to do so, they really need to win today.

So let’s go Knicks!

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I appreciate the effort and hard work put in by Thomas and Amundson but the fact that they have prominent roles off the bench now is not very encouraging.

Thomas has earned his minutes.
Amundsen’s minutes are an indictment of o’Quinn’s and Seraphin’s play recently. Those guys have to be held accountable for what has been mediocre play of late.

What is troubling me is that when Amundsen switches or shifts to prevent the guard from getting past, he fails to get back to his man quickly enough and that is leading to wide open shots for Anderson.

The team is failing compensate on D.
Also, Grant and Gallo need to pick up their energy.

Amundsen simply cannot lose Davis like that. The guy cannot be allowed to roam that freely.

Oh I agree that Thomas most definitely has earned and deserves his minutes. Its just that seeing him and especially now Amundson on the court so much is a horrible flashback to last season.

Oh I agree that Thomas most definitely has earned and deserves his minutes. Its just that seeing him and especially now Amundson on the court so much is a horrible flashback to last season.


Nice to see Grant knock down his jumper after he missed earlier on the possession. “Daring him to shoot” is pretty much all I have read about him lately.

a bit like Durant ( I know, a big leap), KP really shows fouls well. He’s going to take a lot of foul shots in his career.

One thing about KP: I don’t like that he puts the ball on the floor in the paint. He catches and immediately dribbles instead of immediately going up. It makes him vulnerable.
If he went straight up with his athleticism and size, he’d be unstoppable.

It’s like we have some sort of shooting virus going around on our team. If we weren’t getting so many offensive boards they’d probably be getting blown out right now.

Has anyone else noticed that the 2nd unit’s drop in effectiveness coincided with Amundson’s insertion onto that unit? I’m not gonna say he shouldn’t play because he has been playing well, but him eating up minutes- along with Vujecic’s subsequent removal- has clearly effected the chemistry and overall effectiveness of the bench. Nowadays, Fish is using the entire active roster. Fish should have kept the rotation the way it was until an Amundson or Seraphin can play their way into the rotation instead of just giving them minutes just because. Sure, you like what they can bring, but with the way the team was playing prior to the returns of Amundson and Seraphin, I don’t think you should disrupt the flow for the sake of seeing what other guys can do. It’s the beginning of the year- not the end of the season where the team is clearly out of the playoff picture.

Yeah there was definitely a clear change in effectiveness when we started playing our 14 and 15th men.

My impression is Amundsen came after the second unit was already playing poorly. O’Quinn and Seraphin have had hands of stone recently and making some dumb mistakes.
And our young guards need to learn how to deal with other teams’ adjustments to their game.

Love KP but maybe he should stop trying to score on AD cause its getting embarrassing to watch right now. Nice block by KP on a AD jumper though!!

Early is inactive as he has been every game since Afflalo got healthy. On a side note I repeat, WHY THE HELL is Vujacic playing right now?????????

Zinger also has to learn to pass after he starts his move. There was a play where he had Melo wide open in the corner and instead forced up an awkward left handed shot.

Plenty of time to learn though!

KP showing frustration.
needs to let the game come to him.
Let him watch old David Lee film

There is no reason for Sasha to play six minutes in a half where Galloway only plays 11. Galloway needs to play more, period.

Yeah really props to Calderon he’s improved immensely on both sides of the ball the last two games or so

Knicks would be blowing this team out if AD wouldve sat out the game like he was supposed to.

KOQ and Seraphin in together means 98% they stathog a freebie defensive reb out of bounds at some point

Not in front of a TV or a computer, so I read this thread and then checked to see how badly we were losing. The Knicks were up 3. Bravo gents

He has its just that what the heck made Fisher insert him at this point of the game?? Im trying to figure out his rotations and thinking behind his substitutions and I just cant figure them out.

Kniks finish the 3rd quarter with a frontcourt of O’Quinn, Seraphin and Thomas. Whatever man lol.

Unfortunately Seraphin probably bought himself a few more weeks in the rotation with that buzzer beater

I think I figured our 4th quarter problem.

Fisher leaves the reserve unit in waaaaay too long.

It’s nice having a couple of guards who can run a fastbreak. Knicks havent had that since Pitino was head coach lol.

Seraphin and Lance. If we must play our resident terrible players, we could at least stagger them. Yay for Langston though!

It’s nice having a couple of guards who can run a fastbreak. Knicks havent had that since Pitino was head coach lol.

We ran lots of fast breaks with the Sprewell/Houston Knicks during the 1999 run.

The lack of quality depth in New Orleans’ backcourt is apparent.

It really plays into our hands since our perimeter defense has been ass.

Nice backscreen by Melo to free up Gallo for that layup and what a game by Seraphin. Fisher is a genius!!

I guess I meant more PG wise, thinking back to the Mark Jackson/Rod Strickland days.

Charlie Ward wasn’t bad running a fastbreak.

great game for seraphin, which may not be a good thing for us. please don’t take gallo out.

I guess Fisher’s coaching philosophy is: “let me throw player X out there, who knows, maybe he’ll overacheive.”

And now he’ll spend the next 3 games taking 16′ jump shots. AD can’t stop you, big man! Stay down low!

Melo is having a lowkey great game.

No he’s not. He missed 8 shots and has 2 turnovers, inexcusable.

so odd that fisher picks calderon’s best game not to bring him back in the 4th, though other than seeming arbitrary i’m fine with it

Now this is an excellent lineup to finish this game by Fisher. KP and Thomas is the best frontcourt duo to defend AD and Anderson.

Somehow Fisher has it in his peabrain that Thomas is more valuable in last minute defense than KP.

Much needed win. Let’s get revenge on Charlotte on Tuesday to get back to .500 before going on the road for a pretty brutal 4 game trip.

Not a good mathup for Rolo today especially since Asik barely played for the Pelicans. Lopez cant be on the court when AD is playing the 5.

Our bigs did a great job keeping AD off of the offensive glass, he only had one offensive rebound the whole game.

The way RoLo is playing, I think we should at least be considering signing Dwight Howard in free agency if we have the space (and if Houston would rather move on with Capela). It seems like RoLo has been outplayed in 8 or 9 of the 11 games by somebody else in the front court, and I don’t think that’s worth $52 million. Good thing is that he doesn’t suck and somebody should take his contract with hopes that he’ll play better basketball in their system. He just doesn’t seem like a good fit for the Fisher Triangle.

Our bigs did a great job keeping AD off of the offensive glass, he only had one offensive rebound the whole game.

After I posted that, I checked ADs rebounding stats for the year. Surprisingly, he’s only averaging 9 boards (7.2 def. 1.8 off.) I think Gentry isn’t using him optimally, way too many face up 15 foot jumpers way too few postups. A guy like him should be grabbing 11-12 boards at least and killing teams on the offensive glass as well, but it seems like he’s always far from the basket.

@107 I’m inclined to think that’s an overreaction. I agree that Lopez hasn’t really found his place in the offense yet, but there’s time. Also Dwight is probably getting a max, and with his age and injury history I don’t think we should lock ourselves into essentially this team plus Dwight.

Porzingis’ ideal position is the 5, so I wouldn’t be eager to get Dwight. Lopezis a good placeholder for now, with a contract that’ll be moveable if/when KP is ready to play center full time.

Lopez has trouble guarding highly mobile big men, which isn’t great, but being unable to guard Anthony Davis doesn’t mean you’re a bum

14 minutes from my starting center worries me is all. It was a productive 14 minutes considering he had 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks, but we should be getting more from him.

I’m glad that Fisher left Grant in for more prime time minutes. The team really responded to it.

Massive, this roster has five guys whose ideal position is center, so when the match ups aren’t in RoLo’s favor, I’m cool with Fisher letting him sit a while. He’ll be much more valuable in Houston against Dwight, for instance.

I’m sure, but for $52 million you’d think we have a guy whose favor a good amount of match ups are in. $13 million a year should get you a player that will play better than the other centers on the roster.

I’ve never seen a team blow so many 4th quarter games like the NY Giants this season. Its unfucking canny.

Dwight Howard is an immature idiot -and not nearly as good as he thinks he is. No Thank You

I really don’t miss Tyson Chandler. He was injured or sick half the time he was under contract.

who misses Tyson

[ ] y
[ ] n
[ ] mabey

Today, not really that much. Although I’m sure he would have shut down AD and unleashed a dazzling array of low post moves.

$13 million a year should get you a player that will play better than the other centers on the roster.

Terrence Ross and Alec Burks make 11 million a year and they are barely, if at all, starters.

Greg Monroe makes 16.5 mil. Enes makes 16 mil. Tristan Thompson makes 14 mil. Bogut makes 14 mil. Al Jeff makes 13.5 Mil. Jo Noah was given a 13.5 Mil deal. Tyson makes 13 mil.

I think that most people would not be OK betting that these guys are going to outplay their competition most of the time. Some of these guys get what they get because they are younger with upside. Others because their team couldn’t spend that money elsewhere (tristan). Others because they are all in for a chip (Enes). Robin got his deal because we *really* needed a center who isn’t gonna get hurt, and is passably solid, so he probably squeezed an extra mil and a half out of NYK. Most of these guys were signed with the knowledge that the cap is going up, and that 13.5 mil isn’t gonna get you a top 15 big man.

If the other team wants to go 5-out offense en route to taking an L, i’ll sit my 13.5 million dollar center, easy!

If he wasnt injured or sick Tyson would also complain to the refs a lot notice how none of our players do that anymore..I honestly like lopez’s game much more than tysons

Lol Tyson “Sniffles” Chandler aka Hibbert’s bitch and a dude that straight up quit for an entire season? Good for him he moved on and got paid, but I couldn’t care less about him not being on the Knicks anymore.

I might be the only person who forgives Tyson Chandler for that series vs Indy. He was playing with a pinched nerve in his neck, and Roy Hibbert may have gotten the best whistle of anybody that year not named LeBron (the phrase “he jumped straight up” will forever piss me off). So while I don’t miss Tyson Chandler, I really hate Roy Hibbert.

And I mean, sure. $13.5 million isn’t the same money it was even 3 years ago, and will look smaller in two years. I just think RoLo is a better trade chip for us than he is a player at this point, and I’ll probably end up changing my mind. I’d also be pretty upset if we passed on Dwight Howard (hypothetically because he probably re-ups with Houston) because of Robin Lopez.

One thing about Lopez that has been very evident so far this season is how great he is at protecting the rim. Chandler is the better player because he is alot quicker and is a better rebounder but I think Lopez is actually the better rim protector and post defender.

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